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Game Thread: Reds at Giants (2013.07.22)

As a kid, I loved these West Coast trips.  Staying up late, listening to the Reds on the radio as I drifted asleep.  As an adult, I don’t think I am quite as fond of these trips.  Staying up late to watch/listen to these games is not quite as easy with three kids and morning responsibilities to take care of at home.  I will make it as far into the game as possible, but no promises of seeing the final pitch.

The Reds will play 11 games over the next 10 days in California.  This could very well be a make or break stretch for this club.  Last season, the Reds turned their play out West around and the successful trip boosted their record and standing in the division.  The club will need to return home with no worse than a 6-5 record I feel if the Reds hope to stay in the division hunt with a key series against the Cardinals on the horizon for when the Reds return home.

Bronson Arroyo faces off against Tim Lincecum in game 1.  Let’s hope for a similar outcome for the Reds as the last time they faced Timmy!  Drink some coffee, get an afternoon nap, and put the kids to bed so you can watch the Reds game.  And if your boss asks why you’re sluggish tomorrow morning, tell him to shove it cause you were up late watching the Reds play!  GOOOOOOOOO Reds!

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    • @Steve Mancuso: I hope Dusty doesn’t work him a lot right when he comes back and he injures something else. Let Meso catch 3-4 times per trip through the order for another week or so to let Hannigan heal some more, IMO.

  1. Chris: The Reds are dialing 8 at AT&T Park tonight.

    George: No charge for long distance for the Reds tonight.

    Say what you will about Marty, he’s guaranteed pun-free.

    Oh, and also BRUUUUUUUUUUCE!!!

  2. Timmy had only given up more than 3 ER in 2 of his last 10 starts (4 ER and 5 ER).

  3. I don’t know who’s announcing the game on mlb.com but one of them sounds like he’s covering a golf tournament. (talking in kind of a whisper) Back to Cowboy I guess (which at times ain’t easy).

    • @Sergeant2: Probably Duane Kuiper & Mike Krukow. Pretty decent duo but it is California-style – a little more laid back.

  4. Votto: 0 for 2, 2 bad K’s. Phillips: 0 for 2, 2 weak tappers to the pitcher.

    Reds: 6 runs.

    Go figure.

    I like it.

  5. You know when it comes right down to it, the Pirates have a very good pitching staff and that could really be a factor in the 2nd half of the season(play the Cards 7 times in the next 6 weeks – Pirates will be a factor for sure – glad to see them back – it must have been pure misery to be a Pirate fan for the past 25 years!

    • @cincyreds14: I hope they finish right behind the Reds. They may run into the same old problem: not enough depth for a 162-game schedule. They just run out of bullets. I do like their club. They are a gritty bunch.

    • @preach: It’s a steal, from the Cubs standpoint. Garza for a half season for a top 100 prospect and a high upside guy? Plus a thrown in high floor low ceiling ML starter? Yeah, pretty good.

  6. AT&T Park is a great park. Much better than Candlestick Park. I miss baseball games at Candlestick. Anybody else share this thought?

  7. The question for me is, can the Reds continue this great play tomorrow in the double-header? Why? Because I’ll be there. And with two AAA pitchers on the mound, I’m a little nervous. Though I’ll give our guys a better chance than theirs.

    • @tpteach: Cingrani is no longer a MiLB player – he has exceeded 50 innings pitched this year in the Majors and is therefore in his rookie year (and thus no longer being a MiLB player).

      • @rhayex: I’m comparing them to past Reds teams. Whatever, all I know is @cincyreds14: Yes, yes, yes…technically true. But he started the year there and is being called up from AAA (again, a technicality). And, I like both of our guys in tomorrow’s matchup.

  8. Starting with this w/e series in Atlanta (after a 3 game series with the Phillies), the Cards play the following over the next 44 games:

    Reds 7 games
    Pirates 11 games
    Dodgers 4 games
    Braves 7 games

    If the Cards win the Central Division they are definitely going to have to earn it.

    • @prjeter: He is putting together quite a good season. I hope they can work out a short-term deal with him at season’s end. Looks like he might have a year or two left in that arm.

      • @CharlotteNCRedsFan: Charlotte, Bronson is a very good pitcher and definitely a player that could be of assistance in developing a stable of young Reds starters. But when Cueto is finally healthy, I would much prefer a LHP in the rotation and in my book Tony C. definitely deserves a spot in the Red’s rotation. And I can’t wait to see the other Red’s starter tomorrow because for once, the Reds strongest suit in the MiLB are SP. And with Danny Corcino finally putting some good starts together, the Reds are stocked at SP.

        • @cincyreds14: Definitely see your point. Just that if the Reds need more O, they may have to deal from strength – SP. Also, I feel that JC will comeback but there is still a small question mark there.

          I do believe that Tony is in the rotation next year regardless of what happens with Bronson. Kid looks like he has the goods.

  9. It almost looks like Arroyo’s pitches are moving way more today…wind in SF? (Kidding.)

  10. Giants haven’t swung at a first pitch all night yet, and many of them are taking seemingly til they hit two strikes. Not sure if Bronson’s stuff is extra jumpy tonight, or maybe they just want to rack up his pitch count and knock him out ASAP? Bullpen use today is going to be a big factor given the doubleheader tomorrow.

  11. I would be REALLY tempted to just have three back-to-back short bunts to third base and just make Sandoval be able to run forward and bend over to make the play each time.

  12. Man, we put a whuppin on Timmy. I wish we could have done that in the NLDS. I’ll take this, though.

  13. I realize the Reds have a 6-0 lead but its still early, so all youse that have to get up early in the morning don’t worry about it. Stick around till the final out, you’ll feel fine when that alarm goes off seconds after you close your eyes. As for me I’ll be here for the final out, I ain’t worried about no stupid alarm clock. (threw mine away when I retired).

  14. Everybody is getting in on the action. Fantastic. That Berry is heaven!

  15. Wow, can’t believe they messed that up and let Votto score… but see? THAT is a heads up play by Berry. A real 3rd base coach!

  16. With the way the Reds have played the Giantys the last few years in the regular season, it makes last years playoff loss that much harder.

  17. Shaking my head over the Phillips AB…the guy hasn’t swung at a strike all day, and he doubled on a ball half a foot, at least, outside!

  18. There are not many I’d rather have with a big lead than Arroyo. You know no one is walking, and he won’t change a thing. Just keeps doing his thing.

  19. Would love to see three more innings like the last—10 or so pitches—so we can save the pen for tomorrow. 3 more good innings and they can pitch Partch.

    • @preach: I have watched their last 3 games and haven’t seen it but down 8-0 in the 5th, you never know.

  20. Does Mark Berry’s presence make these guy run faster? Todd looked light on his feet there.

    • @CharlotteNCRedsFan: I think it’s because Berry doesn’t hesitate and makes his signals very clear and very quickly. If you take off from second on contact and Berry immediately shows you’re going home, you’ll be faster than if you wait until the guy gets to third to send him home.

      Not sure if it’s actually the reason, but I can only imagine confidence and quick decisions probably help a lot.

  21. Mesoraco needs to hit more homers, because on the basepaths…he’s got some issues.

  22. Just out of curiosity for the people who had tickets for the July 4th rainout between these teams, did they get refunded since they are playing the make up game in San Francisco?

  23. Man, welcome back Mark Berry, the Reds often looked like clowns at times without your solid guidance.

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