After yesterday’s game, the Reds need a win today in the worst sort of way.

Mike Leake, please continue the fine pitching the Reds have had of late.  Offense, please wake up and hit the ball please!!!


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  1. Shchi Cossack

    Chase Headley really got off to a sluggish styart this season, but since the Washington series in early July, Headley has been hiiting like…well, Headley with a slash line of .315/.419/.548 over 6 series, 20 games. The Friars have

  2. Shchi Cossack

    BHam stole his 2nd base of the game on a pitchout with the catcher fumbling the ball while trying to rush his throw. BHam is 2-3 tonight with a 2B, a run scored and an RBI. He could start making believers of a lot of people if he keeps up his improved plate performance.

  3. Shchi Cossack

    Big Brox is starts a rehab with the Bats tomorrow. Ludwick hit .167/.414/.167 in 0 PA during his rehab assignment with the Dragons and is 0-5 in 5 PA so far with the Bats as he continues his rehab assignment at AAA. Ludwick has a ways to go before he is ready to hit against major league pitching and he has 15 games left in his rehab to get it done.

  4. rhayex

    It’s funny going on MLBTR and seeing an article stating the Reds are interested in Hunter Pence. Immediately, you have a ton of their fans saying that they’d get Cingrani in a trade, with a lone Giants fan being realistic and saying there’s no way they’d get him. Then, they switched their focus to Robert Stephenson, with the logic being, “We traded away Zack Wheeler, this makes it an even trade!” Again, the lone smart fan says that that’s an insane price for a rental.

    Just thought it was funny how much fans overvalue their own players.

    • ToddAlmighty

      @rhayex: That’s some funny stuff. A starting pitcher who is rocking a sub-3.00 ERA or a pitching prospect who has the makings of a triple digit fastball ace for a rental of Hunter “Seizure” Pence.

      I’d give them Robinson, Villareal, and a Sandwich TBNL. Keep in mind Pence is making $13.8m this season. So not only would he be a rental, but the remainder of his salary this year would be like ~$4.8m for the remaining 56 games.

      • rhayex

        @ToddAlmighty: I would never make either of those trades, myself. It’d be like someone trading their top prospect for Brandon Phillips, only not at a key defensive position.

    • SFredsfan

      @rhayex: A former student of mine who’s brother is an agent mentioned that Stephenson was coveted by the Giants! He said a deal had been done between them before the draft until the Reds stepped in. I won’t do it in the end

  5. reaganspad

    Cingrani and Stephenson are going nowhere

    • L.A.Red

      Cingrani and Stephenson are going nowhere

      Exactly…Giants fans are clueless as to how much talent it would take to acquire Cingrani or Stehpenson. And Stephenson would easily be the more expensive of the 2. I’m talking more than the Reds gave up to get Latos!!!

      • rhayex

        @L.A.Red: Whoa, let’s calm down there. That’s a bit of a ridiculous statement for a guy who hasn’t pitched above A-ball. Seriously, when he comes up and posts a sub 3 ERA with good peripherals, THEN he’ll be worth more than Latos was. Not before.

  6. Hunt4RedsOctober

    Heisey for Pense straight up/

  7. CP

    Tonight’s lineup is, well, it’s really something.

    • preach

      @CP: Yes….something. This set of guys makes me lobby for Cozart to hit in the two hole.

    • ToddAlmighty

      @CP: Being awful kind with that wording. Everyone knows it’s another game that Dusty isn’t too interested in winning.

      People can say anything they want otherwise, but you’ll never be able to convince me that a manager actually wants to win when they bat someone of Izturis’ level 2nd in the lineup.

      • prjeter

        @ToddAlmighty: Agreed. “Want to win” and “Izturis batting 2nd” don’t go together in the same sentence.

  8. Hunt4RedsOctober

    Robinson 8
    Izturis 4
    Votto 3
    Bruce 9
    Frazier 5
    Paul 7
    Mesoraco 2
    Cozart 6
    Leake 9

  9. rhayex

    Here’s the article, if you need some laughs.

    One of my favorites is the “Reds” fan who states that he’d give up anyone besides Hamilton and Cigrani (sic). When pointed out that the Giants would take Stephenson, he replies, “We gave up Dedee (sic) for Choo! Have to give to get!”

    Another is, “They could offer Tony Cigna.”

    • rhayex

      @rhayex: I just made a post on there for the first time, similar to my previous post here. I’m interested if there are any Giants fans who like or hate it.

  10. VaRedsFan

    Ludwick is 1-3. RBI groundout after Hamilton stole 3rd. Hit was a double.

  11. Steve Mancuso

    5-1 Pirates over the Cardinals. That five-game series, coming off getting swept in Atlanta, could really pound the Cardinals just as they head into GABP for three games. Big opportunity for the Reds.

  12. beavertucky

    If they give up anything of value for pence its a complete failure on the front office.

  13. joelie1274

    Instead of looking for outfielders, how about a shortstop? I mean while in San Diego, they could do a deal for Everth Cabrera (279/356/375; wRC+ 110). We’d lose something in the field but pick up some much needed OBP and a 2.6 WAR.

    This move has the added bonus of listening to Grande say “Everth”.

    • CP

      @joelie1274: Sure. I just think the Reds would be extremely hesistant to spend the prospects necessary to grab a relatively expensive SS when they already have Cozart for peanuts. That said, you make a good point that the Reds don’t have to upgrade LF to improve.

