The Reds will try to get back on the good side of the scoreboard against the Dodgers tonight.  Bronson Arroyo, fresh off one of his best starts of the season, will look to take down Hyun-Jin Ryu and the Dodgers.

This should be another excellent pitcher’s matchup.  Let’s hope the Reds can dent the plate a few more times tonight and take the W.  GOOOOOO Reds!

A simple Reds fan from a simple town. I have been a Reds fan all my life. The 1990 team was crowned Champions during my prime youth years and I grew up idolizing Chris Sabo all the way down to the flat top hair style and the #17. I have passed that love of the Reds down to my three boys who love the game and the Reds just as much as I do! Follow me on twitter @CoachWilson17

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  1. Ryu now has more Ks than in any of his previous 13 starts. Just sayin’

  2. I don’t like the path this game is taking.

  3. Doesnt Votto have some kind of streak that is about to end?

  4. Surprised Arroyo is still in there.

  5. The Reds sure do stink against lefties.

  6. “Boy, you’re not kidding.”

  7. Arroyo did well to recover from a bad beginning, I would not have sent him back out in the 6th.

  8. is it just me or is Grande now pronouncing Arroyo as Arroyu vs Ryu?

  9. I know the bullpen has been top notch, but I’m always a little uneasy when we go to it. Maybe I just miss Marshall and (to a lesser extent)Broxton.

  10. Why in the world did Dusty send Bronson back out in the first place. Oh, that’s right, showing proper respect trumps doing whats best in order to win the game. Hey! Its just a game man.

  11. Yeah, thought that was foul.

  12. that ball caught chalk…should be out #2

  13. Hold them here. Still have 3 more opportunities.

  14. Choo!!!

  15. Heck of a play there by Choo.

  16. Wow. Good defense by Choo, and he almost picked the pocket at first. These are serious arms in this outfield.

  17. Simon, doing his job. Time to do some business.

  18. Bruce is going yard in the 8th. Hope BP is on base for him

  19. BP is ice cold. They need to get Ryu out of this game.

  20. Lots of groundouts

  21. Mowing them down.

  22. getting eaten alive tonight!

  23. This offense sure is a picture of consistency…

  24. 12 Reds in a row retired.

  25. Well, that was bad.

  26. Frazier swings at another pitch out of the strike zone. Reds have two hits tonight.

  27. 11 pitch inning (23 in last 2). That may or may not be it for Ryu. Reds look overmatched tonight.

    • @Kyle: More often than not the Reds look overmatched against good pitching. Does not bode well for the playoffs.

  28. Extremely frustrated to see Todd swing at that. He has been holding back on that and we all love the results. Please do not relapse Todd, we need you.

  29. I have only seen the last three innings and it appears the guys are back to pressing.

  30. Kershaw took the confidence and Ryu is giving them wedgies. Lets just hope Capuano doesnt set them on fire tomorrow.

  31. Ryu is out of the game, thank you Don.

  32. That is one loud sound system.

  33. This game is turning into shat.

  34. have all 4 runs come with 2 outs?

  35. That will about do it. Good night. The Reds will have a better shot against Capuano tomorrow.

  36. I think George just pronounced his name “Ree-yoohoo.

  37. Another Red L tonight

  38. I think the triple and the Home Run are the only 2 balls the Reds have hit out of the infield.

  39. 52,675 showed up for tonight’s titanic struggle, 52,675.

  40. well, gotta win tomorrow… heading into the west coast trip we all would have taken 5 wins in these first 8 games if it was offered to us.

  41. Kinda hurts to think we could have picked up 2 games on the Cards.

    • @preach: Yeah. Especially when the offense just went to sleep. Good pitching on their part too though. The Dodgers are going to be tough in the playoffs.

  42. Actually, the Reds can’t even get the ball past the pitcher.

  43. Wow, two hits went about 10 feet. Last night, the Reds at least hit the ball hard. They have looked flat out bad tonight. If they go on to lose, tomorrow is a big game. Don’t want to go to 4-4 on this trip after the great start.

