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Game Thread: Pirates at Reds (2013.07.20)

Last night’s game was a great way to start off the second half of the season, now the Reds need to carry that momentum into today and the remainder of the season.  Mat Latos had his worst start of the season in his last outing against Atlanta so he is due for a major bounce-back game today against the Pirates.

Discuss the game here! Let’s GOOOOOOO Reds!

354 thoughts on “Game Thread: Pirates at Reds (2013.07.20)

  1. Chapman’s teammates have pissed him off to the point of taking care of it by himself. And I love it.

  2. 102 mph fastball to win the game. Chapman is in a league of his own. (When he’s on his game)

  3. That might have been the best job under pressure that I’ve seen from Chapman. Absolute gas and throwing strikes. Great win.

  4. Huge win for the Reds. Pressure all on the Pirates tomorrow. Homer takes the mound.

    (I do want to point out again that the Reds were lucky to get the big inning. If Burnett takes the routine play on Heisey’s sacrifice out, the Reds only get two instead of four. Can’t give away outs in the first inning after a double.)

    • @George Culver: I do. Chapman was brilliant working out of that jam – I don’t think anyone is going to argue that. Admittedly, it was a jam he created himself by McCutcheon on second base with the errant pickoff throw (which then led to Cozart’s E-6). But still – once it came time to buckle down and get it done, Chapman was fantastic.

      But the argument that Chapman should be traded has less to do with his ability to get out of those situations than with how the Reds choose to use that ability. We had an extremely high-leverage situation in the top of the 8th inning, where Simon had clearly lost it, the tying run is on 3rd, the go-ahead run on 2nd, an insurance run on 1st, and two outs. If Chapman can’t be used in that situation because he can only come into the 9th inning, then we’re wasting his talent, and we can get more value for him in a trade than we’re going to get with Dusty managing him.

      So again – yes. With two on and no one out, Chapman did a brilliant job saving the game. And I still hope he doesn’t get a chance to talk about it in the locker room because he’s on a plane to play for someone else, and a big, right-handed bat is flying our way to play left field and hit cleanup.

    • @George Culver: I do. He’s still worth more to the Reds by being traded than he is as their closer. A single win, a single game, a single series shouldn’t be enough to make anyone change their minds. It’s the same thing as a player going on a hot streak–it’s good while it lasts, and it makes the fans think that he’s great, but the reality is that, in the end, he’s just not as good as you think he is at the time.

    • @George Culver: I’m in also. In fact, moreso: his value has increased with his excellent performance the last couple weeks.

      At this point the offseason would be the target, I imagine.

  5. Thank you, Mr. Security Blanket! It was good to see Chappy keep his head through the ugliness.

  6. Gotta be a devastating loss for the Bucko’s in terms of the numerous missed opportunities. Tomorrows game will show how resilient the Pirates are after losing a game they had every opportunity to win. Lets get em again tomorrow. Go Reds! Adios Amigos.

    • @Sergeant2: I really hope the reds come out tomorrow afternoon and go right for the juggular. Locke has back problems that kept him out of the ASG, i’m guessing his back might not be 100 percent tomorrow, need to pound him for 4 or 5 in the first inning and demoralize their team.

    • @Sergeant2: Yes, they’ll talk about their bad luck. McCutchen falling down on the triple. The ground rule double that would have scored the runner.

      The Reds need to keep their foot on the gas tomorrow. No let up just because they have the series won.

  7. Looking forward to all the players around the NL seeing highlights of the job Chapman did tonight. It’ll give em something to think about the next time they step in the batters box to face the Cuban Missile.

  8. I would consider giving Joey off for Sundays game with the long road trip coming up.

    • @dn4192: He just had time off. I realize he played in the ASG, but this isn’t the time for a rest.

    • @dn4192: Normally I would agree with u, except that I have a free week of mlb extra innings and i want to see JV tommorow. Also i dont want Hannahan playing. I hope he gets a day off on the West Coast trip.

  9. I really am confounded by bringing Ondrusek in. If Chapman gives up the lead in the 9th and we go extras, the Reds are down to very few pitchers. And then there’s the fact that I want Chapman in in the high leverage 8th.

  10. Did anyone see that Ken Rosenthal reported that we’ve inquired with the Phillies about Michael Young? Seems unlikely to happen for a few reasons, but I think he’d be a great addition.

  11. With the way Chris Heisey is playing do they really need to make a move for another bat?

  12. I’m not a Michael Young fan but he would be a mild upgrade offensively (and definite downgrade defensively). If he came to the Reds for nothing, I’d be pleased but like HAT said, he seems like he would cost a whole lot for a small improvement.

    Cards lost. Chris Carpenter also got shelled in his first AAA start (3.1ip, 8h, 4er, 2bb, 2k). Absolutely nothing positive in that line but we’ll see what happens in his next start or two.

    • @Kyle:

      He is pretty poor defensively. Maybe Utley would be better, but he hits lefty and has never played 3rd. I don’t know what his arm is like or if he could handle the hot corner. I’d like to see us add some kind of help to at least improve the bench.

      • @JMac1984: The Reds need bench help, but it has to be a spare part to keep the cost down. Young’s much better than a spare part.

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