Let’s recap tonight’s titanic struggle….

Cincinnati 11
San Francisco 0

W: B. Arroyo (9-7)
L: T. Lincecum (5-10)

–Bronson Arroyo pitched a gem of a game, a complete game shutout, allowing seven hits, striking out six and walking none. The performance was even more important, since the Reds have a doubleheader tomorrow and they’ll need all the bullpen arms available that they can get.

–Devin Mesoraco was 3-5 with two runs scored, and two RBI, finishing a triple short of the cycle. Mesoraco had a double and a second-inning homer, his fifth of the season.

–Derrick Robinson was 3-5, scored three runs, and made a spectacular catch in the bottom of the ninth to preserve the shutout for Arroyo. With two outs, Jeff Francoeur lifted a deep fly ball to center field. Robinson went up above the fence, got a glove on it, redirected it back into the field of play, then grabbed it before it hit the ground. Game over.

–Shin-Shoo Choo had a homer and a double in four ABs. Todd Frazier had two doubles and three RBI. Brandon Phillips had a double and another RBI. Jay Bruce hit his 20th homer.

–Excluding Arroyo, 11 of the 12 Reds who played tonight hit safely. Only Neftali Soto, who batted once, didn’t make it onto the hit ledger.

–None. Nope, none whatsoever.

–I know you’re sick of hearing this from me, but how can you not love Bronson Arroyo? We’re gonna miss him when he’s gone, I’m telling you.

–The mighty Redlegs scored in each of the first seven innings. They jumped on Tim Lincecum in the first inning to the tune of three runs, and never looked back.

–Mesoraco’s looking better lately, eh? All of a sudden, his OPS is over 700 (.250/.321/.386) and he’s looking more comfortable at the plate. Let’s hope this is just the beginning of many good things to come.

–Joey Votto only reached base once, but it was the 33rd consecutive game in which he’s reached safely. That’s the longest current streak in the National League.

–Doubleheader in San Francisco tomorrow, though the Reds will be the “home” team in one game (the nightcap), thanks to the fact that the teams will be making up a rainout game. Two wins would be nice, no?

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  1. I got a chuckle out of the (correct) statement that Mes was a triple away from the cycle. He darn well might try for a triple some day, and I fear he’ll be out by 60 feet.

  2. Frazier

    Outside of Choo, Votto(who needs to have a HUGE 2nd half)Phillips and Bruce

    These 4 are very important to the Reds 2nd half success, hopefully things start to click. The biggest factor is HEALTH, if we get a healthy and productive Cueto, Ludwick, Marshall, Broxton and Hanigan back in the next 2-3 weeks, it’ll be our trade deadline deals.

    The Reds absolutely should resign Arroyo and Choo. I hate the fact we wasted 21 M on Broxton, horrible decision. That and not drafting Wacha instead of Travieso, but oh well

  3. POSITIVE: Welcome back, Mark Berry, and I hope the Reds keep you this busy every game !!!

  4. I wish Arroyo would come back next year. He won’t but he’s been one of my favorite Reds players of all time. I hope he’s inducted to Reds Hall of Fame. I certainly think he deserves it.

  5. Great night for the Reds. Any word about the late scratch of Heisey? Seemed very unusual.

  6. Dusty talked with Fay about the last minute change in the lineup. Said that Heisey is still “nursing” his hamstring, and will play Tuesday. Also that Robinson hadn’t played for a while due to his sore shoulder, so wanted to give him some ABs.

  7. I know you’re sick of hearing this from me, but how can you not love Bronson Arroyo? We’re gonna miss him when he’s gone, I’m telling you.

    Read my mind. I was thinking we should try and do something to keep this guy around. I watched the Giants broadcast of the game and their announcers, Duane Kuiper and Mike Krukow, just wax poetic about Bronson. As a former pitcher, Krukow is very complimentary. Says Arroyo drives hitters nuts because there’s hardly anyone in the league like him. Kuiper said most hitters hate facing a guy like Arroyo. Always good for 200 innings. Tough to find a starting pitcher like Bronson.

