The Reds are off tonight, and the greater portion of the week, but there is still some sort of baseball going on tonight. In my opinion, the homerun derby is the greatest All-Star event of any of the major sports. While I went years without watching the homerun derby, I have gotten back into it in recent years thanks in large part to my kids. My oldest son is 9 and my next one is 4 and both are obsessed with all things baseball. They absolutely love the Homerun Derby and therefore I watch it with them.

There are no Reds participating tonight but it should still be a pretty good show. That’s assuming our ears don’t bleed with all the “back, back, back” calls! So who’s everyone taking tonight? My heart says go with a National League bat, but my head says take an American League guy. So with that said, I’m taking Robinson Cano.

Pick away and discuss the festivities. Go Reds! (Sorry, just a habit)

A simple Reds fan from a simple town. I have been a Reds fan all my life. The 1990 team was crowned Champions during my prime youth years and I grew up idolizing Chris Sabo all the way down to the flat top hair style and the #17. I have passed that love of the Reds down to my three boys who love the game and the Reds just as much as I do! Follow me on twitter @CoachWilson17

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  1. Not particularly a fan of the guy, but my money is on Pedro Alvarez. Power is Adam Dunn-esque even though he’s much more compact.

  2. NL: 24 hr, 16 hr, 13 hr, 13 hr
    AL: 37 hr, 21 hr, 16 hr, 15 hr

    Doesn’t really seem quite fair.. that’s even with the AL not having Miguel Cabrera and his 30. I wouldn’t be surprised if Chris Roids Davis wins it. I mean, who the heck hits 37 HR before the All-Star break?

  3. Since we are just discussing things, about the hypothetical “what would you trade for Mike Trout”: if it were 2-3 years ago, I’d trade (in the offseason) Votto AND Bruce for Trout. I’d then take the 26M in savings and first buy myself a free agent to replace Votto. With the leftover money, I extend some of the starters. I’m better off overall.

    In today’s market, though, really good free agents are much more rare because teams are locking up their stars with the new TV money. So I might be stuck with Trout and a pile of cash to extend starters and no decent 1Bman, and the net result might not be that good.

  4. An interesting topic of thought to me is how much more dominant the AL is than the NL and what kinda stats our pitchers would put up in the AL east say. Then I was thinking that one league has probably usually been better than the other (mostly AL > NL in my lifetime) so how can one trust a pitchers’ stats through the years? I play fantasy baseball and have Josh Johnson on my team and have watched him pitched the last 3 or 4 ball games and while he hasn’t been great, he hasn’t been awful either but is just getting lit up each time he goes out there. Here are the last 5 teams he’s faced and then u tell me what mike leake or homer’s or mat’s ERA would look like after this schedule: Bal, @ Bos, Det, @Cle @ Bal. That is a murderer’s row for a pitcher….

    • @zab1983:

      You love Josh Johnson.

      My money is on Davis. If you haven’t seen him hit this year, it’s a treat. Such an effortless swing.

  5. Anyone watching Cespedes just destroy these baseballs?

  6. So I have to ask… between Harper’s hair and his brother’s mustache.. is there a sub-category award for family with the worst hair styles?

    Also, not super impressed with the derby choices thus far. 2nd place is 8 HR? I just watch this and keep find myself thinking “Dang, Bruce would crush these guys.”

    • @ToddAlmighty: Same here – Other than Cespedes, nobody is really cranking them.

      And count me as one who is not yet impressed with the ego that is Harper. I remember and equally talented man by the name of Strawberry who had “that look” about him … we all know what money and fame did to Darryl.

      • @msanmoore: I don’t. I must be too young, I don’t even get half these references that you guys make here, lol.

      • @msanmoore: I do know who Strawberry was, vaguely. A really good OF, I think? I forget if he’s in the HoF or not…

        • @rhayex: He was a VERY talented OFer, talent level similar to his friend and high school teammate, Eric Davis. Strawberry had HOF potential but his career was sidetracked by drug abuse and injuries.

  7. I don’t really doubt Chris Davis’ results. He’s a big dude that has that total golf like power stroke ala Thome, Matt Williams, Adam Dunn etc.

    It does seem weird how the Rangers kind of whiffed on him for just a stretch run reliever. I’m sure they would rather have this guy’s bat than Mitch Moreland, who is decent but doesn’t have this kind of power at all.

  8. I just saw the lineups for the game and can’t believe ESPN hasn’t gone ballistic. First, no Puig, now Harper is hitting NINTH?

