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All of the Reds farm teams had the night off last night. So here is a quick look at each teams record and overall standings at the MLB All Star Break.


Louisville – 48-51, 2nd in the four team International League West.


Pensacola – 38-56, last in the five team Southern League South.

High A

Bakersfield – 37-59, last in the five team California League North.

Low A

Dayton – 41-53, 6th in the eight team Midwest League Eastern.


Billings – 11-14, Tied for last in the four team Pioneer League North.

AZL Reds – 7-14, Tied for last in the four team AZL Central.

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  1. How disheartening and disappointing this news is. Four of the six teams are in last place, or tied for last. One team is sixth in an eight team field. I thought the Dayton roster looked good at the start of the season. I was under the impression that the Reds had turned around their farm system under WJ’s tutelage. But this suggests otherwise. Is this a one year anomaly? Or is this the actual state of the Reds minor league teams? This is unacceptable.

  2. Could be deceptive too.

    you could have a relativly robust farm system, but if all the pitching is concentrated here, the hitting there, and not on the same page, something like this is the result.

    I would rather have a system that has been graduating player to the Reds or other teams in trade, than one filled with 4-A players that tease you with the possibility that they may be able to contribute, while winning the american association.

    • @Lost and Found: No, I just think we have a stinker. Regarding the pitching, the talent is spread out throughout the minors. There is major talent at every level:

      AAA: Greg Reynolds and Chad Reineke
      AA: Daniel Corcino (though having a bad year) and Chad Rogers
      A: Robert Stephenson and The Hajj.
      A-: Nick Trevieso/Drew Cisco/Ismael Guillon
      Billings: Amir Garrett
      AZL Reds: Michael Lorenzen (though I think he was promoted to Dayton last week)

      There is a lot of other arms at each level I didn’t mention.

  3. Welllllll…. that sucks.

  4. Louisville has had some good years as have both As, especially Dayton. AA, the Rookie and now Zona have all been pretty bad for several years I think. I see a lot less pitchers and bats in the system like Mike Hessman than years prior. That lack of career minor leaguers keeps it more developmental but probably has hurt some teams records. Overall, there is nothing extreme here in terms of records but one would expect and ‘improving’ farm system to garner better records.

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