    Robinson’s catch was amazing and as a late inning replacement, Hannahan had some great plays in the field.

  8. This was probably discussed in the game thread (I haven’t read it yet) but Jason Grilli left last nights Pirates game with an apparent elbow injury.

  9. Mes’ performance was brilliant for two reasons. First was an offensive performance that may have been the best by a Reds catcher all year.

    Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, he caught one of Hanigan’s pitchers and the world did not end. In fact, said pitcher threw his best game of the season!

    It’s time for Dusty to shift the paradigm!

  10. I could have sworn I saw Mes looking for signs from the dugout, but the tolerable commentating booth of Grande and Kelch last night commented on how Meso was looking forward to catching Bronson Arroyo. I assume he was also looking forward to making extra starts. I really think if you give Mesoraco more starts, he will really tear it up, and the Reds need someone to do that. Frazier’s SLG will hopefully rise and plateau at a beneficial and realistic level and Heisey’s hot, hard hitting coming back is promising.

    Watching the games in person this weekend, Heisey and Mesoraco (and Cozart, to an extent) were making great contact this weekend against the Pirates and I think with the larger outfields and weaker pitching out west, those guys will see their hits find more holes. I’m excited.

  11. I seem to remember some hand wringing on this site when Arroyo signed his last deal about how the Reds would regret it by the end of the contract.

  12. Found it! You guys were trying to run Arroyo out of town in this post. Made Chad sick to his stomach.


    • @Kurt Frost: I think a lot of people were worried about the length of the deal, myself included. Probably all of us learned our lesson. Which is why I’m not at all sure Arroyo will be let go. Apparently many people are certain he will.

  13. What do you guys think the chances are of the Reds making a qualifying offer? Last year, it was just over $13 M. Any idea what it will be this offseason? I would not want to sign him for multiple years, but I’d take one more year with the chance at another draft pick.

    • @down with dusty: Honestly, I just don’t think the Reds have it in the budget. The payroll is sitting at over 100-million and some folks are due raises in arbitration or as normal escalation in their contracts.

    • @down with dusty:

      Your forgetting who is agent is Scott Boras… Reds would have to be retarded not to extend a qualifying offer. With the number of team needing outfield help, Choo is arguably one of the top free agents on the market next year. Because of Boras arrogance, he will most likely decline the offer to get a long term more money deal elsewhere. If he does accept, you give Hamilton another year to develop. And with increased revenue and Arroyo coming off the books at years end you can afford him.

  14. Great start to the road trip, especially the offensive production from throughout the lineup. Bronson picked up from where he left off last October when in Game Two he pitched seven innings of one-hit, shut-out baseball. The Reds won that game 9-0.

    The team seems confident about playing in San Francisco. AT&T is not a homer-friendly place, but the Reds haven’t cared lately. Three last night and Bruce, Phillips and Ludwick hit homers in the post-season games.

  15. Blast from the past, Dave Lowenthal.

    BA really was dreadful in 2011 but he had mono at the beginning of the season and it seemed to sap his strength for nearly the whole year. To me, 2011 was the outlier and it did appear he might be through. Happy to see, he is far from it.

    I hope the Reds tender a serious offer (1 or 2 years max). He brings a lot to the club and you certainly could have a worse #4 or 5 starter.

    • Blast from the past, Dave Lowenthal.

      Ha! Exactly what I thought.

      I wouldn’t mind seeing another year or two of Bronson in Cinci either, but given what Bronson has said in public, I don’t think it will happen.

      • @BenL: He said it’s his last chance to get paid in a multiyear contract. The question to me is what “multi” means. If it means 3 or 4 years, there’s no way. If the market for 3 or 4 dries up, which is possible, I could see the Reds doing 2/25.

        I’d think he’d get interest from the teams with big ballparks. And some of those teams are good: LA, Oakland, SF could well come back next year. Oakland would never give him 3 years; SF might; LA will give him 17 years or so. I’m assuming Arroyo doesn’t want to go to Seattle or San Diego.