      I honestly think the Reds are in a decent position if they want to upgrade their hitting. They could acquire any of 4 positions:

      3B (move Frazier out to LF),
      CF (move Choo over to LF), and

      Arguably also C, though that would be weird because assuming Hanigan comes back, they’d be keeping a guy that has been simply outplayed by someone esle.

      That’s a lot of flexibility.

  14. Hunt4RedsOctober

    Odds that we see Chapman tonight? 1%, 10%

  15. bohdi

    I’m depressed after watching Vin Scully all weekend, it’s back to THumb.

  16. Hunt4RedsOctober

    Leading off – O for Robinson.
    Batting second – O for Izturis.

  17. Mwv

    That was one terrible at bat by Ceasar.

  18. Mwv

    There’s that Votto guy again, someone needs to think about signing him long term.

  19. WedgieSanders

    Is Heisey not capable of playing center anymore? Those were two pathetic ABs to start the game

  20. Hunt4RedsOctober

    Would have been nice to get that double with someone on but when you don’t have anyone who can get on base in front of Votto, well, that’s what you get.

  21. Mwv

    I love that Frazier knows how to take a walk, it raises his value so much even when his hitting hasn’t been the best.

  22. Mwv

    Still a good start though, we made him throw a lot of pitches after the first two batters.

    • Kyle

      @Mwv: This is a case where raising his pitch count doesn’t really matter though. The Reds will be hard pressed to find a better guy to hit off of than O’Sullivan. Especially if that inning was any indication.

  23. Sergeant2

    He wanted to walk XP but XP wasn’t having none of that. Go Reds!

  24. Steve Mancuso

    One half inning and I’m already sick of Marty tonight.

    Lineup construction failure contributes to not scoring runs. XP batting first, Todd Frazier batting second. Votto’s double might bring in two runs. The Reds get three runners on base without scoring.

  25. Hunt4RedsOctober

    Well, that might as well be a double. The Reds haven’t thrown out a runner in a month.

  26. jas_428

    Does Paul have options? When Ludwick gets back won’t Reds be short LH bats if Paul is optioned? I’m thinking Paul stays if trade doesn’t happen.

  27. preach

    I’m suprised Headley’s numbers are that low. I’ve always remembered him being productive.

  28. CharlotteNCRedsFan

    Mike’s going to have to pitch a shut-off to have a chance at a W.

  29. abox03

    Dusty’s lineup tonight collective batting average vs RHP = .201
    Lose Izturis, keep BP = .223
    Regular lineup vs RHP = .259

    Understand Choo is hurt, but maybe not a good idea then to make tonight the night you give BP a night off.

    • CharlotteNCRedsFan

      @abox03: Lot of season left. No need to play with a sense of urgency at this point.

    • abox03

      @abox03: These values seem low, but they include the 9th hole, which leake is .100

  30. Larry1980

    Does anyone wonder what could have been if Yonder Alonzo had stayed?

    • Kyle

      @Larry1980: I don’t think Yonder has shown that much. His numbers last year were not particularly good for a first baseman. I know Petco hurts his power but 9 HRs is very low. He is still young enough to improve but he reminds me of Sean Casey at this point (not as good as Casey at this point). His HRs a little above last year’s pace but he has stopped hitting doubles.

  31. Steve Mancuso

    Good job by Leake getting out of trouble.

    Wonder why Baker went through will giving Phillips the night off knowing that Choo wasn’t playing tonight.

  32. crimedogg24

    This umpire has no clue what he’s doing.

    • CharlotteNCRedsFan

      @crimedogg24: We ought to just post the “umpires stink” comments at the top of the thread and be done with it.

      Leake has some wheels.

  33. Larry1980

    What will the Reds do at CF next yr given that Choo is unlikely to resign?

  34. Hunt4RedsOctober

    Reds now with 2 runs in 31 innings.

  35. CharlotteNCRedsFan

    Marty is a little lost right now. “he takes it to first, inning over”. What?

  36. Sergeant2

    I like the fact that t.v. is showing the fox-track more often then usual.

  37. StealYourBase

    Leake should be batting second.

  38. Hunt4RedsOctober

    Well, this inning is over. At least they got a couple of hits.

  39. Steve Mancuso

    I guess the strategy of having the worst hitter on the team bat second didn’t work out. Votto leads off next inning!

  40. preach

    Would you rather have a game like yesterday when no one could get on base and no runs were scored, or one like we have so far where 5 are left on in two innings and no one scores? I guess both warrant an appearance by our favorite brace-face goat.

  41. Hunt4RedsOctober

    ..andd Leake gives up a hit to a .200 hitter. Nice!

  42. crimedogg24

    Mark kotsay has mate a nice living.

  43. Steve Mancuso

    Mark Sheldon saying on the radio right now that Ryan Hanigan had a setback with his injury and doesn’t know when he’ll be back.

      • prjeter

        @Hunt4RedsOctober: I would definitely say it’s a big “need” now if Hannigan is out for an extended period of time. Meso is fine if he’s hitting, but if he goes cold we could be in a big hurt with a cold Meso and Corky. I don’t know if much is available at the position, though.

  44. Hunt4RedsOctober

    Leake throwing a lot of pitches.

  45. CP

    Hi Josh!

    You know what is sad and pathetic? A twitter account with 5,100+ tweets, and only 42 followers.

