Let’s get it on!  With 2 months remaining in the season, the Reds and Cardinals face off tonight for the first of ten remaining games the teams have left with one another.  If the Reds can get back to playing good baseball, the opportunity to gain ground on the Cardinals and Pirates is there as the Reds have 16 games left on their schedule against the two teams ahead of them in the standings.  Of course, if they Reds don’t play well, then… Well, let’s not think about that.

Bronson Arroyo will get the nod in game 1, facing Cardinals starter Shelby Miller.  I have a good feeling about tonight and this series.  Perhaps it is because I’ll be at Saturday’s and Sunday’s game.  The first games I will be in attendance for all season. 

Discuss the game here and…… LET’S!! GOOOO!!!! REDS!!!!!

A simple Reds fan from a simple town. I have been a Reds fan all my life. The 1990 team was crowned Champions during my prime youth years and I grew up idolizing Chris Sabo all the way down to the flat top hair style and the #17. I have passed that love of the Reds down to my three boys who love the game and the Reds just as much as I do! Follow me on twitter @CoachWilson17

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  1. Mr. Partch, I believe you know Mr. Power. You’ll soon be spending a lot of time together.

  2. What do you wanna bet that, now that the game is out of reach, Joey gets him a dinger tonight…

    • @RedTitan19: Naaa. Think they’re going for total humiliation tonight. Not that they seem to care.

    • What do you wanna bet that, now that the game is out of reach, Joey gets him a dinger tonight…

      Wow! Prophetic. Give me some lottery numbers!

      • @Zabka84: I need that $290 Mil. For myself! Not prophetic. Game out of reach means two things: first, the pitcher throws strikes. Second, good hitters hit strikes hard when they know they are coming.

  3. A hit. Set off the fireworks!

  4. I like this Mes kid! Let him pay!

  5. Reds up to 2 hits. I bet they get at least 1 more, maybe even 2. That said, it would be fine with me if I never saw Todd Frazier bat again – unless he somehow figures out waht he’s trying todo..

  6. Is Heisey still on the roster? Not that it matters, How do you hit Izturis there? He should be the last guy off your bench. Unless your bench includes Willie Harris.

  7. Im at the game. The game wasnt even halfway over and I wanted to leave. That’s pathetic

  8. We need to keep our eyes on the Diamondbacks. Last I knew they were 4 games behind for the wild card spot.

  9. Looking around for the “Eject” button…..

    I don’t think this team believes it can win consistently with the line up they have. Cozart knows he was moved out of the #2 hole and isn’t doing much better down in the line-up. Frazier cannot hold off the low and away balls and yet he cannot fix it. Votto is in a tough spot because he no doubt feels a lot of pressure to hit for power because who else is going to score runs? BP is benefiting from Votto’s ability to get on base, but he is having a very down year for him. Bruce has had fewer of his patented “hot streaks” this year. Choo struggles with lefties, but has been a welcome addition from stubbs.

    All of this puts enormous pressure on the pitching staff who, it seems, has to throw out an era of 1.50 to have a solid shot at winning a game. Give up 4 runs? Guess what, you are going to lose (ask Homer Bailey).

    Simply put, the right side of the Reds (1B, 2B, RF) is what we want, perhaps having a little bit of a “down” year, but couple that with a left side (SS, 3B, LF) that simply has not been what Dusty and the reds FO were hoping for, you have the 2013 Reds. I am not a fan of Dusty, but we all have to admit that his options are somewhat limited, especially in bench depth. The Reds would do well to improve the left side of the field if they want any success in 2014.

    • @abox03: totally agree, not dusty’s fault that this reds team is littered with AAAA players. And by the way i think the only 2 reds hitters who are not having down years are choo and bruce. Kinda rough with u only have 2 guys who are having good years

      • @zab1983: Maybe. But you have to think a decent coaching staff could harness the qualities of these guys and, at the very least, get them to quit chasing so many pitches. And stop giving away first pitch outs. And put a lineup out there that maximizes hitting ability. BTW I was right about Joey…

    • Phillips has his lowest OBP and SLG in his Reds career and no longer steals bases. Defense is still very good

      Bruce is having his normal season. He is walking less and striking out more, might be a concern going forward.

  10. For those of you listening on WLW has Marty gone over the edge yet?

  11. I wish one of the Schottzies were still around to run onto the field and make a big, steaming pile of poo. Because that is what this game is.

