Let’s recap tonight’s titanic struggle….

San Francisco 0
Cincinnati 3

W: H. Bailey (5-6)
L: T. Lincecum (4-9)

–Homer Bailey threw his second career no-hitter, allowing only one walk, while striking out nine. It was a completely dominant performance by Homer.

–Shin-Soo Choo reached base four times, going 2-2 with a walk and a run scored. The big blast, however, was Brandon Phillips’ two-run homer in the sixth inning. Sure, Homer didn’t need those two runs (the Reds were already leading 1-0), but it gave Cincinnati a cushion. Certainly allowed me to breath easier, anyway.

–Joey Votto made a very smart defensive play to preserve the no-hitter. See below.


–So much fun. Who doesn’t love Reds baseball?

–Homer had a perfect game until surrendering the single walk to Gregor Blanco in the seventh inning.

–Bailey is the 31st major leaguer to throw two no-hitters. He’s the third Red to do so, after Johnny Vander Meer and Jim Maloney. This was the 16th no-hitter in Reds history.

–The last big leaguer to throw a no-hitter? Yep, Homer Bailey, last September. That’s just an oddity, but it seems pretty cool to me.

–If you can imagine this, the Giants turned a 2-6 double play tonight. Homer was trying to lay down a sac bunt, Giants catcher Buster Posey picked it up, tagged Bailey, then threw out Ryan Hanigan trying to advance to second. It was a weird play.

–You won’t see a much more dominant no-hitter than that one. Homer was never really challenged. The only time the Giants even threatened a bit was after that walk in the seventh, when Buster Posey grounded to Joey Votto. It was a difficult play, and I’m not sure whether Votto could have retired Posey at first, but Joey made a heads-up play to retire Blanco trying to advance to third. TOOTBLAN.

–I don’t know anything about pitching, but I know that Homer’s stuff tonight was incredible. He was hitting all of his spots, and he was throwing 97 mph in the ninth inning.

–I tweeted this earlier (as you can see below), but I’ll say it here again. With that no-hitter tonight, Homer Bailey guaranteed his spot in the Reds Hall of Fame. No matter what else happens in his career, he’ll be enshrined in the Reds HOF. For whatever that’s worth.

–Listening to Ryan Hanigan speak on the post-game show, I’m struck by his intelligence. Seems much more cerebral than most big leaguers. Actually, the same could be said for Homer.

–I really wish the Reds had done this to the Giants last October.

–Some might make the case that the best part of tonight’s game was when Homer dropped an f-bomb on the post-game show. I wouldn’t make that case, but it did happen.

–“I guess I got lucky again.” — Homer Bailey

–“Homer: he let his inner Batman out today.” — Brandon Phillips

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  1. Jason1972

    The cherry on this is a Pirates loss and the Angels putting up a five spot on Lance Lynn in the first inning.

  2. Carlw2006

    I believe this was the first no hitter in GABPs history as well, making Homer the first pitcher to throw a no hitter at PNC park and GABP.

  3. josephneely25

    Always wondered, but what does TOOTBLAN mean? And amazing performance by Bailey and his post-game interview made me like him a lot more.

  4. pinson343

    Homer was late to cover first on Posey’s ground ball, it would have been a single if not for Joey’s throw to third. They’re sure about that on mlbnetwork, anyway.

    They showed a video where you could see both Joey and Blanco on that play. Joey was very aware of him, looked to see if he was running when he fielded the ball, then after 2 only steps looked his way again, ready to throw. Great play.

    • dc937

      @pinson343: Also to be noted that BP points toward third base about a half-second before the throw. Not sure if Votto looked on his own or due to BP’s reaction, but Brandon sure thought that the play at 1B wasn’t gonna happen in time.

  5. dn4192

    Have the Reds franchise at any point in its history had an overall better starting rotation then we are seeing right now. As a unit, how many teams right now have a better rotation top to bottom?

      • Lost and Found


        1990 was good too for short brief moment.

        Rijo, Danny Jackson, Browning, Armstrong (who looked like he might be something but fizzled), and Scott Scudder (5th starter was a bit fluid as i recall, charleton even had some starts i believe).

        It came together for 2-3 really good seasons, but the success couldn’t be sustained.