    Also, I’m sending a screenshot of your posts do that website you write for. Have fun!

  46. Hunt4RedsOctober

    The Blog is almost unreadable now. We all get upset and frustrated but come on.

  47. Mwv

    Leake is starting to make a habit of pitching out of tough situations.

  48. crimedogg24

    Mike leake is an interesting guy to watch. Up, down, in, out. Always changing speeds.

  49. preach

    Did I just hear the PA guy announce Brandon Phillips? Maybe we can get a do-over of Izzy’s at bats.

  50. CharlotteNCRedsFan

    This Sullivan guy looks pretty good (eye roll).

  51. CharlotteNCRedsFan

    Dang. There was our run.

  52. preach

    Are thes posts going the wrong direction now? Petco saveth, Petco killeth.

  53. Hunt4RedsOctober

    Wow, this team can’t buy a run.

  54. Kyle

    Wow, what a 3rd inning with the heart the order against a bad pitcher. Man, are these guys frustrating.

    Speaking of trying to find silver linings in black holes, at least this guy appears to be a Big Lebowski fan.

  55. caps

    I know our overall offensive numbers for the year look pretty strong. But I think the real problem is having too many guys in our lineup who go 3-for-4 every night for a week and then go 0-for-4 every night for the next three. No in-between. The final stats wind up looking OK, but it really causes frustration and problems for a team trying to create consistency. Part of that I know is just the nature of the game, of course. Any ideas on what stats might indicate whether this is actually true of the Reds this year more so than other years or other teams?

    • CharlotteNCRedsFan

      @caps: My take: Dusty will not stay with a lineup that appears to work. Reference games 1 & 2 of the Giant series. He has to manage because that is what he is paid for. Frustrating.

      • caps

        @CharlotteNCRedsFan: He did manage to crush any hot streaks Frazier, Heisey or D-Rob seemed to be building. But it has to be more than that! Why do we have so many extremely streaky hitters? There’s gotta be something there with the approach?

    • CP

      @caps: I dunno. Seems to me the problem is that only 2-3 guys get on base consistently (Choo, Votto, and 1/2 Bruce, 1/2 Todd).

      The rest pretty much rely on their batting average to get on base, and that is highly variable.

      • caps

        @CP: I’d just like to see a stat that can measure a team’s offensive consistency; or that of a player. For instance, the overall average runs scored per game on this road trip will still likely paint the Reds offense fairly well. But we all know that isn’t quite the case.

      • CP

        @caps: I think the only stat would do that would be team wOBA, since OBP is the stat most closely correlated with Runs Scored. I dunno. You look over at the Cards and their recent offensive struggles. I just don’t think there is such an offense that is actually “consistent” in the sense that we fans think there is.

  56. rhayex

    GAH, did I miss the trolls again? Jeez, I miss them every time…

    Seriously, this is ridiculous. At this point I almost want to see what everyone else is getting upset over.

    Also, I haven’t been following the game. Anything important happen? (Hoping someone will say Bruce GS).

  57. Steve Mancuso

    OK, I think I’ve got the mess cleaned up for now. Not much we can do when he keeps changing IP addresses. He’s obviously got mental issues. Even though it’s annoying, it’s also sad.

    Back to the ballgame! Is Cesar Izturis still batting second? 🙂

    • rhayex

      @Steve Mancuso: Who is this guy? I’ve never seen him commenting on this site before, and I missed all of his posts. What happened?

    • Zabka84

      @Steve Mancuso: Izturis batting second, speaking of mental issues…..

      Two runs wins the game tonight. Lets go Reds!

  58. Hunt4RedsOctober

    Mike Leake all over the place.

  59. CharlotteNCRedsFan

    This could be the ballgame. Leake, get it done.

  60. dn4192

    I think we need to realize the Pirates are not going to fade…

  61. Hunt4RedsOctober

    Nicely done. Timeto get one of those things they call runs. You know, when someone runs around the bases and touches all of them? Maybe they forgot.

    • rhayex

      @Hunt4RedsOctober: Well, with the umpiring we’ve seen lately, it’d probably still count if our guys skipped one and went straight to home…

  62. Steve Mancuso

    Dusty Baker managed that into a double play. Calls for the hit and run with a slow runner and a pull hitter. Predictable results. Great job, Skip.

    • Mwv

      @Steve Mancuso: Isn’t it weird how he suddenly started calling for hit and runs? None at all the first 40% or so of the season then just before the break he started calling for several and it has continued since then.

  63. Hunt4RedsOctober

    That’shard to do, walk Cozart. That is 15 walks all year to Cozart.

  64. Steve Mancuso

    It’s just unbelievable that Baker would call for a hit and run in that circumstance, with that pitcher, that runner, that hitter.

    • CharlotteNCRedsFan

      @Steve Mancuso: Don’t think you really mean “unbelievable”. Was completely believable.

    • Hunt4RedsOctober

      @Steve Mancuso: I think Dusty has a pair of dice in the dugout. He rolls them when ever the Reds get a runner on and makes his decisions based on said roll.

    • vicferrari

      @Steve Mancuso:
      unbelievable? Not sure if that is the most fitting in who we are talking about….It is almost comical how the optimism is just drained following these past few games. You almost dread getting a runner on with less than 2 outs because of the DP risk.

    • cincyreds14

      @Steve Mancuso: Has Dusty undergone a psych eval recently? Just curious – and tossing an idea out there to consider…

  65. preach

    It’s kinda amazing that with all these walks and hard hit balls it’s still a scoreless ballgame.