  12. I’m sure thankful Dusty arranged it so that Mat Latos will completely miss this series. Since, you know, he’s like the only Reds starter to beat the Cardinals this year. Shows a real sense of urgency.

  13. Hey Bronson, buddy tough night. Look at it like this, now that Darius Rucker has gone all country, Hootie and the Blowfish have an opening.

    • @WVRedlegs: I’d said its Time for Bronson to Let Her Cry and tell the Blowfish “I Only Wanna Be With You” and join them in Tucker’s Town. Hold My Hand because watching this game it hurts so bad that I Go Blind.

  14. A 12 run inning here and the Reds are right back in this thing.

  15. Good opposite field HR by votto

  16. 377 ft. HR by J.Votto 12-3 Reds and the comeback begins.

  17. The Reds in the offseason need to look at trading Chapman and a starter for some hitters.

  18. Well I just had a chance to turn on the game right as votto homered… So I’m thinking yes! Then I see the score… No!!! I’m guessing bad Bronson?

    And now Phillips gets a hit? Maybe I’m the answer?

  19. Ok. Maybe I’ll stick around til the stretch. Insanity

  20. There is no doubt in my mind that Dusty would not have taken Cards starter Miller out of the game at this time.

  21. You know, if Dusty didn’t quit on the game as soon as Bronson got taken out, it’d be 7-3 and still actually a manageable comeback.

    Leaving Partch in there to walk 3 guys and give up a hit and two runs just to get one out was a huge white flag. Sending him back out there for another inning was total submission.

    • @ToddAlmighty: Dusty! I feel like Jerry Seinfeld every time he says “Newman!”

    • @ToddAlmighty: Maybe. But You gotta keep the rest of the series in mind. Why not give them this one and save the bullpen? The hitters were showing nothing up to that point and no reason to believe they were gonna turn it on.

      • @RedTitan19: I just don’t see how with a heavily rested bullpen (7.1 innings in the last 5 days) you can afford to just give away any games to the Cardinals or the Pirates. If you “give” them one, how confident are you that this Reds team can actually win both the remainders?

        When it comes to the Cardinals and Pirates, I don’t think you can afford to give up on a game that early…. because it’s beginning to get to crunch time.

    • @ToddAlmighty: How was he supposed to know they’d actually score any runs? Besides, he didn’t want to use up the bullpen, he likes to give guys an extra day off when they haven’t pitched in a week, so Partch needed to take one for the team.

  22. Bruce avoids his second GIDP of the game. Maybe it is turning around.

  23. Wow, Frazier looks bad up there. 0 for his last 23….just ouch!

    • @abox03: I am sure that Frazier is getting the proper attention from the Red’s hitting coach, Eric Davis (oops, forgot its still Bruce Jacoby) – sorry.

    • @abox03: Well, DUH. It’s Baker’s job to TEACH guys like Cozart and Frazier how to hit major league pitchers. Sheesh!

    • @abox03: at this point he would be more productive walking into the batters box and urinating on home late each at bat.

      I’m sick if all the players failing and not looking like they give a crap. Votto smokes a 3 run bomb and is also all ho hum. Show some fire! Inspire your team!

  24. That’s lour boy. Keep running him out there…. Not that there’s much of an alternative.

  25. If the Reds can score 3 runs in each of the next three innings (the 7th, 8th and 9th) as well as shut the Cards out till then, the Reds can tie the game and head off into extras.

  26. Descalso, seriously?

  27. The St. Louis Cardinals won’t blow a 12 run lead, unless the St. Louis Cardinals’ skipper was Dusty Baker, then, maybe.

  28. Descalso is the Cards player that plays good defense but can’t hit, and he has 2 HR’s tonight. This is the first time he has hit 2 HR’s in a game in his career. Its just one of those nights. Still no excuse for the Reds ineptitude at the plate.

  29. Hey Dusty, you’re team is crapping the bed at home. How about getting off your arse and chewing them out. Just keep sitting their chewing your toothpick big guy.

  30. Fearless prediction: 2013 is Dusty’s last go round with the Redlegs and it may not even last to the end of the season. Reds are just not a very good team and haven’t been for 2 plus months now.

  31. Why would you pinch hit with Corky miller?

  32. Wow. Descalso goes yard twice. That ain’t good.

  33. Westbrook is pitching for the Cards tomorrow, he’s kinda like the Cards version of Arroyo in that there’s good Westbrook and bad Westbrook. Hopefully the Reds will get the bad Westbrook.