  6. SFredsfan

    Incredible game by Bailey and the rest of the team! Love this team, if we had a real left fielder

  7. pinson343

    The Reds starting rotation is finally getting some love from the media. On mlbnetwork, they were talking about how deep it is, even with Cueto out.

    Mitch Williams can be off the wall (duh), but tonite he was talking about how well Mike Leake has pitched.

  8. steveschoen

    I am impressed with how much Homer has learned and showed the last season and a half. Yes, last season was good for him. But, it is a lot harder to do it 2 seasons in a row. And, it doesn’t look like he’s missed one step. A couple of bad outings a season, yes. But, it wasn’t long ago that, with Homer, we were talking about a couple of good outings per season; not good. And, Homer seems to be taking care of himself much better. It seemed to be early that he was going on the DL 1-2 times per season there for a while. I don’t think he’s missed a game for a while.

    Some have been talking about locking up Cueto and Latos. I can’t help thinking maybe we need to lock up Latos and Bailey, possibly Leaks also if Cueto can’t get fixed (I’d rather have Cueto but healthy).

    • pinson343

      @steveschoen: I want to lock up Latos, Bailey and Leake, even if Cueto is healthy. The starting rotation is the core of a team.
      It would cost a lot of course, but costs less when you lock them up sooner rather than later.

  9. brynhoe

    Unless I’m mistaken, Homer Bailey has thrown more no hitters this year than Joey Votto has hit pop ups to the in field.

  10. LVW

    Homer Bailey? How about Hammer Bailey as in MC Hammer Bailey saying:

    Can’t touch this!

  11. Josh

    So glad I saw my first no hitter tonight at GABP with my Dad, Grandma and Uncle, great memories made this evening. If Homer pitches anywhere close to this the rest of the year, we have a good chance at the playoffs

    • pinson343

      @Josh: That’s fabulous, Josh. Thanks for telling us.

    • LWBlogger

      @Josh: Very, very cool Josh… I’ve never seen a no-no in person, let alone done by a Reds pitcher. I was at the game Monday with my dad and will be there tonight with my girlfriend. I may be out there tomorrow too. It would be an oddity for me to see the whole Giants series except Homer’s no-hitter… Very, very cool you got to share that with your uncle, dad, and grandmother.

  12. pinson343

    I was very nervous in the 9th, afraid that Crawford or Blanco were going to slap a ground ball thru the 5-6 hole. For a split second, I thought Blanco had. But Todd had him played just right.

  13. Boneill1621

    I think its worth mentioning that Homer Bailey declined to give an interview after the game to 700 WLW. Basically a big FU to Brennaman which will most likely fuel their existing feud.

    I find, personally, find it hilarious.

      • pinson343

        @Jason1972: Homer made some kind of statement last year about Marty’s negative comments about Reds players, I’d forgotten about it.

      • TraviXDM

        @Jason1972: They had a call in on the Extra Innings show from some fella that I guess was a cab driver and had picked up Bailey one day. As he dropped Homer off, he was getting his luggage out and Homer asked him if he listened to WLW. The caller said most definitely. Bailey apparently sighed and said something to the effect of: Everyone at that station is an idiot, period.

        Mark Amazon didn’t quite know what to say at that point. So, I guess Homer’s animosity runs pretty deep into the Reds Radio Network.

    • Steve Mancuso

      @Boneill1621: Have no idea if this rift between Homer and Marty is true and if Homer actually mentioned Marty’s negative comments in the past. But if I were a player and Marty had chosen me as one of his whipping posts, I’d have had the same reaction to the request for an interview. You reap what you sow.

      • vegastypo

        @Steve Mancuso: (Just heard how that postgame went. After Marty called out the Reds media relations team, he later called out Homer because supposedly media relations specifically asked Homer for a radio interview and Homer said no.)

        I can agree with Steve up to a point, but Homer wouldn’t have been doing the interview with Marty, would he? Wasn’t Seg Dennison (if I have that name right), the guy running around down there trying to get interviews? He or somebody else was talking with Hanigan after the game. … If Homer really wanted to snub Marty, I can understand that. (I’ve heard it said that Marty’s criticisms are what caused players to quit talking to Nuxhall on his pre- and post-game shows.) But why snub the radio audience, most who probably don’t know about Marty vs. the players? That part doesn’t seem right to me.

