Who is this guy managing the Reds? Check out today’s lineup:

1. Heisey LF
2. Choo CF
3. Votto 1B
4. Phillips 2B
5. Bruce RF
6. Frazier 3B
7. Cozart SS
8. Miller C
9. Bailey P

A win today by the Reds would ensure at least a split in this series which I think is very important heading into the all-star break. A win would also guarantee them a shot at a winning series heading into the break which I also feel would be big for the team.

Let’s hope the Reds can GO today and get the job done!

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  1. Shchi Cossack

    The Braves are fielding their AAAA outfoeld for today’s (and probably tomorrow’s) game. The Reds still have to hit to beat them. The starters the Braves send to the mound today and tomorrow are top shelf.

    • bohdi

      @Shchi Cossack: I feel like BJ getting hurt was almost a bad break for the Reds… he was Cozart-esque at the plate.

  2. Eric the Red

    I’m betting unless Heisey goes 3 for 4 Dusty will file this under “well, I tried” and we’ll never see anything like it again.

  3. bohdi

    For any of the other out of market fans….Today’s game is the MLBtv free game of the day so the stupid blackout rules won’t apply.

  4. Sergeant2

    FYI- The Reds @ Atlanta game is the free game on mlb.com t.v. today. Go! Redlegs Go! By the way, I wonder if any of the fearless Reds beat writers will ask Dusty any questions concerning the lineup. Hah!

  5. Mwv

    Can’t help but wonder.. I’m sure it’s just my own personal conspiracy theory but this is twice now that the lineup has been shaken up when national media attention is involved. First time was the last Cards series, now this time when the Cozart #2 hole thing got some serious media attention. Guess we won’t know the results until after the all-star break.

  6. bohdi

    But now there is Chwo lefties in a row! How will they score runs!?

  7. Hank Aarons Teammate

    If Miller is catching because Mesoraco isn’t healthy, fine. If he’s catching because of Bailey, I wish Baker would tell Bailey “too bad”.

    As for whether Arroyo is a “stopper”, because he’s 8-0 after a loss, I ask the same question as with BA with RISP: if he does something different in games after a loss, why doesn’t he do those same things every single time out?

  8. Shchi Cossack

    Dusty has actually utilized this lineup format multiple times recently, just never with Heisey hitting leadoff. Dusty has moved Choo to the #2 hole against LHP and inserted Robinson as the leadoff hitter previously. If Heisey is going to hit .300+ and get on base .400+, I’m good with Heisey anywhere in the lineup.

    Choo is also scalding hot lately and Robinson has come back to reality, so I’m good with riding him against the LHP too. Maybe we’ll see an onslaught of doubles to start the game. I’m glad to see Dusty using the options available to him, even if it’s for just a few games.

  9. abox03

    Yep…hitting with RISP doesn’t matter at all……

    • Steve Mancuso

      @abox03: No one says hitting with RISP doesn’t matter.

      Was their something wrong with Todd Frazier’s clutchiness because his line drive went right to the third baseman?

  10. Steve Mancuso

    This lineup construction, which isn’t new, is further proof of the way Baker views the #2 spot in the lineup. Choo struggles against LHP, so Baker moves him out of the leadoff spot. That makes sense. But then Baker puts him in the #2 spot. That makes zero sense.

    Frazier hit that ball on the head. Bad luck.

  11. bohdi

    I swear every ball that goes more than 15 feet in the air the Braves fans think is going to be a home run.

  12. bohdi

    That mustache is amazing. Just dazzles the batter’s box.

  13. Robert

    Choo is en fuego! You know he’s butter ’cause he’s on a roll!

  14. Robert

    Brian McCann pulled a Votto and dropped an f-bomb! Nice.

  15. Steve Mancuso

    John Fay keeps saying that yesterday was the first time that Mesoraco has ever caught Arroyo (just said it again on the radio broadcast) but yesterday was the fifth time *this season* and seventh time overall that Mes has caught him.

  16. msanmoore

    Is it just me, or is that strike zone A) more than a little irregular in shape and B) moving around a whole lot?

