After yesterday’s game, the Reds need a win today in the worst sort of way.

Mike Leake, please continue the fine pitching the Reds have had of late.  Offense, please wake up and hit the ball please!!!


A simple Reds fan from a simple town. I have been a Reds fan all my life. The 1990 team was crowned Champions during my prime youth years and I grew up idolizing Chris Sabo all the way down to the flat top hair style and the #17. I have passed that love of the Reds down to my three boys who love the game and the Reds just as much as I do! Follow me on twitter @CoachWilson17

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  1. Just for fun; Chapman splits:

    0 Days Rest: .136/.174/.205 (45 pa)
    1 Days Rest: .114/.220/.182 (50 pa)
    2+ Day Rest: .271/.394/.441 (71 pa)

    Looks like Chapman likes tossing the ball! Not sitting on the pine.

  2. 24,050 turned out for tonight’s titanic struggle, 24,050.

  3. Hey Sarge – no Ask Marty tonight? What’s up with that? Curious to know if he like cats or dogs better. Love my Marty though.

  4. Not that any Reds are hitting, but…Hanahan followed by Robinson followed by Izturis.


  5. Here we go

  6. Who’s this number 54 coming into the game?

  7. Very happy we don’t have to witness anymore Reds’ ABs tonight. Come on Chappy – close it out.

  8. Wow, Izturis’ wRC+ is 27. That isn’t good.

    • @CP: Another way to look at this is the following: “The league average player is 3.7 times better at creating runs than is Ceasar Izturis.”

  9. Wait… Where is Partch?!?!?

  10. .192/.250/.231

    Izturis’ slash line after tonight’s 0-for-5. Looks like one of those lines from my Aroldis Chapman comment above, almost. It’s like Izturis is in a constant state of being an average batter facing Chapman.

  11. Geez. I’m a little nervous.

  12. Get them tomorrow night guys. No really.

  13. Is this when I should stop myself from mentioning that if we pitched Chapman last night we might not have lost either one of these games?

  14. Wow. He’s trying to throw 106 in SD. Obvious over-throws on the last 2 pitches.

  15. lol wow. 😥

  16. Well, that was bad. Real bad.

  17. Un-freakin’ believable.

    • @abox03:

      wow, our Reds fan still even Wow? – why not accept the FACT this team is fully collapsed with poor managment severely ill motivations and NO CHANGE lineups with Zack Cozart on field day by day, it’s over.

  18. stop dreaming Reds Fans. With Zack Cozart continues on field, there will be continually NO Win in post-season @ GABP.

  19. The day the Reds fire Dusty Idiotstick will be one of the finest days of my life.

  20. Every now and then you have to score a few runs to win a baseball game. Just saying. Sometimes 1 run won’t get it done.

  21. I give up. Pathetic.

  22. I was going to post right before Denorfia’s games winning HR that I did not feel real good about Cordero’s (tic) lack of recent pitching. Mix in the Reds extremely poor hitting and it all adds up to another loss. Men, the Reds are now 24-27 in their last 51 games. Playoff caliber – not really, sorry.

    Horrible manager – yes
    Horrible batting coach – yes
    Mediocre Reds team – yes

  23. It’s bad enough the reds lose, but I have to listen to Jim Day do the post game. Christ.

  24. This is what happens when you use your Sunday special lineup on Monday.

  25. the value of a walk…both batters totally unitimidated

  26. The at bat to Alonso was the key. Alonso drew the walk (clogging the bases) and was on base for the home run. After the walk, Chapman grooved the first pitch to the next hitter.

    The Reds — except for Leake, Hoover and Robinson — were lousy tonight.

  27. ouch… just ouch…

  28. This team is going nowhere if the offense continues in this pathetic state. Lack of hitting, clutch and otherwise, has cost us a chance to make up three games against the Cardinals while we, in the words of Thom Brennaman, have “scored a grand three runs.” And when Chapman is bad, he is bad. You just feel terrible for Leake and the others.

  29. Well Chapman looked sharp. What a waste of his talent. We need to trade him.

    I’m extremely upset and frustrated with this season. I know we are in a wild card spot, but this team is way too good for this. I think we can still put it together, but Dusty can’t seem to get out of his own way.