    LF Mike Trout, Angels
    2B Robinson Cano, Yankees
    3B Miguel Cabrera, Tigers
    1B Chris Davis, Orioles
    RF Jose Bautista, Blue Jays
    DH David Ortiz, Red Sox
    CF Adam Jones, Orioles
    C Joe Mauer, Twins
    SS J.J. Hardy, Orioles

    P Max Scherzer, Tigers

    2B Brandon Phillips, Reds
    RF Carlos Beltran, Cardinals
    1B Joey Votto, Reds
    3B David Wright, Mets
    LF Carlos Gonzalez, Rockies
    C Yadier Molina, Cardinals
    SS Troy Tulowitzki, Rockies
    DH Michael Cuddyer, Rockies
    CF Bryce Harper, Nationals

    • @vegastypo:

      So with Molina and Phillips both starting, is this the first time since the brouhaha that they’ve been “teammates”? Molina will throw down to Phillips before each inning commences, yes? Will they high-five and congratulate one another for any in-game successes?

      I’m so excited to see that tension (if it still exists) play out.

      • @tpteach: They’ve been AS teammates a couple of times already. Nothing eventful happened.

        • @pinson343: Only one time since the brawl (remember that LaRussa left Phillips off last year). And they did overlap three defensive innings (6th through 8th). This year they both start and I’m curious if there’s still bad blood.

    • @vegastypo: Based on his 2013 performance, Harper should not even be on the team, let alone the starting lineup. An example of what happens when the fans vote. If he didn’t make the starting lineup thru the fans, no way that he’s on the team thru the player vote or manager selection.

      I had no problem with his being in the HR Derby.

    • @vegastypo: That struck me as odd, too. I’d have him up in ront of Molina.

  9. Cespedes won hands down. Dominated the first round and the finale. Didn’t tire himself out in the 2nd round, as a lot of first round leaders do.

  10. Who else thinks ESPN had Pete Rose running over Ray Fosse No.6 in the A-S Game’s top 10 best moments too low. I say it should be in the top 3. Of coure, I admit bias.

  11. So, here’s my All Star Game fantasy:
    1) Aroldis Chapman has a terrible time in New York. The people are rude, the dry cleaner ruins his favorite shirt, and the New York Post prints an unflattering picture of him along with speculation about him having an STD under the headline “CLAP-MAN?”. Based on all of this, Chapman decides he’ll never play in NY no matter how much money they pay him, and that he probably won’t play in any big city.
    2) Phillips patiently works a walk. Joey gets down 0-2, fouls off a couple of pitches, takes a ball, and then blasts the longest HR ever hit in CitiField. Strangely, it’s to straight right field.
    3) The AL scores a run on the following sequence: strike out, but runner reaches first on a PB by Molina. Batter advances to second when a snap throw down to first by Molina goes 10 feet above Joey’s head. (Phillips keeps runner from advancing to 3rd by racing over and somehow cutting the ball off before it reaches RF.) Runner does advance to 3rd when Molina pounces on a swinging bunt and unwisely tries to cut down the lead runner but sails a ball over Wright’s head. (Phillips keeps runner from scoring by racing over and somehow cutting the ball off before it reaches RF.). Run then scores on a PB by Molina. 2-1 NL (Molina, confidence crushed, goes .220/.220/.305 for St. Louis in the second half, and team ERA balloons to 5.45)
    4) It stays 2-1 NL until the 8th, when with 2 outs and a man on 3rd Bruce Bochy brings in Chapman for a 4 out Save. He proceeds to get all 4 outs, on 4 pitches, all of them change ups that induce weak grounders. New York fans, inexplicably, boo and hurl insults at Chapman’s parents in the stands. Police report the crowd taunting the Chapmans included people wearing Red Sox, Angels, Dodgers, Giants, Cubs, Nationals, Phillies, Mets, Yankees, and Rangers caps. Chapman announces he’ll never play for any of those teams.
    5) After the game, Hank Aaron is quoted as saying “bringing in Chapman with 4 outs to go was brilliant. Just brilliant. I’d prefer to see him starting, but if he’s going to close there’s no reason he shouldn’t come in in the 8th.”
    6) Chapman, in fluent English, tells the reporters gathered around his locker that he prefers closing. But there’s no reason the closer can’t come in with two outs in the 8th. “Or even earlier. Like the top of the 1st,” he said with a sly smile.

  12. Thanks for the nice feedback, guys! If an appropriate thread pops up I’ll repost it…with one small correction regarding Brandon’s heroic plays 😉

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