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Game Thread: Reds at Braves (2013.07.11)

I am superstitious. I made a simple plea yesterday and the Reds won. I’ll add to that slightly today and hope for another Reds victory.

I hate the Braves! Please Reds, Go!

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  1. After the IF hit to Frazier and his throw to first, isn’t someone supposed to cover 3rd ?

  2. So which would you rather have:
    a) 1st inning – Choo on 3rd 1 out, Votto walks, BP RBI
    b) 3rd inning – Choo on 3rd 1 out, Votto Sac Fly. 2 out.

    Me, a) everyday

  3. I have no problem AT ALL with Cozart bunting in that spot. Otherwise it’s a runner on 2nd and 1 out after his AB. He almost beat the bunt out, it may have been his best chance to get a hit.

    His batting 2nd in the order is a separate question, don’t like that.

    • @pinson343: Disagree, respectfully. Your premise is that Cozart makes an out 100% of the time. That’s an extreme assumption. You’re giving up an out, no two ways around it. And you’re forcing Votto to alter his approach at the plate, in order to assure the sac fly.

      No way, imo.

      • @Richard Fitch: OK, cool. I believe the chance of the Reds scoring 1 run there is better with Cozart bunting. In general, you don’t want to play for 1 run so early in the game, but I don’t like the way this one is going, and was happy to see the Reds tie it up.

        Also you’re assuming that Cozart’s chance of making an out on a bunt is 100%. He’s a much better bunter than hitter, and almost beat it out.

    • So Mes came into MLB a relatively patient hitter, and suddenly he’s a first pitch hacker.


  4. Considering the Reds started the game with the heebee jeebees they have done a good job by coming back to tie the game. Go Reds!

  5. Man, I just saw that Fay article. That thing blew my mind. Kinda makes me want to go on a maniacal rant

  6. I feel like a valid question that needs to be addressed is why doesn’t Votto bat second?

    I realize it goes against the old school way of thinking to bat your best player 3rd, but he is so selective w/ a high OBP, he would be better in the 2 hole. Plus you get more ABs over the course of the year.

  7. I liked the bunt. In the game I was watching it scored a run and tied the score.

  8. So Mes came into MLB a relatively patient hitter, and suddenly he’s a first pitch hacker.


    • @CP: Dusty thinks the hitters need to be more aggressive at the plate. When asked, Dusty was not aware that Reds hitters swing at so many first pitches.

    • @CP: Was he? I don’t remember.

      If that’s true… I completely hate Baker as a manager. He could be a fine person (and probably is), but as a manager, he is awful.

      And the Reds organization isn’t helping, near last in every offensive category in the minors (supposedly). This means that NO help is on the way for the next five years. At least, none from our organization…

  9. I wish I could see why so many people are pro Mesoraco. I try really hard to like the guy but, aside from a red-hot spring, he has shown practically nothing. I can understand the “not enough playing time” argument but I don’t know if that is really a factor.

    • @RedTitan19: Pro-Mez because he’s young and the Reds have designated him as the future catcher of the team. If they abort that decision where does that leave us? He needs more playing time.

  10. Latos so bugged about the 3rd strike call that was not made that he’s talking with the umpire while the Braves are running around the bases.

    • Baker has to go get him now, yeah?

      Baker will never be confused with Captain Hook.

  11. Freeman is a first ball fast ball hitter. So what does Latos throw…first pitch fast balls.

  12. Unfortunately, I do not have enough faith in this offense t believe they can recover. Turning the game off. Here’s hoping they can at least eek out a couple wins for a split series, but I think it won’t be tonight.


    • @Robert: You’re right, even the hitter (Johnson) thought he was struck out on that pitch, but Latos can’t melt down every time an ump blows a call. Recall Game 5 against the Giants in the NLDS.

      • @pinson343: Please do not perpetuate this myth. He does not blow up every time a pitch call doesn’t go his way. There have been several other games with similar close pitches not going his way that he was fine in.

  13. And the stupid Braves fans have to start the stupid chop.

    Instead of the stupid Cubs, I think we should change to the Stupid Braves.

  14. We used to criticize Homer for losing his composure like Latos is doing tonight. Thankfully Homer has matured and just bares down when need be. I guess we have to hope Latos matures.

    • @Sergeant2: Spot on. I’d even go so far to say that the umpires know Latos loses his composure when they squeeze him, so they do it with more frequency.

      Bottom line: Latos needs to grow up and overcome adversity.

    • @Sergeant2: I hoped that after the Game 5 NLDS experience last year, Latos would learn from it. I said so at the time. People replied that they were skeptical. Looks like they were right.

  15. At least we have Hudson’s pitch count up there. Don’t see him going past 6, really should’ve gotten a few more out of him that last inning.

  16. Ump missed that one. His foot was off the bag. Seems like all the calls have gone against the Reds lately.

  17. Food for thought.

    Reds lead NL in plate appearances and are 2nd in pitches taken. Reds are getting on base, leading the league in base runners.

    however…. Reds leave an average of 14.93 left on base per game this season. That leads the league.

    hitting is one thing…but situational hitting w/ RISP is a very important stat.

