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Game Thread: Mariners at Reds (2013.07.06)

Well, the Reds attempt to step on the gas sputtered at the starting line yesterday with a loss to the Mariners.  The Reds can’t win them all, even though many times, we want them to.  They’ll try to win the rest of their scheduled games by winning game 2 today against Seattle.

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    • @Kyle: I’m tired of hearing about the Yasel Puig stuff. He will end up making it on the final ballot (which I’ll guess Bruce will be on as well). He has not been nearly as valuable to the Dodgers as Bruce has been to the Reds (or likely any of the other three guys to their teams).

      I think Bruce really deserved it this year. Takes a bit of the sting out since I don’t think he necessarily should have been there last season.

  1. Thank goodness Puig didn’t make it. Jeez, that would’ve been as big a joke as the Pro Bowl.

    • @rhayex: No bigger joke than some of the players voted in year after year. He was best hitter in the NL for 1 of the 3 months. I know it’s a small sample size, but he’s a better choice than Harper, who hasn’t played all that much more and has played worse (both in the field and at the plate).

      • @prjeter: I’d pick Puig over Harper, even if Marty does say it woul dbe a “travesty.” I still like Marty, but he does go overboard a lot.

      • @Kyle: I’m not advocating for him, but what’s better? The best hitting in the NL for 125 at-bats or slightly above-average for 250 ABs? I honestly think he shouldn’t be on the final ballot, especially over Jay Bruce, but it’s not as outlandish as some may think.

        What’s REALLY outlandish is the fact that they still have WS HFA tied to the All-Star Game. It should be an exhibition, which in that case, Puig would be a shoe-in since he’s currently “must see TV” as the MLB Network guys keep reminding us.

        • @prjeter: Fair enough. I don’t agree that he should be on the team but I don’t think it is outlandish. What gets me is hearing commentators talk about it like it is an outrage. Obviously, they are in the entertainment business but it is frustrating to hear.


    Stupid final vote.

  3. No Bruce. But, Puig, yes, despite playing in only 30 games. Not surprisingly, Harold Reynolds loves the idea. Reynolds is the dumbest guy doing baseball on TV.

  4. I love the homerism here. Bruce has a 118 OPS+, Harper a 147 OPS+, but Bruce got robbed and Harper is overrated.

    • @Hank Aarons Teammate: Part of the issue with Harper this year is that he’s been hurt for most of the season. He has fewer than half the RBI that Bruce does, for instance. Harper is a tremendous talent and no doubt deserving of All Star recognition when he can play an entire season.

      Was anyone here saying Bruce should have made it?

      • @Steve Mancuso: Yes, people are saying Bruce should make it; scroll down. Heck, Carpenter deserves it over Phillips, and now people will think I’m a Cards fan. Votto and Goldschmidt are close, too.

        In terms of Harper, ok, fair enough on number of ABs. People really do think he’s overhyped though. How can that be, a 20 year old who’s one of the best players in the game? His one problem is that he might pull a Bump Bailey one of these days…I’m not kidding.

    • I love the homerism here.Bruce has a 118 OPS+, Harper a 147 OPS+, but Bruce got robbed and Harper is overrated.

      Thank You. Bryce Harper is the real deal. He and Manny Machado are as good as it gets.

    • @Hank Aarons Teammate: It is a Reds blog with reaction seconds after the All Star selections have been announced. Yes, I think there is going to be some homerism. 🙂

      Objectively, I’d even say that I think Bruce should have made it, although it is not exactly a travesty that he isn’t on there. He has had a very good first half. I think I saw him on 4 of the 6 ESPN analyst brackets and he was last cut on a 5th. I think he was definitely a borderline case. I’d like to compare him to the other OFs that were not voted in, but the list isn’t up on ESPN. I’ll look for it.

    • @Hank Aarons Teammate:

      From Baseball-Reference:

      BRUCE OPS+: 114 in 374 PAs
      HARPER OPS+: 147 in 201 PAs
      PUIG OPS+: 220 in 127 PAs

      If you’re going to say it’s silly to consider Bruce over Harper, your logic would dictate it’s silly to consider Harper over Puig.

