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Game Thread: Reds at Dodgers (2013.07.25)

The Reds stay out west tonight to take on the red-hot Dodgers.  While the Reds have played pretty good since since the All-Star break, going 5-2 in 7 games, the Dodgers have been even hotter going a perfect 6-0 since the break.  With sweeps of both Washington and Toronto, the Dodgers have propelled themselves into 1st place in the NL West.  One of these two hot teams is due for some losses!  It might as well be the Dodgers!

Mat Latos takes to the hill to face Zach Greinke.  Both have been solid this year so expect a pitcher’s duel. Of course, that is if Greinke can cool off the Reds offense that was on fire in San Francisco.

Only 7 more West Coast games!  The Reds need to put the hammer down, take care of business on the left coast, and return home with all the momentum just gained in San Francisco!  GOOOOOO REDS!

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  1. Jonathan Broxton (elbow) will throw live batting practice Saturday.
    He was cleared to face hitters after throwing a couple bullpen sessions with no issues. “He had a great bullpen yesterday,” Reds pitching coach Bryan Price said Thursday of Broxton. “He was throwing all of his pitches and looked sharp. It looked like he was in good throwing shape. The next step will be to face hitters and maybe after that, get him out to a rehab assignment.” The big reliever should return early next month if all goes well.

    • @Hunt4RedsOctober: The bullpen is fine as it is. Well, I’d be fine with Broxton replacing Ondrusek, but not fine with Broxton, as will happen, going back to the 8th inning role.

  2. Magic with “deep pockets full of popcorn.” Zing! GG’s on a role.

  3. Wonder how much I could have won if I’d wagered Paul and Izturis would have the first two RBI in this series.

      • @rhayex: That’s next season’s paycheck, by the way. He bet a fan that was heckling him for supporting Braun his (Rodger’s) next season’s salary that Braun would be found innocent.

  4. GG: “Adrian Gonzalez was Joey Votto before Joey Votto was.” – Grandisms

  5. The small Mets-Angels transaction today evokes Big Red Machine memories. The minor leaguers the Angels acquired are named Concepcion and Perez.

  6. That looked like a simple two or three bounce ground ball right in front of Votto. BP’s hot dog act is contagious. Or maybe it’s being so close to Hollywood. At least he made the play.

  7. If you have MLB.TV, do yourself a favor & switch over to the Dodgers broadcast and Vin Scully. A National Treasure.

  8. GG: “Puig came from straight away left.” Considering he is the rightfielder, that’s a long freaking way.

  9. BP continues swinging at first pitches and continues doing nothing with them. As I asked yesterday: Does BP not have access to BP’s stats?]

  10. Normally when Latos has a rough inning and gets through it, he gets in a groove for the rest of the game.

  11. “and now, in honor of Vin Scully, we’re going to switch over to the Dodgers’ feed for the rest of the game.”

    -What we’re all dreaming

  12. “You want that base hit to score a run, not just move a runner to third.” Does Welsh have any idea what he’s saying, ever?

  13. VS on Latos: “Boy he’s got a lot of ’em hasn’t he… Tattoos.”

    A couple years ago I had a surplus of Dodgers on my fantasy team, and I would always watch them on MLB.tv. Scully quickly became my favorite announcer. It is impossible to go back to listening to the Brennamans.

  14. I fail to understand the idea behind the hit and run. 2-1, Greinke hasn’t thrown a strike in the AB; Latos on deck. Izturis swings at ball 3 out of necessity and grounds out. I’d rather let him try to work a walk; if he gets out, Latos bunts; if he gets a walk, Latos bunts.

  15. Choo pulled a TTBALAN

    Throwing the ball around like a Nincompoop.

  16. Paul is a terrible outfielder. You have to think that he is the odd man out when Ludwick comes back.

      • @CP: whoops, butchered the story. He had the team sac bunt two innings in a row with runners on 1 & 2, both times failing. FG did a nice article about the sac bunt with Mattingly playing a featured role.

  17. I’m glad Latos is paying so much attention to the game…

  18. I am enjoying the dodgers broadcast.

    You’re not kidding about that either.

  19. Great play by Greinke; probably kills this inning. Not a good AB from Votto.

  20. Sho… Sho I jusht want you guysh to know~ You guysh- You guysh are amashin’.

    Thish…Thish drinken’ gamesh tho… It- It’sh gettin’ a bit out of handdddddd————-~~~~~~

    • @rhayex: Since I don’t do alcohol, I drink espresso shots. Excuse me, I gotta run around the house and start the grill going. Feel like some fish tonight, yeah, fish. Fillet some. You got that right, you got that right, you got that right………

      • @preach: Ah’m only eighteeeeeeeen~~~

        Thish-Thish is root beer. And it’sh not a Friday, or shomethin’, ish it…?

  21. Bruce!

    So much for the double play killing this inning.
    That was great AB by Bruce. He completely spoiled the pitch just before the wild pitch. Huge.

    • Latos: @Boneill1621: A touch more consistency and he can go into all-star status. He certainly has come over over last few weeks.

  22. WHAT?!? How did that happen? I was watching Gameday and it said he struck out swinging on a changeup. Jeez.

  23. Terrible pitch to a guy who’s been known to chase pitches. No need to throw him a strike. Glad he did, though.

  24. That’s a wrap for me. I’ve got work in the morning. Keep the torch burning for me, though.

  25. Not sure I’ve ever seen a guy out by that much on a ground ball double play. Out by 40 feet, easily.

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