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Please, for the love of all that is good and pure…NO

Please, please, please: NO.

Think the Reds offense can’t be worse than it has been lately? Well, you’re wrong. Add Jeff Francoeur to the mix, and the offense will get worse in a hurry. Sheesh.

This can’t be a real thing that is actually happening, can it?

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  1. This actually worried me when I heard he got DFA’ed. Francoeur is the perfect Dusty player so if he gets signed, he will play (and be terrible). Wouldn’t be shocked if he hit 6th in the lineup when he was in either. He really does nothing well at this point except for his arm. He is too slow to be a good fielder, is one of the least productive players in MLB (he was THE LEAST productive everyday player last year), and absolutely can not take a walk. But he has a lot of intangibles which scare me in regards to him signing with the Reds.

    My worst nightmare (which I want to emphasize will NOT happen) is Francoeur signing, getting off to his patented hot start (cooling off for the playoffs), then signing an multi-year extension with the Reds, with a plan to move Bruce to CF when Choo leaves. Again, no way that would happen for a multitude of reasons, but that has been my biggest unrealistic fear Reds-wise since he was DFA’ed by KC.

    • @Kyle: You mean like Jonny Gomes, who had a terrific 6 to 8 weeks at the start of 2010, was largely back to his typical self for the rest of 2010, then was horrible in 2011 — and of course Dusty ran him out there virtually every day until a day or two after Jonny Gomes Bobblehead Night, at which point he was released?

      • @vegastypo: Gomes is a much better player than Francoeur. Although I don’t want him as the everyday LF for the Reds, I’m a Gomes fan. I give him a lot of credit for changing his approach (beginning with the year he stunk in 2011) and getting on base more. Oakland used him properly last season as a RH platoon guy (he was very good, this was his destiny along with always being the most beloved guy in the clubhouse) and he signed a nice contract with Boston this season. He has been a nice contributor for the Red Sox.

        Francoeur has the beloved in the clubhouse down but he is not as valuable as Gomes on the field. The only way this could add value is if he is used strictly as a RH platoon guy until Ludwick is back but he has never wanted that role in the past. I don’t even know if his splits at this point are even good enough for that role (obviously, this year they are not). He is a significant step down from Heisey.

    • @Steve Mancuso: I’d rather have Donald Lutz batting lefty against lefties than Frenchy.

      OK, not really, but I can think of so many players I’d rather have than a guy who Baker is going to love (“proven run producer”) and overplay. God, I thought I didn’t like Heisey as a starter, he’s looking like Bryce Harper right about now compared to Frenchy.

    • @Steve Mancuso: Francoeur seems like Dusty’s dream player. And while I know Dusty will get hammered about playing him too much (or hypothetically playing him too much), it is important to point out that signing him is Walt Jockettey’s decision. You just can’t sign this guy as a GM, especially with Dusty as manager. It just isn’t a good match.

      • @Kyle: I’m glad that you pointed out that Dusty isn’t the guy who signs people. And thanks to the rest of you for giving me a few chuckles on a rainy, muggy Monday morning: raging about how Dusty might handle a situation which hasn’t occurred. There’s much more humor in that than there was in the Cincinnati Dancing Pigs’ weekend performance.

      • @Kyle: Not saying it does happen. But, like what Dusty has done before in going to the papers to pressure Uncle Walt to get what Baker wants, I wouldn’t be surprised if Baker went to Uncle Bob for this decision. And, if Uncle Bob says yes, then Uncle Walt will say yes, or leave.

        So, don’t necessarily think it is all Uncle Walt, either. Baker does have some “say” or “influence” on this stuff.

        • Really? I am fairly confident Walt would quit (or issue an ultimatum) if Dusty went so far as to circumvent him and go straight to Castellini.

          It is incredible that some people hate Dusty so much that they preemptively blame him for something that (1) has not happened and (2) is unlikely to be his call. (Full disclosure: I think Dusty would probably misuse Frenchy too.)

          @Kyle: Not saying it does happen. But, like what Dusty has done before in going to the papers to pressure Uncle Walt to get what Baker wants, I wouldn’t be surprised if Baker went to Uncle Bob for this decision. And, if Uncle Bob says yes, then Uncle Walt will say yes, or leave.So, don’t necessarily think it is all Uncle Walt, either. Baker does have some “say” or “influence” on this stuff.

    • @Kyle: That’s a good read. Thanks for sharing!

      Second to last paragraph…

      He will find another job, I’m sure. People do try to find the good in him. I’ve said before that if teams would use him almost exclusively against lefties, he’d have a shot. He’s hitting a decent .287/.339/.471 against lefties in his career. But I’m not sure that’s an actual job for a corner outfielder with a strong arm but not much speed. I hear the Giants might have some interest. That might be good.

