Who is this guy managing the Reds? Check out today’s lineup:

1. Heisey LF
2. Choo CF
3. Votto 1B
4. Phillips 2B
5. Bruce RF
6. Frazier 3B
7. Cozart SS
8. Miller C
9. Bailey P

A win today by the Reds would ensure at least a split in this series which I think is very important heading into the all-star break. A win would also guarantee them a shot at a winning series heading into the break which I also feel would be big for the team.

Let’s hope the Reds can GO today and get the job done!

A simple Reds fan from a simple town. I have been a Reds fan all my life. The 1990 team was crowned Champions during my prime youth years and I grew up idolizing Chris Sabo all the way down to the flat top hair style and the #17. I have passed that love of the Reds down to my three boys who love the game and the Reds just as much as I do! Follow me on twitter @CoachWilson17

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  1. Is it legal for Kimbrel to have that pine tar on his hat?

  2. Kimbrell is doctoring the ball. Someone should challenge it. look at his hat!

  3. Turned it off after the Cozart K-looking … see you all tomorrow when hopefully we can earn a split.

    BTW – for the wrap-up, I’d bring out Milton just because of the missed opportunities and some flat-out dumb moves.

  4. @cincyreds14: Oh come on, that pitch is lethal. If you can’t admit how good that pitch is then you are just griping to gripe.

  5. Too bad. The Reds had the mighty Hannahan on deck.

  6. No loss is good, but this one is just plain bad. You give a lead to a pitcher of Bailey’s caliber only to see him whittle it away at the same time the offense goes back into its nearly six-week coma. I still think the Reds will have a strong second half, but they should be celebrating their third win of the series instead of their second bad loss. It’s not all that much fun when it gets to the point that your highlight of the evening (speaking only of baseball here!) is tuning into a Cardinals game and hoping they lose so the Reds can stay in striking distance.

    • @cincyreds14: Has anyone ever shipped out a pitcher in the same season he threw a no-hitter? That’d really be something.

      • @Mwv: Have you ever heard of selling high? The bank wants to lend you money not when you need it but when you don’t. Homer is at his pinnacle – get some talent for him – he has peaked!

        And as far as trading a pitcher who has thrown a few no-hitters – here let me introduce you to …

        NOLAN RYAN

        • @cincyreds14: Hard to know if this is Homer’s pinnacle but if I’m trading, I’m trading the guys that I consider to be overvalued. That is why I would like to find out what the market is for Homer & Chappy. To me, they are the two most overvalued guys on the team. You are spot on that is probably as good as time as any to shop Homer “because” of the no-hitter.

          • @CharlotteNCRedsFan: You’ll have to bite off Dusty’s finger to make him part with Chapman. Good luck with that, hah. But yeah.. his talent is being wasted and he’s worth more in a trade than pitching 10 innings a month, probably the majority of which with a 3 run lead or against the 7,8,9 batters.

          • @ToddAlmighty: And Todd, if we could only slip Busty Daker into Chapman’s suitcase as he heads out of Cincinnati to God only know where (and man if there was room for Tricky Dick (opps – Walt JOKE-rrty)how much sweeter would that be)?

          • @cincyreds14: Why would you want Jocketty to go? Sure he brings us the occasional Izturis/Valdez, but he’s done alright for this team.

            Choo is a large reason why this is even a winning ballclub. Ludwick was a big reason why the Reds made the playoffs last season. The Latos trade was outright highway robbery looking back on it now. Taking Xavier Paul from someone’s minor league team was a solid pickup. Signing Simon paid off too. Scott Rolen stayed too long, but he was huge in 2010 for the team and helped the young guys.

            Jocketty has improved this team. Nothing wrong with him. He just doesn’t have 100% power it seems, since Dusty is the owner’s “guy”.

          • @ToddAlmighty: Yes and yes. My problem with WJ is the way he fills out the bench, no pop, just a bunch of “utility” guys.

          • @pinson343: And I would still love to see Travis Wood on the Reds (saw him here in Denver – rock solid) – one instance where Uncle Walt got his (our) pocket picked as we now have our LHP specialist – Manny Parra – so we really did not really need to expend a young quality SP. Btw,the only 2 quality coaches on the Red’s staff are Brian Price as he does a great job with the pitching staff as does Billy Hatcher surrounded by a bunch of goobers. The rest can go and the Reds get Eric Davis as the Red’s batting coach and put Johnny Bench next to Sparky (oops sorry).

          • @ToddAlmighty: Todd, sorry about that – I stand corrected – the Reds are doomed and I picked on the entire team (since there really have been so many more negatives than positives (3:1) this year). And you are right – Dusty (better at managing an experienced team) is the owner’s guy and he is actually the main culprit. Would love to see the Red’s get a manager who could actually coach these young, developing guys. Man they seem so lost (Mesoroco, Frazier and Cozart). By the way, not to be totally negative – one positive is what I have seen out of Mike Leake this year.