  34. Gotta love pitching Sam LeCure, our best reliever, in a 13-3 blowout.

    • @CharlotteNCRedsFan: Hey, but at least Partch got to pitch the important innings like stopping the bleeding when Arroyo came out. Wouldn’t want to waste one of your better relief pitchers and former long relief guys on that.

      • @ToddAlmighty: Reds have to be realistic, the chances of scoring 5 or more runs in a game are very bad. Should of let Partch go as long as he could and than let Logan finish it .

  35. Everybody wondered if the Pirates would collapse again this year? I think they got the wrong team. The collapse of the Reds is in full force.

    Can’t wait to get Ludwick and his .150 BA in the minors up here and stick him in the 4 hole!

  36. I’m not reading the whole thing but please tell me someone didn’t say joey votto’s home run was meaningless.

  37. What really hurt the Reds this year Ludwicks injury, Frazier regressing really bad offensivly, and Cozart falling apart offensivly.

  38. The thing I don’t understand is. If Dusty had decided to give up on the game, why didn’t he just make Ondrusek pitch like 3 innings Or Ondrusek and Simon pitch 2 each? It’s like he gave up on the game by putting the worst guys in first, and THEN decided he wanted to burn through the bullpen at 1 inning a piece… just don’t understand it at all.

  39. 39,095 showed up for tonight’s titanic struggle, 39,095.

  40. St. Louis is such a better organization than the Reds. And they’ve gotten better since they gave Jocketty his walking papers.

  41. This, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tWqKiqTfXuA , would pretty much be my recap of this game.

  42. With the way MLB has been lately like the NFL, the teams with the best record dont win it all. Right now that is the only thing too look for. Hope this Reds team gets in hets hot. Right now that is all I got.

  43. Ain’t over yet the Reds can still come back and win it. Hic-cup, hic-cup.

  44. It’s Milton time!

  45. this disaster is over.

  46. no recap tonight.

  47. I’ve been a Redsfan for 30 years and usually stay “glass half full” when they struggle, but this is pathetic and embarrassing! It is no fun to even watch anymore…this team is a Mess!!! Dusty and the hitting coach need to go!!! Thanks for letting me vent!!!!!

  48. Didn’t go quite exactly like we had hoped, but that’s the way the ball bounces (right into the fielders glove more often than not for a double play). Westbrook is pitching for the Cards tomorrow and he tends to give up the long ball. We’ll get em tomorrow. Go Reds!

  49. Another game, another 6 hits. 3 runs above the recent norm, tho.

  50. I’m beginning to think all that jibber jabber about the Reds having a losing record against teams with a winning record might be relevant.

    • @Sergeant2: You know, all the stat nerds on here who claim that scream, despite the dismal last few series, the Reds’ number are still okay, you should worry. The 2010 Reds posted a similar record re: losing against teams w/ winning records. They still made it to the playoffs, but then were no-hit by Roy Halladay, and then swept by a mediocre, aging Phils team. Of course, last year the Reds posted the sedcond best overall record in the league, did well against teams w/ winning records, and, well…

      • @wildwestLV: they still lost the NLDS. They might not have lost the same way they did in 2010, but in the end it was still a series they lost. I just don’t think records against winning teams makes a big difference.

        • @josephneely25: Exactly. Dusty Baker cannot manage teams to a World Series victory, despite what they do, or don’t in the regular season.

  51. Embarrassing! This is the result of standing still and no shakeup.

    • @Redsfanx: A couple of folks said it very well above. Nothing all year on the left side of the diamond but wannabe AAAA and bench guys plau for the last month the same type of guy behind the plate most of the time. A couple of these guys may eventually be something more in the correct circumstance but putting 4 of them on the field every night does not make for them or the team.

  52. In the last 2 yeras if you take out the Reds sweep of the Cardnials in the opening series after the ASB last yr the Cardnials are 16-6 vs the Reds and have won 7 straight series vs the Reds.

  53. Man, if only Chris Farley could come back to life and give an inspirational speech to the Reds.

    Also, Yankees just dropped a former top prospect who was posting some ridiculously good offensive numbers in AAA. He’s still 25, as well. Worth a flyer?

  54. Here we go, Thomas Neal, an outfielder who was formerly a top Giants prospect. These are his numbers in AAA this year: .325/.391/.411.

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