      • @Richard Fitch: Agree – as we have seen in the last 30-45 days, runs don’t mean a whole lot. Jeez. Maybe the Reds hit “okay” with RISP position but the team is so slow of foot that it takes the meaning out of the stat. Runner on second with less than 2-outs is really not RISP when it concerns the Slo-Mo Reds.

        • @Richard Fitch: Honestly,I think it is probably a little more complicated than you think. How many WS have the A’s won with Billy Beane. I count zip – great movie though.

          • @CharlotteNCRedsFan: Henhimself has admitted that the playoffs are a crapshoot-a short series isn’t what his teams are built for. They’re built to succeed over 162 games, in order to reach the playoffs and have a shot at it all.

          • @rhayex: Like I said, it was a great movie. If the Reds hadn’t won the World Championships in the ’70s, I doubt they would still be known as “The Big Red Machine”. Championships are where it’s at.

          • @CharlotteNCRedsFan: Your kidding, right? Boston uses advanced metrics and they’ve won two World Series recently. So, your point is what now? See, now an honest person would admit that Beane’s use of metrics carried a small market team pretty far, maybe farther than they could reasonably be expected to get otherwise, but you saying they never won a WS, so get it out of there.

            Again, when you’re ready to have an honest discussion, we can do that.

          • @Richard Fitch: Not saying that they are “unimportant” but I think some folks place way to much emphasis on them. Like I said it’s a little more complicated, IMO.

            To me pitching is probably 75-80% of the game, and starting pitching is probably just about the same ratio of importance to relief pitching. Timely hitting is important, and the Reds are not great at it. The absolute dearth of team speed doesn’t help either. So I’m thinking hitting with RISP with 2-outs is more important for the Reds than any other team. Just a theory – it is probably wrong but I’ll stay with it for now.

          • @CharlotteNCRedsFan: The Reds are a clutch as any other team given enough repetitions. The RISP with 2 outs doesn’t allow for that. Just as a quarter coming up heads 5 times in a row doesn’t mean that heads is a 100% proposition. Or even 75%. It’s still 50%–given enough tosses of the coin.

          • @Richard Fitch: Sorry, I watch nearly every game and the word “clutch” does not pop up in my mind when thinking about the Reds’ hitting. Sure it can change and it needs too. We will just have to agree to disagree.

        • @Richard Fitch: I’m surprised you felt the need to go after me there. I was clearly just making a joke. Of course, after investing hours-day-after-day watching this team come up empty time-and-time again in clutch situations, I find the “hitting is random and all evens out in the end” theory absurd. But I have also seen that debate come up in almost every game thread (especially when we are losing) and know that you guys have the stats to back it up and the Marty sympathizers (like myself) always lose. That is why I made that joke. There is no stat that can convince me that we are not worse in clutch situations than other teams because I only watch our games and I see how other teams perform vs. us in clutch situations. Of course it could be that our pitchers stink in the clutch too (but I am certain that you have a stat that suggests otherwise…)

          • @Richard Fitch: Good article (and a welcome distraction from this game). However comma Freddie Freeman was clutch tonight and our 1st baseman struck out as the tying run in the 8th. In 2010, there was nobody more clutch than Joey Votto. Whether the whole idea of clutch is smoke and mirrors or not, I don’t know. I think if a study were done on the exact opposite of clutch, the 2013 Reds would make a good case study. Either way, thanks for the article. Agree to disagree.

    • @abox03: No. Please stop. If you lead the league in OBP you are probably going to lead in runners left on too. That’s just how it works. Last time this got brought up people went back and looked at the BRM numbers.. they stranded tons and tons of runners because they always had guys on base.

    • @abox03: its kind of weird to suggest that hitting with Risp doesn’t matter. The object of this game is to score runs. with the exception of the HR (when no runners are in scoring position) and the occasional scoring from 1st base, you win games by getting runners that advance to 2nd and 3rd home.

      while I agree it is relatively meaningless to use the stat for one player, team RiSP batting average is indeed important. Leading in OBP is nice, but what does it mean if when they are on base, the team struggles to get hits?

      Another point…when runners are in scoring position, the pitcher increases his focus and pitches differently, and in most cases better. More so than he would with no runners on, thats human nature Also, the pressure of the batter increases. So its one thing to hit a pitcher with no one one, but its another all together to hit with runners on base.

  18. Sloppy play all around tonight – and the umpiring just seems to extend that. Yes, it appeared BP was safe. Yes, Mat couldn’t buy a called strike on the edges tonight. We can only hope our bull pen holds up and we get some more hits. We’ve showed we can – now we need to back that up with some runs and turn this turd around

    Oh, and at this rate the game may go past my bed time :mrgreen:

  19. Cards Holliday left the game with a hammy problem from running to 1st. No word on the seriousness of the injury. Must be hamstring injury night.

  20. I, for one, am afraid of the Braves’ lineup now that Heyward has gone down.

  21. According to the Braves announcers, Freddie Freeman is the greatest player in baseball, ever. just ask them.

    • @Robert: Yes, that is quite annoying. Of course it is kind of ridiculous that he even ended up in the final vote in the first place. Should have been in the game all along. Just like Bruce.

    • @Robert: Their shouting about Freeman the whole game got annoying. Especially about his split, where he dragged his foot off the base and BP was safe anyway.

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