Thought the line-up was “interesting” and didn’t know where to post it so here’s a new thread. The official game thread will go up around 8 p.m.

No Shin-Soo Choo. It looked like he jammed his foot at second base yesterday. No idea why BP isn’t starting, maybe just a day off. Strange timing considering Choo is also off tonight. Devin “Hot Mes” Mesoraco apparently has earned a promotion over Zack Cozart at the bottom of the lineup. The Reds face RHP Sean O’Sullivan, who is making his fourth appearance for the Padres.

Oh, and Dusty Baker has someone batting second who is: .202/.262/.242 (not a typo) #lineupmalpractice

Out of 382 major league hitters in 2013 with more than 100 AB, Cesar Izturis has hit better than only three who are still major league players. He has scored the second fewest runs (4) out of any of those 382 players. The Reds manager chose to have him bat second, to give him the second most at bats, to have him bat ahead of Joey Votto tonight.

And his split against right-handed pitchers, an even worse: .183/.256/.225.

I hope he goes 4-for-4.

4. Jay Bruce (L) RF
9. Mike Leake (R) P

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  1. ckerie

    Last game for Leake, he had allowed 15 baserunners in 6+ innings. Don’t expect him to get that lucky again soon.

  2. Larry1980

    I am the eternal optimist if the Reds sweep this series, they will gain ground. What is everybody’s thoughts on the Cards-Pirates series.

    • Steve Mancuso

      @Larry1980: That Cards-Pirates series is a strange one – five games in four days. Double-header tomorrow. I’m pulling for a five-game sweep by the Buccos. It’s all about catching the Cardinals.

  3. Shchi Cossack

    Yeah, that slide by Choo looked very funky and scary. I was surprised when he got no attention from the trainers after the slide. I had visions of Joey’s slide flashing through my head and was ready to flush the season done the porcelain throne.

    • Hunt4RedsOctober

      @Shchi Cossack: Dusty is already trying his hardest to do that. No help from you is needed.

  4. bohdi

    Trade rumors about the Reds and Hunter Pence. Curious what people’s thoughts on that are. Career .809 OPS and 117 wRC+ is nothing to write home about and his wRC+ seems to be inflated by a couple outlier years. Obviously comes down to what the Reds might be offering.

    • al

      @bohdi: I’ve always liked Pence, especially since he’s a righty that has always handled right-handed pitchers pretty well.

      But the rumor said that it didn’t look like a match and I don’t really see how it would work. Unless the Reds have information that says Ludwick isn’t going to be back this season.

    • TraviXDM

      @bohdi: I doubt it’ll happen because WJ is banking heavily on having Ryan Ludwick back and swinging a hot bat, which could happen – but I, again, highly doubt it.

      As far as Pence goes, he’s a good ballplayer from what I’ve seen, plays about as hard anyone out there, full of energy and I’ve heard a good clubhouse presence too. One thing is that he has probably the ugliest swing I’ve seen any MLBer have. But, if it works for him – go for it.

      But I don’t see the Reds making any moves. WJ is content with waiting on Ludwick to return and there is no guarantee that he’ll come out of the gate swinging. Then again, he could get back up to Cincinnati and be an absolute beast. One can hope.

    • Steve Mancuso

      @bohdi: Pence really hits lefties well (good). He doesn’t walk much (bad). He has quite a bit of post-season experience (good). Played only right field since 2007 (bad). While his career numbers are inflated by a couple of good years, he’s still hitting lefties really well this year. How that all fits in with Ludwick, I don’t know. Pence would certainly be an enormous improvement over D. Robinson.

    • WedgieSanders

      I love Hunter Pence. But I don’t know what I would give up for him. Our farm system is already depleted. But I think he would provide lots of energy and hustle, which I believe is the biggest thing this team is lacking… well, besides a competent manager.

    • Shchi Cossack

      @bohdi: If Wj can swing something like Heisey or Robinson with a AAA OF not named BHam, I would be OK with Pence, but I think the Giants want more and a 2 month rental simply isn’t worth more. I actually have been a big fan of Pence, but his big production days are behind him and I think he is overpriced now.

