Games Played on 7/24/2013

Minor League Player of the Day: There were solid starting pitching performances at the top three levels of the organization, but I’m going to go with the guy they couldn’t get out. Jon Matthews was 3-for-3 with a walk for the Billing Mustangs. Matthews hit a homerun and also stole a base.

Syracuse 3 – Louisville 2

The Chiefs pitching scattered 6 singles and one double to limit the Bats to two runs. Billy Hamilton (1-for-4, RBI, CS) had an RBI single in the 3rd inning. Mike Hessman (1-for-4, 2B, RBI) added an RBI double in the 7th inning to give Louisville a 2-0 lead.

Louisville starter Chad Rogers threw 6 shutout innings, allowing 6 hits, walking 1 and striking out 4. Bats bullpen arms that have seen time with the Reds allowed a run in each of the final three innings: one run scored on Jose Arredondo in the 7th, and the other two runs belonged to Pedro Villarreal.

Pensacola 5 – Mississippi 2

Daniel Renken allowed just two hits and two walks over 6 shutout innings while striking out four. Lee Hyde added a perfect inning of relief, striking out one.

Mike Costanzo (3-for-5, 2 2B, RBI) and Travis Mattair (3-for-4, 2B, R, RBI) had three hits each. Ryan LaMarre (2-for-3, BB, RBI) reached base three times.

High A
Bakersfield 11 – Modesto 2

Making his second start for the Blaze, Robert Stephenson allowed just 1 run on 6 hits and no walks over 6.1 innings. He struck out six. Kyle Lotzkar pitched a scoreless inning in relief.

Six different Bakersfield batters had two or more hits as the team pounded out 14 base hits. Kyle Waldrop (3-for-5, 2B, 3B, HR) provided the power, falling a single short of the cycle.

Low A
Lansing 7 – Dayton 1

Just like last week, Ismael Guillon coasted through the first 4 innings. Just like last week, he imploded in the 5th inning. Through 4 innings, Guillon had allowed just 1 hit, no walks, struck out 6 batters and most importantly allowed no runs. In the 5th inning, he issued 2 walks, allowed 5 hits (including a grand slam), and only got 1 out in the inning (on a strikeout) before getting pulled from the game. All seven runs occurred in that 5th inning and were credited to Guillon’s ledger.

No Dragon had more than one hit in the game. The lone run came on a solo homerun from Jeff Gelalich.

Ryan Ludwick started as the DH in the first game of his rehab assignment and went 1-for-2 with a walk. Tom Nichols wrote that “Ludwick’s three plate appearances produced a pop out to third base, a walk, and a sharp single to left field. He looked comfortable in his first live game action since suffering a separated shoulder that required surgery on opening day on April 1st.

Helena 11 – Billings 6

Luke Moran allowed 5 runs (4 earned) over 5 innings. He gave up 6 hits, walked two and struck out two.

Despite losing by five runs, the Mustangs outhit the Brewers 14-13. Jon Matthews was a perfect 3-for-3 with a homerun, a walk, and he stole a base. Ty Washington and Avain Rachal had three singles each in five at-bats. Jonathan Reynoso (2-for-4, BB) reached base 3 times in the leadoff spot. Phil Ervin was 2-for-5 with a double.

AZL Athletics 6 – AZL Reds 5

Kevin Franklin was 3-for-4 with a double, a homerun and a pair of runs scored. Dalton Carter was 2-for-4 with a double and a homerun.

Junior Morillo allowed 3 runs in his 4 inning start. He gave up 7 hits, 2 walks, and struck out 5.

14 Responses

  1. WVRedlegs

    This is for Robert Stephenson.

    “Fish don’t fry in the kitchen;
    Beans don’t burn on the grill.
    Took a whole lotta tryin’,
    Just to get up that hill.
    Now we’re up in the big leagues,
    Gettin’ our turn at bat.
    As long as we live, it’s you and me baby,
    There ain’t nothin wrong with that.

    Well we’re movin on up,
    To the east side.
    To a deluxe apartment in the sky.
    Movin on up,
    To the east side.
    We finally got a piece of the pie.”

    Keep moving up the ladder Robert, you and Weezie. Next stop: Pennsacola.

  2. rightsaidred

    Someone needs to explain to me why Villarreal has occupied a spot on the 40 man these past few years. He is a ptbnl

  3. redmountain

    I believe it is to protect him from being taken by someone else and because he has shown a really nasty set of pitches. Unfortunately, he does not seem to know where they are going. That probably is not a good answer, but the only reason I can think of at this time.