    He calls a ball (looked like a strike) on Frazier then turns around and punches him out on what looked like a pitch even more out of the strike zone.

    Why do each of these umpires seem to want to “make their mark” on the strike zone? It’s just maddening to watch this garbage.

  17. ToddAlmighty

    Wow, watching on Gameday and there’s like… zero consistency in the strike zone it seems.

    • msanmoore

      Wow, watching on Gameday and there’s like… zero consistency in the strike zone it seems.

      Funny – it looks the same live … it moves and it is NOT a rectangle for either pitcher.

  18. YorktownRed

    Great play by Cozart being shielded by the runner.

  19. Steve Mancuso

    Bad defense for the Reds this inning. Votto should have fielded the first hit. Then Cozart throws an easy double play ball ten feet to the left of first base. Then Choo throws to third when he has no play, giving a free base to the hitter.

    Nice play by Cozart to get the third out, though.

  20. Robert

    Homer consistently hitting 96. hit 98 on one pitch.

  21. Robert

    Homer should have stayed with the split.

    • redskaph

      @Robert: And maybe should have retired after the no-hitter. All downhill since.

  22. msanmoore

    Got to respect McCann’s ability to pound those … you can’t miss to him often. At least it was a solo shot.

  23. Robert

    Any idea what the Reds rotation will be coming out of the break?

    My guess –

    • msanmoore

      @Robert: That would be a decent way to work it. Leake has earned the 3rd spot in my book and it is nice to trade off the hard throwers from the junk ballers.

  24. msanmoore

    Nice recovery by Corky. We needed that out.

  25. Robert

    Votto must not be seeing the ball of Minor. Taking a lot of pitches right down the middle.

  26. Robert

    I hope the missed opportunity in the first inning does come back to haunt.

  27. ToledoRedsFan


  28. Robert

    How the heck do you hang a breaking ball to the pitcher?

  29. pinson343

    Bailey needed a K against the pitcher. Throws him a slider ?

  30. Robert

    And Homer is having one of his patented collapses.

    • Steve Mancuso

      @Robert: This couldn’t be more wrong. Homer “gave up” three ground balls that hit in the dirt in front of home plate, and a bunt. Is that really one of his “patented collapses”? Your alter-egos are showing, Robert.

  31. Robert

    God, they are doing that stupid chop.

  32. ToddAlmighty

    I’m sorry, but I would pull Homer here. 2nd and 3rd, one out, has been getting hit by everyone suddenly in what is now a 3-2 game.

    He’s at 80-something pitches. Pull him, and play for a Reds win, not a Bailey win.

    • Steve Mancuso

      @ToddAlmighty: He gave up three ground balls and a bunt. All the ground balls were poorly hit. After watching Homer dispose of the next three hitters it was pretty clear that the best possible pitcher for that spot was Homer.

      • ToddAlmighty

        @Steve Mancuso: My opinion was admittedly made from watching Gameday. It doesn’t have “poorly hit ground ball” as a descriptor. I just see: singles on a ground ball, doubles on a sharp ground ball, pitcher doubles on a sharp ground ball, singles on a bunt… and that’s when I was thinking it might be time.

        Seeing as how both the doubles had sharply written in them, it’d give someone the idea that it wasn’t poorly hit.

      • Steve Mancuso

        @ToddAlmighty: I figured you weren’t watching the game live. The first “sharply” hit double hit about a foot in front of the plate and bounced three times before I went past Votto. It was sort of like a check swing. Minor’s ball was hit harder, but it would have been an out if Frazier hadn’t been playing even with the bag.

    • pinson343

      @ToddAlmighty: The hits by Johnson and Terdowhatever were seeing-eye ground balls. The hit by Minor was due to flat out stupidity.

  33. pinson343

    Homer blows away Freeman with a 98 mph fast ball. But he couldn’t do that against their pitcher when he needed a K ?

  34. pinson343

    Homer with fabulous stuff. The way he/Corky pitched to Minor could lose the game.