  44. I hope the Reds have a plan for right handed batters vs lefties….we will struggle in a playoff series if we go against 2 lefties. Ludwick will be a great addition, but will he be enough?

  45. You know, I actually remember when the Reds had a shortstop who could hit.

  46. Never heard of this guy on the mound, but that delivery is funky. Gotta throw off timing.

  47. Those 3 ground balls were actually kind of hilarious.

  48. Recap (through 8)

    Jay Bruce

    Everything else

    • @Kyle: That about says it all. Should be an easy recap to write.

      Time for Milton, again.

  49. Glad we played for one run in the first inning. Smart. Didn’t need a big inning there.

  50. The lady in the Cincinnati USA commercials makes me never want to go to Cincinnati again.

  51. Ondrusek. This should be interesting.

  52. Have we won any road games in the 9’th this season?

  53. Dodgers have 1 putout in the outfield tonight. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that.

  54. I don’t know If I’ve ever seen Ondru hit 97 before.

  55. This is the 97 mph Ondru that dominated the start of the season last year

  56. Choo with the HR.

  57. Votto has his consecutive game reaching base streak on the line.

  58. we want marmol lol

  59. All the good luck the Reds had in SF has gone.

  60. Nice thought by Heisey. I guess if you can bunt in the first, you can in the ninth. Maybe that’s the type of bunt to try early. Huh.

  61. Hey, at least it made it to the outfield.

  62. Pathetic. 19 straight Reds retired after Heisey’s triple. 3 total base runners. Have to beat Capuano.

  63. man that was the easiest 3 outs of the game.

  64. Reds finish the last 6.1 innings with nothing but outs. Great performance by LAD. At least the reds haven’t lost ground. Have to win tomorrow!

  65. Pitiful effort by the Reds. They look tired from the road trip. unfortunately, they still have 4 games to go.

  66. There cannot possibly be a more frustrating team to follow in all of baseball.

  67. Phew, I’m glad that’s over. A Fitting end to tonight’s stinker. Over matched again.

  68. Time is running out for the “its only” excuse. Its only April, Its only May, Its only June, Its only July. If we have to say its only August the Reds will be in deep doo-doo. Time for the Reds to start doing some business beginning tomorrow. Go Reds! Adios Amigos.

    • @Sergeant2: Remember that we still have Ludz coming back. That will help a ton against these lefties. Also, I’m not so sure Walt won’t pull something off before the deadline. I just hope he finally addresses offense. Pitching is fine (quit scouting Peavy).

  69. all boils down to offense in my opinion. Reds struggle in games versus good teams, not because of pitching (usually), but because of hitting. How many times do we play, STL, ATL, LAD, PIT etc and lose 4-1, 3-1, 2-1, etc. Our pitching holds good offenses to 2-4 runs, but you can’t win games when you only score 1. Dodgers broadcast said the last 5 wins they had against the Reds, they dodgers held the Reds to 1 run. The reds score bunches on bad pitchers and bad teams and collect good overall stats when you look at the season at a whole, but what has plagued this team in 2010, 2012, and this year is the inability to score runs against good teams which puts an incredible amount of pressure on the pitching staff.

    Now, in my opinion:

    Put Choo in leadoff against RHP and D. Robinson against LHP and bat Choo 2nd.

    2nd…D Mesoraco (352/444/537 vs LHP)

    Keep Votto 3rd

    Phillips 4th

    Bruce 5th

    Heisey 6th

    Frazier 7th

    Cozart 8th

    When Ludwick comes back you do this


    • @abox03: I firmly believe with these two lineups, you do not have the black hole situation. You also alternate LH, RH through the heart of the lineup which will make pitching match-ups more difficult.

  70. A total of two runs in the last two games and the Reds lose a chance to gain two on the Cards. Unless the offense is jolted by the deadline, the Reds are not going to pass the Pirates and Cards by the end of September.

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