  66. Hunt4RedsOctober

    2 runs in 34 innings. 0 runs in 20 innings.

  67. abox03

    Bright side: Our pitching has only given up 9 runs in 41 innings for a 1.97 ERA w/ 4 games against a hot LA team.

    • Mwv

      @abox03: Pitching has been good this entire road trip, phenomenal job.

    • rhayex

      @abox03: Wow, I hadn’t realized. I knew our pitching had been good, but that’s ridiculous. If our offense could just heat up at the right time (October run!), we could have a very dangerous team.

      • cincyreds14

        @rhayex: Ryan Ludwick had a double for Louisville tonight…

  68. homerandbruce

    If Leake can hold’em for another inning or two we’re gonna blow this o’sullivan up soon.

    • cincyreds14

      @homerandbruce: Great – the Reds have a complete revamp of their line-up hiding underneath the stands just waiting for the right moment…

  69. CP

    Hey, doesn’t George Culver post on RN?

  70. caps

    It is truly remarkable that we have not been out of a single game on this road trip, save for maybe the second game of the double header when Dusty started a Triple A squad. The pitching has been excellent all season!

  71. caps

    What is truly depressing is that if we fall behind 2-0 it feels like we are out of the game!

  72. Sergeant2

    Man on 3rd 0 outs, gotta do some bidness now for sure.

  73. caps

    Two 22-plus inning scoreless streaks in less than six weeks; plus a weekend in April when we were 1-hit in back to back games? That simply is unacceptable for a team that claims to be in the fourth year of a championship window.

    • cincyreds14

      @caps: Reds 24-26 in their past 50 games, not sure if that’s really realistic

  74. Kyle

    What does it mean when a Reds player crosses the plate without getting tagged out?

  75. Zabka84

    Izturis gets the RBI to end the skid. Who bet on that?

  76. cincyreds14

    Derek must have known he simply stunk yesterday, only batter hitting the ball tonight…

    Inzturis batting 2nd?

    Man, I was going to ask if there was anyway the reds could hit into a DP with a man at 3rd and none out, and they almost answered my question

  77. rhayex

    That is just sad. I just saw ESPN’s update. A groundout to score the first run?

    Well, I’ll take it, I guess.

  78. CharlotteNCRedsFan

    Man, Marty is struggling tonight – “Jay Bruce is the 2-out batter”. Say what you will about Marty but sloppy he ain’t.

  79. CharlotteNCRedsFan

    Jeez – come on Todd. What are you doing!!

  80. Sergeant2

    Swinging at the first pitch is killing the Reds, just killin’ em.

  81. CharlotteNCRedsFan

    If they only get 1 this inning, I think I’ll cry.

  82. prjeter

    Anyone else think Votto is trying to hit a homer? Three flyballs right of center tonight in the air on big swings. Pretty uncharacteristic.

  83. preach

    So far in the 5th, we have had 5 walks, 4 hits, and 1 run. That’s hard to script out.

  84. caps

    Man, Cozart and Frazier seem like such good guys. I want to cheer for them so bad, but I just can’t see them as viable starting options going forward at all. They give away at bats like Buddy LaRosa does strikeout pizza…

    • cincyreds14

      @caps: I would throw Mes in there as well, they all seem good guys, just need some solid professional hitting instruction

  85. BearcatNation

    If I have to listen to Thom say one more things about the buckeyes, I’m going to commit myself.

    Put the lotion away Thom. Chris Welsh may have just shushed him with that Florida comment while discussing DRob.

      • BearcatNation

        @prjeter: True. That was surprising. And don’t get me wrong. I like OSU. But this is baseball. There is a time and place and the redlegs have some going to accomplish.

  86. Chad Dotson

    So that idiot is banned now.

    Now, if the Reds can just put about four runs across in this inning, I’ll be happy.

  87. CharlotteNCRedsFan

    Honest to God we need a new hitting coach.

  88. cincyreds14

    Hey Fraz, first pitch hitting again I see – why is there such a consensus on this board that these Reds are a totally undisciplined hitting team – and Dusty continues to do absolutely nothing about it?

    And this SD pitcher is absolutely horrible – and the Reds are lucky to get 1 run off him in 4 innings.

    • rhayex

      @cincyreds14: Honestly, it’s a mob mentality. If the person in charge–in this case, Dusty–claims that you aren’t swinging enough, the players will believe it too (especially when he’s the one filling out the lineup sheet).

      On the other hand, while I agree with you about the Reds lack of discipline, I don’t think I would’ve watched enough baseball this year to have caught it without you guys. I knew it was an issue last year, but coming into this season, I believed that they might very well have improved. They didn’t.

  89. preach

    I said it earlier, but I exercise my pastoral right to repeat myself: 5 innings; 5 walks; 4 hits; 1 run. Really?

  90. homerandbruce

    These guys are just awful with RISP. And it does matter.

      • CharlotteNCRedsFan

        @Steve Mancuso: I know and I think the are second in the NL in runs scored. Just doesn’t translate well when watching them play every night. Maybe they are really good scoring runs.

  91. CharlotteNCRedsFan

    Okay Mike, make that run stand up.

  92. Boneill1621

    My game observations:

    Frazier looks like he needs a break.

    I’m feeling more and more confident about Bruce being a great player lately.