  35. Robert

    Good job stopping the bleeding. I still can’t figure out why he threw Minor a breaking ball. He couldn’t hit the fastball.

  36. kywhi

    It could have been worse, but you hate to see first Latos and then Bailey cough up leads against the Braves.

    • Hank Aarons Teammate

      @kywhi: Little different. Latos was downright terrible Thursday.

  37. Hank Aarons Teammate

    Clearly, Corky Miller is calling a horrible game.

  38. Robert

    Only down 1 but it sure feels worse.

  39. Robert

    Todd Frazier needs to start hitting.

    • ToddAlmighty

      @Robert: Todd Frazier is hitting .242/.334/.406 which puts him right around the middle for 3B in all of MLB. Seeing as how he’s a 2nd year player, and the #6 hitter to boot, and on top of all of that is playing some great defense (like 3rd best in all of MLB) this year, he’s doing fine.

      It’d be nice to see him hit like he did last year, but still doing just fine now. ZiPS still has him as a 3.3 WAR player. I’ll take it. If he just missed the entire rest of the year, he’d still be at 2.0 WAR which is how much a player should have to be a major league starter.

      • steveschoen

        @ToddAlmighty: Batting is position independent, Todd. The same for all. OBP is above average, but BA is below average. And, if a team is going to be in a playoff race, their players can’t be satisfied with average. For a ROY from last year, he should expect better. He is suppose to have better time to concentrate on things like hitting and making the adjustments this year since he only has to play one position and doesn’t have to worry about Rolen or Harris.

  40. Mwv

    Why do they keep trying to steal bases? I just do not understand this.

  41. Hank Aarons Teammate

    Why, why, why do they keep trying to run?

    • cincyreds14

      @Hank Aarons Teammate:
      My list of ‘what’s wrong with the Reds’ just keeps growing game by game …

      Homer Bailey is a terrible fielder

      Reds try to run even though they have no team speed

      Getting more fun by the game….

      Broken record time – this team is BAD!

    • steveschoen

      @Hank Aarons Teammate: They have plenty of speed. Knowing Bakerman, they probably don’t practice it, work on getting their leads, getting their jumps, etc. Last night, I think it was Todd F, he acted like he was thrown out by 3 feet when it seemed like, at least to me, that he could have slid under the tag and stayed safe.

  42. Robert

    I don’t get that at all. My wife is yelling at Dusty right now.

  43. pinson343

    Why is Bruce running against a pitcher who’s only allowed 2 stolen bases all season ?
    Base runners are now 2 for 7 vs. Minor on steal attempts.

    • ToddAlmighty

      @pinson343: Dusty was trying to make up for the lack of sac bunting in this game thus far. There’s only been what, one? Not nearly enough free outs.

    • steveschoen

      @pinson343: That’s just it. I like many do think the Reds can be running more. It’s not like they are a slow team. No speed burners granted, but they all aren’t Hanigan-like. Then, Baker comes up and tries to run against this guy? Does anyone use their head on this team?

  44. pinson343

    Another seeing eye single. Then Homer had plenty of time to go to 3rd on the bunt.

  45. kywhi

    Homer’s defensive lapse costs us another run.

  46. cincyreds14

    Homer’s defense is #28 on the list!

  47. Robert

    Bailey getting beat by AAA players!

  48. Hank Aarons Teammate

    The guy that hits worse than Cozart (BJ Upton) is out, so his replacements get hits. It figures.

  49. msanmoore

    News Flash!!! We’d better start hitting Minor and chase him (with or without RISP) RIGHT NOW!!

    • msanmoore

      News Flash!!!We’d better start hitting Minor and chase him (with or without RISP) RIGHT NOW!!

      And by “RIGHT NOW!!!” I obviously meant next inning … 🙄

  50. pinson343

    If Bailey had gone to 3rd for an easy out, then Constanza’s single doesn’t score a run.

  51. Hank Aarons Teammate

    If the Reds lose this game it traces back to the line drive out in the first. Two feet higher and it’s 5-4 Reds right now.