        At any rate, a great, great game. I’ve never known quite what to expect from Homer over the last few years, but geez, what a performance!

      • Kyle Farmer

        @vegastypo: Don’t forget that Homer made it pretty clear what he thinks of Reds fans after his last no hitter. He holds them in about the same regard as Marty.

      • TraviXDM

        @Kyle Farmer: “Definitely, to be here in front of this crowd really meant a lot,” Bailey said. “The ball went to Frazier, and any time it’s put in play in those situations, you get a little bit nervous. But once Joey squezed(sic) it, it was all over.”

        Homer’s maturity has been questionable in the past years, but I think that statement is enough to show that he was glad to be able to treat the fans to history being made. If the fans, listening to whatever it was he said back then, I doubt they would have been behind him like they were last night. If he held them in the same views a Marty, I doubt people would have cared. News travels fast, and if it got back that Homer thinks low of the fanbase – I think it would have been a much different atmosphere last night.

  14. jbemis44

    Just heard Marty’s call of the end of the game on ESPN, did he forget to say “and this one belongs to the reds” again?
    Great game and great performance by Homer by the way

    • mlb

      @jbemis44: He did say it, actually, just a little bit later, since he was talking about the no-hitter.

  15. pinson343

    Alfonso Soriano can hit. He unloaded off A.J. Griffin, a long 3 run homer. Griffin of course is the guy who shut out the Reds last week. I start to think, the Reds could really use a LFer like that.

    Then in LF, on a pop up that’s clearly his, he and Castro collide and the ball bounces off Castro’s glove. On another pop up that’s easily his, there’s nearly a 3 way collision as Castro catches the ball.

    On the bases and in the OF, he’s as sloppy as it gets.

    I like Nate Schierholtz, though, maybe the Reds should look into his availability.

    • OhioJim

      @pinson343: There was some interesting dialog on the TV broadcast tonight about whether the Pfillies might move Chase Utley at the deadline. They went out of their way to say and repeat that Utley could play 3rd in addition to 2nd and could still hit and would be a nice addition to some team. I couldn’t help but wonder if somebody had baited them with the idea of the Reds acquiring Utley to play 3rd and moving Frazier to LF. At any rate I found the whole sequence intriguing.

  16. Hank Aarons Teammate

    Homer Bailey has the worst ERA of any Reds starter. That’s pretty amazing, isn’t it? Their worst ERA starter can throw 97 MPH on pitch number 110.

  17. Hank Aarons Teammate

    So, if everything else had played out the same, if Bailey strikes out Blanco instead of walking him, then Posey’s ball is a single and Bailey throws a 1-hitter.

  18. Hank Aarons Teammate

    On the MLBnet broadcast they were saying there might be a bit of controversy about the Posey ball being a fielder’s choice. The definition is:

    FIELDER’S CHOICE is the act of a fielder who handles a fair grounder and, instead of throwing to first base to put out the batter-runner, throws to another base in an attempt to put out a preceding runner. The term is also used by scorers (a) to account for the advance of the batter-runner who takes one or more extra bases when the fielder who handles his safe hit attempts to put out a preceding runner; (b) to account for the advance of a runner (other than by stolen base or error) while a fielder is attempting to put out another runner; and (c) to account for the advance of a runner made solely because of the defensive teamÂ’s indifference (undefended steal).

    I don’t quite understand this…if the scorer thinks there is NO chance to put out the batter, is it still a fielder’s choice?

    • pinson343

      @Hank Aarons Teammate: Common sense says that if there is no chance to put out the batter, he’s got to be awarded with a hit.

      The relevant phrase above would be “instead of throwing to first base to put out the batter-runner.” I interpret this to mean that the scorer must believe that the fielder has the option of throwing out the runner, in order for it to be a fielder’s choice.

      So tonite, the scorer ruled that Joey had the option of throwing out Posey.

      I think.

    • mlb

      @Hank Aarons Teammate: Hmm… by that wording, it seems to me that if there is NO chance to get the batter out, it’s not a fielder’s choice, but I don’t think that was the case at all on that play. It would have been close, and they might not have gotten him out, but it was also close enough that they could have.