  16. Unrelated to the thread, but I thought Votto got a terrible 3rd strike call in his first AB. The ball looked way outside and high. He was obviously miffed at the call as well. That would have had him on base 2 of 3 plate appearances. Just sayin’…

    • @nvilleredsfan: The first two ABs were not vintage Votto and is was nice to get a solid hit in his third time up before he was pulled. An idea: anybody else like the idea of putting the Captain’s “C” on Joey’s uni? He is without doubt, IMO, the leader of this team.

      • Based on what? Sure, he sets a great example but by most accounts he is very quiet and a bit of a loner. Wasn’t it Todd Frazier who reported that Joey Votto apolgized to him for not speaking with him much last year?

        @nvilleredsfan: The first two ABs were not vintage Votto and is was nice to get a solid hit in his third time up before he was pulled. An idea: anybody else like the idea of putting the Captain’s “C” on Joey’s uni? He is without doubt, IMO, the leader of this team.

        • @CaptainTonyKW: You’re probably right and he more than likely Joey wouldn’t take the position if asked. But here is my reasoning:

          The three best Captains in my opinion have been Rose, Larkin & Jeter. I believe they have some some common traits with JV:
          1) Great Players
          2) Great work ethics
          3) Respected in the clubhouse – when they talk, the guys listen (EF Hutton)
          4) Play hard, always
          5) Take the game dead serious

          Appreciate you pointing out Frazier’s comment. But I could take this a sign of leadership as JV did not have to even approach TF with it. If he didn’t see himself as a leader, to at least some degree, would he have done that?

          The other thing I have observed, is that from the most established guys (Bruce & BP) to the youngins (DRob, Cozart,etc.), when JV does interacts with them they seem enthralled. Like, “Wow, Joey is giving me some attention”. If he is the Captain, he might be more approachable and I want guys to go to JV for advice, etc.

          Joey has always reminded me of what I know of Lou Gehrig – the strong, quit, serious type. I think Gehrig probably was a better leader and more respected, than the outspoken Ruth.

          There is a “lot” of room for error because these are just my personal insights/observations and more than likely off by quite a bit.

          • @CharlotteNCRedsFan: I doubt that you could find a lot of players on the Reds that really liked Rose. The front office really did not like him and most of the players did not really like him either. They respected and followed him, but most of the players did not like him much. If liking a player is what it takes to be a captain the Perez should have been the captain. Ask any of the players who was the most important person on the team and they will tell you Tony was the guy.

          • @redmountain: I get you and that is why I used the word respected instead of liked. To be a good leader, being liked is not critical by any means. But being respected absolutely is.

            I think Tony was always a great leader even if not named “Captain”. I doubt Mario Soto would’ve had the career he did without Tony as many others wouldn’t have either. Big Doggie could get on you now, make no mistake about it.

    • @nvilleredsfan: I also thought that pitch was outside. And by about the fourth inning or so, that pitch was called a ball for the rest of the game, for each team.

  17. If my math is right, that was Bronson’s 100th career win as a Red.

    • @per14: Do you realize he is only 67 wins from being added to a Hall of Famer conversation? Tough row to hoe for roughly 3.5 seasons left in his career, but since he’s never been injured he should be able to pitch effectively well into his 40s. Say he pitches another 5 years in the bigs. I see him winning 13-14 games a season over that time.

  18. Did a google search and I guess that is common knowledge. I guess that is what happens when you haven’t been paying much attention to media lately!

  19. What a fun game to watch. Bronson was straight up dealing—front door two seamers, sweeping curves. I mean, I saw at least 8 Giants hitters simply try to slap it down the 3rd base line. They had no clue.

    I said it a month ago, but Mesoraco is the key to getting this offense firing on all cylinders. To have another power threat deep in the lineup who also takes walks will mean the lineup gets turned over that much faster.

    Oh, for a big road trip. Let’s go!!!

  20. Don’t work too hard today – 8 hours of baseball to watch tonight. It will be fun watching Moeller grad, Eric Surkamp, get the start for the Giants against the Reds. I hope he has a great game and the Reds crush the Giants bullpen for a win.