  4. TC

    I’ve been doing some stat runs and came up with a special formula for grading pitchers on their performance this year. Like WAR, I wish to keep the formula a secret. The rankings of pitcher from Dayton through Lousville

    Pos Player Score
    1 Robert Stephenson 19
    2 Yohan Pino 18
    3 Tony Cingrani 13
    4 Greg Reynolds 12
    5 Ben Klimesh 12
    6 Pat Doyle 11
    7 Chad Rogers 10.5
    8 Drew Cisco 9
    9 Jose Diaz 8.25
    10 Tim Crabbe 8
    11 Shane Dyer 8
    12 Ryan Dennick 8
    13 Chad Reineke 8
    14 Sean Lucas 7.5
    15 Nick Christiani 7
    16 Jake Johnson 7
    17 Armando Galarraga 7
    18 Zack Duke 6.875
    19 Brian Pearl 6.5
    20 Jose Arrendondo 6.125
    21 Alejandro Chacin 6.125
    22 Pedro Villarreal 6
    23 Mike Dennhardt 6
    24 Jon Moscot 6
    25 Joel Bender 6

  5. TC

    A few things pop out at me.

    1.) Ben Klimesh, R, Age 23, 2012-15th rounder, 6’4″, 220 lbs: Blew through Dayton in only 24 innings pitched and is now in Bakersfield where his ERA is not accurately reflecting how well he is doing there.

    2.) Pat Doyle, R, Age 25, 2010-24th rounder, 6’2″, 226 lbs: Yeah, who? In 2011 he went from A+ to AAA in 4 games. It proved a bit overwhelming to it, he struggled in A+ last year, in the his 2013 reload he seems ready to be promoted to AA. On a side note, last year is the only year he has struggled. He’s done well in 2010, 2011, and 2013. Great value from a 24th pick.

    3.) Chad Rogers, R, Age 23, 2010-28th rounder, 5’11”, 205 lbs: He needs to join the discussion for pitchers of the future as he has been very good at AAA. Once again great value in the middle and later rounds.

    • rightsaidred

      @TC: Great stuff. It looks as though ‘proven’ starters get a little extra weight than relievers . . .

      Also, this seems to evidence the lack of return on the Villarreal investment in the 40 man. Is he really worth protecting?

      • TC

        @rightsaidred: Thanks. We’ve all known how good a prospect Stephenson is, but I had no idea how impressive he’s been.

        The formula does not weight for starting pitchers per say, but it does factor in innings which give starters an advantage. Someone with 20 innings is weighted as highly as someone who’s pitched 100 innings. My thought is that someone who’s pitched 100+ inning has more value than someone who’s pitched 20.

  6. reaganspad

    Stephenson is not having a problem with the hitters league that Bakersfield plays in.

    see you in Cincy in 2015 opening day if not sooner

  7. TC

    More things that pop out at me (negative this time):

    1.) Where the heck is Ismael Guillon? Well, he scored a 4 on my MPQ (Mysterious Pitcher Quality) index. I still think he is one of the top 5 or 6 quality pitchers in the system. Here are some positives for him… he strikes out 10.8 batters per nine innings. That’s good enough for 14th in the Reds Minor League System. He’s raw, but his mechanics and raw ability forces him into the discussion as a future Red. The problem is he in on the 40-man roster so how long with the Reds carry him there while they wait for him to develop. I’m sure the front office would prefer him to be touching AA by the end of the season, but he’s having a rough year in a reload season at Dayton. Time is running out for him to prove he can turn potential into performance.

    2.) Pedro Villarreal… not only did he stink up the game he pitched in the majors, he’s been (not so good) in the minors too. As a 40-man pitcher that is running out of time if he hasn’t already.

    3.) Our old buddy Jose Arrendondo who I was a big proponent has been average at best pitching out of the bullpen in the minors. The only Angels automatic closer found himself demoted and suspended in Louisville. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is not pitching out of some other team’s AAA bullpen next year.

    4.) In his second year in the minors, Reds super-stud lefty prospect, Amir Garrett has just made it to Dayton. With only Billy Hamilton and Felix Perez coming to mind as potential better, it is very likely Garrett is one of the 5 best athletes in the system. The sky is the limit for this guy if he’d just focus on baseball. Not to worry though, when he graduates from college and doesn’t get drafted by the NBA he will be right about where a 1st round college pitcher should be. I really think he and Stephenson are the best pitching prospects (including Cingrani).

    5.) And finally, the BIGGEST negative: Nick Travieso to this point looks like a busted 1st round pick. I am not a fan of this kid. In fact, I am the anti-fan. So much so I hope they trade him to an AL team for a resin bag and a dozen new baseballs so that I don’t ever have to hear his name again. What a disaster.

    • homerandbruce

      @TC: That’s a little tough on Travieso. Consider that but for injuries/ineffectiveness in Dayton, he would still be pitching in Billings. He’s in a little over his head right now but I think he’s shown enough flashes of stuff to at least say he’s not a disaster. Give him a little time. Chris Buckley & Co. have shown over the years that they know a little bit about this first round draft thing.

      • TC

        @homerandbruce: The kid could have the best arm in the minors and I still would want to trade him. He’s not the kind of person I want to root for.