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Game Thread: Mariners at Reds (2013.07.05)

Yesterday’s game was a wash, so the Reds start anew today at home with a series against the Seattle Mariners.  The Mariners are only a Houston Astros addition to the division away from being a last place team so this is a good chance for the Reds to continue their good play that began this week against the San Francisco Giants.

The Reds will face a familiar face tonight in Aaron Harang.  Harang’s 3-7 record and 5.08 ERA is nearly the exact opposite of Mike Leake’s, who Harang will face tonight.  Leake is putting his name into serious consideration for an All-Star nod (he’s a longshot) with a 7-3 mark and 2.52 ERA.

The Reds have been going the last 3 games and really need to step on the gas pedal over these next 7 games before heading into a 3 game set with Atlanta before the All-Star break. I think many have stepped away from the ledge this week, so now let’s celebrate some winning baseball!!  Go Reds!

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  1. In other news, the Reds have held steady at exactly 0 international signings. Their last chance will really be the two or three Cuban defectors that are about to hit free-agency, and the downside there is that there is no limit to what teams can spend, meaning that the Reds would likely get outbid by other teams anyway (Dodgers).

  2. Never underestimate Harang when he pitches against the Reds. The Pirates and Cards face the Cubs and Marlins, so the Reds need two from the M’s to stay in contention.

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