2013 Reds / Game Thread

Game Thread: Reds at Padres (2013.07.31)

The Good News: Today’s game with the Padres will conclude this dreadful West Coast trip the Reds have been on.

The Bad News: The Reds still have to play a game today and can not post a winning road trip.

If you are up for it, discuss the happenings of today’s game here.  Since it is a day game, perhaps I can finally watch a complete Reds game.  Assuming I actually WANT to do that.  GO Reds!

206 thoughts on “Game Thread: Reds at Padres (2013.07.31)

  1. Nice job pitching by Homer, would look even more impressive if the starting pitching had not been so incredible on this losing streak.
    With his pitch count he possibly could not send Homer back out, I thought we would see what Chapman comes back with…

  2. Yeah, Homer sitting at 107 pitches. I’d like to see Chapman come in and finish it, especially considering the Reds are off tomorrow. Of course it isn’t a save situation and with the way Chapman has been pitching lately and the way Bailey is pitching right now, maybe Dusty thinks that Bailey gives the team the best chance for a much needed win.

    • @LWBlogger: There’s absolutely no question what Baker is thinking: 1) “Really want to give Homer a chance to finish it.” 2) “If Homer gets in trouble, I’ve got Chappy for the save.”

      • @Baseclogger: Correct. He’s not thinking at all at this point. The Rules say Chapman can’t pitch unless it’s a save situation, therefore Chapman shall not pitch.

      • @Baseclogger:
        Exactly what I was thinking when he did not pinch hit for Homer in the ninth
        If Chapman had not blown Monday’s game, I would have agreed with the move

  3. Glad Miller is on third. Gives him a decent chance to score on a base hit.

  4. i guess is a W is a W… Think it was kinda silly to leave baily out there when chapman is WELL rested.. But w/e See you guys back at GABP and on to the WLB as they are now known to me..

    • @Smithy:
      Baker is thinking to himself, ” I really managed that well, now I know I can push Homer to 120+ when necessary and Chapman got his save”

  5. See. Chappy actually can pitch when used on a regular basis. And I’ll be breathing a lot easier if he has to enter Friday’s game knowing that he pitched today.

  6. Slider by Chapman to end it. Chapman now tuned up for the Cardinal series.

    Homer goes 8 and a third, allowing 0 earned runs. Pretty good for a 6-10 pitcher. (By that I mean the 6-10 part is virtually meaningless.)

    I didn’t have a problem with Dusty leaving Homer in until someone got on base other than by an error.

    • @pinson343:
      Just curious if Alonso swung at ball 4, could not see the game.
      If he gets on the tieing run is up with only out and it would have been pretty nerve racking…

  7. Joey Votto is a great interview. Love his short talk just then about this game and the five-game losing streak.

  8. Tonite, for the first time in many years, I’m rooting for the WLBs to win.

    • @pinson343:
      Never, c’mon… the Pirates will collapse. I think I will always root against them, unless there is some mathematical negative implication for the Reds

  9. Who said we weren’t gonna add an outfield bat? We just landed Brandon Short!!!!! Yes, that was five exclamation points. Offensive woes are over!!!!!

  10. A very much needed win by our favorite team. I guess I am the only person that noticed our favorite future manager Corky Miller notched his 100th Major League hit today. I thought that was awesome!

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