      • reaganspad

        @Shchi Cossack:

        I agree with old Cossack. that seems reasonable. I like Heisey, but if I could upgrade him with a AAA outfielder not named Hamilton, I would do the deal

      • bohdi

        @Shchi Cossack: Yea, that sums up my stance pretty well. Pence’s numbers are trending in the wrong direction to give up too much.

    • seadog

      I would trade Billy Hamilton and a minor league player for Pence in a heartbeat…

  5. Boneill1621

    Does this lineup make anyone else bash their head against the wall and/or cry?

    • CharlotteNCRedsFan

      @Boneill1621: At this point, I say let Dusty be Dusty. The guy is digging his own grave and no one is going to stop him. Whatever illness he suffers, he is not getting any better.

  6. CharlotteNCRedsFan

    If Choo & BP are out for the series, I see a Padre sweep. This team is in real trouble. Good chance we are out of the running for the division a week from today. I will be rooting as hard as ever but that is my realistic view of how things stand. The friars are not pushovers at home.

      • CharlotteNCRedsFan

        @WedgieSanders: Hope I’m wrong but I’m not feeling it. Team looks beat to me coming in to the series and now Choo & BP out? Oh my.

      • al

        @CharlotteNCRedsFan: They’re fine. None of them looked beat yesterday, anymore than the hottest team in baseball that struck out 20 times.

        If anything, the day game after a night game, on a long road trip, with a double header, may have left them a little tired. But they played 4 good games against a very good team. If they had gotten blown out, it would be a different story.

      • CharlotteNCRedsFan

        @al: They look far from fine to me and I’m not a doomsayer type. Really hope I’m pleasantly surprised. We will have to agree to disagree on this one. The reason they didn’t get blown out is that our pitching was amazing. Bats looked sick.

    • seadog

      This team has the third best record in the National league!! Dusty is Dusty.. We can all cringe. Ludwick will not be back this year at full speed… He said so himself. He is done. The Reds need a big right-handed bat.. It is coming…

  7. RedTitan19

    I predict this strange lineup scores more runs than yesterday’s almost “A” squad lineup and Saturday night’s “A” squad lineup combined!

    • CharlotteNCRedsFan

      @Steve Mancuso: A couple of us called it yesterday and I was wondering if he could score from second on a single. I doubt that he would have. DB prides himself on recognizing an injury before any one else. Not this time, apparently. DB is is slumping as bad as the hitters, right now.

    • al

      @Steve Mancuso: “sprain” is such a tricky word. I sprained an ankle so bad once I couldn’t walk for 2 weeks, and it’s never fully recovered. Sounds like Choo is alright, but I hope this doesn’t drag on too long.

  8. bohdi

    Pirates up 4-0 in first inning. Alvarez 3 run dinger.

  9. al

    Westbrook isn’t going to last long at this rate

  10. sezwhom1

    I’ve defended Dusty more this year than any other time since he joined the Reds but Izturis batting 2nd is beyond crass. There isn’t another Manager in baseball would put out tonight’s lineup You just shake your head. Maybe he’ll go 3 for 4 and Dusty will look like a genius. *snicker”

    Turning the page from July to August can’t happen soon enough. This team needs a shakeup. Something.

  11. Shchi Cossack

    Broxton starting a rehab assignment with the Bats tomorrow. Ludwick at the plate with Bham on 3B & HRod on 1B with 1 out in the 3rd inning and gets an RBI on an IF ground out. Ludwick has some serious work to do before he’s ready to face majoe league pitching.

  12. ToddAlmighty

    I don’t care who is hurt. There’s simply no excuse for Izturis batting second. He’s a career sub-.300 OBP guy, who hasn’t even reached a .280 OBP since 2009. He also hits into DPs which is horrible from a #2 batter.

    I’d go:


    • ToddAlmighty

      @ToddAlmighty: Although now that I think about it, I would probably just put Hannahan in at 2B where he played a game earlier this season. I don’t trust Izturis’ arm (it seems like every throw to first is to a different side of the bag than the previous one and never straight at Votto).

      So replace Izturis with Hannahan and put Hannahan at 8 and Leake at 9.

  13. jas_428

    Got to get Izzie going. Sorry if someone said it already.