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Game Thread: Reds at Dodgers (2013.07.26)

The Reds will have their work cut out for them tonight as they face off against Clayton Kershaw.  Kershaw’s 9-6 record would suggest he hasn’t been doing that well this season, but his 2.01 ERA suggests something completely different.  The Reds have had some success against him of late however.  Since 2010, the Reds are 1-1 versus Clayton, putting up 12 runs in 5 starts.  Brandon Phillips has 7 hits in 16 at-bats versus Kershaw so perhaps Kershaw’s ERA is about to rise after tonight!

Homer Bailey will need to be on the top of his game however if the Reds want to hand the Dodgers back to back losses and for the Reds to clinch their 5th win on this road trip and inch one step closer to a winning West Coast trip.  I think the good guys are up for it.  GOOOOOO REDS!

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  1. I would keep s close eye on Homer from here on out seeing that he threw 120+ pitches last game.

  2. Not much run support for Homer all year. That’s got to be tough feeling like if you make a mistake it’s going be a loss. Hopefully that won’t be the case tonight.

  3. Homer has thrown 97 pitches. Does he come back out for the seventh? Only reason that’s even a question is because he was left in too long the last game. #irony

    • @Steve Mancuso: I hope not for the reason you stated. I think this is probably why he has such a high ERA. Dusty doesn’t do him any favors. But I’m betting he is left in.

  4. That’s a huge boost for Jay’s confidence, I’d bet. RBI hit off the best lefty in baseball.

  5. everytime when ZCozart on field, you know what will happen – striked out fly out n defense errors cost Reds another L – cheers dusty

  6. Good job Mr. B.

    Time to do some more business on the sunny side of the scoreboard.

  7. Brantley says he thinks it’s strange to have Robinson bat after Mescoraco.

    Marty says that’s right because if Mesoraco gets a hit, he’s too slow for Robinson to make a successful sacrifice bunt.

    That reason is so convoluted it’s unbelievable.

  8. Koufax won 5 straight ERA titles, and his career was cut short with elbow problems. Wow. Imagine that career with a healthy arm.

  9. several AB’s tonight with a man on 2nd….and nada…

    heart of the order in the 9th!

  10. Gotta give it to Kershaw – the guy is probably the best starter in the game right now. Sandy Koufax indeed.

  11. Not looking good. Reds will have to get runs off their closer. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  12. Seems like the Reds have their book on Puig written up and are now working to follow it. They’ve made him look bad tonight.

  13. Idiot old man manager strikes again. Why in the world would you lead off an inning with Mesoraco instead of Robinson? It’s like his brain just shuts off.

  14. Well, tip of the cap to the Dodgers tonight. Both teams played well and we got edged.

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