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Game Thread: Reds at Braves (2013.07.14)

The first half of the season concludes today, and for the Reds and many of their fans, I believe it couldn’t come at a better time. The Reds have not been playing great of late and these four days off could be what they need to get going in the second half.

But before everyone shuts it down, there is one game left to play. Can the Reds go into the break with a win and a series split against the Braves? Or will the Reds enter the break losers of three consecutive series? Let’s hope Tony Cingrani is on his game today and the offense can hit and the Reds at least split this series with Atlanta.

Go Reds!

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  1. The Reds are wrapping up the first half with a bang. Who knows what the second half holds in store for the team and us. As always its gonna be an interesting, informative and fun time following the Reds on Redleg Nation. Thanks for enhancing my baseball experience this first half of the season Redleg Nation. Back at em next Friday. Buckle up boys the ride could get bumpy at times. Go Reds! Adios Amigos.

  2. I think that was the first time I’ve ever seen anyone do anything with a high fastball from Chapman, that was not a hittable pitch.

    • @Gusandwally: A split in Atlanta is good. They have the best home record in baseball. And I don’t want to hear about their being depleted. Their reserve OFers won Game 3 for them.

      Today the Reds had to hit a tough pitcher to win, and they did.

  3. Man, tip your cap to Simmons, who is a terrible hitter but that HR was impressive, high and 99 MPH. Not very many players can hit that ball out of the park.

      • @msanmoore: I agree in general, but even with luck, you have to have some serious skills to stay on top of a 99 MPH heater and hit it out of the park.

        He’s basically Zack Cozart at the plate in general…weird.

  4. Surprised he could get behind that so much as opposed to popping it up. But it doesn’t matter anyway. I’ll take a split.

  5. Phew, so glad we have Chapman in the bullpen. Who oh who else could possibly preserve a 5 (errrr… 4) run lead for the team? I was pretty terrified when Paul Janish came up to the plate. I saw a series loss flash before my eyes. Thankfully Chapman did what no other pitcher could do, and struck Paul Janish out.

  6. After this win I feel really good, as opposed to just relieved, which is how I’ve felt after most of the Reds’ wins lately….good way to go into the All-Star Break. Now here’s hoping Travis Wood twirls a gem tonight! This is one of the few times it’s acceptable to say Go Cubs.

  7. Someone mentioned Phillips success with man on 3rd, < 2 outs. The available BR stat "success rate" here stupidly counts a walk as a failure (as opposed to nothing).

    Phillips actual stats this year with < 2 outs, man on 3rd:

    42 PAs, 31 ABs, 3 BB, 7 sac flies, 16 hits. So, essentially, in 39 chances (removing walks), he has gotten the run home at least 23 times. I say "at least" because nowhere can I find how often a player gets a run home on a groundout. This is certainly very good work by Phillips.

    Votto: 30 PAs, 16 ABs, 11 BB, 5 hits, 3 sac flies. So, his success rate is at least 8 out of 19. Not as good as Phillips, but I would expect that he sees crappier pitches.

    Interestingly, Devin Mesoraco has a higher success rate (at least 7 out of 11) than Phillips. That might indicate that this stat is overblown a bit? (It's all a pretty small sample, after all.)

    Reds as a team are 90 out of 177, at least; I bet it's more like 100 out of 177 when you consider groundouts. Pretty good. Cards are at least 77 out of 172. Reds are clearly much better at this.

    • @Hank Aarons Teammate:
      Thanks for that.
      I’m surprised the stat doesn’t factor in RBI groundouts or that BB’s are a negative.

      From time to time on Reds FOX Sports they throw that stat up with a runner on third an 2 outs or less.

  8. Great win by our Redlegs! Now let’s pull for a cards loss at wrigley tonight!

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