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233 thoughts on “Game Thread: Reds at Braves (2013.07.12)

  1. Instead of extolling Mesoraco for busting his butt down the line trying to beat the throw, the Reds announcers simply say “Not a productive out.” Meso is hurting and playing through it and still giving 100%. I’ll say it, “Good hustle, Meso.”

  2. Just hope the boys don’t shut-down and settle for 3. Play like you’re behind, boys.

  3. Latos should watch how quickly Bronson moves to cover first base. I’m not talking about speed, I’m talking about reacting quickly.

  4. That worked out, but BP’s little toss there to Bruce is like a lateral in football to someone who isn’t expecting it – dangerous.

    • @Mwv: Sure can. He’s seemed “off” most of the year yet he’s 5th in the NL in AVG. What a player.

      Now if he could only get runners to score from 1st on doubles and runners to score from 2nd on singles. I don’t know how to look it up, but he’s gotta lead the league in doubles/singles that dont score runners from 1st/2nd.

      Full disclosure: I’d have held Robinson there, too.

  5. The Reds’ broadcasters idea that Mesoraco should make a productive out, meaning move a runner from 2nd to 3rd, with Arroyo on deck, is lame.

  6. Joey advancing base runners, including himself, again. See prjeter’s link above.

  7. Please stop hitting Philips. Plunk Choo some more if you have to National League but leave Philips alone.

  8. The Reds with an excellent chance to put it away here. Let’s do it, guys.

  9. Lefty to face Bruce. Haven’t they studied the stats. Here comes the BOOM!

  10. I know everyone will think I am nuts – but if Choo is too expensive next year and Hamilton needs another year at AAA – how about if our current speedster Derrick Robinson playing CF next year (he could play).

    I wouldn’t mind it (good D – speed and can slash)

    • I know everyone will think I am nuts – but if Choo is too expensive next year and Hamilton needs another year at AAA – how about if our current speedster Derrick Robinson playing CF next year (he could play).

      I wouldn’t mind it (good D – speed and can slash)

      I am sure this will not be a popular opinion. However i do not believe Billy Hamilton will ever play on a regular basis for the Reds. Maybe some spot play for a year or two, then off to the “Suitcase Simpson Trail” Hope I’m wrong.

  11. The Reds should at the very least split this series – the Braves do not look as foreboding as last month when we barely escaped without being swept.

  12. Good hustle by Todd, there. Looks like the Reds are really hustling more tonight than usual. Anyone else think so?

    • @prjeter: I do but they needed to get more than 1 out of this opportunity. Time to turn the page. Frigging dumb. Just plain stupid. Man, this team just will not let you feel good about them for very long.

      • @CharlotteNCRedsFan: You need to chill out, man. Frazier tripled earlier and, sure, his AB wasn’t great, but he still hustled down the line to keep the inning going. He’s not Ted Williams.

        Of course getting 1 would have been nice, but was not the point of my post, as is obvious to anyone who read it.

  13. That was clearly interference on Phillips. Fortunately not called.

  14. Double steal sends a great message to Cozart from Baker; “Son, I don’t trust you to get this run in, so I’m going to rely on Frazier stealing a base and some gool ‘ol fashioned trickery.”

    With that said, I liked the call.

      • @prjeter: Frazier’s been 5 for 7 by picking his spots, weak throwing catcher, or knows the pitcher’s move, etc. The more he tries to steal, the more likely he is to be thrown out.

    • Frazier just too slow to try that.

      I think there was more to it than that. 1-2 count on Cozart. They were expecting a breaking ball which would have helped Frasier get a jump. Instead, it was a fastball up, where the catcher could quickly come up out of his crouch and throw–which he did.

      Almost looked like they stole a sign.

        • @CharlotteNCRedsFan: Yeah. I agree with you. We’ve been sloppy on the basepaths. Just not this time. The catcher came out of that crouch almost before the ball got there like he knew he was going to make the throw. Wouldn’t you throw something away or off speed to Cozart and see if he chases on that count? Instead, he threw a 4 seamer up around the neck. Suspicious.

          • @Richard Fitch: I agree with your analysis as it relates to a stolen sign, I just wouldn’t have taken the bat out of Zack’s hands. As low as the chance percentage of Zack producing there, I think a double steal had far worse odds. But I can appreciate the other side of the argument. Just believe, less is more as far as the Reds’ baserunning antics.

      • @Richard Fitch: I was thinking the same thing. They could never in a million years have guessed correctly on that. That was from the appendix of Dusty’s Book of Baseball Strategy…

  15. Greg Reynolds is dealing again for the Bats. Live in Denver and asked a Rocky fan who said he could never quite put it together for the Rockies – maybe a change of scenery has done just that (lets hope).

  16. Wouldn’t it make sense when facing a “funky” guy like Wood to make him throw you two strikes? I would think it would be very difficult to be consistent with those mechanics.

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