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Game Thread: Reds at Giants and Giants at Reds in San Francisco (2013.07.23)

The Reds and Giants will take part in one of the crazier double-header matchups you’ll see.  In game 1, the Reds and Giants will face off in a regular game in San Francisco.  However in game 2, the teams will change uniforms with the Reds being in their home uniforms and the Giants in their road unis.  Game 2 is the makeup game from July 4 that was rained out in Cincinnati.  Considering how the Reds have played in San Francisco over the last year, I don’t have many complaints with this format.

Last night’s game was so fun to watch I could not turn it off and made it through the entire 9 innings.  I wonder what the odds are of me, and many of you, making it through an entire 18 innings of West Coast baseball?  If it means cheering on our beloved Redlegs to GO, then I guess we’ll have to make it through! If you need some added incentive, don’t forget that the Reds still owe the Giants some pay back for last season!


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  1. Sending Cingrani back out there at 100+ pitches with a 7 run lead is nuts, doubleheader or no doubleheader. We’re going to need him later in the year. Dusty is more than puzzling, sometimes, he’s downright reckless.

    • @Steve Mancuso: Speaking of which. I honestly believed if Homer pitched for anyone but Dusty, his ERA would a run lower. I’m very serious.

  2. Wow, sending Cingrani back out for the 7th? Not sure about this. Think I would have sent Partch out to see if he could close it out.

  3. No excuse for Tony being out there. Why run his count up in THIS game. I am officially a Cubs sympathizer for Wood and Prior. Dusty, you are a cruel human being.

  4. I don’t agree putting Cingrani out there again. 110 is already more than I am comfortable with a young rookie throwing in a game. He has no business getting higher than that. Doubleheader or no.

  5. I know they have another game tonight, but come on. The entire bullpen had the night off last night (thanks, Bronson). And with the way this game has played out, you could have easily asked some combination of Partch/Ondrusek to finsh it out. Then you would still have Chapman, Hoover, Simon, Parra, and LeCure available for the next game.

  6. Maybe I’m nitpicking, but why Simon? He has been one of the better relievers this year, wouldn’t you want him available for the next game? Again, with a 6-run lead in the 7th, I’m asking Partch or Ondrusek to go mop up.

    • @docmike: Definitely a moment for Big Red. Taylor Made. He had Simon in the 8th of a tight game the other night and he gave up a run. Obviously he has been demoted to mop up duty

  7. I wonder if Dusty asked Choo about his hitting streak before pulling him. I assume he did and Choo said “team first, so take me out.”

  8. Looks like the Pirtaes are going to finish off the hapless Nats, 5-1 top of the 8th.

      • @Steve Mancuso: It reminds me a lot of the Reds in 2011: breakthrough the year before, high expectations, then they lay an egg. Of course, the Reds in 2011 weren’t handed the WS trophy in the preseason by ESPN the way the Nats were.

  9. And with all the ridiculous double switches on the year, why not give a regular a rest with the pitcher spot due up first?

  10. Pretty nice job by this Petit kid for the Giants, going 5+ innings to save their bullpen. I hope for his sake that he was a starter in the minors and his arm is used to this kind of workload. Otherwise, he may become Carlos Fisher 2.0.

    • @docmike: He was exactly that, they were talking about him on the Giants side of the announcing and he was good to go for 100+ pitches.

  11. 81 pitches now for Petit. I REALLY hope this kid has worked as a starter recently, and that Bochy didn’t blow his arm out.

  12. I wonder how many other managers could screw things up with a 9-2 lead? I assume Simon is now unavailable for game two, and Cingrani’s arm has probably fallen off. Baker is never satisfied until he’s somehow made things more difficult than they need to be.

      • @Sergeant2: I’m reminded of the knight in Monty Python who insists “it’s just a scratch” after his arm has been hacked off.

    • @Baseclogger: Couldn’t agree more. I made an all-star break resolution to be more positive about this team and just try to enjoy it. But man, it’s not easy. They’re playing great right now, but I’ll can think about is how the most valuable pitcher in our farm system just threw 118 pitches to win a game that wasn’t in doubt from the second inning on. Even when things are good, they’re moronic!!! UGH!!!!

      • @Baseclogger: Couldn’t agree more. I made an all-star break resolution to be more positive about this team and just try to enjoy it. But man, it’s not easy. They’re playing great right now, but I’ll can think about is how the most valuable pitcher in our farm system just threw 118 pitches to win a game that wasn’t in doubt from the second inning on. Even when things are good, they’re moronic!!! UGH!!!!

        Wow 118 pitches…OMG his arm will fall off…

  13. Wanna bet the only reason Simon is in there is because he already has a three inning save this year and Dusty is trying to get him another. Who cares if he may be needed in game teo…

  14. Cards up 3-0 over the Phillies in the 5th. Hope Dusty is going to take game 2 seriously. The team and the fans deserve it.

  15. The Giants are actually going to head into game 2 with a rested bullpen: the guy who took the hit last night was sent down, and this Petit guy has taken all the innings tonight. Meanwhile, after killing Cingrani for no reason Dusty will probably pitch LeCure in the 8th and Chapman in the 9th.

    (With that report that Dusty might suddenly try Frazier in this park’s cavernous outfield in game 2, I suppose we should be grateful he didn’t decide to finally pitch Chapman two innings tonight.)

