I am typing this game thread out on Saturday morning, so it’s a “write your own” game thread.  Are the Reds going for a series win today?  Are the Reds trying to avoid being swept?  Are the Reds on the verge of showing life?  Or is the club about to wrap up a disastrous series that will likely force all of us to jump of the ledge and assume the season is over?

Regardless of what the Reds are playing for today, let’s just hope they GO!

A simple Reds fan from a simple town. I have been a Reds fan all my life. The 1990 team was crowned Champions during my prime youth years and I grew up idolizing Chris Sabo all the way down to the flat top hair style and the #17. I have passed that love of the Reds down to my three boys who love the game and the Reds just as much as I do! Follow me on twitter @CoachWilson17

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  1. That play hurt to watch.

  2. Thankfully TBS has other baseball(with TWO competitive teams)on to watch today.

  3. Resting his bullpen for that off-day tomorrow. And Oakland will be a pain, too.

  4. I think I can safely say that this game is over.

  5. How can Ondrusek still be in this game??????

    The Reds don’t play tomorrow. Every pitcher in the bullpen was available. Baker has just given up in this game. His managing this inning has been a complete disgrace.

  6. Shockingly, Ondrusek is not doing well. The Reds probably lose this game regardless but these are the decisions that increase that probability. And they seem to be made regularly. No recognition for the importance of the situation or the fact that the Reds have two off days this week.

  7. Cardinals hitting like they know what’s coming.

    • Cardinals hitting like they know what’s coming.

      Maybe Ondrusek kept shaking off Mes, so he was telling the batters what was coming, a la Crash Davis.

  8. I really would love to see what Buck Showalter or Jim Leyland would do with this team.

  9. Ouch. This one hurts. WTF is Baker doing bringing in your worst reliever in a pressure situation where you absolutely can’t let the game get away from you? Why do I get the feeling that if Partch were still here he wold have been pitching in this same exact spot?

  10. An out? YAY

  11. Why not Villareal at this point? There is zero chance of a comeback so why not put in Pedro and pitch him till his arm falls off?

  12. Fire Dusty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Cannot even bear to watch …

  14. A better relief pitcher is getting better results. Who could have imagined?

  15. Great job by Simon

  16. Great job by Simon

  17. Nice work Simon.

  18. For as successful as Price has been with this staff, he just cannot get through to Ondrusek.

    • @Y-City Jim: Does Price have any input into who should be brought into a given situation or inning? If so, total failure on the part of management.

  19. Imagine if Baker had brought Simon in to start the sixth or after Leake had given up a hit.

  20. Good job by Simon. if he was available to come in anyway in the 6th, why was Ondrusek brought in instead?

  21. Dusty is a pathetic excuse for a manager. His “pupil” comments were the final nail in the coffin for me. At least, I thought they were until today’s monstrosity of management. This team has been a massive disappointment this year relative to the expectations when the season began and it’s Dusty’s fault. If the Reds had any other owner (i.e. one without a mancrush on Dusty Baker) he’d have been fired after 2011. Until Bob gets it through his head that when this team wins it’s despite Dusty and not because of him and makes a move accordingly, this team will not be a contender and I will continue to be depressed. Fire Dusty! Hire Bryan!

  22. Probably time for a nap. 😀

  23. Absolutely unbelievable. The management of the bullpen in that inning should be a crime. I am livid right now.

    Dusty just doesn’t know how to win in a series type scenario. Period. He cares more about player roles and feelings than he does winning, and that is why he has never won it all despite all the talent he has had to manage.

  24. This has gone way past managerial ineptitude into dementia. In that respect, I feel sorry for Dusty.
    It’s up to the powers that be to gracefully get him into a nursing home soon and let him live out his final years with a little dignity. What other answer is there? You’re still in the rubber game of the biggest series of the year and you let an obviously failing Leake load the bases then entrust your fate to Ondrusek? The synapses are not firing.
    What else does he need to do to prove that he is unable to manage a professional baseball team?

  25. Putting in Ondrusek just spotted them 4 runs. Didn’t a similar thing happen on Friday ?

    • @pinson343: It’s even a worse screw up today. On Friday, at least there was the possible (but ultimately incorrect) excuse of not wanting to get your bullpen upside down for the series. No such excuse today. Just ridiculous.

