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Game Thread: Reds at Brewers (2013.07.08)

The Reds travel to Milwaukee tonight to play a Brewers team that the Reds are 5-1 against this season.  Who took the loss in that one game?  Homer Bailey.  That game was in Cincinnati on a Saturday in June.  Do you remember what the Reds issued as a stadium giveaway that day?  Of course you do: A Johnny Vander Meer Commemorative Print!  Why is that relevant?  Well, Bailey will be going for back to back no hitters tonight of course!

Now that I have jinxed the no-hitter before the game has started, we can now just focus on the Reds offense getting into form and the club gaining a win tonight. The offense really needs to GO!

While you wait for the game, how about a little history lesson on the city of Milwaukee…

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    • @VaRedsFan: Did he? I thought he was angry at first. That ball went further than I thought. And Gomez mistimed is jump a bit too. Just one more foot. God ******

          • @Hank Aarons Teammate: You mean the following didn’t:

            this past week-end series with Seattle,

            the last road trip to Arizona, Texas and Oakland

            or the rubber match of the Reds-Cards series in Cincy last month.

            I could almost script what this team is going to do against any team or opponent – they and especially Dusty are too damn predictable.

  1. Following a baseball team is an $%$%@%$#@%$#@% exercise in frustration at times.

  2. Seems like a fitting way to end the game. The All Star break can’t come soon enough for this team. Wow.

  3. That may say it all. This team may simply be snakebitten this season. Injuries galore. Things not going right.

    16-18 since June 1st.

    • @Eric: still only four games back with plenty to go head to head with the buccos and the birds.

  4. Reds are really snakebit right now. It will take some real men to come back from that one.

  5. You gotta be kidding me. Some things are not meant to be I guess. Maybe losing a game in this manner will light a fire under these guys behinds. Looking forward to seeing how the team responds tomorrow. Also looking forward to seeing the lineup. We’ll get em tomorrow. Go Reds! Adios Amigos.

  6. Holy Crap! Not much you can do about that. Reds are snakebit right now. At least the Pirates lost.

  7. I really try to keep an even keel about a baseball season, day to day, and usually do. But Mrs. HAT just came out and asked “what fell”? (That was me hitting the desk.)

    • @Hank Aarons Teammate: A little off subject but this reminded me of when I realized I had become a hockey fan.

      I always watched the CBJ just because they came on Fox after the Reds season ended. One night toward the end of the second or was it the third season I had been dong this, CBJ managed to allow 2 very late goals in a really bad fashion even for them and turn an apparent win and sure tie into a zero points loss.

      I muttered something unprintable here and nearly threw my drink glass at the TV. As I stomped out of the back TV room the missus was heading in the opposite direction and said “Oh. I thought it was still a couple of weeks till baseball season started….?”

  8. Gotta tip your cap to Gomez. Heckuva catch. Tough beat though. They’ll get the next two.

  9. We…don’t…have anything, like a, I don’t know, a 4-game road trip to, say, like Atlanta, coming up, do we? Whew. Thanks. I thought I was just having nightmares. Whew. Big Gulps, huh?!?

  10. Can’t walk the other team’s pitcher. Can’t play with a catcher who can’t hit, block the ball or throw. Can’t give up one-pitch at bats all night.

    • @Steve Mancuso: That’s right. Everyone will focus on that last play, but this game could have been won if every hitter took every AB as seriously as Robinson took his.

      • @Baseclogger: That is why I like Robinson. There is not a better hitter outside of Choo to have in the situation where you have to bring up Votto. He’s got very little hitting talent but understands his role.

        Long term I doubt he sticks with the team, but I love his hitting attitude, so to speak.

        • @Hank Aarons Teammate: I don’t think that’s been true of Robinson in the last couple weeks, this AB tonight excepted. He’s been terrible at the plate and in the field. He was 3-for-29 with one walk in his last ten games. Loved his AB tonight, though.

    • @Steve Mancuso: AMEN.

      And how did they get themselves into the catching mess? Hanigan missed a start within the last week with an ankle issue. Meso has had this back situation all weekend (and probably longer). Hanigan went for an MRI on the hand either before they left Cincy yesterday or in Milwaukee earlier in the day Monday.

      Yet they couldn’t round up an Ultimate Air Shuttle (etc) to get them a catcher to be there on standby?

    • @Steve Mancuso: And show me where this Reds team truly cares – I need to say it THESE REDS HAVE NO HEART (PASSION/LEADERSHIP)! Enjoy your night – I am sure these big leaguers will – since they sure don’t leave it all on the field like Pete did.

      REST IN PEACE REDS – 2013 is done!

  11. Pretty sure everyone who put the first pitch in play made an out. So, on first pitch swings tonight, the BEST outcome was an 0-1 count. Does anyone in the organization actually care about winning, or is it just us?

  12. That could have been a win that jump starts this team and this flat offense, especially with 6 games left before the break, but I fear it will do the opposite now, Reds just seem lifeless and cannot catch a break. That would have been HUGE, but what a let down.

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