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Game Thread: Pirates at Reds (2013.07.19)

We are now through the all-star break and today begins the unofficial (or is it the official?) second half of the season.  The Reds begin play today 5 games back in the National League Central race behind the St. Louis Cardinals.  They also hold a 5 game lead over the Washington Nationals for the second and final wild card spot.  Regardless of your feeling on how the Reds played before the all-star break, watching the Reds in the position they are now is more fun than watching them in the position they were in at this point a decade ago.

If there is one thing the last two years have taught us: Today begins the annual collapse of the Pittsburgh Pirates.  The Pirates have been baseball’s cinderella team thus far this season, but history suggests that is about to change.  I feel it is our job to remind baseball fans that the Pirates are still the Pirates.  Mike Leake and the Reds will look to begin another second half collapse of the Pirates starting tonight.

We have reached the dog days of Summer.  It is that time where every game means a little bit more, we watch the scoreboard every night, and the Reds need a little extra Go in their game!  We love our vowels here at Redleg Nation.  Bruuuuuuce.  Chooooooooo.  Woooooooo.  Let’s add a few more vowels….  GOOOOOOOO Reds!

294 thoughts on “Game Thread: Pirates at Reds (2013.07.19)

  1. Maybe, just maybe the worst base running team in the history of the game. Don’t they work on this stuff in Spring Training? Pathetic.

    • @CharlotteNCRedsFan:

      I can’t recall offhand more MLB baserunning mistakes by any team, certainly no Reds teams. These are the errors which you can’t afford when teams are lumped so close together. Every mistake is truly magnified.

  2. Honestly, is Mes just not a very bright guy? I’m not being mean but this is s serious question. He doesn’t exactly strike me as quick above the neck.

  3. Somebody from our audience want to teach Mesoroco how to run the bases? That is pathetic. On a ball hit like that, the runner goes half way to 2nd, and when it falls you take off … not before.

  4. Time for a smothering of Alfredo sauce. Yes, I know it’s that bad.

  5. I’m as big a Reds fan as anyone but I can’t see how the Pirates lose this game. Hope I’m wrong.

  6. @Sergeant2: I know and we really need the guy to perform. With hani apparently nearing the end of the line and Minor league cupboard bare, a “good” Mes is sorely needed.

    • @preach: Simon’s fastball is just sliding in too far. I am glad to see Mes out for a word.

  7. I hope Mes is better at calling for pitches then he is at running the bases.

  8. Pitch at McCutchen’s head? Dang.. here comes a wave of HBP now.

  9. Hey CharlotteNCRedsFan you were asking about preach last week, he’s back in action tonight. Welcome back preach.

  10. So, I was missed? Keep me in your prayers, going through some tough times; glad to have the comfort of baseball and fellow fans.

    On the game note, it sure looked like Cozart took his time on that shovel to Phillips.

  11. Man, Manny Parra has been dealing for quite awhile now. Great job!

    • @CharlotteNCRedsFan: Charlotte, spot on again. Maybe he has been working with the only other quality Reds coach, Brian Price (I like Billy Hatcher but 1B coaches don’t normally have much input (maybe he could help Meso to correct his base running blunders).

  12. If I am Dusty, I leave Parra in to face Martin and Jones in the next inning before letting Hoover face their SS

    • If@Sergeant2: Long shot for the Reds to win Division. Cards are simply too tough (Cardinal way is definitely something to respect). Best the Reds could do, IMHO, is to host and then beat these Pirates in the Wild Card game. Hope I’m wrong but simply do not see it.

  13. Stupid Votto, you can’t raise your SLG if you take walks. Hah

  14. They took a chance he wouldn’t make a good throw but he did. It was worth the shot with 2 outs.

    • @Robert: Bad ball to take a chance on. Ball was about 40 ft behind 1st base. The right fielder didn’t even fire it in there… it was a soft toss, on the money. No joke, but I could make that throw 95 times of 100. It was horrendous, and Votto looked like he had a hitch in his giddy-up after his knee being jammed into the catcher.

  15. That is two baserunning blunders to basically kill an inning. One on the player one on our awful, stand-in 3rd base coach.

  16. What is the 3rd base thinking? That’s not Billy Hamilton running. Oh, and with a bad knee.

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