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Game Thread: Giants at Reds in San Francisco (7/23/13, Game Two)

The Reds have handled the Giants in the first two games of the series. Let’s see if they can win the third. They face Barry Zito, the veteran LHP who is extremely effective in his home park. Maybe wearing road uniforms and batting first will throw him off!

Prior to Game 2, the Reds selected from Louisville the contract of RHP Greg Reynolds (#40), optioned to Louisville IF Neftali Soto and transferred to the 60-day disabled list LHP Sean Marshall. The Marshall move is a way to make room for Reynolds on the 40-man roster as players on the 60 day DL don’t count toward the 40-man roster.

No doubt the Reds can handle two games in one night. The real question is whether the Redleg Nation game thread commenters have the stamina to suck it up and perform again. Here is the lineup:

Go Reds!

412 thoughts on “Game Thread: Giants at Reds in San Francisco (7/23/13, Game Two)

  1. Going 2-1 in the last 27 hours and not gaining any ground on the Cards. We’re running out of time! No more B lineups!

    • @NastyBoys3: C’mon. The Reds are not running out of time in July. Get some rest.

      Keep calm and root for the Reds to go!

  2. I can’t see this loss as anything other than Bochy wanted to win and Dusty didn’t really care much either way.

      • @kywhi: Not really.

        Mesoraco: .258/.326/.405 and went 3-4, HR, 1 R, 3 RBI in game 1.
        -Replaced With-
        Miller: .130/.286/.174 who went 1-3, 2B, 2 RBI (Also weak armed a throw to second on a stolen base. Also didn’t even block the plate when the ball reached home before the runner did.)

        Cozart: .243/.270/.379 and went 4-4, HR, 3 R, 2 RBI in game 1.
        -Replaced With-
        Izturis: .211/.268/.256 who went 0-5 (Doing this batting #2 no less, when Cozart was 7th.)

        Heisey: .227/.282/.420 and went 2-5 in game 1.
        -Roundabout Replaced With-
        Hannahan: .219/.309/.281 who went 0-1, 1 BB (And is terrible enough that he got pinch hit for in the 5th inning.)

        Tell me how any of those are giving the Reds the best chance to win that game. You already know that the AAA callup probably is going to give up some runs, so how do you put such a poor offensive starting lineup out there, benching some players who just came off of amazing games in the process?

        He took off 9-13, 2 HR, 4 R, 5 RBI and replaced it with 1-9, 2B, 2 RBI, BB.

        Did anyone honestly ever think that Izturis hitting 2nd was a good idea? Nope. Why? Because it didn’t give the Reds a good chance to win. If a manager isn’t giving the team a good chance to win, he’s clearly less interested in winning the game than the other manager who is putting out the best lineup possible and using all his guys to get the best pitching matchups possible. Even going with a 4 out save with his closer. Why? Because he wanted the win more than the guy who put Cesar Izturis, the career 64 OPS+ “hitter” in the 2 hole.

  3. I know that Romo’s good, but do the Reds have scouting reports? I mean, the slider is good, but it’s not that good that major league hitters should swing at it when it’s 1 foot or 2 feet outside. Or, in Heisey’s case, about 10 feet outside.

    I’m not sure anyone swung at a strike against Romo, outside of Bruce.

  4. just to put into perspective…the most you can conceivably leave on base is 27 (leave bases loaded every inning)…reds left 14 which is more than half! No bueno.

  5. I gotta tip my cap to the Reds fans that have stayed up this late to cheer the team on to the very end. Impressive, very impressive indeed. (As for me I’m retired and have banned alarm clocks from the vicinity) You people are true blue Reds fans, second to none. Go Reds! Adios Amigos.

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