  16. Will there be a seperate game thread for game two or just a massive continuation?

  17. The Giants are cooperating with getting this game over. Simon has only thrown 15 pitches through 2+ innings, so he might be available in game two.

  18. If he lets Simon go out for the 9th, then you not only have burned him for tonight’s game, but for tomorrow’s game too.

    But at least we didn’t burn Ondrusek, right? That way Dusty has him available for some high-pressure situation later tonight…

  19. I think Dusty would manage differently if he managed the Dodgers in that he would care more about getting a Dodger win than a players stats. Deep down Dusty is a true blue Dodger. As Tommy LaSorda use to say “I bleed Dodger blue” and so would Dusty.

  20. I hope that Dusty isn’t serious about using Frazier in LF in game 2. For one thing, I want Heisey playing tonight for sure. He’s hot, and the Giants are throwing another lefty out there.

    • @docmike: But it would be so boring to use the players who give us the best chance to win. Where’s the challenge in that?

    • @docmike: If winning was the sole focus, DB would run out the same exact lineup with the exception of Corky batting 8th.

      Very nice game for Tony Cingranny. Great offense and don’t look now but we have stolen a base in consecutive games.

      Go Reds!

  21. It’s an interesting approach that most Asian players have with their swing. It’s as if they are running before they even make contact. Always found that interesting.

    • @preach: Choo addressed that on tech talk on day before a Rangers game in Cincinnati. He says that is what seperates him from most Korean players. He said he found a way to combine the Asian hitting philosophy with Western hitting philosophy and discovered great opposite field power. I really wish we could keep him…

  22. At least the next two batters are named Abreu and Belt instead of Scutaro and Posey.

  23. Love how SI has completely written off the Reds in their (mid) Season (readjustment) predictions, in favor of the Bucs & Nats taking the Wild Card spots. Pirates defeat the Nationals a second night, 5-1. Reds continue to fade

  24. It seems like Simon has troubles with runners on. Maybe just the last few outings, but wonder if that played into Dusty’s decision to bring him in there. Also, I’m ok with holding Partch out in Game 1 considering the liklihood of short outing in Game 2 by a guy making his first ML start in a while.

    • @Redgoggles:

      If you want to save Partch to be your long man for game 2, I would have at least rather burn Ondrusek in a blowout than Simon.

      • @docmike:

        True, but I’m not sure I want either of them coming into a tie game at this point. It seems like Simon is going through a rough patch, and Ondrusek has pitched well lately.

  25. I think we can now officially rule out Simon for game 2. I can only assume Baker has very carefully thought this through and concluded Partch would be a more valuable asset in a close game if the Reds are the home team and the game begins after 10 p.m. eastern. Or something like that.

  26. Excited to see Reynolds. Of course I was a *little* interested in seeing Villareal.

  27. And this one belongs to the Reds. Really important to win this first game, kinda touch and go in the beginning, but the Reds answered back pronto. Why not take two while the taking is good. Go Reds! Adios Amigos. (for 30 min. that is)

  28. So Zito is 4-1 with a 2.45 ERA at home, and 0-6 with a 9.89 ERA on the road. Let’s hope the road uni’s work.

    • @RedLegHerrm: That is a blow. That trade is really looking like a crap sandwich right now. Not Sean’s fault but boy-oh-boy.

      • @Redgoggles:

        Yes, I would assume @CharlotteNCRedsFan:

        I don’t it means anything as far as his health. I assume that this can be made retroactive to when he first went on the DL, and since that has been over 60 days now, he could still come back off as soon as he is ready.

    • @RedLegHerrm: Wow that is bad news indeed. I hope Marshall doesn’t end up spending a whole lot of time on the DL hoping the injury heals itself only to end up having to have surgery to repair the damage.

    • @RedLegHerrm:

      I may have missed this in an earlier thread, but is this how they added Reynolds to the 40 man? So, who gets dropped when Marshall comes back….Corky?

    • @RedLegHerrm:

      That’s exactly what I figured they would do. Shoot, Marshall has already been on the DL over 60 days now anyway, so it really doesn’t hurt any to move him over. As soon as he’s ready, he’s eligible to come off.

  29. The question I have is why Partch is taking up a roster spot if he’s not going to pitch the last couple innings of the first game in a double-header with a 7 run lead. Isn’t that the whole point of having him in the team? If he’s not going to be used in that situation, then why not bring up another position player?

    • @Baseclogger:

      I think it is to save the rest of the bullpen on the roadtrip if Reynolds lasts 4 innings or less in Game 2. Best case scenario he goes 6, imo.

  30. Game 2 Lineup:

    Choo CF
    Izturis SS
    Votto 1B
    Phillips 2B
    Bruce RF
    Frazier LF
    Hannahan 3B
    Miller C
    Reynolds P

  31. Take this to the bank, neither Broxton or Marshall will see much action the rest of this season if any.

  32. I guess its kinda like laughing when someone trips and falls, but I enjoy watching Corky play.

  33. So Dusty is using lefty Hannahan who has not seen lefty Zito, so he can put Frazier in LF. C’mon man.

  34. As most of you probably realize, I’m kind of in and out here (work, family matters), but moreseo the last couple weeks. Something I’ve been wondering is how much, if any to speak of, complaining has there been over the Reds being force to play a ppd home game on the road? The way the division and WC races are shaping up, it could turn out to be a big deal, especially with the dh forcing Cincy to call up Reynolds. I think it should have been played at the end of the season in GABP if it had a bearing on a playoff spot.

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