          • @cincyreds14: Mike Leake has been the “most” positive thing this year, IMO.

          • @CharlotteNCRedsFan: Totally agreed – and how Travis Wood is pitching (oops – he’s now with the Cubs).

          • @cincyreds14: Agree. So far that trade has turned out to be a total disaster.

          • @ToddAlmighty: Once again, trade Homer high (for a solid SS, 3B, LF, CF or C who can handle offspeed pitches) and get Greg Reynolds into the starting rotation.

          • @CharlotteNCRedsFan: Thanks NC – and stay away from that Cincy concoction that has all the locals fooled into believing that this is a good Red’s team – as you and I already both know – it really isn’t!

      • @Mwv: I won’t lie, I was a huge fan of trading Homer Bailey last offseason. He finished the season REALLY strong, but had a crazy home/away ERA split (due in large part to batters slugging .230 higher on him in GABP).

        I didn’t think he’d be able to raise his value any more than he did. I think he may have managed that, but I still think that trading him this coming offseason is a good idea. He’s going to be a free agent for the 2015 season. Cueto is a FA in 2015, and Latos is a FA in 2016. If I had to pick one of the three, I would choose Latos. He’s still only 25 compared to Bailey/Cueto’s 27. Combine that with the fact that Latos has been consistently both strong and healthy. Since he’s gotten past his rookie year, he’s never started less than 31 games in a season. His highest ERA in that time span is also 3.53 which is this year and he’s still 2-3 years away from the peak of his career so he can be expected to still potentially make strides forward.

        Bailey (27): 4.38 ERA
        Latos (25): 3.43 ERA
        Cueto (27): 3.56 ERA

        So when you look at the three, I highly doubt that they can keep all three on long contracts. So lock up Latos, and then hope you can get a good deal on Cueto since he has an injury history. Bailey worries me because don’t forget the fact that he was either the last or the second to last player in MLB to avoid arbitration last offseason. I think Bailey thinks he’s worth a whole lot…… So then trade Bailey for a load of AAA-AA prospects to refresh the farm teams.

        • @ToddAlmighty: Homer does not want to be in Cincy – TRADE HIM while he’s got some serious value!

          • @Steve Mancuso: ERA over the span of like 4-5 seasons, yeah, seriously. I can buy all the other stats for reasons why someone is playing better or worse than they should for that particular season based off of H/9, K/9, BB/9 and BABIP.. but when you’re talking about a span of like 4-5 years, can we really keep saying that they’re not as good/bad as their career ERA indicates due to peripherals?

            At that point, we’re talking like 120-150 starts. How does ERA not indicate if someone’s been good or how consistent they are? You can’t argue it’s a BABIP fluke or something at that point.

    • @kywhi: So, if a pitcher is given a 2-0 lead, then he is supposed to win the game? That would mean, for a typical team, the starter would have to go 7 innings and give up 0 or 1 run. There are no pitchers in MLB whose typical outing is as good as that.

  7. The Reds best chance for a comeback was the 7th inning. I’ll complain about that on the recap.

  8. The Reds should have resigned Dioner Navarro. he has done a great job for the Cubs.

    • @Larry1980: Navarro also did a good job for the Reds last year. And he’s a better bat off the bench that anyone the Reds have.

  9. New MLB rule: games against bad teams do not count in the standings.

  10. oh, and by the way, get a batting coach that the players will listen and pay attention to instead of old whatshisname (how is he working out – NOT).

  11. I was in favor of trading Bailey in the past, but I’d like the Reds to try to lock him up.

    But yeah, if the Reds try but Homer keeps insisting on more money than he’s worth, sell high. I’ve said before, I wonder if the old, arrogant, conceited Homer is lurking just below the surface of this ‘new’ Homer…..

    • @CI3J: Guys with sub 3.80 ERA’s aren’t in short supply. I’m just warning of paying #1 or #2 money for a decent #3 or solid #4 starter. And I think I’m being generous.

  12. You gotta be kidding me, there has to be a Ron Gant (95), Kevin Mitchell (great years @ 31 and 32), Glenn Braggs, Dimitri Young or as a topper Dave Parker out there hiding in the weeds somewhere to ignite this team and put a little fire in their belly and under their rear ends!

  13. Is there a problem with one of my posts?

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A simple Reds fan from a simple town. I have been a Reds fan all my life. The 1990 team was crowned Champions during my prime youth years and I grew up idolizing Chris Sabo all the way down to the flat top hair style and the #17. I have passed that love of the Reds down to my three boys who love the game and the Reds just as much as I do! Follow me on twitter @CoachWilson17


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