      • Hank Aarons Teammate

        @mlb: It might be one of those things where if it’s gonna be close, then it qualified as an FC. But there was no way on God’s green earth they were going to throw out Posey there. Just saying. It would have been close as in Bailey would have been within a step or two, but you could see that unless Posey fell down, he was going to easily be safe.

      • Hank Aarons Teammate

        @mlb: After watching it a bunch more times, I think I am wrong and you are right. It would certainly have been close enough that a FC is appropriate. I still think Posey would have been safe, but bang-bang.

      • pinson343

        @Hank Aarons Teammate: So the conclusion is that the scorer ruled that Joey had a chance to throw out Posey, if he took that option.

      • Hank Aarons Teammate

        @pinson343: Yes, “mlb” convinced me to take another look (or 10), and that’s both of our conclusions anyways.

  19. pinson343

    Actually, I think the scorer ruled it a FC because it was a plausible ruling and he didn’t want to start a riot.

    • Lost and Found


      Yeah and getting Blanco out on the play made it easier on the official scorer.

      • Kyle Farmer

        @Lost and Found: Yes. I would have loved to have seen the media reaction had they not gotten the out at 3rd.

      • Hank Aarons Teammate

        @Kyle Farmer: That’s a really interesting point. Technically, ruling a FC should be independent of whether an out is recorded on a runner. Back in the real world, I don’t think it works that way in practice.

  20. Lost and Found

    Congrats to Homer and the rest of the team on the no-hitter last night. Hopefully this game and series can propel them to a pre-ASB run.

    As mentioned above, the icing on the cake was both the cards and pirates losing.

  21. Kyle Farmer

    Great game by Homer and the Reds. Sure was a strange post-game situation though. He really went after Thom and the Cowboy in the TV interview and he was just plain surly during that exchange. And then the whole WLW thing just seems petty to me – of course, I don’t have Marty analyzing my job performance on a daily basis either.

    Kind of reminds me of last year when the day after his no-no Homer went on a mini-rant about how much better Pirate fans were than Reds fans.

    Oh well, the whole thing just kind of cements him as my least favorite Red…..but I love all of them!

    • TC

      @Kyle Farmer: As a person I am not a Homer Bailey fan. He may not be a “butt hole” to the other players, but he is to the media and the fans. But really I don’t care. Does he get hitters out. That’s all that really matters.

  22. Zach

    And once again, I had to work through Bailey’s no-hitter. Boo, but yey.

    Upon watching the “condensed version” of the game MLB.tv offers, I’m struck by the fact that Timmy Lincecum looked solid tonight, and really got a tough loss given he pitched pretty well. He was more solid than I’ve seen him be in a while. His pitch count wasn’t particularly nice; but his breaking stuff had movement like he hasn’t had in a few years. That could be a very bad sign if the Giants get hot in the second half (like last year), and he regains some ground toward being top-of-the-rotation guy; but I suppose tonight may have been a fluke and he’ll go back to being Mediocre Lincecum.

  23. RedZeppelin

    Congrats to Homer on the no-hitter. It couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

    I’d love to see how Homer would deal with playing in a market such as New York where the players really get scrutinized. Man up.

    • Hank Aarons Teammate

      @RedZeppelin: This is IMO off base. I’ve lived in a big market city. It is true that the managers in such markets are scrutinized more than in Cincinnati. However, there is no broadcaster I’ve ever heard criticize players more than the Reds’ broadcasts. I hate it when the broadcasters suck up to the players, but at least the Reds’ broadcasts could be a little more balanced. The Reds aren’t 12 over .500 with a bunch of bad choking ballplayers.

      Thinking about it, how often does Marty criticize Dusty Baker? I can’t remember hearing one this year. I’m sure there are some, as I don’t hear that many broadcasts. But I’ve heard deep and consistent criticisms of Frazier, Bruce, Votto, Choo, Cozart, Mesoraco.

      Marty and Thom are unable to understand, as I’ve said before, that baseball must be evaluated in a relative way. All hitters fail at their job more than they succeed. Marty especially is unable to understand that. It’s ridiculous to say that you should always get runs home from 3rd when the average across baseball is 50%, for example.