    Not that I am happy with the lack of hitting since the 2nd…

  52. Gusandwally

    I am new to cin bell fi-optics. Are the PPV channels and free one that was mentioned earlier available to me. I have not seen them anywhere.

  53. RedTitan19

    “All that’s up in the air are outs.”
    -Dusty Baker

  54. Robert

    Very weak by the Reds, very weak. That failure in the first inning is looming huge right now.

  55. ToddAlmighty

    Cracks me up when I see “Offensive Replacement: Cesar Izturis..” and I think…. yup, that is pretty offensive.

    But yeah, no idea why they let Corky hit.

  56. abox03

    bailey is so streaky….

    after the no hitter he gives up 20 hits in 11.2 innings…..

    • CharlotteNCRedsFan

      @abox03: Maybe but he is sporting an ERA of 3.82 so more bad than good streaks. I’d love to know what the Reds can get for him in a deal. I like HB but he is pretty overrated especially here at the nation.

      I know his FIP or FIPx is great but it doesn’t really seem to translate very well in real life.

    • Steve Mancuso

      @abox03: Homer was overall really good today. One bad pitch to McCann. Otherwise, just a bunch of lucky ground balls for the Braves.

      • CharlotteNCRedsFan

        @Steve Mancuso: I’d trade him. Maybe he is just unlucky but it’s too consistent. Does his trade-in value exceed his value as a Red? That is the question. Can the team really afford to stand pat? Every week that goes by, it seems unlikely that they can.

      • CharlotteNCRedsFan

        @Steve Mancuso: That’s an opinion not a fact. If you are referring to Bailey, he has the highest ERA and the worst record of the other five starters. I know you really like him and so do I but we can’t be blinded to facts.

      • cincyreds14

        @Steve Mancuso: Hey Steve, I agree with the others – Bailey is still over-blown, so maybe we could get a good, dynamic bat for him. And you think that Bailey has been the Reds best pitcher in ’13? Here, let me introduce you to MIKE LEAKE!

    • redskaph

      @abox03: IMO, not so much streaky as inconsistent – or just plain mediocre. I say try to trade him.

  57. ToddAlmighty

    All of 6 pitches. By the time I typed and posted my snarky comment about Izturis pinch hitting, the inning was already over.

  58. Robert

    Reds with 1 hit since the 2nd inning. That is just flat not getting it done.

  59. Robert

    I’m not sure that the Braves radar is incorrect. It had Parra throwing 95.

  60. pinson343

    Parra just made two very good LHed hitters look bad.

  61. Robert


    Alex Rios, PLEASE! You have to find some help for this offense!

    • ToddAlmighty

      @Robert: Pass on the $12m 30-something who has had a sub-.700 OPS two of the last five years and a career 102 OPS+.

      His career line: .278/.325/.444 (price? remainder of $12m this year, $12m next year)
      Aoki’s career line: .291/.358/.409 (price? remainder of $1.25m this year, $1.5m option in 2014)

      I’ll take Aoki for $10m/yr less and essentially the same numbers, thank you.

  62. ToddAlmighty

    Come on now.. are L/R matchups SO important that you have to burn a pitcher on a guy who’s hitting the interstate?

  63. santa barbara reds fan

    The reds are a mediocre team masquerading as a playoff contender. The only way they pulled off the masquerade as long as they have is that they got fat earlier in the season playing horrible teams. Now they can’t even win series with poor teams. It’s kind of maddening to hear some people say, ‘well at this time in 2010 or last year the reds were….’ This is THIS year and the reds look flat and uninspired. Hey, if this were 2010 or 2012, I’d actually have confidence that the reds would come back and win this game. Not this year.

      • cincyreds14

        @kywhi: Keep drinking the Cincinnati Reds kool-aide, do they sell that at the Park?

      • Hank Aarons Teammate

        @cincyreds14: Here’s an idea for you: define mediocre. When you are done, determine whether 52-42 qualifies under that definition.

