The Reds have handled the Giants in the first two games of the series. Let’s see if they can win the third. They face Barry Zito, the veteran LHP who is extremely effective in his home park. Maybe wearing road uniforms and batting first will throw him off!

Prior to Game 2, the Reds selected from Louisville the contract of RHP Greg Reynolds (#40), optioned to Louisville IF Neftali Soto and transferred to the 60-day disabled list LHP Sean Marshall. The Marshall move is a way to make room for Reynolds on the 40-man roster as players on the 60 day DL don’t count toward the 40-man roster.

No doubt the Reds can handle two games in one night. The real question is whether the Redleg Nation game thread commenters have the stamina to suck it up and perform again. Here is the lineup:

Go Reds!

Steve grew up in Cincinnati as a die-hard fan of Sparky’s Big Red Machine. After 25 years living outside of Ohio, mostly in Ann Arbor, he returned to the Queen City in 2004. He has resumed a first-person love affair with the Cincinnati Reds and is a season ticket holder at Great American Ball Park. The only place to find Steve’s thoughts of more than 140 characters is Redleg Nation. Follow his tweets @spmancuso.

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  1. 11 LOB….can’t say we haven’t had the chances !

    I think Dusty played with fire by using Izturis, Hannahan, Corky, etc and we may get burned here.

    In game 1 and 2 of this series, the regular line-up was scoring runs in bunches, but it is tough when you get guys on and the guy coming to the plate is a black hole.

    • @abox03: Yep. Hannahan is a borderline major leaguer. Miller and Izturis have no business being on ANYONES major league roster. But… we get this all three in a starting lineup.

    • @abox03: I will say though….if not for Corky it could be 5-1…so there is that.

  2. This is the Reds team we all remember: 11 LOB thru 7. Who were those guys in games 1 and 2 of this series?

  3. That was a really bad inning, two K’s on pitches out of the zone. Now it’s very tough, because the lefties will have to hit Lopez, or the righties hit Romo in the 9th.

  4. Partch for 2 innings? With a rested bullpen?

  5. When Mesoraco gets his adrenalin and emotions of the moment under control he will be a force to be reckoned with. The more he plays the sooner that will happen. I really like the fact that Mesoraco plays for the Reds.

  6. My main frustration with this game, even beyond the Reds lineup, is that it was played at all. No way should a team lose a home game because of a rainout. Should have been played, if playoff implications involved, at the end of the season.

    • @redskaph: But then we might not to have gotten to see this potluck uniform combo.

    • @redskaph: agree 1000%….according to baseball stats only 26.2% of double headers end in a sweep. By agreeing to this, the Reds basically agreed to a loss 73.8% of the time. Not smart when you are chasing 2 teams.

      • @abox03: The same thing is true if you consider any two games on different days..25% chance of winning both.

        The real issue is that (1) the Reds lost a home game, (2) the Reds have to add stress to an already tough road trip. It’s BS.

        • @Hank Aarons Teammate: i would disagree….pure statistics sure, but DH are very different than two games on different days. You have to call up a AAA pitcher, you have to use bullpens differently…its a different ballgame in my opinion

        • @Hank Aarons Teammate: The reds are getting paid by SF/MLB to have this “home” game. Also, I think if you look at this situation outside the box…you see the reds wouldn’t need to play this game unless it impacted the playoffs…its unlikely SF will be there at the end, so if in fact the reds needed this game you would have a SF team, traveling across the country, to play a game after the season…how inspired would they be?

    • @redskaph: I could not agree more. MLB has a long history of screwing the Reds. Would the Yanks have been made to do this?

  7. Reds tie in the 8th….bruce HR in 9th to “walk-off” in Giants home park

  8. Wanna know what really gets me? Hearing that WJ’s deadline move is getting his injured players back. Bullpen has been fine without Broxton and Marshall. Meso is fine w/o Hannigan (for the love of God get rid of Corky and get a real major leaguer). The only good thing is the hope that Cueto will be able to pitch productively in the post-season.

    Sorry for all the rambling posts… late night.

    • @prjeter: He’s just posturing.

    • @prjeter: I think they really need Marshall and Broxton back- well, mostly Marshall. The bullpen is not as good as they have looked lately. Although they have come up huge with those two guys out. I do hope WJ adds a guy or two, but I don’t know that much is out there to improve the Reds.

    • @prjeter: When in doubt its about $$$$$$$

  9. I would LOVE to see a walkoff tonight. That would be so cool. ESPN would eat it up.

  10. Robinson can flat out fly. He should try that at least twice a game.

  11. I like D-ROB.

    • @prjeter: This inning is probably going to be our last best opportunity. Just hope Frazier has base runners when he comes up again.

  12. No way that was a strike

  13. Low and outside.

  14. They took that pitch chart down awfully quick after the ball popped up outside of the strike zone.

  15. Umps. When Mr. Choo says it’s a ball. It’s a ball.

  16. HAH! Thanks for that gift!

  17. I wanna see a Bruce/Romo walkoff.

  18. We better take advantage of that muffed DP.

  19. Man, we need Joey to get a big hit here. Come on MVP!!

  20. Come on, Joey. Big AB.


  22. Rather than Izturis hitting into a double play and ruining the Reds chances, Pablo fumbles it and now it’s two on, one out, Votto up. Great.

  23. Shut up all the clutch naysayers, JMVP!

  24. Another black hole GIDP ball by Izturis to end the inning before Votto. Thankfully Pablo bails him out.

  25. I’m not going to say anything but I’m thinking it.

  26. A 4 out save chance? Impossible!

  27. Frustrating. BP vs. Romo

  28. A four out save??

    Tsk Tsk, Hank Aaron would not approve.