    If I’m not mistaken Greg Reynolds is from outside SF, so two young pitchers will get their MLB debuts against their childhood team (unless Reynolds was a As fan).

    • @bohdi: Reynolds numbers are eerily similar to Arroyo. I’d think the Giants would be the ideal team to face after what we saw last night, and since he’s a home town boy, there’s a better than average chance he’ll catch lightning in a bottle and have his good stuff. I like our chances.

    • @bohdi: Well, first, didn’t we way that about Harang, then he kicked the Reds’ butt? How about the Reds score 10 off Surkamp, then he pitches a shutout next game?

      Reynolds has about 100 IP in the bigs. This isn’t his debut. Avert your eyes at Reynolds’ stats from his previous 2 stints. Put it this way: logging 62 innings (in 2008) with 22 strikeouts and 26 walks, along with 14 home runs…yikes.

      That said, he doesn’t walk anyone any more, at least at AAA, and if he’s going to pitch for the Reds, this or SD is the park to pitch in.

      • @Hank Aarons Teammate: Yes, I realized this isn’t Reynold’s debut after I hit enter. Never-the-less, it will be fun baseball to watch tonight. Zito isn’t exactly pitching great either. The Reds have the bullpen advantage too, not just with talent but rest after yesterday’s game. I like our chances tonight.

  21. Love starting a morning with a west coast win. More please.

  22. Weird, no one is talking about cERA anymore…

    2013 cERA:

    Devin Mesoraco-3.27

    Yadier Molina-3.28

    Ryan Hanigan-3.55


    • @CP: I’m a former catcher and have always hated that stat. There is no doubt that some pitchers work better with a particular catcher or work poorly with a particular catcher. It is also true that there is vast discrepency between each catcher’s ability to prevent wild pitches and frame pitches. cERA isn’t a good measure of any of that however.

  23. I like Arroyo and would love to have him around for another three years. But if you take 2010 out of the equation, he’s barely won more games than he’s lost for the Reds. I just don’t see how he’s worth $10+ million when that money could potentially go toward resigning Choo or another proven outfielder and/or a major upgrade of the bench. I just don’t see what Arroyo’s real value is with Cingrani/Reynolds waiting to take his spot. Not to mention the fact that I assume it would be possible to sign a younger free agent pitcher with a barely-over-.500 record for a lot less money, and the potential upside would actually be higher.

  24. I see the Cubbies finally traded Garza to the Rangers. The Cubbies are collecting a large group of talented prospects. They will have to be reckoned with in a year or two.
    8 days a 4 1/2 hours to go to the trading deadline. The Cards and Buccos won’t stand pat. What is WJ going to do???

  25. Which game does Greg Reynolds pitch? Huh, huh. Which one? Which one? Is he pitching the first one? Please say he’s pitching the first one? Which one is he pitching?

  26. @Steve Mancuso:

    I’ll echo the sentiment here that this was an excellent start to the road trip, with the gravy of a CG by Bronson to give the bullpen a night off (always a good thing).

    Could only stay up for the first couple of innings, and was delighted with toddfather’s double in the first, not letting Timmy off the hook! Just got better from there.

    • @Lost and Found: I also thought it was impressive of Jay Bruce to work that walk in the first inning. After he fell behind 0-2, he laid off some outside stuff that is occasionally vulnerable to, and then Super Todd made the pitcher pay. ….. When Mes and Choo homered the next inning, Lincecum looked a little shell-shocked.

  27. I thought he was to pitch Game Two against Zito

  28. Steve, Chad, and the RN gang. Do you all have anyone, like Mike Maffie did for the PED’s, that can enlighten us more on this new procedure that athletes are using and opting not to have surgery. It is called PRP Therapy. PRP is Platelet-rich plasma therapy. I am hearing more and more athletes using this procedure.
    ” Torn tendons, muscles and ligaments plague athletes in many types of sports. In attempts to help heal the wounded tissue, some athletes, both amateur and professional, have turned to platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy. For the treatment, doctors take a small vial of a patient’s blood, about 30 milliliters, and spin it in a centrifuge to separate the platelet-rich plasma from the other components. Then they inject the concentrated platelets at the site of the patient’s injury. In theory, the growth factors that platelets secrete (not including human growth hormone) spur tissue recovery.”
    Is this a new fad or gimmick, or the new Tommy John procedure??