      • cincyreds14

        @Hank Aarons Teammate: What’s the Red’s record since June 1st? Oh that’s right – 17-21 (less than a .500 record). And if they keep up their recent run and then factor in SOS (strength of schedule) after the All-Star break this team has a great chance to go 80-82 (how’s that for being all in)! The odds in Vegas for the Reds to finish under .500 keep dropping – jump in while you can still make a decent return.

      • CharlotteNCRedsFan

        @cincyreds14: Unfortunately, to these old eyes, this team looks a lot more like a 17-21 than a 52-42 team. They are definitely a “mediocre” team at the moment. Will that change? Only time will tell but the days keep passing by and there seems to be no turn-around in sight.

        Reds were 2nd to the bottom in runs scored in the NL for the month of June.

      • cincyreds14

        @CharlotteNCRedsFan: @cincyreds14:
        Sure teams have droughts but this team has looked horrid for a month and a half. I for one have never been known to give up the ship – but it sure isn’t heading in the right direction.
        And if a Reds fan is 35 or younger they have not seen a great Red’s team (1990 was pretty good but that was 23 years ago – and I sure don’t count these past 2 Reds playoff teams because they couldn’t even win a home playoff game). Trust me, the BRM would have considered that a failure!

    • cincyreds14

      @santa barbara reds fan: Santa Barbara – all the way from CA? The team management and fans of the Reds wear rose colored glasses around town. That’s what happens when you don’t have a home play-off victory in over a generation.

  64. CharlotteNCRedsFan

    I know the Reds offense is great and all but I would be tempted to shake this club up. Bailey and Chapman would be my centerpieces in potential deals. With JC out, I really have a hard time seeing this group doing a lot down the road. There is a strong possibility we have already seen their best ball, this year.

    • cincyreds14

      @CharlotteNCRedsFan: The Reds offense is great? Must be reading the local press through rose colored glasses. This team truly stinks (as does the offensive production from SS,3B, CF (until the last 10 days), C and then P. When your team has pathetic offense from over 50% of your line-up, your offense isn’t great – it’s pathetic!

      • CharlotteNCRedsFan

        @cincyreds14: That was sarcasm. Sorry I can not put the rolling-eyes icon as it doesn’t work. There is quite a bit of denial on the site when it comes to the actual current state of the team.

      • cincyreds14

        @CharlotteNCRedsFan: Man, why does the Red’s stench only make it to out of stater’s (I’m in lovely Colorado). North Carolina, Colorado, California. Must be that Tricky Dick (oops, Walt JOKE-rrty) and Busty Daker have found a way to access the water supply in Red’s country and slipped Mickie’s in that paralyze the locals train of thought when it comes to the Reds.

  65. abox03

    was curious so I looked this up….reds hits per inning…not sure what to make of it.

    98, 91, 90, 93, 89, 90, 88, 89

    that is about even across the board for hits in an inning….I figured (based on recent results) the first 2 innings would be much higher.

  66. Robert

    … and that will probably do it. The Braves 8th and 9th inning guys are outstanding.

  67. RedTitan19

    I sure do miss some Reds homeruns.

  68. Steve Mancuso

    One of the problems with focusing on failing with RISP, like in the first inning, is that it misdiagnoses the problem. The first inning wasn’t the problem, the Reds scored that inning. The problem is only having a total of six hits and only one walk. If you want to pinpoint what the problem is going forward it isn’t that they don’t hit with RISP or with two outs, it’s that they don’t consistently get runners on base.

      • Steve Mancuso

        @Robert: Even still, the main problem isn’t that they didn’t knock in runs that inning. The main problem is there are too many innings like the others where they go 1-2-3, without a baserunner.

    • CharlotteNCRedsFan

      @Steve Mancuso: Maybe, just maybe if they rearranged what they had that would make a difference. I thought someone mentioned yesterday that we lead the league in runners LOB. If that is a fact, it would seem to me we are getting the runners on. Maybe it is an issue of a disjointed line-up, more than anything else.

      Just wish the would do “something” soon as this is getting discouraging.

  69. hoodlum

    Parra clearly didn’t have it today. So glad Dusty pulled him.

