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Game Thread: Reds at Brewers (2013.07.09)

I am still waiting for someone to tell me that Joey Votto’s ball actually cleared the while last night and that was all just a nightmare. It does not appear anyone is going to tell me that and the Reds actually did lose that game last night with that ending.

The Reds will be back at it tonight, looking to defeat the Brewers and get a much needed win. After the month of July started off with such promise, sweeping the San Francisco Giants and starting 3-0, the Reds have slid to 4-3 on the month and continue to find themselves looking up at two teams in the standings. Tony Cingrani will look to be the man that gets the Reds the win.

Go Reds!

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  1. Meanwhile, the Cards are beating up the ‘Stros tonight. Cards have the Astros, Cubs and Padres coming up. No time for the Reds to be losing to bad teams.

  2. After watching that replay on Robinson’s play at the plate, I am really shocked that Dusty didn’t get out of the dugout and at least make a stink about that call. I know it wouldn’t make a difference but I would think he would want to show his player he’s sticking up for him. Tough night tonight.

  3. Every Reds hitter except Votto swung at the first pitch in that inning. From watching the Reds in their at bats you would think they never read scouting reports or watch film of the pitcher they will be facing next.

  4. @YorktownRed: There have been so many low points to the Reds season, how can someone say this was the low point. They often have 5 dead spots in their line-up (more than 50% – SS, 3B, CF, C, P) The Reds simply keep laying the same egg. And, once again, this team is a mess. It is only now that it is becoming acute. Oh, I forgot another disaster to include on my earlier list – the left side of the Reds infield (Cozart and Frazier).

  5. After all the games played tonight, Reds have slipped to the 8th best record in baseball after having the third or fourth best record for so long.

  6. Gonna go watch my Rockies, at least their hitting doesn’t look like little leaguers.

  7. @cincyreds14: I’ll say it again. Getting only 3 hits against Wily Peralta is the low point this season. Sure, there have been bad horrible losses (Pittsburgh multiple times, Arizona, ESPN St. Louis game, etc, etc.). The Brewers are BAD. Fortunately, there is a silver lining (Tony Cingrani’s performance). But make no mistake about it, this was a bad loss.

  8. I look at tonight’s loss as just one step closer in Dusty being fired. I think 8 straight losses heading into the ASB will allow Walt to fire Dusty.

  9. They won’t fire Dusty during the season.

    But if this team falls out of contention and misses the postseason, I see changes coming.

  10. Whats happening to the Reds is beyond Dusty’s grasp, I’ll leave it at that. Well, back at em tomorrow, and hopefully the beginning of a turnaround for the Reds bats. Just as the band played on I’ll keep rooting for my beloved Redlegs until the rising water drowns me out. Go Reds! Adios Amigos.

  11. @YorktownRed: I definitely agree Yorktown – just making a point that it has simply had a snowball’s effect – wait till this week-end’s series with the Braves – this is all on Mr. JOKE and Dusty. Biggest mistake happened when the one rehired the other (Reds were DOOMED). Case closed and good night.

    • @YorktownRed: I definitely agree Yorktown – just making a point that it has simply had a snowball’s effect – wait till this week-end’s series with the Braves – this is all on Mr. JOKE and Dusty.Biggest mistake happened when the one rehired the other (Reds were DOOMED).Case closed and good night.

      I don’t think Walt wanted to bring Baker back. Baker is an Uncle BC favorite.

  12. And I saw where Jay Bruce was sitting in the dugout tonight (not sure – maybe the 7th or 8th inning) yuking it up. As a long time Little League baseball coach – you would never see that – it would never, ever happen – especially when your team is not winning and hitting like little girls, swinging wildly at the 1st pitch, without a hint of discipline. Not really sure if these guys care about anything else but their fat wallet.

  13. @Eric: Just like Waterloo, by that time it is going to be a little too late (Dusty should never, ever have been back – NEVER!!). No DISCIPLINE – NADA!!

  14. I have got to ask, just what to Joke-oby and Bakerman do to help make players better batters? I’m sorry, but not only don’t I see better techniques, but I don’t see better mindsets, better anything. Someone asked earlier if the Reds even have looked at recent scouting reports on the players they are facing that night. I don’t think Bakerman and Joke-oby know what those are, either that or know how to use them. Do we even have scouting reports on these other players?

    Trying to step back for a second, I have said I believe I have seen improvement in Bruce this season. At least, the last time I looked, he was hitting 300+ against left handers and going the opposite way very well. But, his K’s are way up, on pace for 192 for the season. But, where else? Choo has almost dropped off the face of the earth, batting 242 since May 1 (at least he still has an OBP of 386). Cozart, nothing better. Votto, nothing better since he has little in front of him and now an injured player behind him. I doubt Ludwick would make so much of a difference for this style of play that we would never be going through this. Frazier, nothing better. LF filler, nothing better. BP, started great, along with Votto and Choo, batting 214/270 since May 1. The catchers aren’t any better. And, managerial decisions aren’t any better.

    And, we are relying on Baker to turn this around? We are relying on Baker to actually get emotional and light a fire under these guys? I certainly hope not.

  15. We started the season 14 games above 0.500 ball through May 28. Since then, we are 3 games under (not including tonight).

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