  29. Please…..let Bruce come up with runners on. I have memories that need refreshed.

  30. Sigh. Every single one of Votto’s ABs today (9 in total) have been against lefties. Bochy knows how to manage a staff.

  31. I don’t understand. Why is their closer in there? It’s still the 8th inning.

  32. Wait a minute: Bringing your closer in for a four out save by double switching to make sure you don’t have to have him bat or pull him prematurely? What sort of sorcery is this?!?

  33. If the Giants starting pitchers werent horrible this year, I think they’d still be the best team in the NL.

  34. Ugh. We do not need Frazier’s hot streak to mean a BP cold streak

  35. Wow. Looks like all of us were typing a version of the ‘four out closer’ comment at the same time.

  36. Nothing but sliders down and out of the zone and he couldn’t lay off of them

  37. The Reds are losing with their B-Team? I could never have seen this coming from seeing the lineup before the game started. I guess that’s why they play the games…….

  38. 13 LOB!

    just not our night!

  39. Good night, RLN. It’s been nice hanging with you.

  40. Reds have stranded 13 runners in this game. As Forest Gump would say “that’s a lot”

  41. That hurts. Men on 1st & 2nd with 1-out, your #3 & #4 hitters up, and nada. I hope Jay & Todd can pick them up next inning. Regardless, if we lose I’m blaming the Skipper.

  42. Phillips simply cannot control the strike zone in many of his ABs. That one, he swung at four pitches, none of which were in the zone, and 3 of the 4 were way out of the zone.

    Both Votto and Phillips did face guys who are incredibly hard on lefties and righties, respectively, though.

    • @Hank Aarons Teammate: They did and what I don’t understand is why some of the A guys were not in earlier to beat up on the much more hittable Zito. You are not going to win a lot of games against the back end of the Giants’ pen.

  43. Word for tonight’s strike zone: erratic.

  44. Even though the offense has scored 20 runs the last 2 games and done well getting people on base in this game, it will be doom and gloom. As I have been reading the last couple of days and earlier in this thread. My favorite was “we’re running out of time”…on July 23rd.

  45. I have to admit, the possibility of a Reds walkoff in SF have me staying tuned.

  46. I’ll say this: Another better-than-nice job by the Reds’ pen. It kept them in it.

  47. The strike zone is awful, just awful. That called strike on Frazier was the only strike he threw.

  48. The reds righties just cannot pick up that slider at all. Ugh.

  49. i wish i knew how many swings we hvae on balls wayyyyyy out of the zone

  50. Not going to win too many games when you leave 14 on base. Or when you start Izturis, Hannahan, and Miller all on the same day. Or when the other team doesn’t even know the simplest rules of baseball and puts their closer in for more than just the 9th inning.

  51. Going 2-1 in the last 27 hours and not gaining any ground on the Cards. We’re running out of time! No more B lineups!

    • @NastyBoys3: C’mon. The Reds are not running out of time in July. Get some rest.

      Keep calm and root for the Reds to go!

  52. I can’t see this loss as anything other than Bochy wanted to win and Dusty didn’t really care much either way.

    • @ToddAlmighty: Please tell me you’re trying to be sarcastic with this comment.

      • @kywhi: Not really.

        Mesoraco: .258/.326/.405 and went 3-4, HR, 1 R, 3 RBI in game 1.
        -Replaced With-
        Miller: .130/.286/.174 who went 1-3, 2B, 2 RBI (Also weak armed a throw to second on a stolen base. Also didn’t even block the plate when the ball reached home before the runner did.)

        Cozart: .243/.270/.379 and went 4-4, HR, 3 R, 2 RBI in game 1.
        -Replaced With-
        Izturis: .211/.268/.256 who went 0-5 (Doing this batting #2 no less, when Cozart was 7th.)

        Heisey: .227/.282/.420 and went 2-5 in game 1.
        -Roundabout Replaced With-
        Hannahan: .219/.309/.281 who went 0-1, 1 BB (And is terrible enough that he got pinch hit for in the 5th inning.)

        Tell me how any of those are giving the Reds the best chance to win that game. You already know that the AAA callup probably is going to give up some runs, so how do you put such a poor offensive starting lineup out there, benching some players who just came off of amazing games in the process?

        He took off 9-13, 2 HR, 4 R, 5 RBI and replaced it with 1-9, 2B, 2 RBI, BB.

        Did anyone honestly ever think that Izturis hitting 2nd was a good idea? Nope. Why? Because it didn’t give the Reds a good chance to win. If a manager isn’t giving the team a good chance to win, he’s clearly less interested in winning the game than the other manager who is putting out the best lineup possible and using all his guys to get the best pitching matchups possible. Even going with a 4 out save with his closer. Why? Because he wanted the win more than the guy who put Cesar Izturis, the career 64 OPS+ “hitter” in the 2 hole.

  53. fitting to end with a runner on base!

  54. I know that Romo’s good, but do the Reds have scouting reports? I mean, the slider is good, but it’s not that good that major league hitters should swing at it when it’s 1 foot or 2 feet outside. Or, in Heisey’s case, about 10 feet outside.

    I’m not sure anyone swung at a strike against Romo, outside of Bruce.

  55. just to put into perspective…the most you can conceivably leave on base is 27 (leave bases loaded every inning)…reds left 14 which is more than half! No bueno.

  56. I gotta tip my cap to the Reds fans that have stayed up this late to cheer the team on to the very end. Impressive, very impressive indeed. (As for me I’m retired and have banned alarm clocks from the vicinity) You people are true blue Reds fans, second to none. Go Reds! Adios Amigos.

  57. We’ll get ’em tomorrow.

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