  70. RedTitan19

    Have we even hit one on this road trip? Aside frome the one the Brewers stole, of course.

      • RedTitan19

        @ToddAlmighty: that’s right. Chris Welsch just brought that one up too. Sure seems like a major power outage. Maybe they are terrified of finding all those outs up there so they don’t want to hit it in the air

      • ToddAlmighty

        @RedTitan19: True, they’re probably listening to the wise words of Dusty. Ground balls for all, if it’s in the air, it’s an out.

  71. Mwv

    The Reds have been reliant on HR’s this year? Really? Hrm, any truth to that? Compared to the rest of the league I mean?

    • Truman48

      @Mwv: I would bet they depend more on them than most teams.

      • pinson343

        @Truman48: The Braves lead the league in reliance on HRs. The Reds are up there, not sure where.

      • Hank Aarons Teammate

        @pinson343: No, they don’t, and no, they are not. Not even close.

      • pinson343

        @Hank Aarons Teammate: The Braves radio broadcasters gave both pieces of information Friday nite. Not sure what exactly they meant by “HR reliance”. I would assume it’s simply pct. of runs scored on HRs.

      • pinson343

        @Hank Aarons Teammate: Thanks. I too don’t really care about a stat like HR reliance. But just curious, where do the Braves rank in the NL ? I can’t get on to Baseball Prospectus at the moment.

  72. ToddAlmighty

    Sure glad Dusty specifically put Simon in there to give a HR to Uggla. Gotta love that righty pitcher matchup game.

  73. Truman48

    Two hits from 4-9 hitters today. TOS.

  74. Truman48

    Homer made some mistakes that cost him. Any way you slice it it was a subpar performance.

  75. ToddAlmighty

    Jay Bruce, tie this up 5-5 here so I have a reason to procrastinate from yard work longer.

  76. Mutaman

    My course: How to scapegoat everyone except the folks who are not getting the job done-the players.

    • Truman48

      @Mutaman: players play the game. Cozart didn’t hit second today. I agree.

  77. Robert

    Despite the Reds loss, I had a great day. Went and bought a new car. I won’t get it until Wednesday though as they have to bring it in from…Atlanta.

  78. pinson343

    Paul Janish grounds into a DP on the first pitch and a Braves broadcaster mutters: “Seen that before.” A product of the Reds farm system !

  79. Robert

    Bottom of the order. I’m expecting a 1-2-3 inning. As they say, “without a whimper”.

  80. cincyreds14

    Reds are offering an on-line course

    How to
    1. mishandle a bull-pen
    2. how to get constantly get out-managed
    3. how to lose to a team without a member of
    their starting outfield playing
    4. how to bring in a reliever to give up a BOMB
    when the other reliever is pitching just fine
    5. how to not steal a base when you don’t have

    They will have a refresher course tomorrow for those who miss it today. And it’s -FREE-. All you have to do is tune in to watch or simply listen

  81. Robert

    If Frazier make an out and Cozart gets a hit, Cozart’s average will actually be higher than Frazier’s.

    • Mwv

      @Robert: Good thing average is all that matters right? Might wanna check out the difference in their OBP.

  82. Robert

    You certainly can’t come back if you don’t SWING THE BAT!

  83. ohtheusual

    Is it legal for Kimbrel to have that pine tar on his hat?

  84. Robert

    Kimbrell is doctoring the ball. Someone should challenge it. look at his hat!

  85. msanmoore

    Turned it off after the Cozart K-looking … see you all tomorrow when hopefully we can earn a split.

    BTW – for the wrap-up, I’d bring out Milton just because of the missed opportunities and some flat-out dumb moves.

  86. Mwv

    @cincyreds14: Oh come on, that pitch is lethal. If you can’t admit how good that pitch is then you are just griping to gripe.

    • pinson343

      @Mwv: Agreed. The strike 3 sliders to Frazier and Cozart were lethal.

  87. pinson343

    Too bad. The Reds had the mighty Hannahan on deck.