      (I don’t believe this, just trying to show the logic in using a single stat to determine eligibility.)

      • @prjeter: The only question is PAs. If you want to use oWAR or something , fine. With Puig, the argument would be that the league has no idea about him from 127 PAs.

        I can see the argument for not taking a guy with < 300 PAs or so. But Bruce is undeserving, and Harper is a much better player, except for his running into walls problem.

          • @prjeter: What. I…What. Are you joking? I hope you’re joking. Bruce is a great player (not talking about close to HoF, but well above average) in his own right, and Harper is hype+potential+east coast. I would take Harper over Bruce because of price and team control for the next 5-6 years, but I wouldn’t trade all of our prospects for him.
            That’s just silly.

    • @dg44: How can Bruce be more deserving than a CF who has better hitting numbers? Bruce isn’t anything special on defense, and he plays corner OF, not CF.

  5. Huh…Bruce and Latos robbed. Guess Latos didn’t have enough “dub-yas”.

    • @rfay00: Or it could be because he’s 12th in ERA+ among starters. Leake has more of a beef than Latos. Did Leake make it?

        • @rfay00: Well, they look at ERA, and Latos is hurt by home park…but Latos does not deserve to be an all star this year, assuming we are picking based on April-June. He’s having an excellent season…but not in the top 10 ERA+.

  6. No player with 30 games in the league should be an all star. No to Puig.

  7. What is wrong with this bullpen? Not even a five run lead against a 4th place team is safe. These guys need to have a good look in the mirror.

    • @renbutler: Puig should make it if MLB wants fan interest. If they choose on merit though, no way 1 month should be good enough.

      • @Hank Aarons Teammate: I think it’s silly that people are getting so worked up over something so inconsequential. I just feel like messing around with those people a little bit.

        • @renbutler: I agree, actually. I don’t even watch the game. Every team’s fans think their guy got robbed.

      • @Hank Aarons Teammate:
        Agreed. But if you want to try to win the game for the NL, who else do you want? Puig has shown his 5-tools in many occasions already. If a manager is selecting his reserves he wants to try to win. Or at least he should pick based on trying to win.

        Does anyone know if the managers have any sort of guidance to pick for performance over all else by the MLB? Like a contract or something they sign.

  8. And I should say, good job by Baker not to be complacent there.

  9. Too bad the Cubbies didn’t hit a Bucco by pitch, after the ASG announcement. Just, because, you know…that’s what evry MLB team wants to do re: the Pirates.

    • @wildwestLV: Pirates play with some sort of attitude that is in my opinion disgusting. They haven’t earned anything yet, but act like they have.

  10. RedForever was right: the Reds would be lucky to score 1 today. He just missed the zero after the 1.

    • @Hank Aarons Teammate: His thinking was understandable. his outburst was a break – a very good one, of course – from what the more regular lineups have been doing. I think we’ll all take more of it, though.

    • @AnnapolisHoosier: The time-honored tradition of the manager picking his own guys. The league should step in on this, but they never will. People have contract bonuses for making the team.

    • @AnnapolisHoosier: It is, although I don’t blame him. I’d pick every guy even close from my team if I were the manager. I wouldn’t upset any of my players.

  11. Jayson Stark @jaysonst

    Most surprising player votes: Goldschmidt over Votto in a landslide (508-347) and Segura over Tulo (438-309) by a big margin.

  12. Votto’s 12 IBB are 100% more than the people in 2nd in the NL (Ethier and Crawford).

  13. Either the Reds’ bats or the Cubs’ — I mean Mariners’ — fielding has broken Gameday.

  14. Chris heisey now has the lowest average on the team. I think that will change.

  15. Anybody else getting White Sox/Rays on FOX?

    What are the Rays wearing???

    • @renbutler: I am and I have no idea. Can’t be throwbacks since they have only been around for a short period. They should just wear the old TB Bucs uniforms if they are going to wear these.

  16. Giants have a run taken away because Posey batted out of order and Mattingly called them on it. Posey called out, runner that he knocked in sent back to third.

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