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Game Thread: Pirates at Reds (2013.07.19)

We are now through the all-star break and today begins the unofficial (or is it the official?) second half of the season.  The Reds begin play today 5 games back in the National League Central race behind the St. Louis Cardinals.  They also hold a 5 game lead over the Washington Nationals for the second and final wild card spot.  Regardless of your feeling on how the Reds played before the all-star break, watching the Reds in the position they are now is more fun than watching them in the position they were in at this point a decade ago.

If there is one thing the last two years have taught us: Today begins the annual collapse of the Pittsburgh Pirates.  The Pirates have been baseball’s cinderella team thus far this season, but history suggests that is about to change.  I feel it is our job to remind baseball fans that the Pirates are still the Pirates.  Mike Leake and the Reds will look to begin another second half collapse of the Pirates starting tonight.

We have reached the dog days of Summer.  It is that time where every game means a little bit more, we watch the scoreboard every night, and the Reds need a little extra Go in their game!  We love our vowels here at Redleg Nation.  Bruuuuuuce.  Chooooooooo.  Woooooooo.  Let’s add a few more vowels….  GOOOOOOOO Reds!

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  1. Why did he slow up at second? I would have the guys stick around after the game and run the bases. Just like the Little Leaguers.

  2. I love how everyone wants Speier to send guys, then when he does and they are out, he’s an idiot. Maybe he doesn’t send guys for a reason, say that this team is slow?

      • @ToddAlmighty: Right. I’ve watched a lot of Reds ball, and I felt that several times Speier held guys up, they might have been out. Obviously the Votto one just now was stupid, but again, the team is slow.

      • @CharlotteNCRedsFan: That’s exactly what I am saying. I mean, I have no idea about other team’s coaches or anything, but I bet if he sent a lot of guys this year, you’d have seen other plays like we just saw.

        • @ToddAlmighty: Well, I didn’t say he was great or even good but probably not as bad as we have been making him out to be. He really isn’t a 3rd base coach to start with. But this team is very,very slow and that job is even harder because of it. You couldn’t give it to me.

  3. Parra didn’t have that facial hair when he first joined the Reds, right? If not, then I just found out why Parra has been good lately. For the bullpen, it’s all about the ridiculous facial hair.

  4. Sometime soon Parra will have a bad game…and I bet he gets crucified here.

  5. I’m not always down with matchups when guys are dealing. I’d let Parra try for the last out. Maybe I’m a fate tempter…..

  6. I have no idea how it is calculated but “BsR” on FanGraphs measures “base running,” somehow. Taking all Reds with over 150 PAs:

    1) Cozart 1.9
    2) Frazier 1.5
    3) Votto 1.4
    4) Choo 0.5
    5) Hanigan -0.3
    6) Phillips -0.9
    7) Bruce -1.1
    8) Paul -1.2
    9) Robinson -1.3
    10) Mesoraco -2.0

  7. Why hasn’t it occurred to Dusty to at least maybe put Hatcher at 3rd base and Speier at 1st base. There is absolutely no excuse for continuing to allow a 3rd base coach to cost the team runs. And the thing that’s obvious to everyone except Dusty is that Speier isn’t getting any better at all. If anything he’s getting worse.

  8. Throw the ball over the bleeping plate bleep bleep. It’s the no hit twins coming up, for god’s sake.

  9. Did Sanchez even move up there? Luckily Mercer is downright bad against righties.

    Sam is just overthrowing the fastball, everything is at the ankles.

  10. Get the bullpen up. Good god, we’re 2 outs from having Chapman out there. Not again. Please.

  11. Big time DP there. That is what #7 .230 hitters are supposed to do for you: BAIL OUT

  12. Coz needs to stay down at the bottom of the order until he can learn not to swing at pitches down and in on his ankles. Geesh – he looks like he just got called up from single A ball there.

  13. The way it’s been going if Mesaraco hits a homer here he’ll probably miss a base.

  14. I’m loving all of these breaking balls from Chappy. Now, drill the mascot.

  15. Way to start the second have. Wasn’t a Masterpiece but it’s a W all the same. Bullpen is just filthy right now.

  16. Good win. BP and the bullpen picking up where it left off.

    Could Heisey at #2 be the be the answer?
    Is Mes heating up at the plate?
    Should Cozart start hitting in the #8 spot unless Corky is catching?

  17. Alex Rios was removed from Friday’s game in the seventh inning.
    No reason is immediately known for why Rios was removed from the game, but it has fueled speculation that he may be close to being traded. A very popular name on the trade market, the Red Sox and Pirates are two teams known to have interest in the White Sox outfielder. Stay tuned.

    Please, Walt, Please!

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