OK, I think the Reds got a little bit of revenge in last night.  Of course as someone stated in the game thread, true revenge won’t come unless the Reds defeat the Giants in a playoff series.  That may or may not happen, so let’s just focus on sweeping this particular series against the Giants in Cincinnati.

Just for the record, throughout the late innings last night, I constantly said the word no-hitter, talked about the no-hitter, and was texting about the no-hitter.  Strange thing happened, my actions did not ruin the no-hitter.  So with that said, I feel like Tony Cingrani may keep the Giants hitless yet again tonight!

OK, that may be a lofty goal.  Let’s just focus on keeping the Giants scoreless for another game so the Reds can win again.  Oh yeah, I think tonight is Todd Frazier bobblehead night so feel free to send one of those babies to your favorite game thread editor! Go Reds!

A simple Reds fan from a simple town. I have been a Reds fan all my life. The 1990 team was crowned Champions during my prime youth years and I grew up idolizing Chris Sabo all the way down to the flat top hair style and the #17. I have passed that love of the Reds down to my three boys who love the game and the Reds just as much as I do! Follow me on twitter @CoachWilson17

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  1. Okay Dusty, Simon doesnt have it tonight!

  2. Pull him.

  3. Get him out he has lost it. he’s throwng it from the side instead of on top of the ball

  4. This is going nicely, huh. Giants have done absolutely nothing to loaded the bases with 2 outs.

  5. Major control problems for Simon.

  6. We need Manny to be clutch!

  7. Im sorry, but we really need bullpen help if we want to compete in the NL Central. I know we have injuries, but those happen.

  8. And right there you saw the difference between Bochy and Baker’s desire to win this game. Bochy pulled his starter in the 5th because he got two guys on base without getting any outs. Baker meanwhile leaves Simon to walk a guy, have TWO wild pitches, and hit a guy, loading the bases before putting Parra in.

  9. This has turned into a battle of wits between managers.

  10. This is exactly the time to put in your best reliever. Well played Dusty.

  11. Can’t Marshall pitch righthanded?

  12. Parra is money again.

  13. Shew, lucky.

  14. yesss Parra!

  15. WHEW !!!!!! Manny is making a lot of new friends.

  16. Whewwie!

  17. Lets make sure we get 3 here for Chappy

  18. Once again lady luck neutralizes Dusty’s ineptness. C’mon Reds show Lady luck you appreciate her interceding on your behalf. Lets score some runs.

  19. 40,757 showed up for tonight’s titanic struggle, 40,757.

  20. Somebody let me know when the Giants put in a reliever the Reds can hit…. Thanks.

  21. 4-0 Cardinals top 2nd over Angels.

  22. Make that 6-0 Cardinals top 2nd.

  23. Does Thom watch the Reds? Chapman hasn’t wound up in months.

  24. Thom said Chapman is going out of the stretch tonight…..only started about 2 months ago Thom

  25. Walking a guy with 2 outs ahead of Posey: Not good.

  26. I just got home. Panda reached on a ball on which he swung and missed and hit hit his shin bone (saw the replay), and the ball got away from Mesoraco.

    Has the umpiring crew heard of Rule 6.05? The batter is out when…

    (f) He attempts to hit a third strike and the ball touches him;

    And where is Baker?

  27. Phew again. Shouldn’t have walked Abreu.

  28. This is where you wish the Reds had someone on the bench that can hit a home run. Man, the Reds bench sucks.

  29. Who’s going to hit the walk off Choo or Mes.

  30. Just a thought, but I’d say the Reds REALLY better score in the bottom of the 9th.

  31. I love Mesoraco’s intensity.

  32. BTW this is the umping crew that had the chief suspended for messing up not knowing that a pitcher had to pitch to at least one batter!

  33. bunting time!

  34. Here comes the bunt. Please don’t be a DP.

  35. Maybe Dusty should do one of his patented catcher running for catcher moves.

  36. Thank you Lady Luck, Cincinnati fans luv ya.

  37. Okay nice little single, pretty please.

  38. 2 more WP’s and we win!

  39. As much as I loved Robinson a month ago, now I see why Kansas City let him go. All speed no hit.

  40. Nice AB, D-Rob.

  41. Reds are lucky they got the runner to 2nd. Basically as I keep saying, with bunting, managers and fans always assume it will work. It not uncommonly fails.

  42. Its up to Cozart= extra innings.

  43. Cozart is just a horrible hitter of the baseball.

  44. It is painful to watch Cozart bat.

  45. 4+ hrs to get thru a regulation game and now extras. Ugh.

  46. Reds just have an awful time getting hits with RISP and 2 outs. It doesn’t really matter who the hitter is. Not that it is a stat that means anything.