    Typical, after complaining about the two hole hitter he gets a RBI

    • prjeter

      @Boneill1621: Crazy thing is that if Alonso was a bit more spatially aware, he could have tapped first base with his foot while taking the same set-up to throw and almost got Robinson. A few inches on both regards from being a 3-2 double play! Game of inches!

    • cincyreds14

      @Boneill1621: @Boneill1621: That would be great if Izturis gets the game winning RBI – since that would mean a 1-0 Reds win.

      And yes, the Cincy Enquirer was right on top of it back in May right after Bruce had 1 HR and a handful RBIs in April (they seemed to forget that Bruce had just turned 26 in April – and that Joe Morgan had his best years at 31-32 – how quickly they forget).

  93. BearcatNation

    Nice throw Mes. Out by a mile.

  94. CharlotteNCRedsFan

    Really nice throw from Mes. Cowboy says, “his best ever”. I think I agree.

  95. redskaph

    Mes showing some arm of late, thank God. … Cozary, on the other hand, could at least chip in with some decent defense if he’s going to continue sucking at the dish.

    • rhayex

      @redskaph: Maybe if he could just use his “Vortex of Suck” for good, instead of evil…

  96. redskaph

    New lapel button: “I like Leake!”

  97. caps

    Dusty complained postgame again last night about the modern emphasis on on-base percentage over RBIs. But what I think he’s missing is that if you have young hitters approaching an AB like “I gotta swing now and be aggressive to get an RBI!!” they’re just gonna press. What we need is for everyone to take a consistent “Just work the pitcher, get my pitch, get on base” approach every single time, and let the situations fall into place as they will. What we’ve seen all year is a couple guys do that (Votto, Choo, XP, BP when he’s good) and the rest are just scattershot game to game, at bat to at bat. Clearly that is a coaching thing; an approach thing. You get the impression that this team is fighting multiple voices from within the braintrust. Not good! And it aint gonna be good until there are coaching changes. (I just made all that up out of wholecloth, but I thikn I might be right!)

      • prjeter

        @rhayex: Yep. Although, I can’t fault him. Ninety-five percent of the American population also struggles with basic math and logic. He’s just an “average” American.

        I REALLY want to know what his answer would be if someone asked him how many RBIs Phillips would have if all three players in front of him had .000 OBP. The answer is (10?) the amount of homers he hit.

        His inability to realize that players getting on base and scoring runs are correlated is the height of lunacy.

      • cincyreds14

        @prjeter: Dusty is definitely not an average American – wish it were true – that way everyone could live on a palatial estate in wine Country in CA and drive new cars every year.

    • Steve Mancuso

      @caps: Baker will forever hold firm to his obsolete concepts. He rejects new thinking about the sport out of hand. The Reds who have been successful at the plate either ignore him and do the opposite (Choo and Votto) or have enough talent to overcome it (Bruce). Otherwise, it’s just a trail of underperforming hitters, not improving, giving away at bat after at bat.

  98. rhayex

    Anyone else notice, that with Leake’s newfound pitching prowess, his hitting has dropped off a cliff?

  99. CharlotteNCRedsFan

    Grateful for the run. But just one off this guy is truly abysmal.

  100. Larry1980

    this team has no margin for error with this offense.

  101. Kyle

    This as bad of a performance as yesterday frankly. The Reds will not face a worse starting pitcher than O’ Sullivan. Career 6.04 era and 1.57 WHIP coming into tonight. This year- in only a few appearances- is 4.73 and 1.88 (BAA is .333). This is a game the Reds can’t afford to lose. That phrase seems like a broken record lately.

    • Steve Mancuso

      @Kyle: They’ve been hitting and walking tonight. Just been kind of unlucky with sequencing. Still, you’re right that they should have done much better against this guy. Thankfully Mike Leake so far has been nearly perfect.

  102. abox03

    I for one, (probably a minority) would like to see the NL go to a DH. I know that makes it hard for small market clubs to add an extra payroll spot, but I think it makes the game more exciting. Just my opinion, pitchers should not hit.

    • prjeter

      @abox03: Same roster size in AL and NL. A “bench player” becomes the DH. Since there are no double switches and pinch hitting for pitchers, turns out the bench feels much deeper, I’d bet.

  103. Hunt4RedsOctober

    Leake cruising now. I’d send him out for the 7th.

    • rhayex

      @Hunt4RedsOctober: So would I. I wouldn’t blame Dusty for taking him out, although I’d hesitate based on using all–ALL– ALLLLLLL of our bullpen last night. All of it. There was not a single pitcher left in that ‘pen. Bruce was going to have to pitch the next inning.

  104. cincyreds14

    I’m sorry for missing it – but where’s BP?

  105. seadog

    Cingrani was in a zone last night.. Leake is in a zone.. Just watch there motions and etc… Just amazing… Cueto–WHO?? These boys are the real deal

    • cincyreds14

      @seadog: Ever wondered if the Reds have any good coaches? If so, please allow me to pitching coach Brian Price.

      Now Jacoby? The question is whether the Red’s young hitters are actually listening to him. If NOT go get Ed, please.

  106. seadog

    Trade Hamilton for Pence…Walt sign off on this please..

  107. CharlotteNCRedsFan

    Joey is slow like a glacier.

  108. caps

    I love it when managers bring in LHP to face Bruce. Do they not look at basic splits?

  109. CP

    😥 baserunners aren’t important, right?

