Cozart is out of the 2-hole … for now. I’m feelin’ Good Bronson on the bump tonight. Let’s go.

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  1. Wow, Bronson.

  2. pirates heading to extras

  3. Feels like the strike zone for both teams has gotten bigger as the game went on.

  4. We are letting this guy save the bullpen.

  5. After watching the Reds hitters vs. Wood for 3 innings, Bruce’s sac fly looking relatively impressive.

  6. The Upton brothers can hit Applebees early tonight.

  7. Wow! Anything traveling that far ought to have a stewardess on it …

  8. Bucco’s get a leadoff double, bunt him over–and get no run. Looks like somebody’s been xeroxing Dusty’s playbook.

  9. Bronson decides to challenge McCann on 3-2 this time. Didn’t want to walk him and give Uggla a chance to hit a 2 run homer, I think.

  10. That is one funky delivery by Wood

  11. Braves will be out looking for an outfielder. Reds better move fast.

  12. Good take by Frazier on 2-2.

  13. Just tuned in. Bronson dealing. Hanigan calling the game from the bench?

  14. Mesoraco swinging at everything, contacting with none.

    • @Robert: I just can’t see the Mez-Appeal. He can’t throw out runners, most pitchers prefer Hanigan, and his offense is simply unattractive.

      • @RedTitan19: Most pitchers prefer Hanigan? Who cares? They’re pitchers, not managers. You put the best catcher on the field, not the one they like the most. Mez has caught all our pitchers now and they’ve done fine with him behind the plate. You wanna argue about defense or hitting, sure.. there’s stuff to be said there. Pitcher preference sounds like something Dusty would use as a justification.

        • @RedTitan19: Most pitchers prefer Hanigan? Who cares? They’re pitchers, not managers.You put the best catcher on the field, not the one they like the most.Mez has caught all our pitchers now and they’ve done fine with him behind the plate.You wanna argue about defense or hitting, sure.. there’s stuff to be said there.Pitcher preference sounds like something Dusty would use as a justification.

          Gotta disagree, the relationship between pitcher is huge and in many cases can have a major factor in the success of both pitcher and team.

        • @Mwv: Well what of the other criteria? If he can’t leapfrog Hanigan on defense or pitchers’ preference, his offense must be stellar. Not so. In fact, even with Hanigan’s struggles this year, I’m more comfortable with Hani at the plate. So I just can’t understand why so many people want “more mez”

          • @RedTitan19: I’m still up in the air on which one is better right now, but is there any doubt which one we need to be better for the future? That’s the real issue as I see it. If you toss Mez to the wolves now then we have to find a new catcher. I think in the end Mez will become a better catcher for us, mostly because I think his potential on offense is a lot higher than Hanigans. Defense will come slower but I think he’ll be fine there too.

          • @Mwv: while I agree there may be a possibility of offensive upside, I don’t see how his arm suddenly becomes servicable. Yeah the staff can adapt and he can adapt to them. But if he cant catch Jim Leyland trying to take second from the dugout on a high fastball, I’ll take Hani.

          • @RedTitan19: Mesaroco almost seems set up to fail in a way. They want him to be a defensive cathcer, hitting him 8th, playing him 2-3 times a week. Which I understand because Hannigan has had a good career overall with the Reds and is a solid veteran.

            But it’d be interesting to see Mesoraco playing every day maybe on another team or for the Reds. Maybe we’ll see that with the Reds this year. Not saying I’m even for that, but I’m curious to see what kind of hitter he could be. I don’t think we’re gonna see much out of him hitting with the current setup.

            Any chance the Reds trade for Dioneer Navarro? Having a good season in Chicago.

  15. Nice job by LeCure. I was a little nervous about the bullpen’s consecutive inning scoreless streak ending at the wrong time. Of course, still an inning to go.

  16. DRob on base 3 times tonight

  17. Given the actual amount of ML game action both Frazier and Mes has had, isn’t it still a bit early to know what they can do? For me I want to allow 3 full seasons in the show before deciding anything.

  18. So… fielder’s choice where the ball instantly popped out of the guy’s glove, check swing is called a swing for a strike, and then the second baseman wraps his arm around Choo and pulls him down so if the ball had skipped out to shallow center, he couldn’t have gotten up and stolen third.

    Umps just sit there. Are they just wanting to get this game over with or what? Or maybe Dusty paid them to call it in Atlanta’s favor so he could get to use The Precious. 3 run lead? Precious time! 4 run lead? Horrible.

  19. We may win this game but the Reds are still not looking very good.

    • @cincyreds14: Amen. We let Whatshisname Wood carve through the lineup like butter. But at least lots of guys are getting on base to stay there…

      • @RedTitan19: Thanks Redtiger – it should be 8 or 9 -1

        • @cincyreds14: Doesn’t every team say that about most of their games though? 4 runs is plenty good to win with our pitching staff most nights. Guys are making solid contact off the righty, it still feels like we fade against lefties but that’ll improve hopefully down the road.

          • @Mwv: Mwn – some offenses click – this one isn’t. 2 batters hitting over.275 (what a friggin joke) – the BRM had 6 or 7 guys hitting .300 every year – even Geronimo hit .300 one year. This team is barely adequate (below .500 since June 1st) and barely holding its water.

          • @cincyreds14: Oh, you’re one of those guys. You’re entirely correct, the 2013 Reds are not as good as the BRM.

          • @Mwv: The couldn’t even carry the BRM travel bags for them – are you also a Dusty fan?

  20. get ready for a wild ride

  21. Sorry but if you asked to pick which pitcher I would want on my team if I could only have one…I take Bronson over Chapman everyday, give a pitcher over a thrower any day.

  22. Go get Rios – we need something to spur this offense!

    Pirates just won – keeping the heat on the Cards.