  47. The only player on the Reds that should be called on to bunt is Bronson Arroyo. (his bunting into a DP that one time notwithstanding).

  48. Crap…Hoover. He scares the heck out of me.

  49. Hopefully more Hoover than Groover tonight. We shall see.

  50. Wow, in catching up I was “treated” to that play where Mesoraco made another freaking out on the bases. He looked like one of the three stooges on that one.

  51. Reds need to win soon, you would think that Hoover is only good for one innings and Partch being the last guy in the bullpen won’t last long.

    This Giants offense really stinks though…in this series so far at least.

  52. Manny Parra would still be available if Baker or any of his staff knew the rules of baseball (or the umps for that matter).

  53. I like the crowd doing the wave with our pitcher up.

  54. Hoover looking as good as I’ve seen. Let’s get him a 2nd win.

  55. Maybe I think this every year, but we’ve gotta be on pace to set a record for extra inning games this season…

  56. Votto just needs to end this one right now.

  57. joey needs to look yard in this AB…drive the ball JV!

  58. Off topic, but can someone tell me why the Brewers are willing to shop Gallardo and not Lohse? By selling Gallardo, they are signaling for rebuild mode, but Lohse is not there for rebuilding. I really think the Brewers signed him because they were going to “win” this year.

    Eh, maybe I should just shut up and let them trade their best pitcher.

  59. The crowd will go home happy tonight no matter what happens. Free LaRosa’s pizza. I sure do miss LaRosa’s steak hoagies. I might commit a felony in order to get some Skyline Chili.

  60. This ump is horrible in every way.

  61. Whether or not we have actually played more innings than anyone else this year, I guarantee we’ve played more HOURS. Sheesh this team is exhausting.

  62. Its like this Lopez guy is Ozzie Smith on the mound.

  63. 3,4,5 has not been good tonight

  64. I wanna see a replay of that play at first. Look like the throw took the 1st baseman off the base.

  65. Mercy, this team can’t hit.

  66. I think this game is about four and half hours long now.

  67. It makes me sad when those expensive diamond seats end up empty before the game is over

  68. Tomorrows a day game, no telling what the lineup is going to look like.

  69. Just now had a chance to sign on (I popped the question to the girlfriend tonight! And yes she said yes lol) but I assume someone called out Thom for finally noticing Chapman is pitching from the stretch. He’s been doing almost all year. Ridiculous.

  70. Crap. Come on, Hoover.

  71. hoover wont throw the curve with 2 strikes

  72. Great job by JJ Hoover!

  73. 2 nice innings by JJ

  74. Wow, that Abreu had a great AB vs Chapman but that one vs Hoover, he just swung at that pitch that you say, “why would you throw that on 1-2, because it’s so high he’ll never swing”.

  75. This is my 3rd PHEW of the nite. Now win it !

  76. Down(town) goes Frazier?

  77. What better way than a walk-off by Frazier on Todd Frazier bobblehead night.

  78. Here comes the bunt.

  79. please don’t bunt

  80. And we give away an out, sheesh!

  81. Just 3 more walks and we win!!! (somewhat plagurizing VARedfan.

  82. Heiseys been one of our better hitters lately, not sure I would have bunted.

  83. One of the few guys that can win the game with one swing of the bat, and Dusty has him bunt. Pure genius.

  84. I dont know why you swing at all if you are Hanigan.

  85. Well, the Reds just gave it up.


  87. chooooooo!!!!!!

  88. Thank you Choo. Huge win.

  89. CHOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. CHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  91. HOLY CHOO!!!

  92. That’s why you don’t sit Choo against lefties. He needs to see them to hit them.

  93. Okay lets go for the sweep tomorrow!

  94. Great job by Choo!

    Dusty Baker is really the most non-cerebral manager I’ve seen this side of Ron Washington. I mean, really, bunting your two righties that can probably hit a guy who cannot get righties out, to bring up Hanigan and his .190 average followed by Choo? Really?

  95. Pardon me boys is that the Cincinnati Soo Choo! Wooooohooo! Reds win Reds win thhhhheeee Reds Win. May have been a long game, but the Tortoise crossed the finish line first. Lets get em again tomorrow. Go Reds! Adios Amigos.

  96. Javier Lopez career, vs righties .814 OPS, vs lefties .609 OPS. Can we get Dusty a subscription to Baseball Reference?

    All in all, I love seeing Choo get a hit off perhaps the toughest LOOGY in the league. But the process was idiotic.

  97. It seems amazing this team is now 7-7 in extras; it seems like extras have been disastrous this year. But I guess not.

  98. Also, I’m guessing that Mr. Leake is going to pitch a lot of innings tomorrow.

  99. What baseball instincts by Dusty! Ahem.

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