    • @BearcatNation: Hey Bearcat, love the optimism even if its a little misplaced.

      • @cincyreds14: This team has more talent than you give them credit for in my opinion. They just have put themselves in a position with an uphill battle.

        SOB, I was just falling alseep when Denorfia broke our hearts. That mixed feeling of anger and sadness that only baseball can provide would jolt anyone awake. Another day of exhaustion at work for me!

  30. That’s it. Life long fan and a die hard but enough is enough. Let this game mark the seal that solidifies this season as a loss. I’m tired of the apologists, I’m tired of the excuses, I’m tired of if RBIs matter or not, I’m tired of perplexing and ridiculous lineups, I’m tired of games like this where we lose due to pure lack of will or desire. Too many other teams have wanted it more, too many opponents have enforced their will upon the Reds, too many games lost where a victory was a near guarantee. Make excuses all you want. You can say its just one game but its much bigger than that. We have seen this script be enacted far too often this year. Game over, season over, and my desire to have hope and optimism for this team is over. Sad dark times in red land.

  31. I have grown weary of this team and this imbecile we have for a manager. Wake me when the moron has been escorted out of town.

  32. 2 x-reds to boot. At least we are not peaking too early.

  33. Mike Leake deserved better is all I can say. And Dusty obviously didn’t put a whole lot of importance on whether the Reds won the game or not, hence the lineup. Back at it tomorrow and see what kind of Dusty surprises awaits us. Go Reds! Adios Amigos.

    • @Sergeant2: He wants to win, just has no clue how to. Of course, most of his position players aren’t helping the cause much.

  34. Dusty can’t seem to get out of his own way.
    – Or anybody else’s.

  35. We have been begging for the Cards to go on a losing streak for months. And when they do, we respond by making a mess in our pants. This team needs something, anything to wake them up.

  36. Another WASTED pitching performance, absolutely pathetic. This is obviously on the offense, 3 runs in the last 43 innings is beyond horrible, we have no plate discipline and zero patience. Bunch of hackers. Also, this is on Baker, Chapman has thrown 1 inning in the last 10 days, NOT GOOD. TRADE HIM NOW! 4 losses in a row is bad, but its worse when the Cards have also lost 4 straight. Watching this game, I knew we’d lose 2-1, you could feel it. Wasted chances all game long. This team is not fun to watch.

  37. Paging Walt Jocketty!!!! We need RH Batting help ASAP.

    See if the Giants want Dusty back for Pence….

  38. Chapman’s contribution over the last 10 days… 0.0 IP, 2 ER. Batters hitting 1.000/1.000/4.000. Heh. 5.000 OPS.

    WJ needs to grow a pair and tell Dusty he needs to start using him or he’ll trade him for anyone resembling a major league hitter. One day to go!

  39. Dusty going by his book again. Leake looked great, Hoover looked great – but oh no, we have to use our (rusty) closer. Dusty managing will simply destroy this team – count on it. Bad effort by the offense and bad effort by the closer – and in reality, quite predictable.

    • @cincyreds14: The decision to use Chapman was the correct one. Gotta use him sometime to get the “rust” off. And we know he won’t be used in a non-save situation.

      It never ceases to amaze me that Chapman thinks he can consistently throw fastballs by people down the middle. 102 is very hittable when you are looking for it, as Chris Denorfia (can’t make this stuffup) can attest.

      Looking at LeCure’s stats (in WAY tougher situations, such as runners on base in tie games), he’s been superior to Chapman this year. Trade Chapman, let Sam close.

  40. Just a complete idiot.

  41. Reds pitching ERA over the 4 losses 2.13 (very good, if you take away the 3 runs scored in walk-off fashion its only 1.42, starting pitching). Fantastic.

    Opponent ERA in the 4 losses: 0.71 wow!

  42. Really hate to say it (especially since I posted it on this board a couple weeks ago) but this Red’s team is so much closer to a .500 team than a quality play-off team.
    Sad but true. Good night Red’s fans, maybe we will be cheering for a new manager tomorrow.

  43. When it comes to Dusty Baker I think Giants and Cubs fans are saying, welcome to the club.

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