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Game Thread: A’s at Reds (2013.08.07)

Can the Reds make it back-to-back wins by taking today’s matinee matchup against the A’s?  It feels like forever since this team actually won two games in a row.  If you’re keeping track at home, it was exactly two weeks ago today that the Reds won two consecutive games.  To get that second win, the Reds will have to defeat Bartolo Colon, something that has only happened three times this season.  Perhaps Homer Bailey is up to the challenge.

It is a day game so tell your boss to shove it because you need to watch game 2 against the A’s.  Of course if your boss was a good boss, they’d take the day off with you to cheer on the Reds.  And if they were an exceptional boss, they would join in with our favorite cheer… Let’s!  Go!  Reds!

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  1. The tough stretch is over. Blues skies and calm waters ahead. Even with Baker at the helm.

  2. If things had kept going like they were the last two weeks we probably lose both of these games to Oakland. Is this mini-sweep the start of that long winning streak we’ve been looking for?

    • @kywhi: Not necessarily. Just like the mini-funk wasn’t the start of the “free-fall” some had been claiming.

  3. 103 mph. That will do it. The A’s broadcasters, who were optimistic about the A’s chances the whole game, even when the score was 6-2, gave up when they saw Chapman was in form, and were saying how “entertaining” it is to watch Chapman, and following the radar gun on every pitch.

  4. Remember we used to worry every time Chapman pitched back-to-back games about the second game? Now that’s flipped.

    Good to get the mini sweep.

  5. Nicely done by the pen after Homer struggled a bit. Hard game to listen to as the announcing crew (must be the “E-listers” from MLB) couldn’t even get things right.

    Still, it’s a win and a smile!

  6. Anyone remember when Hal McCoy called Homer a “little bit of a headcase”? Dude has been around baseball longer than most of us have been alive… Figure he knows a thing or two…

    That said, Reds survived another episode of said headcase today… Let’s keep it rolling!

    • @CI3J: Latos over Bailey – by a seismic mile. Package and ship – isn’t that Fedex’s motto – well it should be the Reds.

    • @CI3J: Here, try this article Hal McCoy wrote about Homer Bailey, in June of this year. Here’s the gist of it:

      “Homer Bailey wasn’t the most likeable guy ever to put on a major league baseball uniform when he walked into the Cincinnati Reds clubhouse for the first time in 2007. In fact, he was rude, condescending and cantankerous — and remained that way for a couple of years. Then, as if somebody slipped ‘Get Nice’ powder into his Gatorade, Bailey did a ‘180’ and today is one of the most cooperative and fun guys with whom to talk — and not just about baseball. He is a voracious reader, a country music lover, a horseman, a hunter and, oh yeah, a doggone good baseball pitcher.”


      McCoy is a Hall of Famer and long time observer of baseball. Over the years, I haven’t learned to trust his views of the personal sides of players/managers. He seems to equate someone’s character with how open they are to talk to him. You can even see from this article, that’s what turned him off Homer at the start and what won him back. It was Homer’s willingness to talk to him. That’s something, but not much, really.

  7. Is it just me or does anyone else ever notice this. When the Reds bunt a runner over and win the game by one, all the Sabre guru’s seem to fade into the sunset. Saw a lot of post’s earlier about Dusty, Stupidity, and giving away outs. I never seem to see WOW we won , and how about manufacturing that run.

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