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Game Thread: Reds at Giants (2013.07.22)

As a kid, I loved these West Coast trips.  Staying up late, listening to the Reds on the radio as I drifted asleep.  As an adult, I don’t think I am quite as fond of these trips.  Staying up late to watch/listen to these games is not quite as easy with three kids and morning responsibilities to take care of at home.  I will make it as far into the game as possible, but no promises of seeing the final pitch.

The Reds will play 11 games over the next 10 days in California.  This could very well be a make or break stretch for this club.  Last season, the Reds turned their play out West around and the successful trip boosted their record and standing in the division.  The club will need to return home with no worse than a 6-5 record I feel if the Reds hope to stay in the division hunt with a key series against the Cardinals on the horizon for when the Reds return home.

Bronson Arroyo faces off against Tim Lincecum in game 1.  Let’s hope for a similar outcome for the Reds as the last time they faced Timmy!  Drink some coffee, get an afternoon nap, and put the kids to bed so you can watch the Reds game.  And if your boss asks why you’re sluggish tomorrow morning, tell him to shove it cause you were up late watching the Reds play!  GOOOOOOOOO Reds!

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  1. First baseball game everyone? (no offense if you’re a member of the nation and under say 15 yrs old and you really haven’t seen a lot of baseball yet)

  2. Wow, I thought Votto had a bad AB, maybe Phillips was trying to make him feel better? I don’t even know how Phillips hit the ball back to the mound, it looked like he hit it off a bounce even. At least it all ended pretty well.

  3. Was that a crazy inning or what. 3-0 Reds and I will take that all day long.

  4. Does anyone know if there is one or two gates tomorrow in the back to back doubleheader?

  5. I love this free week of MLB Extra Innings. I get to watch the Reds. The only time I get too watch the Reds is when they play the Cubs.

  6. I’m not a big fan of him, but I feel like the Reds’ fan base needed George Grande’s optimism for a change.

    • @Steve Mancuso: Agreed. The top of the lineup has to be counted on to bring in runs in the first inning. If Robinson wanted to drag it for a hit and it ended as a sacrifice, fine. But unless you are in the potential last inning of a game, I don’t like the play.

    • @Steve Mancuso: It also wouldn’t have happened if the left fielder hadn’t misplayed Choo’s ball. 50% of baseball is half luck…or something like that.

      • @Hunt4RedsOctober: George Grande made a Yoogi Bearism on the telecast yesterday – “90% of half the teams” … glad to hear Yogi’s alive and well.

    • @Steve Mancuso: Very true.

      Random Bunt Stat of the Night: Among all players with 10 or more bunt hits since 2009, Shin-Soo Choo has the highest BA while bunting, at .714!

    • @Steve Mancuso: You’re right, it would have been bigger!

      Votto with a runner on 3rd: .625/.688/1.375
      Votto with a runner on 2nd and 3rd: .000/.500/.000

      So if it was an out, Votto would have probably crushed the first pitch. 😀

  7. Arroyo’s pitches look like whiffle balls with all the movement they have.

  8. Hey, where’s all the posters & Reds’ media guys talking about cERA?

    Yadier Molina: 3.28

    Devin Mesoraco: 3.33

    Ryan Hanigan: 3.54


  9. Kind of interesting that no one has announced why Heisey was scratched. I wonder if it’s one of those super secret things that can’t be revealed. He’s got a stiff back or something and can’t hit and we don’t want the Giants to know.

    Maybe it’s a big trade.

    • @Sergeant2: Chris just said that it wasn’t an injury or sickness, and that he is still eligible to play since he was scratched early. He’s on the bench, apparently.

  10. If the Pirates go at least 24-41 the rest of the way – they will end up with a winning record. For one, hats off to the Pirates on a very successful year (remember many dynamite series against the Pirates in years gone by). Hoping the Reds host the Pirates in a winner take all game at the end of 2013. Winner playing the Cardinals.

  11. Marty just said the Heisey scratch was a late Dusty decision, he’s available to pinch hit. Maybe Heisey’s hammy is a little tender. But then again why let him pinch hit and risk aggravating the hammy.

  12. That was odd. I wasn’t sure if that was supposed to be a video of Mesoraco hitting the homerun to show Berry in a previous game or something.. or if it was live.

  13. Love what Cowboy said after Mesoraco’s HR. “I think Mesoraco really likes playing every day”

    • @Sergeant2: If a couple players actually rebound from ugly 1st halfs then the Reds could actually be on the verge of fielding a very respectable baseball team (better late than never). Unlike Ryan B, I don’t mind at all being wrong or making a mistake.

  14. I’d still take a 148 pitch no-hitter if it meant I’d get rocked the next time out! Thanks, Timmy!

  15. Pardon me boys, is that the Cincinnati Soo Choo. HR Choo, yeah baby.

    • @dg44: Think of it this way. Votto struck out in his ABs. In Phillip’s AB, he actually took runners OUT of scoring position.

    • Joey Votto is the worst hitter on this team right now.

      Perhaps he just doesn’t want to run the bases in this park.

  16. Reds really laying the pipe to Old Tim. Hope they can keep it up.

  17. Grande said Lincecum has been getting advice on how to be a pitcher from Zito. Maybe it’s time for him to ask Bumgarner for advice.

  18. Actually pretty decent pitching by Timmy against Votto, there. In the 1st AB, Joey got 2 fastballs to start the AB. This time, a change up and a curve. Didn’t see a fastball until the 90mph one that painted the corner.

      • @CharlotteNCRedsFan: I was just joking, but since you jumped on it, when does a baseball team not need any runs? Is it possible to score too much? If hitting with runners on 2nd and 3rd matters, then shouldn’t it matter all the time?

        Enjoy the game. Have some fun tonight.

        • Is it possible to score too much?

          Only if it’s the opposition. You can never hit enough if you are the Cincinnati Reds. Wish every game was 10-0 laughter.

  19. Bronson’s stuff is moving all over the place. nice backdoor fastball.

  20. Arroyo throws two pitches in the same spot, two strikes. Throws a third pitch in the EXACT same spot, ball.


  21. Umpire turned his head before that got to the plate … I really think it’s time for some accountability with these guys and their designer strike zones.

    At least it ended in a K.

    • @msanmoore: I saw that and pointed it out. I believe he was fooled and thought it was going to be way outside.

  22. Arroyo literally fooled Ron Kulpa twice in a row, the first one was an obvious strikeout, the second was also a good strike, before throwing strike 5 to belt.

  23. I think it would be really cool if the camera angle would show the pitches from the catchers point of view. Especially, when Bronson pitches.

  24. BP: 2 outs on balls that travel a total of 40 feet. Hit a 400-footer next time up, big guy.

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