  26. Izturis, good morning, good afternoon and good night. Another Jocketty special.

  27. A better pupil would have said “no thanks, Skip, put in a guy who can actually get people out.” So it was Ondrusek’s fault for not saying that.

  28. Fire Dusty! Hire Bryan!

  29. Reds about to fall 6.5 games out. The Reds were never that far out last year.

  30. Will Dusty Baker face even the slightest bit of criticism or questioning by the beat reporters? Will he admit that maybe he was too slow to replace Leake or that he brought in the wrong pitcher?

    • @Steve Mancuso: I suspect there will be a whole lot of bristling going on … from the reporters who are afraid to ask. As well as from Dusty if they actually DO ask.

  31. Can we now put a fork in this season….

  32. Reds trying their best to ruin my cookout. I ain’t even mad.

  33. What in the wide, wide world of sports is going on around here. (as I’m waving my hat around to disperse the stench). Broxton may be back with club as early as Tuesday. Per Marty.

  34. Bet we see Villareal now. might as well give the Cardinals 6 or 7 more.

  35. I am going to check out for the day before I say something I regret. I am too angry right now to see this club be mismanaged.

    Enjoy the rest of your Sunday nation. I’ll be in Vegas starting tomorrow, and I’ll be placing a bet FOR our Redlegs and Mr Mat Latos on Tuesday.

  36. If Dusty really cares as much about his players as he claims to, he would resign after today’s game and give the guys a fighting chance to win this year.

  37. I’m still trying to figure out what the Reds see in Villarreal? He’s not even a good minor league pitcher.

    • @Hunt4RedsOctober: That hasn’t stopped them in the past.

    • Corky Miller is capable of pitching a couple innings without giving up too many runs, so why waste a roster spot on a mop-up guy when you’ve already got one? I’m serious about this. If a guy’s sole purpose is to play in games that are already out of hand, what’s the point? Why not bring up Hamilton and use him as a pinch runner? Or a guy who can hit a little bit? What’s the purpose of having a guy on the team if he isn’t ever going to contribute to a win? Miller or Izturis or Hanahan could just as easily finish this one.

  38. WAAAHHHHH!!!! Its Jacoby’s fault…Its Baker’s fault….Its Jocketty’s fault….Its Castellini’s fault….Not one of them hits or pitches so how is it their fault? Bruce is still chasing pitches that are a foot outside, he knows this, so why does he swing? Is this Jacoby’s fault? This club just does not concentrate or is waiting for someone else to do their job.

    • @redmountain: Yeah, I agree. In fact, let’s go even farther: Since managers don’t hit or pitch, we shouldn’t even have them. Let the players manage the game themselves! What an AMAZING idea.

      • @ToledoRedsFan: And let the players recruit and sign other players. That way, we can ONLY criticize the players for the team’s failings, since they’ll be the ones making all the decisions. How egalitarian.

    • @redmountain: [How does Dusty Baker have time to post comments here? Shouldn’t he be watching the game?]

      • @Steve Mancuso: He should be, but given the game we’re watching, he’s clearly not. Maybe he’s drunk? Anybody got a breathlyzer?

    • WAAAHHHHH!!!!Its Jacoby’s fault…Its Baker’s fault….Its Jocketty’s fault….Its Castellini’s fault….Not one of them hits or pitches so how is it their fault?Bruce is still chasing pitches that are a foot outside, he knows this, so why does he swing?Is this Jacoby’s fault?This club just does not concentrate or is waiting for someone else to do their job.

      So Baker even failed at the one thing the Dusty apologists believe he can control and is good at, motivating his players? It seems to me that your troll fell on its stupid face right there.

  39. Why should any fan continue to watch this game when the manager plainly has given up?

  40. Well, if the game was not out of reach before, it is now.

  41. In this case, the second wild card will hurt the Reds in the long term. If we survive for the play-in game, Dusty will talk proudly about making the postseason, and ownership will be happy. So Dusty will be entrenched for next year, too.

    • @vegastypo: Even if they lose that play-in game, Dusty will be proud of making the post-season with all the injuries. Entrenched. Sigh.

    • @vegastypo: Anyone watching this team on a routine basis whether it be the Owner, GM, fans, concessionaires, can tell most of the players haven’t improved and play with a lackluster approach in all facets. The fact that the team somehow reaches an arbitrary spot in the playoffs shouldn’t hide the holes of the team. Will anyone pay attention though, probably not.

