2013 Reds / Game Thread

Game Thread: Reds at Padres (2013.07.31)

The Good News: Today’s game with the Padres will conclude this dreadful West Coast trip the Reds have been on.

The Bad News: The Reds still have to play a game today and can not post a winning road trip.

If you are up for it, discuss the happenings of today’s game here.  Since it is a day game, perhaps I can finally watch a complete Reds game.  Assuming I actually WANT to do that.  GO Reds!

206 thoughts on “Game Thread: Reds at Padres (2013.07.31)

  1. Why do announcers always mention sunglasses when a ball gets lost? Glasses help reduce brightness but you still can’t stair directly into the sun with them…

  2. Is it possible the Reds could lose 4 consecutive walk-offs?

  3. That was the worst trade deadline I’ve ever seen. Nothing happened. Talk about a buzz kill.

  4. Just throwing changeups to Bruce and Frazier, letting them get themselves out.

  5. One thing that doesn’t get discussed. The one negative of the Mat Latos trade letting Yonder Alonzo go. They really could have used his bat.

    • @Steve Mancuso: I really think moving him to the two spot might provide a spark for him. It couldn’t possibly hurt. Dusty could even keep his L/R/L by doing Choo, Fraz, Votto, Mez, Bruce…

      I just don’t understand not trying to shake things up.

  6. I don’t know why anybody would ever throw Todd Frazier a fastball ever again. He’s such an easy out.

  7. It’s unbelievable how bad this offense is right now. It’s like Kershaw put a spell on them or something.

  8. 97 mph fastball followed by a slider for the K. Homer putting on a clinic. Hope he can go at least 8.

  9. A shutout from Homer would be the thing. But he’s up to 86 pitches.

  10. Corky Miller is not a Major League hitter, but he doesn’t deserve to get an Ewok’s strike zone.

  11. the reds starters have had a 1.95 ERA during the 5 game losing streak. I wonder if that’s a record.

  12. wow votto just acctualy hit the ball with RISP.. about time.. suprised he didnt walk.. (altho i dont mind his walks but in this situation he needed a hit)

  13. And the string of 5 straight “famine” games comes to an end!

  14. What’s with all the Reds running around the bases? The announcers are talking about these things called “runs”.

  15. Wow, 4 runs? What the heck is that? I thought you were only allowed to score 2 runs.

  16. Nice. If there’s any consolation from the first two losses in this series, it’s that their bullpen got heavily used, and they stuck with Stults today, when he was obviously losing it.

  17. Homer Bailey is wondering the same thing. Better go to the bullpen now. He may not know how to act out there…

  18. I’m confused by this inning. Seems like Reds are the team at bat, but they keep scoring runs, so I don’t get it.

  19. When is the last a Red’s pitcher has pitched with more than a 1 run lead?
    Not sure if any else has commented on this and I am not sure what it means but my count, the Red’s pitchers have faced a total of 1 hitter while trailing over the last 33 innings or so…

    • @rfay00: That’s not real surprising. He doesn’t have a whole lot of upside at the major league level.

  20. I’d go ahead and pitch Chappy in the ninth today regardless of score. Need to keep him sharp for the St. Loo series.

  21. It occurs to me that the Reds haven’t looped anything for the past couple days. How does a team go from looping almost everything to looping absolutely nothing? (Nice play, Heisey!)

  22. At least with a win, the Reds will gain a game on someone. They will also gain a half a game on someone tomorrow.

  23. The Nationals lost 11-1. As bad as the Reds have been. The Nationals are 4 under and 10 1/2 games out of the N.L. East. As frustrating as the Reds have been playing. Things could be worse.

  24. I have to admit guys, as bad as the team has looked offensively the last couple series.. if they get hot starting now and carry that over into the Cards series? I would take that with no hesitation at all.

  25. Is there a base-running school some of these guys can get sent to, kinda like the equivalent of traffic school?

  26. So if we get the W tonight.. who are we rooting for between cards pit?

    • @Mwv: Too many pitches. And I’d like to see Chappy pitch so he isn’t rusty for the WLB’s.

        • @Mwv: Looks like you’re gonna get it. I like seeing complete games too. Just don’t want Homer to throw 120 pitches and then potentially see Chapman on Friday night in a high leverage situation not having pitched since Monday.

      • @homerandbruce: So if we get the W tonight.. who are we rooting for between cards pit?

        What does WLB stand for? i assume the cards but i just not putting the slang together on them?

        • @Smithy: WLB= Whiny Little Bi****s. As in, “I hate those guys, they’re nothing but a bunch of whiny little *******.”- Brandon Phillips on the Cards, circa 2010.

  27. I’m not sure what I’d do in the 9th. Right now I trust Bailey to finish this game a lot more than I trust anyone in the bullpen. On the other hand, Chapman needs the work. But of course Chapman isn’t allowed to pitch unless the lead narrows to three, so it’s a moot point.

    • @Baseclogger:
      Really bad managing trying to get a shutout with over 100 plus pitches just because your under worked closer cannot get a save. I think the team needs Chapman out there to get some confidence more than a 5-10 pitcher needs the shutout.
      He’s got 2 no-hitters who cares about the shutput anyway?

  28. Kotsay still lining the ball the other way. Remember how he used to do that against Cordero, on outside fastballs, for walkoff hits ? Talking about 2011.

  29. When was the last time the Reds had a series WIN (not split) against a team that’s currently over .500? Just asking.

      • @msanmoore: How many series wins against over .500 teams have they had this season overall/how many such series have there been? What’s the ratio? It seems like they’re abnormally good against bad teams but abnormally bad against good teams.

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