    Actually, not the worst decision in the world, but still.

  110. Sergeant2

    So many times watching the Reds run the bases is a hoot.

  111. CP

    Can we put Thom in the sandbox. Pretty please?

  112. Sergeant2

    I gotta tip my cap to all you EST Reds fans staying up to watch the game. True Blue fans for sure. Go Reds!

  113. CharlotteNCRedsFan

    Todd is lost again. That didn’t take long. Horrible AB, just horrible.

  114. homerandbruce

    Forget about an outfielder. WJ needs to be looking for a 3B.

  115. Hunt4RedsOctober

    Todd Frasier can’t even hit an 87 mph fastball.

  116. redskaph

    Shoudda hit Hannahan for Frazier, who’s solidly back in a major funk.

  117. cincyreds14

    Do these hitters know it is their prerogative to work the opposing pitcher for the pitch you want to see – and that they really do not need to swing at every pitch the pitcher throws and that includes those the pitcher actually wants them to swing at. Work the opposing pitcher a little better, Reds hitters. One run tonight, so sad.

    • prjeter

      @cincyreds14: I wonder if they know. It is their manager’s prerogative to have them swing at every pitch that leaves the pitcher’s hand in a general direction towards home plate, unfortunately.

  118. Sergeant2

    Has some joker told Frazier that walks have been outlawed. Well, its not funny.

  119. caps

    Not to keep harping on this hitting approach thing, but I’m just not convinced that a trade really works for this team simply because I’m not totally sure talent is the problem. We’ve seen Frazier (to a greater degree) and Cozart (to a lesser degree) and now Mesoraco (to a middling degree) show signs of being quality, starting-caliber hitters. But when they go bad, they go so bad!! Why isn’t someone there in their ear, showing them video of how to get right sooner. Everyone is gonna have cold spells, but I gotta believe better hitting instruction would limit our young guys’ slumps better than this. And a trade for Hunter Pence, Alex Rios or anyone else isn’t gonna fix that.

    • Steve Mancuso

      @caps: A trade is the only hope. Just like Choo for Stubbs. Choo is an established enough hitter that he basically ignores Baker’s nonsense. The problem is all the hitters coming up through Dusty’s minor league system.

      Now, Jocketty needs to trade for the right person. Choo was the right person. Willy Taveras, Orlando Cabrera etc were the wrong people because they had no plate discipline.

      That’s why it’s called Dust-proofing the lineup.

      • cincyreds14

        @Steve Mancuso: And Steve, that is why Dusty is highly regarded as a good manager for an experienced team – a young team – forget it (Exhibit A = Reds)

    • cincyreds14

      @caps: I guess what you are saying is its the hitting coach (rise, drain, repeat – been saying and have heard it for a few years now).

      Often watch other games and don’t see the anemic, undisciplined hitting the Reds consistently demonstrate. That is why the Reds lose 1-0 to poor LHP (a win yesterday would have been huge – all I heard on the radio today was that the Dodgers have a 26-6 record in last 32 games.

  120. cincyreds14

    Reds MVP = Mike Leake (btw, where did Mike buy that t-shirt he has on tonight).

  121. seadog

    Do any of you think That maybe the best trade the Red’s have made lately…was Latos for Vazquez/Granadal/Alonzo??

    Grandal already accused of PED…Alonzo had to also.. Look at the dude he is Joey Votto +200lb. He must weigh a good 280lb. The kid can’t run to first base. He looks aweful

    Just a great trade by Walt..He knew something??

    • seadog

      Leake has been amazing..not only tonight, but all year long.The kid is a pitcher….

  122. vicferrari

    Any chance of a 2 inning save? No way Dusty leaves Leake in with that pitch count

      • vicferrari

        Wishful thinking.

        I am a bit nervous with all the 2nd guessers thinking Chapman should have been put in yesterday.
        He is a bit rusty and the Reds need a solid outing.

  123. redskaph

    If ML doesn’t get at win toight I’ll be majorly unhappy. LET’S GET SOME RUNS!!! (or at least 1 more).

  124. MDredsfan

    Another amazing start by Leake. It’s hard to pinpoint what’s different about him this year–this game could’ve imploded at several points tonight. Seems that’s he just maturing and learning how to pitch around trouble by trusting his stuff; no doubt Bronson has something to do with it. Regardless, his performance at least makes me feel justified in continuing to watch the game even though the lackluster offense remains frustrating.

    • seadog

      Could not agree more. The kid is a pitcher….Not a thrower. He has been amazing..I think Bronson has had a great effect on him… When Bronson retires, I want him to coach my kid

      • cincyreds14

        @seadog: They said a couple years ago that he could be another Greg Maddox so don’t bet against it.

  125. CharlotteNCRedsFan

    Another textbook AB there. Wow. Chris’ nickname ought to be 0-2.

  126. Sergeant2

    First pitch swing= easy out. Mind boggling.

    • caps

      @Sergeant2: I like the way Choo and Votto approach it. They might swing at the first pitch every so often to keep the pitcher off balance, or maybe they saw something in an earlier at bat. You don’t always love the results, but at least with those two, you always feel like they had a plan going in. Wish the rest of the team would emulate…

  127. Steve Mancuso

    The Reds still have the lowest batting average in all MLB swinging at the first pitch (.308). The Cardinals, by comparison, are batting .378 swinging at the first pitch. That’s from being more selective.