  23. 103? I think that’s the hardest Chapman has thrown this year.

  24. Pirates win 3-2…sigh

  25. I can’t believe he waited on that slider, that’s unreal.

    • @Mwv: Freeman is a very good hitter, he doesn’t seem to guess at all, he just reacts and slowed his bat down on that pitch.

      Harold Reynolds is going crazy, saying it was the best AB of Freeman’s career.

  26. Chapman always makes it interesting.

  27. And here comes the tying run to the plate – yea the Reds could have put this away early!

    • @cincyreds14: Oh come on, Chapman was throwing lasers. There was not much chance of them scoring 3 runs on him, I’m still not sure how Freeman caught up with that slider after seeing 103 all at bat.. he had to be guessing it was coming or just insanely lucky.

      • @Mwv: McCann is a very smart and strong hitter. Thanks to walking Pasternicki, it became very possible for the Braves to tie it up.

        • @pinson343: Thanks Pinson – it seems a common thought on this board that this team is pretty good and that Uncle Walt and Uncle Dusty didn’t actually sell them a bag of goods (‘ALL IN’)?. It would have been a crusher, at least to Reds fans, if Chapman had allowed a tying HR. You put teams away, you don’t give them a chance to win a game they had no right to even be in! Someone mentioned my post about the BRM- they stepped on necks and took no prisoners – because THEY DID!

  28. 101,101,88,103,101,99 out
    101,99,89,99 out
    101,100,89,100,100 BB
    102,102,104,103,103,91 hit
    101,91 … and this one belongs to the Reds!

    • 101,101,88,103,101,99 out
      101,99,89,99 out
      101,100,89,100,100 BB
      102,102,104,103,103,91 hit
      101,91 … and this one belongs to the Reds!

      Speed is overrated….

  29. This game should never have been close – this team is bad – how bad? Below average C, SS, 3B,

  30. Chapman makes me nervous. Up to 104 mph, but walking Paternicki with Freeman and McCann coming up was just plain dumb.

  31. Chapman looked good despite the run…squeezed strike zone walk…fielder indifference…bloop single

    • @VaRedsFan: I’m complaining about the walk but you’re right about the squeezed strike zone. The unpire had made it so wide that Choo had a picth that was outside by about 6 inches called a strike. Then he tightens it when Chapman comes in.

  32. Kudos to Freeman for that AB; good pitching, better hitting. Walking Pasternicky, that simply cannot happen with a 3 run lead. He is not a hitter. And I do not believe the pitches were close, either.

    He darn near walked Simmons leading off without him taking the bat off his shoulder, too. No, I wasn’t worried McCann was going to go yard off Chapman, but I just don’t like walks.

  33. That was the hardest Chapman has thrown his fastball all year and he was throwing his slider for strikes. In that sense the best stuff he’s had all season. But he shouldn’t have needed 23 pitches, could have set them down 1-2-3.

  34. I do prefer complaining about Chapman walking a guy than the Reds blowing a 6 run 9th inning lead in Atlanta, like they did in 2010.

    On that occasion Dusty left Mike Lincoln in to allow 4 hits without recording an out, and Masset and CoCo took it from there. Laynce Nix helped the walkoff grand slam get over the fence.

  35. Aroldis Chapman…what a talented athlete. He hit 104 tonight right!? Man I hope his arm can hold up. We are witnessing a historical talent in Cincinnati. Equally impressive was it Freeman who fouled off a couple of those pitches?

    If money weren’t a key issue (which of course it is) wouldn’t Bronson Arroyo be a must sign for the Reds next year? His importance on the Reds is maybe understated at times.

    • @JerBear: I’m a big Bronson fan but, due to his age, a higher priority has to be given to extending Latos and Leake (and Homer if that’s at all possible). Bronson does rely on being able to reach the high 80’s with his fastball, and he’s going to lose that before too long.

      • @pinson343: Good point Pinson on his fastball. I would try to sign him maybe to a 2 year deal, and nothing longer, but I think it’s going to be hard to do that. He’s had an interesting career. To do as well as he has a hitter’s park being somewhat of a flyball pitcher is impressive. In his last two playoff starts he has pitched very well which is amazing too.

        • @JerBear: As I said, I’m a big fan. I love the way he plays the game: pitches smart, fields his position, etc. And he is a “big game” pitcher.

          But as you say, he’ll want more than 2 years.

  36. Some interesting stats on Chapman.

    1. He’s throwing first pitch strikes more often this year than ever.

    2. If the first pitch is a ball, though, the batter walks almost 25% of the time.

    3. When a batter reaches 3-1 vs Chapman, he gets on base 75% of the time.

    4. He has walked nearly half the batters who have had a 3-2 count.

    5. So, he’s walking more guys even though he’s throwing more first pitch strikes, because when he throws a first pitch ball, things spiral. And he has trouble throwing a strike when he absolutely has to.

    • @Hank Aarons Teammate: His having trouble throwing a strike when the situation absolutely positively dictates that he has to throw a strike is his biggest weakness.

      Tonite I was afraid McCann would work a walk off him, bring his pitch count to almost 30 pitches, and it’s Hoover time.

      • @pinson343: Right. My main point was that it must be that last year, strangely enough, he threw fewer first pitch strikes, but was better when he had to throw a strike. For example, guys got on only 33% of the time last year on 3-2, and after 3-1, only 15 out of 35 times.

        To repeat: this year, 3-1 count, 14/19 times runner reaches. Last year, 3-1 count, 15/35 times runner reaches. That’s an incredible difference.

        • @Hank Aarons Teammate: Last year, once he got to 3 balls, Chapman would lower his fastball velocity by about 3 mph and throw a strike.
          This year he’s either not as willing or not as able to do that.

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