  2. I would laugh and laugh and laugh if another team in contention traded for Francoeur.

    As is, I don’t understand. I’ll have to cry and cry and cry if they actually pull the trigger.

  3. Why is it that when it says down to the Reds and “two other teams not known”, I feel that the two other teams are the Dustys and the Walts?

  4. Come on guys. You gotta look at the positives. If we pick him up, there is NO WAY he goes to the Cards or Pirates and inevitably deals the blow that makes us scream…”why couldn’t WE get him.”

    Not really a positive, because this scenario is less likely than Mesoraco assuming the every day catcher role he deserves, but it’s a thought…

  5. And really, there is not a single chance that when this dude got DFA’d that THREE major league teams called upon him. Not a chance in Dusty heaven. If the Reds came calling, they’re the ONLY team calling.

    • MLBTradeRumors: “A new contract for Francoeur, who was hitting .208/.249/.322 in 2013 after having struggled in 2012, would almost certainly be a minor-league deal.”

      I would think so. Hopefully the Reds don’t maks this move in any case.

    • MLBTradeRumors: “A new contract for Francoeur, who was hitting .208/.249/.322 in 2013 after having struggled in 2012, would almost certainly be a minor-league deal.”

      I would think so. Hopefully the Reds don’t make this move in any case.

  6. While I’m always willing and happy to be proven wrong, here’s what I think: After yet another poor offensive showing like today, Dusty is chewing on his toothpick and wondering what the difference between the 2013 and 2012 Reds is. And I think he has come to the inevitable conclusion that the missing piece is Scott Rolen. Or, more simply put, a known “veteran” who will do, what he himself should be doing, and motivate the “youngsters” to right the ship. We should all just start to mentally prepare ourselves for this to happen, even if it doesn’t. However you do that, is up to the individual. I, personally, plan to retreat to my in-laws lake cabin on Coeur d’Alene, avoiding all contact with social media and Ken Rosenthal. Denial, basically.

  7. Four out of his last six seasons (this one included), he’s rocking a sub-.700 OPS. That sounds like a terrifying addition to the team.

  8. The Reds do need to make a move to bolster the bench, I would hope they have much better ideas than this one. They have a dire need for a bench guy who can hit and is a HR threat.

    On Saturday the Cardinals were down 2 runs in the 8th with a runner on, Matt Adams pinch hits, home run, tie game and the Cards go on to win in extra innings and then sweep the series over the Marlins.

    On Sunday the Reds are down 2 in the 7th with a runner on, so who comes up to pinch hit ? Derek Robinson.

  9. The Reds don’t have the depth of prospects to give up to acquire an impact bat for the line-up. Some of the players available are being offered because they have multi-year contracts that their current team wants to find a way out of. If they make a move, it’s most likely going to be at the margins.
    That being the case, Francouer is a step backwards even on a minor league deal.

    I would like to see the Reds try a Paul/Heisey platoon in LF with Robinson getting some starts filling in for Choo against LH pitchers. There is still the rest of July until the trade deadline to decide how to use and judge the current players. If it is really that bad, they can make a deadline deal, but I doubt they find a quick fix.

  10. Francoeur is a Ryan Ludwick type player in my opinion. And honestly, I’d rather have Francoeur in LF than Ludwick. Maybe Great American Ballpark is what Francoeur needs to have a good season.

    • @redsfan48: and Robinson is a weak slap hitter that can’t hit the ball out of the infield. We need outfielders, whether that be Heisey, Paul, Lutz or Francoeur, that has the ability to hit for power

  11. The Reds are pursuing SD’s SS Everth Cabrera. Cozart moves to 3B. Frazier to LF or SD.

    • @WVRedlegs: Great idea! I would love Cabrera at SS and at leadoff or #2, but I find it hard to believe that we could pry him away from SD.

        • @tgarretson82:

          That was my first thought, that he was one of the 20+ players implicated in the Biogenesis mess. I’m sure WJ will do his due diligence and not trade for a player who might get 50-100 game suspension.
          As expected, Cabrerra has denied any involvement.
          But SD does have an up and coming SS prospect they are impressed with. They have a great 2B rookie this year. Their 3B (Headley) has struggled mightily this year after having a career year last year. If a strong candidate cannot be found at 3B or LF for a trade, maybe WJ goes the SS route and fills that #2 hole in the lineup. Anything is possible. On July 31st when the music stops, I just hope WJ is not the one left standing without a chair. Standing pat is not going to help the Reds in 2013.

    • @WVRedlegs: I would be quite hesitant to trade for a guy who might get suspended for 50 or 100 games. Isn’t that the situation? He’s hitting great this year, and he did have a nice .380 OBP in the minors.

