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Game Thread: Reds at San Francisco (2012.07.24)

Okay, it’s game four. With a win, the mighty Redlegs can take three of four from the defending world champs. That ain’t bad.

There was a time when the Reds would go out west and lose, lose, lose. So many years, Cincinnati would be pretenders for the crown, then they’d go out west and have all their hopes dashed. Is this year different?

A win tonight would be very nice, indeed. The Reds need to go. Go Reds.

320 thoughts on “Game Thread: Reds at San Francisco (2012.07.24)

  1. This game has the feel of little league game. Hit it to the weakest kid and run to first.

  2. Mike Leake is fun to watch. He’s the starting pitcher, up 8-1 in 7th. Still runs hard and takes out the second baseman.

  3. In college we played drinking games while watching/listening to Cleveland Cavaliers games. We would be… “Set” by halftime… I can’t imagine we’d make it passed the third inning watching a Reds broadcast.

    • @prjeter: He did come back with “blooped” on the replay. But it was certainly ironic to hear “fly ball.”

  4. Baker seems to have a bit of irrational fear about using the bullpen…they haven’t pitched that much in this series, even with the DH yesterday.

  5. When you have the number of overweight players that the Giants have, its a sign that discipline is not a high priority with management.

  6. I wonder if Marty criticized Buster Posey for not getting any runs in.

  7. In taking 6 of 7 from the Giants we have single-handedly knocked them out of the post-season. That’s all the payback we can get this year.

  8. I figured Lecure might use the Maddux back door fastball there, as Quiroz was looking for another breaking ball in the dirt.

    The pitching he did to Posey was brilliant. Frenchy is an easy mark on breaking balls in the dirt.

  9. I left the room for 20 seconds and missed a “you’re not kidding about that”? Serves me right.

  10. Seagull time! With the obligatory camera shot of them! THIS GAME’S OVER BOYS!!!

  11. Hunter Pence is one of those guys I’d love to see in a Reds uniform, if only to keep him from playing against them.

  12. Chapman ???? In the 8th????! It can’t be!!!! That scenario will rip a hole in time and space and we cannot allow that to happen

    • @preach: He’s the one guy, shagging balls in the outfield before yesterday’s double-header, that rarely to never tossed a ball up into the stands to us. Not a fan.

  13. How can this be the game that Baker was willing to bring Chapman in in the 8th?

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