    • CP

      I didn’t mind Mesoraco’s swing there. The pitch was right down the middle, he just hit it off the end of the bat. It’s the balls in the dirt or out of the zone that are mind boggling.

  128. Sergeant2

    How old is Mike Leake? People forget that Leake went straight from college to the majors. The way he has progressed is impressive.

  129. redskaph

    Another fine inning at the plate. Does this lineup ever need some help. Oh well …

  130. caps

    I’d love to see Dusty play with some new lineups to help break this slump… BP second tomorrow night with Mes batting cleanup? They’d each see some different pitches than they normally do… could do wonders! I know it’s crazy batting one of your hottest hitters higher in the order and placing a struggling all-star in between your two best hitters to help jumpstart him for the stretch run. Just crazy.

  131. CharlotteNCRedsFan

    Cozzy has a little Steve Sax in him.

  132. CharlotteNCRedsFan

    Hoover making it look easy.

  133. cincyreds14

    Cozart – please wake up, your MLB career is hanging in the balance – as you continue to show very little this year.

  134. caps

    That was a great inning. Bullpen has been dominant since that little mini-June swoon.

  135. CP

    Cozart was trying to get revenge on Joey.

  136. Steve Mancuso

    It’s amazing how utterly out of it Marty is. He just went on and on with great emphasis about how important it was that the Tigers traded for Jose Veras today. Marty says everyone knows how badly the Tigers needed a closer and Veras will be great for that. Problem is that the Tigers got Veras to set up. They’re plenty satisfied with Benoit in the ninth.

  137. prjeter

    Just for fun; Chapman splits:

    0 Days Rest: .136/.174/.205 (45 pa)
    1 Days Rest: .114/.220/.182 (50 pa)
    2+ Day Rest: .271/.394/.441 (71 pa)

    Looks like Chapman likes tossing the ball! Not sitting on the pine.

      • homerandbruce

        @seadog: Yet another reason he should have been used yesterday. But the idiotstick yawns at stuff like that.

  138. Sergeant2

    24,050 turned out for tonight’s titanic struggle, 24,050.

  139. CharlotteNCRedsFan

    Hey Sarge – no Ask Marty tonight? What’s up with that? Curious to know if he like cats or dogs better. Love my Marty though.

    • Sergeant2

      @CharlotteNCRedsFan: Oh there was definitely an “Ask Marty” bit tonight, but I used the time for a refill break. I love Marty too, although he does annoy me at times. Go Reds!

      • CharlotteNCRedsFan

        @Sergeant2: Sure but that’s Marty. Wouldn’t want him to change by even a little bit. Must have been emptying the dishwasher when the segment came on. Hate I missed it. See you tomorrow Sarge.

  140. tpteach

    Not that any Reds are hitting, but…Hanahan followed by Robinson followed by Izturis.


  141. CharlotteNCRedsFan

    Very happy we don’t have to witness anymore Reds’ ABs tonight. Come on Chappy – close it out.

  142. CP

    Wow, Izturis’ wRC+ is 27. That isn’t good.

    • prjeter

      @CP: Another way to look at this is the following: “The league average player is 3.7 times better at creating runs than is Ceasar Izturis.”

  143. prjeter


    Izturis’ slash line after tonight’s 0-for-5. Looks like one of those lines from my Aroldis Chapman comment above, almost. It’s like Izturis is in a constant state of being an average batter facing Chapman.

  144. homerandbruce

    Geez. I’m a little nervous.

  145. CharlotteNCRedsFan

    Get them tomorrow night guys. No really.

  146. caps

    Is this when I should stop myself from mentioning that if we pitched Chapman last night we might not have lost either one of these games?

  147. prjeter

    Wow. He’s trying to throw 106 in SD. Obvious over-throws on the last 2 pitches.

    • 0pswin@GABP


      wow, our Reds fan still even Wow? – why not accept the FACT this team is fully collapsed with poor managment severely ill motivations and NO CHANGE lineups with Zack Cozart on field day by day, it’s over.

  148. 0pswin@GABP

    stop dreaming Reds Fans. With Zack Cozart continues on field, there will be continually NO Win in post-season @ GABP.

  149. homerandbruce

    The day the Reds fire Dusty Idiotstick will be one of the finest days of my life.

  150. brandon11

    Every now and then you have to score a few runs to win a baseball game. Just saying. Sometimes 1 run won’t get it done.

  151. cincyreds14

    I was going to post right before Denorfia’s games winning HR that I did not feel real good about Cordero’s (tic) lack of recent pitching. Mix in the Reds extremely poor hitting and it all adds up to another loss. Men, the Reds are now 24-27 in their last 51 games. Playoff caliber – not really, sorry.

    Horrible manager – yes
    Horrible batting coach – yes
    Mediocre Reds team – yes

  152. crimedogg24

    It’s bad enough the reds lose, but I have to listen to Jim Day do the post game. Christ.

  153. jas_428

    the value of a walk…both batters totally unitimidated

  154. Steve Mancuso

    The at bat to Alonso was the key. Alonso drew the walk (clogging the bases) and was on base for the home run. After the walk, Chapman grooved the first pitch to the next hitter.

    The Reds — except for Leake, Hoover and Robinson — were lousy tonight.