      Cozart to 3rd? Why would I want that?

        • @Jared Wynne: I’m also not sure anyone has any idea how the suspension thing is going to work. If they suspend anyone, the Players’ Association pretty much has to appeal. Depending on the number of players suspended, who they are, how long the suspensions are for, and how hard the players fight the suspensions, the appeals process has the potential to drag on for a really long time.

          For instance, if everyone is suspended, and all appeal, how do they choose which appeal to hear first? Do they have the ability to hear them all at once? Do they just prioritize by proximity of the offending player’s team to the playoffs? Or by name recognition? It seems like MLB might have to wait until the offseason to really lay it on the offenders in the spirit of preserving what little competitive balance the divisions and interleague play have left intact. Of course, that does seem to water down the severity of the punishment. I do not envy Bud on this one. Not one bit.

  12. I suppose Francoeur to many here was like Manny Parra was to see. I understand the vitriol. My perception of Francoeur has always been positive but I don’t see how he helps this team. If there was space I’d say take a flyer. Until Greg Reynolds find his way on to the roster, I don’t like any move that make it more difficult for Reynolds to find a spot.

  13. Just when I thought it was safe to go back to GABP……………..


  14. I could handle Francouer if Dusty uses him properly. Lefties only starter, RH pinch hitter. I’ll hold my breath and hope to Lord above that this is what happens…

  15. From SI.com

    Leftfield: Michael Morse, Mariners ($6.75 million)
    Capable of manning first base or either outfield corner — not necessarily well, mind you — and just two seasons removed from a 31-homer campaign, the 31-year-old Morse is hitting .251/.313/.454 with 11 homers, though just .225/.287/.384 in 150 PA against righties. After playing through a right quad strain that sapped his numbers somewhat, he went on the disabled list on June 22 with a strained quad, but he should be back in time to show he’s healthy enough to be dealt.
    Best fit: Reds, who have gotten just a .238/.311/.350 showing from their leftfielders in the wake of Ryan Ludwick’s injury, or Orioles, who could use him primarily as a DH spot given their cumulative .207/.274/.407 line there.

    Centerfield: Jacoby Ellsbury, Red Sox ($9 million)
    Atop the AL East with a 50-34 record, the Red Sox will be buyers, not sellers, at the deadline, but they do have an enticing piece to deal in the 29-year-old Ellsbury, who is unlikely to re-sign and who is currently blocking top prospect Jackie Bradley Jr. Though he’s nowhere near matching his MVP-caliber 2011 form, Ellsbury’s now hitting .296/.361/.405 thanks to a torrid June, and leading the league with 32 steals in 35 attempts. Dealing him to another contender could help the Sox fill their rotation needs without gutting their own farm system, particularly if Amaro makes Cliff Lee available.
    Best fit: Giants, who may not get Angel Pagan back, drastically thinning their outfield.

    Rightfield: Marlon Byrd, Mets ($700,000)
    With a 50-game PED suspension and a .210/.243/.245 line in 153 PA last year, Byrd’s career appeared to be on the ropes, but regular playing time in Queens has given the 35-year-old a new lease on his spot in the majors. Though his strikeout rate is at a career-high 29.2 percent, he’s currently hitting .257/.310/.486 with 12 homers, including .297/.341/.595 with eight homers in 123 PA away from Citi Field. His low price tag will boost the return the Mets could otherwise expect.
    Best fit: Reds (leftfield), Giants (leftfield) or Orioles (DH)

    Relief pitcher: Jesse Crain, White Sox ($4.5 million)
    With a strikeout rate that’s jumped 70 percent since he left Minnesota for the South Side in December 2010, Crain has put himself on the map as a frontline setup man, and he’s currently ninth in WAR among AL pitchers (Baseball-Reference.com version) because he’s carrying a 0.74 ERA through 36 2/3 innings. A closer look shows that half of the runs he’s allowed are unearned, and that he’s allowed seven out of 20 inherited runners (35 percent) to score, a rate slightly worse than the league-average 31 percent. Even so, he’s striking out 11.3 per nine, with a 4.2 strikeout-to-walk ratio, roughly double his career mark. Though he has just four career saves to his name, he could even get a shot at closing, depending upon where he lands.
    Best fit: Padres or Tigers (as closer), Reds (as setup)

    • @AnnapolisHoosier: I think the only player there that fits the Reds would be Crain. Morse, maybe, if you squint. Byrd, oh dear I hope not, at least not for anybody worth anything. His HR/FB percentage is twice his career rate right now. His career high for HRs was 20 in Texas. If he gets that, I’ll be suuuuuuuuper surprised.

  16. Personally, I was holding out hope for Josh Willingham when Ludwick went down but he has been struggling and just hit the DL.

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