All-Star Game

3 thoughts on “All Star Poll Question

  1. I’ll watch about 5-7 innings depending on how late it gets, but won’t stay up late to watch whole thing.

  2. I’ll probably watch the whole thing. I am recording it though because I’ll be a little late to the party.

  3. Being a “over the top fan” I watched every pitch last night and overall enjoyed the game. But to be fair it was a very dull affair if you are only a casual fan. Any game that is completely dominated by pitching is going to be perceived as dull by the casual fan. If the game is trying to secure younger fans for the future the allstar game has/will be a liability unless the format changes to give the hitters a fair chance to score some runs. No one wants to see a constant stream of no name relief pitchers throw zeros at overmatched batters. I don’t know the answer but pitching is dominating t

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