    • seadog

      @Steve Mancuso:
      Votto/Bruce were good as well…They need a right handed bat>>>please trade for Pence

  155. kywhi

    This team is going nowhere if the offense continues in this pathetic state. Lack of hitting, clutch and otherwise, has cost us a chance to make up three games against the Cardinals while we, in the words of Thom Brennaman, have “scored a grand three runs.” And when Chapman is bad, he is bad. You just feel terrible for Leake and the others.

    • 0pswin@GABP

      feel terrible for Leake and the others? inlucding Zack Cozart??!!

      • kywhi

        @0pswin@GABP: I meant the other pitchers who have suffered at the hands of this team’s lack of offense.

  156. BearcatNation

    Well Chapman looked sharp. What a waste of his talent. We need to trade him.

    I’m extremely upset and frustrated with this season. I know we are in a wild card spot, but this team is way too good for this. I think we can still put it together, but Dusty can’t seem to get out of his own way.

      • BearcatNation

        @cincyreds14: This team has more talent than you give them credit for in my opinion. They just have put themselves in a position with an uphill battle.

        SOB, I was just falling alseep when Denorfia broke our hearts. That mixed feeling of anger and sadness that only baseball can provide would jolt anyone awake. Another day of exhaustion at work for me!

  157. fiercev

    That’s it. Life long fan and a die hard but enough is enough. Let this game mark the seal that solidifies this season as a loss. I’m tired of the apologists, I’m tired of the excuses, I’m tired of if RBIs matter or not, I’m tired of perplexing and ridiculous lineups, I’m tired of games like this where we lose due to pure lack of will or desire. Too many other teams have wanted it more, too many opponents have enforced their will upon the Reds, too many games lost where a victory was a near guarantee. Make excuses all you want. You can say its just one game but its much bigger than that. We have seen this script be enacted far too often this year. Game over, season over, and my desire to have hope and optimism for this team is over. Sad dark times in red land.

    • BearcatNation

      @fiercev: Get some sleep my friend, I’ll see you tomorrow back here in the nation.

  158. homerandbruce

    I have grown weary of this team and this imbecile we have for a manager. Wake me when the moron has been escorted out of town.

  159. Redgoggles

    2 x-reds to boot. At least we are not peaking too early.

  160. Sergeant2

    Mike Leake deserved better is all I can say. And Dusty obviously didn’t put a whole lot of importance on whether the Reds won the game or not, hence the lineup. Back at it tomorrow and see what kind of Dusty surprises awaits us. Go Reds! Adios Amigos.

    • redskaph

      @Sergeant2: He wants to win, just has no clue how to. Of course, most of his position players aren’t helping the cause much.

  161. redskaph

    Dusty can’t seem to get out of his own way.
    – Or anybody else’s.

  162. BearcatNation

    We have been begging for the Cards to go on a losing streak for months. And when they do, we respond by making a mess in our pants. This team needs something, anything to wake them up.

  163. Josh

    Another WASTED pitching performance, absolutely pathetic. This is obviously on the offense, 3 runs in the last 43 innings is beyond horrible, we have no plate discipline and zero patience. Bunch of hackers. Also, this is on Baker, Chapman has thrown 1 inning in the last 10 days, NOT GOOD. TRADE HIM NOW! 4 losses in a row is bad, but its worse when the Cards have also lost 4 straight. Watching this game, I knew we’d lose 2-1, you could feel it. Wasted chances all game long. This team is not fun to watch.

  164. abox03

    Paging Walt Jocketty!!!! We need RH Batting help ASAP.

    See if the Giants want Dusty back for Pence….

    • redskaph

      @abox03: Ha! Now that would be a dream trade, no matter how much we’d be paying HP.

  165. prjeter

    Chapman’s contribution over the last 10 days… 0.0 IP, 2 ER. Batters hitting 1.000/1.000/4.000. Heh. 5.000 OPS.

    WJ needs to grow a pair and tell Dusty he needs to start using him or he’ll trade him for anyone resembling a major league hitter. One day to go!

  166. cincyreds14

    Dusty going by his book again. Leake looked great, Hoover looked great – but oh no, we have to use our (rusty) closer. Dusty managing will simply destroy this team – count on it. Bad effort by the offense and bad effort by the closer – and in reality, quite predictable.

    • prjeter

      @cincyreds14: The decision to use Chapman was the correct one. Gotta use him sometime to get the “rust” off. And we know he won’t be used in a non-save situation.

      It never ceases to amaze me that Chapman thinks he can consistently throw fastballs by people down the middle. 102 is very hittable when you are looking for it, as Chris Denorfia (can’t make this stuffup) can attest.

      Looking at LeCure’s stats (in WAY tougher situations, such as runners on base in tie games), he’s been superior to Chapman this year. Trade Chapman, let Sam close.

    • kywhi

      @homerandbruce: We get it that you hate Dusty Baker. However, continually calling anyone an “idiot” or “imbecile” doesn’t reflect well.

  167. abox03

    Reds pitching ERA over the 4 losses 2.13 (very good, if you take away the 3 runs scored in walk-off fashion its only 1.42, starting pitching). Fantastic.

    Opponent ERA in the 4 losses: 0.71 wow!

  168. cincyreds14

    Really hate to say it (especially since I posted it on this board a couple weeks ago) but this Red’s team is so much closer to a .500 team than a quality play-off team.
    Sad but true. Good night Red’s fans, maybe we will be cheering for a new manager tomorrow.

  169. Sergeant2

    When it comes to Dusty Baker I think Giants and Cubs fans are saying, welcome to the club.