I am superstitious. I made a simple plea yesterday and the Reds won. I’ll add to that slightly today and hope for another Reds victory.

I hate the Braves! Please Reds, Go!

A simple Reds fan from a simple town. I have been a Reds fan all my life. The 1990 team was crowned Champions during my prime youth years and I grew up idolizing Chris Sabo all the way down to the flat top hair style and the #17. I have passed that love of the Reds down to my three boys who love the game and the Reds just as much as I do! Follow me on twitter @CoachWilson17

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  1. Is there a pitch on the outside, outside part of the plate that Frazier won’t swing at. After that inside pitch I knew the next pitch was going to be out of reach. Is that known as the book is out on Frazier.

  2. Well, so much for working Hudson’s pitch count early. It looks like he will give the Braves 7 innings. Meanwhile, we are throwing Logan out there for a second one. Terrible job by Latos tonight- the team is struggling, give him an early lead, and he goes 4 innings.

  3. I love what Welch said the other night. “I don’t think there’s an outside pitch Frazier can’t get to”. So true. It’s good that he can get there and foul some off, but bad that he keeps chasing time after time.

  4. Great outing by Ondrusek!!!!

  5. Nice two innings for the big man.

  6. Nice job by ondrusuk.

  7. What a strike zone.

  8. 9 pitches for Hudson in the 7th. I’m sure he appreciates the breather.

  9. Votto makes that play just about every time.

  10. Admittedly I’m frustrated, but has Votto had a clutch hit this year?

    • @Redgoggles: I voted Brandon and Bruce for All-Star game – left JV off completely. He is no longer the preeminent NL 1B as Arizona’s 1B Paul Goldschmidt is. Think the Reds will end up under .500 for the season? And they rehired Dusty?

  11. Matt Holliday left Thursday’s game against the Cubs in the fourth inning with a right hamstring injury.
    Holliday pulled up lame just before getting to first base as he tried to beat out a groundball. The Cardinals will re-evaluate him on Friday, but it certainly looked like something that would send the outfielder to the DL. Matt Adams would receive regular at-bats while Holliday is sidelined.

  12. There isn’t a hitter or pitcher in this game that has any idea where the strike zone is located. I have never seen such an inconsistent strike zone called by a home plate umpire at any level.

  13. BP! He crushed that ball into the gap.

  14. Good grief that was an awful AB, Frazier.

  15. Wow that was an ugly AB!

  16. That is a flat out terrible AB from Frazier.

  17. A lunging swing could not be more descriptive of Frazier’s swing.

    • @Sergeant2: We either get a new hitting coach or start dealing some of these guys.

      • @CharlotteNCRedsFan: I’d rather get a new hitting coach, but Dusty might overrule his hitting philosophy.

        • @Sergeant2: Then I would save the money and just go without one. Seriously, Dusty is the one who ultimately has to go but Brook might be the scapegoat if one is desired.

      • @CharlotteNCRedsFan: I am absolutely astounded by the lack of progress of young hitters under this regime. Frazier still swinging at everything. Same for Cozart. Stubbs regressed in a major way. Bruce is improved but marginally so.

        Fire the moron. I can’t even watch this team anymoe it makes me so angry.

  18. Why no pinch hit with XP there?!?!

    • @tgarretson82: You mean for Heisey ? The Braves relief pitcher is better against lefties, has reverse splits. Also Heisey has hit well since his return.

  19. Heisey missed a nice pitch there. Have to get a run from Mesoraco-PH-Choo to win this one.

  20. Some how some way the Reds are hanging in this game, we a got another run closer to tying the game, I’ll take it. Signs of last years team always plugging away. Got to hold em to no more runs.

  21. Hmmm. Mes, Choo in the 9th against Kimbrel. Could lightning strike twice?

  22. Mes likes hitting off Kimbrel. What a weirdo.

  23. Please no DP here.

  24. Why not Izturis Pinch Running?

  25. totally lame AB for Paul

  26. Cingrani pinch running? Are you kidding me.

  27. Paul missed that ball by a year and a half.

  28. I wonder how many of the local media guys are secretly praying for Cingrani to get picked off?

  29. When Ludwick comes back, I say we send Robinson and Paul back.

  30. Well Votto getting up with the game on the line is a good thing…

    Oh wait.

  31. Come on Cozy, find a way to reach base and give JV a chance.

  32. You just knew the game was gonna come down to the #2 hitter after the pre-game debate.

  33. I guess Cingrani is expendable. Reds have plenty of starting pitchers to take his place if he gets injured.

  34. “And the last hope for the Reds is Zack Cozart”, says Kelch.

    Thanks Dusty.