  88. kywhi

    No loss is good, but this one is just plain bad. You give a lead to a pitcher of Bailey’s caliber only to see him whittle it away at the same time the offense goes back into its nearly six-week coma. I still think the Reds will have a strong second half, but they should be celebrating their third win of the series instead of their second bad loss. It’s not all that much fun when it gets to the point that your highlight of the evening (speaking only of baseball here!) is tuning into a Cardinals game and hoping they lose so the Reds can stay in striking distance.

    • Mwv

      @cincyreds14: Has anyone ever shipped out a pitcher in the same season he threw a no-hitter? That’d really be something.

      • cincyreds14

        @Mwv: Have you ever heard of selling high? The bank wants to lend you money not when you need it but when you don’t. Homer is at his pinnacle – get some talent for him – he has peaked!

        And as far as trading a pitcher who has thrown a few no-hitters – here let me introduce you to …

        NOLAN RYAN

      • CharlotteNCRedsFan

        @cincyreds14: Hard to know if this is Homer’s pinnacle but if I’m trading, I’m trading the guys that I consider to be overvalued. That is why I would like to find out what the market is for Homer & Chappy. To me, they are the two most overvalued guys on the team. You are spot on that is probably as good as time as any to shop Homer “because” of the no-hitter.

      • ToddAlmighty

        @CharlotteNCRedsFan: You’ll have to bite off Dusty’s finger to make him part with Chapman. Good luck with that, hah. But yeah.. his talent is being wasted and he’s worth more in a trade than pitching 10 innings a month, probably the majority of which with a 3 run lead or against the 7,8,9 batters.

      • cincyreds14

        @ToddAlmighty: And Todd, if we could only slip Busty Daker into Chapman’s suitcase as he heads out of Cincinnati to God only know where (and man if there was room for Tricky Dick (opps – Walt JOKE-rrty)how much sweeter would that be)?

      • ToddAlmighty

        @cincyreds14: Why would you want Jocketty to go? Sure he brings us the occasional Izturis/Valdez, but he’s done alright for this team.

        Choo is a large reason why this is even a winning ballclub. Ludwick was a big reason why the Reds made the playoffs last season. The Latos trade was outright highway robbery looking back on it now. Taking Xavier Paul from someone’s minor league team was a solid pickup. Signing Simon paid off too. Scott Rolen stayed too long, but he was huge in 2010 for the team and helped the young guys.

        Jocketty has improved this team. Nothing wrong with him. He just doesn’t have 100% power it seems, since Dusty is the owner’s “guy”.

      • pinson343

        @ToddAlmighty: Yes and yes. My problem with WJ is the way he fills out the bench, no pop, just a bunch of “utility” guys.

      • cincyreds14

        @pinson343: And I would still love to see Travis Wood on the Reds (saw him here in Denver – rock solid) – one instance where Uncle Walt got his (our) pocket picked as we now have our LHP specialist – Manny Parra – so we really did not really need to expend a young quality SP. Btw,the only 2 quality coaches on the Red’s staff are Brian Price as he does a great job with the pitching staff as does Billy Hatcher surrounded by a bunch of goobers. The rest can go and the Reds get Eric Davis as the Red’s batting coach and put Johnny Bench next to Sparky (oops sorry).

      • cincyreds14

        @ToddAlmighty: Todd, sorry about that – I stand corrected – the Reds are doomed and I picked on the entire team (since there really have been so many more negatives than positives (3:1) this year). And you are right – Dusty (better at managing an experienced team) is the owner’s guy and he is actually the main culprit. Would love to see the Red’s get a manager who could actually coach these young, developing guys. Man they seem so lost (Mesoroco, Frazier and Cozart). By the way, not to be totally negative – one positive is what I have seen out of Mike Leake this year.

      • CharlotteNCRedsFan

        @cincyreds14: Mike Leake has been the “most” positive thing this year, IMO.

      • cincyreds14

        @ToddAlmighty: Once again, trade Homer high (for a solid SS, 3B, LF, CF or C who can handle offspeed pitches) and get Greg Reynolds into the starting rotation.