  42. This is the point at which the old left hander (may he RIP) would start discussing the condition of his tomatoes.

  43. Neither person on the radio broadcast has even brought up the possibility that maybe the top of the sixth inning might not have been handled perfectly by the manager. Marty won’t hesitate to criticize the players.

  44. If it wasn’t for Westbrook not having his “A” game, the Reds would have been swept and slaughtered along the way.

    • @Sergeant2: I was hoping, that realistically, if we just avoided the sweep, this series would somehow be acceptable. Evidently the Reds and I think alike.

  45. Cardinals have scored double-digit runs in 3 of their last 4 games. Reds have scored double-digit runs in a game once in 6 weeks.

  46. Villarreal gives up a bomb but his ERA actually went down. That about says it all.

  47. Before Dusty got the 2-year extension, there was a spirited discussion here about whether to keep Dusty or let him go. Spirited is an understatement, yes. But after a day or so, in the world’s most unscientific poll, I counted up the “votes” of people who gave an obvious opinion, and it was about even, stay vs. go. … I wonder how many of the “stay” voters have since had their minds changed by Chapmania in the spring and/or Dusty’s managing this season? … I’m guessing that those who voted for him to “go” would not have changed their vote.

    • @vegastypo: He will be kept on for next year, even if we do not make the playoffs. But if we make next year, will Baker be asking to continue and an extension past 2014?

      • @YorktownRed: If Joey Votto is lucky, he will get to play his remaining years under Dusty’s steadfast leadership. Makes you want to puke.

    • @vegastypo: There was a middle ground. Some of us — and I realize how unpopular this view is here right now — felt that Baker had earned an extension after leading the team to 97 wins despite Votto’s injury. He got a seriously bad deal with Cueto going out 8 pitches into the NLDS.

      That’s not the same as saying I liked Dusty Baker as the manager of the Reds. I’ve been saying here since 2009 that he’s the wrong manager for the Reds.

      Did I think the Reds would have been better off with a different manager this year? Absolutely. But did I think Baker deserved to be rehired? Yes I did.

      • @Steve Mancuso: See your point but I would reword it a little: I definitely don’t think he merited an extension but given the facts as you state them, I can not fault management for their decision. Just like sabermetrics, when you look under the hood, Dusty isn’t a very good manager regardless of the record.

        I would be willing to sacrifice this season if it got rid of him and I’m not ruling it out by any means.

        • @CharlotteNCRedsFan: Yeah, like the Cueto injury and the 97 wins created enough “reasonable doubt” not to convict the defendant? He’s the same lousy in-game manager and lineup maker that he has been. And will be.

        • @CharlotteNCRedsFan: Plus side is that we’ll get another couple draft picks (in addition to our middle of the pack one) because I think Choo is enjoying this slide about as much as we are. It’s the bad that sticks, and if they don’t make the playoffs or get knocked out early, that’s what he’ll remember about his year with the Reds. Well, that and the fact that he was hit by a pitch over 20 times.


  48. Does anyone seriously believe that Bryan Price could do a worse job managing this club if he tried?

    • @ToledoRedsFan: I was under the assumption that Jenkins is there in case Price is forced into managerial duties. Does Bryan Price really need an assistant pitching coach?

      But if you fire Baker, you have to fire Jacoby. My guess is that Jacoby will be the sacrificial lamb and the next hitting coach will still be a slave to the Baker old school method of hitting.

  49. Rally caps!

  50. Dusty will defend his decision to not have someone up in the 6th by saying that Mike Leake was only at 70-some pitches. He only looks at pitch counts to determine if a pitcher is losing it. He never looks at what the results have been.

    • @Hunt4RedsOctober: He’ll also claim that Leake lost it too soon for him to react, even though Steve Mancuso was all over it before the first pitch of the 6th inning.

      • @YorktownRed: Exactly.

      • @YorktownRed: That’s the kind of things the manager should discuss before the game with his staff. They should discuss how they have the entire bullpen available and desperately need to win the game. They should discuss it ahead of time so that the pressure doesn’t eat them alive.

        I’ve read about Bill Belichik. I know it’s football not baseball. But I’ve read that he has long staff meetings before every game where they discuss all the possible eventualities and how they would handle them. All the decisions are basically made in the pressure-free environment before the game.

        Kind of doubt the Reds coaching staff works the same way.