  35. We don’t like winning streaks.

  36. Zack in a nutshell. His 1 job is to get JV up. Fails.

  37. It is incredibly hard to watch this team play baseball right now.

  38. Another 1 more at-bat for Cozart than Votto this game

  39. Yet another frustrating loss.

  40. Ugh!

  41. Get ’em tomorrow. I’m starting not to mean or believe that, any longer. Very sad.

  42. Im really tired of seeing Cozart thrown out at #2 because of the Dusty formula. Dusty has to be the most aggravating manager in baseball (or one of the most). I dont care if he has awards, does he have any rings? And dont get me started on our hitting coach.

  43. Anyone who has watched XP bat over the last couple weeks has probably noticed that he can’t tell what a breaking ball looks like. Pitchers are getting him out on the inside breaking ball that he just swings over top of. It’s going to be tough for him if he can’t adjust.

  44. Also, I am tired of people being complacent with the wild card spot. I really dont want to have to play one game to advance, especially with Dusty.

  45. The fact the Reds were in the game to the very end is amazing in itself. At the moment I can’t get over the fact Dusty put Cingrani in as a pinch runner. Was the only option using one of your best starting pitchers to pinch run? Oh I forgot he’s a rookie, that overrules his importance to the team.

  46. We’ll get em tomorrow for sure. Go Reds! Adios Amigos.

  47. I posted 9 things wrong with this team a couple days ago – and I could post another 16 to make 25.

    Cozart stinks – swinging at a 2-0 pitch and popping up to end the game – PATHETIC!

    Pray tell, why didn’t he try to work a walk? Cozart and Frazier are going to sink this team. Do they have any idea how bad they are? Cozart must have thought he could hit Kimbrel. And who struck out in the 1st inning when a good team would have scored 5 runs – well Frazier and Cozart of course!

    And how about a DP from BP with a man at 1st and third and one out. Do these guys try to top each other as far as being BAD?

    JOKE-rrty, Baker, Cozart, Frazier, hitting coach, how the Doctors have mis-handled Cueto’s injury, how bad the Reds have mis-handled Chapman, the mascot, the water boy …


    • @cincyreds14: When Cozart got to 2-0, I was convinced he’d been told his backside was on the bus to AAA if he took the bat off his shoulder before he had two strikes on him. But alas……

      • @OhioJim: Even if LF gets miraculously fixed, Frazier or Cozart, one of the two still have to go for this team to have a prayer offensively.

        • Cozart, sure i’m on board. I wasin favor of trading him and keeping Didi this offseason.

          But Frazier has put up a .330 soething OBP. While not great, it’s not horrible either.

          Cozart has reached the Stubbs-zone: we know what he is and can’t really expect him to improve. Frazier I think deserves a bit more time before passing judgement on him, and even if he doesn’t improve, what he is now isn’t SO bad.

          • @CI3J: I think it is a combination effect. I agree Cozart should go first but it might be easier to find a real impact 3B.

            Point I’ve been trying to make in several different posts is that they have a number of guys who are marginal for one reason or another. Many folks want to try and zero on each of the guy’s strengths and say Oh but the Reds can afford him because he plays good defense or has some pop etc. Sort of like Lake Woebegone where ALL the kids are above average.

            In the end there are only 8 offensive positions in National League baseball and sooner or later hard choices have to be taken. And to me that is where the Redds are at. They can’t have catchers who don’t pull their offensive weight and a SS and LF and 3B who also fail to do so.

  48. I really don’t want to hear on Sunday that, even though we lost this series, we “really were in every game”. That’s what I heard on the radio, from the Mariners’ broadcast team, assessing the series loss to the Red Sox (I’m on vacation, traveling to my in-laws in Washington State). That’s the kind of attitude teams with losing records have, about this time of year. Let’s come back and take the next three here. I’m going to have to break out some Moonstruck quotes here: *SLAP* “SNAP OUT OF IT!”

  49. Take away BP’s baserunning blinder and his DP and Joey’s error and we won this game…

    • @RedTitan19: Of course add in two Braves errors and we lost again. Darn it all!!!

    • @RedTitan19: I would have chosen to take away the called strike 3 to Reed Johnson that wasn’t called and the bad call on BP’s DP (he was safe), but it’s pointless.

      Latos can’t keep melting down like that when something doesn’t go his way. And when the 2 Braves errors gave the Reds a chance to win, the Reds fell short due to some terrible ABs.

  50. You’ve heard of a June swoon – how about a June/July swoon (Reds 2013 version)?

  51. “‘Cause I’m free! FreeeeeFaaalllliin’!”
    Hopefully the rest of the week before the All-Star break and the weeks immediately after are like an awesome game of Connect-Four where all the Red pieces fall into place on top of the Black. Cardinals pieces don’t count for anything but that weird swish at the bottom of a spittoon hopefully.

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