      • cincyreds14

        @CharlotteNCRedsFan: Thanks NC – and stay away from that Cincy concoction that has all the locals fooled into believing that this is a good Red’s team – as you and I already both know – it really isn’t!

      • ToddAlmighty

        @Mwv: I won’t lie, I was a huge fan of trading Homer Bailey last offseason. He finished the season REALLY strong, but had a crazy home/away ERA split (due in large part to batters slugging .230 higher on him in GABP).

        I didn’t think he’d be able to raise his value any more than he did. I think he may have managed that, but I still think that trading him this coming offseason is a good idea. He’s going to be a free agent for the 2015 season. Cueto is a FA in 2015, and Latos is a FA in 2016. If I had to pick one of the three, I would choose Latos. He’s still only 25 compared to Bailey/Cueto’s 27. Combine that with the fact that Latos has been consistently both strong and healthy. Since he’s gotten past his rookie year, he’s never started less than 31 games in a season. His highest ERA in that time span is also 3.53 which is this year and he’s still 2-3 years away from the peak of his career so he can be expected to still potentially make strides forward.

        Bailey (27): 4.38 ERA
        Latos (25): 3.43 ERA
        Cueto (27): 3.56 ERA

        So when you look at the three, I highly doubt that they can keep all three on long contracts. So lock up Latos, and then hope you can get a good deal on Cueto since he has an injury history. Bailey worries me because don’t forget the fact that he was either the last or the second to last player in MLB to avoid arbitration last offseason. I think Bailey thinks he’s worth a whole lot…… So then trade Bailey for a load of AAA-AA prospects to refresh the farm teams.

      • cincyreds14

        @ToddAlmighty: Homer does not want to be in Cincy – TRADE HIM while he’s got some serious value!

      • ToddAlmighty

        @Steve Mancuso: ERA over the span of like 4-5 seasons, yeah, seriously. I can buy all the other stats for reasons why someone is playing better or worse than they should for that particular season based off of H/9, K/9, BB/9 and BABIP.. but when you’re talking about a span of like 4-5 years, can we really keep saying that they’re not as good/bad as their career ERA indicates due to peripherals?

        At that point, we’re talking like 120-150 starts. How does ERA not indicate if someone’s been good or how consistent they are? You can’t argue it’s a BABIP fluke or something at that point.

    • Hank Aarons Teammate

      @kywhi: So, if a pitcher is given a 2-0 lead, then he is supposed to win the game? That would mean, for a typical team, the starter would have to go 7 innings and give up 0 or 1 run. There are no pitchers in MLB whose typical outing is as good as that.

  89. pinson343

    The Reds best chance for a comeback was the 7th inning. I’ll complain about that on the recap.

  90. Larry1980

    The Reds should have resigned Dioner Navarro. he has done a great job for the Cubs.

    • pinson343

      @Larry1980: Navarro also did a good job for the Reds last year. And he’s a better bat off the bench that anyone the Reds have.

  91. Hank Aarons Teammate

    New MLB rule: games against bad teams do not count in the standings.

  92. cincyreds14

    oh, and by the way, get a batting coach that the players will listen and pay attention to instead of old whatshisname (how is he working out – NOT).

  93. CI3J

    I was in favor of trading Bailey in the past, but I’d like the Reds to try to lock him up.

    But yeah, if the Reds try but Homer keeps insisting on more money than he’s worth, sell high. I’ve said before, I wonder if the old, arrogant, conceited Homer is lurking just below the surface of this ‘new’ Homer…..

    • CharlotteNCRedsFan

      @CI3J: Guys with sub 3.80 ERA’s aren’t in short supply. I’m just warning of paying #1 or #2 money for a decent #3 or solid #4 starter. And I think I’m being generous.

  94. cincyreds14

    You gotta be kidding me, there has to be a Ron Gant (95), Kevin Mitchell (great years @ 31 and 32), Glenn Braggs, Dimitri Young or as a topper Dave Parker out there hiding in the weeds somewhere to ignite this team and put a little fire in their belly and under their rear ends!

  95. cincyreds14

    Is there a problem with one of my posts?