        • @Steve Mancuso: I’ve often wondered what it is that Baker does all day. He frequently claims that he hasn’t “had much time” to think about lineups and such. What keeps him so busy? It’s obviously not strategy sessions or reading through stats.

  51. To repeat an earlier point: what’s the purpose of using up a roster spot on a pitcher who will never contribute to a win? Corky Miller could finish this game and probably give up no more runs than Villareal. Why not add a hitter or a guy capable of pinch running (if only the Reds had one of those in the minor league system) instead of a pitcher who can’t possibly help the team win a single game?

    • @Baseclogger: That’s one of the major concerns. Sans Billy Hamilton and a few pitchers in A ball, there isn’t much. All of the talent is here and ready to win.

      Cueto, Votto, Bruce, Bailey, Mesoraco, Leake, Frazier all products of the farm system. The time is now and it’s being wasted.

      • @nelly33: Excuse me, Leake went straight to the majors.

      • @nelly33: There are guys who could at least potentially contribute to a win. Having a guy who can steal second and third (and maybe even get a hit) could potentially win a game for us. Having a guy who only pitches when you’re up or down by 8+ runs is never going to contribute anything. The people making these decisions are just not very smart, if you ask me.

  52. Looking forward to the Red’s relieving Dusty of his managerial duties tomorrow.

  53. So, how is training camp going for the Bengals?

  54. While I agree with the comments regarding the mismanagement of the bullpen and Dusty, there’s still this: 2 runs on 3 hits. Probably still wouldn’t have mattered anyway – still not enough offense.

    • @vared: I think the Reds might have scored a couple more if they actually felt it made any difference whatsoever. There’s no reason for anyone to even think about taking a walk or stealing a base at this point.

  55. Cards trying to get some insurance runs.

  56. Let me walk you through the post game interview with Dusty in about an hour.

    Piecoro–”Dusty, a tough game to lose today. You came back and played great yesterday but it just wasn’t meant to be today”.

    Dusty–”We really struggled today and you just can’t allow a team like the Cardinals to score four runs in the first inning. They have a good ball club. We gave ‘em four runs and then Cozart hit that two run homer which put us right back in the game. But then here they came again and really added on to their lead. You have to get them credit.”

    Jeff–”Any concerns about the offense?”

    Dusty–”It’s coming around and we will have an off day tomorrow so hopefully everyone can get some rest and we will get after in on Tuesday against the A’s. You have to play one game at a time.”

    What??? Dusty says the same thing after every losing effort. Ugggh!

  57. I really want to see some Corky Miller pitching in the 9th. No sarcasm here.

    • @dc937: I’ve seen it in the minors. I can almost guarantee his ERA would be lower than the current pitcher’s. No sarcasm here, either. I just don’t understand why you have a guy on the team who can’t possibly contribute to a single win.

  58. I’m not convinced the Reds will make the playoffs but lets say they do make the playoffs and do win the one game playoff, does anybody have any doubts that Cingrani will be the odd man out of the rotation despite superior stuff to Leake and Arroyo? I think it should be Arroyo, but no way Dusty lets that happen.

    • @AnnapolisHoosier: I am of the opinion that Leake’s stuff is better than Cingrani’s. However, I think all the starters stay on the (hopeful) playoff roster, using Cingrani out of the bullpen.

      • @AnnapolisHoosier: I am of the opinion that Leake’s stuff is better than Cingrani’s. However, I think all the starters stay on the (hopeful) playoff roster, using Cingrani out of the bullpen.

        What? How could you possibly say that? Leake has better control, but his stuff isn’t in the same stratosphere.

        • @AnnapolisHoosier: I guess I consider control to be included with “stuff”. I’d never really thought about it that way. Cingrani’s pitches move more effectively, and his left-handedness can be an advantage, but when you consider all aspects of their abilities, I think I’d take Mike Leake. Not to bash Tony, because he’s been stellar this year as well.

    • @AnnapolisHoosier: Let’s not talk about the playoffs right now.

    • @AnnapolisHoosier: You’re right, Bronson is too veteran-y.

    • @AnnapolisHoosier: Dusty is too loyal to the vets. I’m still a bit shocked that Harang did not make the post-season roster in 2010 (kidding).

  59. When the Reds hired Dusty in october 2007, was there anybody else being considered?

    • @Larry1980: I think they were also considering a rock, but decided Baker would be slightly smarter and perhaps a tad more proactive. I’m not sure they were right.

