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Game Thread: Pirates at Reds (2013.07.19)

We are now through the all-star break and today begins the unofficial (or is it the official?) second half of the season.  The Reds begin play today 5 games back in the National League Central race behind the St. Louis Cardinals.  They also hold a 5 game lead over the Washington Nationals for the second and final wild card spot.  Regardless of your feeling on how the Reds played before the all-star break, watching the Reds in the position they are now is more fun than watching them in the position they were in at this point a decade ago.

If there is one thing the last two years have taught us: Today begins the annual collapse of the Pittsburgh Pirates.  The Pirates have been baseball’s cinderella team thus far this season, but history suggests that is about to change.  I feel it is our job to remind baseball fans that the Pirates are still the Pirates.  Mike Leake and the Reds will look to begin another second half collapse of the Pirates starting tonight.

We have reached the dog days of Summer.  It is that time where every game means a little bit more, we watch the scoreboard every night, and the Reds need a little extra Go in their game!  We love our vowels here at Redleg Nation.  Bruuuuuuce.  Chooooooooo.  Woooooooo.  Let’s add a few more vowels….  GOOOOOOOO Reds!

294 thoughts on “Game Thread: Pirates at Reds (2013.07.19)

  1. Its really nice that the Reds have started the 2nd half with a win. Leake pitched a good game in my opinion. Sure he got a little complacent with the 5-0 lead, but he’s still very young and will learn from tonight’s experience. How bout the Reds lineup tonight? I think Dusty’s gonna leave it like it is. Awesome win for the Reds. Lets get em again tomorrow. Go Reds! Adios Amigos.

  2. At this point Cozart should recognize the unofficial rule “You never waive off BP, he waives you” The outfielders know this its high time Cozart figures it out too!

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