2013 Reds / All-Star Game

Rain Delay Activity: Vote Reds!

Today is the last day you can vote for the All-Star team starting players. While you’re waiting during the rain delay, take the opportunity to vote – a lot!

How would you explain it to Joey Votto or Chris Carpenter’s son that Joey didn’t make the starting team because you didn’t do your patriotic duty on the Fourth of July?

You can vote 25 times per email address. If you have a gmail address, you know the trick of moving the period around, right?

If when you vote, post the number of times you voted (and your main motivation) in this thread.

Vote Reds!

Extra motivation: Vote for Buster Posey over Yadier Molina for NL catcher.

10 thoughts on “Rain Delay Activity: Vote Reds!

  1. the votes for Posey sure did feel good.

    Let’s go redlegs, let’s go reds.

    • @mlb: and 100 more. they really make it easy for you to cast a bunch of ballots in a short period of time.

  2. Main motivation: Make sure BP gets his due after last year’s ridiculousness with both the ASG and the GG

  3. Took a two-minute break from writing the series preview for the Mariners to vote 25 times. Those were 25 votes for Shin-Soo Choo, Joey Votto and Brandon Phillips. I also voted for Jay Bruce.

    Next break, I’ll be voting against Molina.

  4. Ah…750 more votes for Posey complete and the ballots may also have included a few Reds… :mrgreen:

  5. Went to the game, came back home, will go back later today if it resumes. Voted 35 times in the meantime, and you will not see Posey or Molina on either one of them. Go Lucroy instead.

    • @NastyBoys3: Realistically, Molina and Posey with both make the all star team and one of them will be the starter. The issue is whether the starter is Posey or Molina. I prefer Molina not be voted in as the starter MUCH more than Posey. After all, Posey was just doing his job and he did it superbly albeit at the absolutely wrong time for the Reds.

  6. I voted 35 times. The Reds I voted for were Votto, BP, and Bruce. The only “homer” vote was for Bruce, but he does deserve to be on the team, just not in the starting lineup.

    Otherwise I voted for who I thought was having the best season, including Molina.

    My main concern is that Cardinal fans will nudge Carpenter ahead of BP. The Cardinals are having a big “get out the vote” program, I heard one of the broadcasters say.

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