  60. The one thing I’m enjoying about this game is that I decided not to attend it.

  61. One manager goes to the mound when his pitcher allows two guys on base with a 9 run lead. The other manager…. is Dusty Baker.

  62. XP only missed that last pitch by about 2 feet …

  63. Now we see LeCure. Thanks Dusty.

  64. Lecure poised for the win after the 10 run 9th.

  65. Oh No, we suck again. But will anything change. No. The only thing that will make a statement is if this team starts playing in front of empty seats.

  66. Reds fans’ reaction at this point: http://youtu.be/wdYPxFMhEkE

  67. Maybe LeCure didn’t like being brought in to mop up the 9th again in another rout.

  68. What’s the emoticon for wretching/gagging/vomiting?

  69. i should get a new job with a different day off. The Reds are brutal on Sundays …

  70. Hey, how’d the Bengals force Arizona into a saftey?

  71. Kurt Warner to Tory Holt, and at the 2 minute warning, it’s the Rams 15 and the Bungles 2.

  72. Marty said he was surprised that there hasn’t been a players-only meeting yet. I agree with him.

  73. At least today is Sunday. We all know that rule that says that day games on Sunday don’t mean as much as other games.

  74. Didn’t the Reds begin playing better after locking Dave Concepcion in an oversized clothes dryer a million years ago? Hey Pedro …..

  75. Reds don’t homer, they don’t score. Reds have no ability to string together hits to score runs. 7 of the 10 runs they scored to past 2 days were on homers.

  76. No recap needed. Just the score and Milton.

    • @vegastypo:

      Yep, silence is in order here, sort of like at the end of the “Rains Of Castamere” episode of Game Of Thrones.

  77. Whew. That was a nail-biter.

    • @RedZeppelin: These type of games are easier to take than those crushing games when Chapman gives up the lead/game in the 9th.

      • @YorktownRed: You’re talking degrees of misery. I for one, hate, hate, hate losing to the Cardinals, so it’s always a gut punch to me even if it’s a full-fledged beat down like today.

        • @iw1967: Agree, but if we have to lose, I would be much more devastated by the game that gets away in the last inning.

      • @YorktownRed: I was just thinking the same thing. These we can laugh at.

  78. That was not fun. Let’s not do it again.

  79. Dusty unavailable for comment? wonder why

  80. Let’s get #rolenformanager trending and see where it goes. We don’t have a lot left to go to.

  81. Some people say Ludwick was the reason for all of this. Ludwick wouldn’t have been able to help this much.

  82. From Rosecrans recap:

    “Since the Reds won the first game of the season series 13-4 in April, the Cardinals have outscored the Reds 75-29 in 11 games.”

    I think Dusty just writes off these series with the Cards now.

  83. Would someone at least break a bat on a cooler or smash some batting helmets or something after failing in a key situation? Jeez, other than the occasional Votto f-bomb caught on air, I haven’t seen much in the way of passion out of this bunch.

    • @Drew Mac: Reds shoulda got Brian Wilson. He’s always good for some quirkiness and the occasional dugout hulk-smash session.

    • @Drew Mac: I suppose we can hope this team will respond to a Cardinal beat down the same way as the 2010 team did. There are still 50 games left to make this season we hoped it would be at the beginning of the year.

      But this team seems like it has been going through the motions for more than two months now. On the offensive side, especially, there seems a complete lack of energy, as though they are all waiting for somebody to turn on the switch. A lot of it falls on the players and some of it falls on management and the coaching staff.

      I keep reminding myself that the Reds are still leading for the last playoff spot and as long as they get in, anything could happen.

      Still, it feels like this season is slipping away and nobody feels any great sense of urgency to do anything about it.

      • @iw1967: From Trent’s Twitter: Lecure: ‘We’re running out of tomorrows and we have to play with some urgency.’

        THANK YOU.

  84. On the plus side, my fantasy team kicked butt this week…..so at least I got that goin for me.

  85. Well I see yesterday was a fluke, another Cardinal ass whipping…. jeez, just pathetic. Keep this up and the Cubs may catch them for 3rd place. All I want for Christmas is for Baker and Jacoby to be gone!!!!!

  86. This team is in trouble. The right handed hitting is terrible and the bench is awful. The only hope they get hot. Thats all I got.

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