  29. I love Bronson, but I do not want to see him back. offer the arb so that we get the pick.

    He will be signed to a 3-4 year deal by another team that realizes how great he is. We have gotten a lot more than Willy Mo Pena value out of him.

    That said, if you resign him, you have to trade Leake. Cingrani will start next year and Chapman should. signing Bronson actually does not make us better.

    The high draft pick and extra salary relief will

    • @reaganspad: Why would anyone trade Leake? He has pitched this year to almost AS level!

      • @redmountain: You’d get a really great return for trading an All Star though. Much better than if they’d have traded him in the off season. Selling high can hurt. Mind you I’m not advocating, just saying, anything is worth thinking about. Can’t just trade the bad players.

      • @redmountain:
        Because Leake is having a successful year and I see more upside in Chapman and Cingrani starting.

        Leake can bring back some nice trinkets, especially for a team looking for a starter right now.

        Leake showed in his last start his issue…he is dominant once or twice through the lineup, unless they are not calling the low strike. Then he has issues.

        Cingrani and Chapman can pitch through that with their stuff. Same with Stevenson

        • @reaganspad: I think there are very few people who still feel there is any chance that Chapman will ever be a part of the Reds’ rotation. He’s the closer and rather we agree with that decision or not, I would be absolutely stunned if he makes regular starts for our Redlegs.

          • @LWBlogger:

            I agree LW that is the 2013 view of Chapman. However, Pitching is this team’s strength. To improve the team, it comes down to trading a guy like Chapman or a guy like Leake. Which would you rather have for he next 3 years?

            Me, I will take Chapman. I think he probably has lower trade value than Leake (never thought I would say that) because he is being mis-used as a one inning guy. And if he is just a reliever, his contract is fine for what he is.

            Starters have more value than relievers, therefore I trade Leake

          • @reaganspad: I’d be more inclined to agree with you if I thought the Reds intended to use Chapman as a starter next year. There is no doubt that a good starter has more value than a good reliever. I also could see Leake perhaps having more value on the market right now as he’s actually being used as a starting pitcher and he’s doing a good job.

            Another reason I see the Reds not wanting to part with Leake though is that he’s still cost controlled for a while.

          • @LWBlogger: Which is exactly why he has value.

            next year you have Johnny, Matt, Homer, Cingrani and Chapman/Leake

            2 years from now you have Stevenson in the mix, maybe late next year.

            I just read about Stevenson that his last 10 starts would have been successful at any level, including the show. That guy will not be long.

            Leake and Bronson allow us to restock the shelf a little

    • @reaganspad: I think it depends on which between Latos and Bailey the Reds can sign up long term. I keep thinking that Latos will be the one they try to get signed and Bailey they might deal next winter. The Reds will only be able to sign one of these two guys.

      I think the Reds will try to sign Leake up through his arbitration years with a couple seasons perhaps beyond over the winter.

  30. By the way, regarding Arroyo’s future, if the Reds know that he wants a multi-year deal, would they make him a qualifying offer? That’s for one year, right? If Bronson says no, then the Reds would get a first-round draft pick from the team that signs him?………Among teams that would be interested in Bronson, would losing a first-round pick kill their interest?

    • @vegastypo: If the season were to end today, I think it would be in the Reds best interest to make Arroyo a qualifying offer. Arroyo would almost certainly decline it and without it, the Reds wouldn’t be entitled to a compensation pick. Of course if I’m Walt Jocketty I may be trying to work a 2-year deal with him right now assuming that there is some money there. I’m doubtful that the money is there but if it is, 2 years could be a smart move. I don’t think I’d go longer than that and I doubt 2 years would get it done though.

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