      • RedZeppelin

        @Hank Aarons Teammate: I don’t disagree with your point. Both Brennamans can be overly critical of Reds players. But be a pro and deal with it. If nothing else, don’t take it out on guys like Seg and the entire radio audience because Marty hurt your feelings (If that is, in fact, what happened.).

        I’ll leave Thom out of my argument because he’s just a knucklehead, but I think Marty gets unjustly criticized sometimes as well. Like us he has seen the Reds toy with greatness in the past few years only to fall flat on their faces, despite their abundance of talent. The difference is when we get frustrated with the team we can just turn off the game. He can’t.

        And after all, he has seen a few ballgames. He knows a little about the game. One of my favorite Redlegnation moments of all time was in a game thread when Bruce came up to bat and someone here complained when Marty pointed out Bruce’s K total for the season. Then Bruce promptly K’d.

      • Hank Aarons Teammate

        @RedZeppelin: On the one hand, I get your point that the radio listeners suffer. On the other hand, maybe the radio listeners will eventually effect some change. I don’t know what Bailey’s thinking, I’m just throwing out some possibilities.

        In terms of Marty, I’m sorry but I can’t feel too bad for a guy who’s not exactly digging ditches for a living. This isn’t to say I think he shouldn’t be highly paid for his skills—he should. Not many people can announce play by play as well as him. But I don’t think acting unprofessionally is something that should happen.

        I guess I also feel like Marty knows “little” about the game. I mean, really, he’s not an ex-player. But we’ll have to agree to disagree. I’m not saying he shouldn’t point out the K total. All of that is fair game. But will Marty ever point out the good along with the bad? Will he point out that despite leading the league in K’s, at this moment Bruce’s numbers put him in a very good place?

      • RedZeppelin

        @Hank Aarons Teammate: All good points.

        I’m not saying Marty is an expert, especially when it comes to modern analysis and stats. I’m just saying that he may know more than some give him credit for.

      • Hank Aarons Teammate

        @RedZeppelin: Sure, I understand.

        To rephrase my point a bit, forgetting about modern analysis, how does Marty explain that the Reds are a really good team? I mean, is it just complete luck in his mind?

      • RedZeppelin

        @Hank Aarons Teammate: That’s a good question. I can’t begin to guess what is inside his head. Maybe it’s the same phenomenon that causes many of us to come here and wail and moan when the team is performing poorly. Perhaps it is seeing the Reds be a good team when, with their talent, they should be a great team. Or maybe he’s just old and cranky, in which case I feel his pain. Heh.

      • greenmtred

        @RedZeppelin: I feel his pain, too, but reading what you guys are saying makes me glad I don’t get his broadcasts up here in the north woods.

      • I-71_Exile

        @RedZeppelin: For someone who has watched so many games, I expect Marty to know MUCH more than he does about baseball. On Sunday I turned on the finale to the Rangers series to see if the Reds were going to do anything with Joe Nathan who had pitched an inning and a third the previous day. Robinson was called out on strikes on a 2-2 count for the second out and Marty responded a disgusted “You can’t get on base if you don’t swing the bat.”

        Yes, Robinson needed to find a way to waste that pitch, but trying to work a deep count against Nathan given the situation seemed like the right move to me.

      • Hank Aarons Teammate

        @I-71_Exile: Right, Marty. You should always be able to waste a pitch. Just ask all MLB hitters who are striking out at a record clip of 15 total per game or so.

      • ken

        @Hank Aarons Teammate: Agree that I’m not aware of any broadcasters who take as much pleasure in criticizing players. I’ve lived in Philadelphia for over ten years and I don’t think the announcers play that game. Print media – that’s a different story.

      • TC

        @ken: There is a night and day difference between the Reds and Pirates broadcasters. While I think the Reds broadcaster are more skilled, I found listening to Pirate broadcasts (both radio and TV) a more pleasant experience. They just call the game and leave the remarks to the color commentary.

    • WedgieSanders

      @RedZeppelin: Oh get real. I personally couldn’t be happier that he stuck it to the idiots on WLW (who think they work for a bigger market and think all that is Reds baseball revolves around them).

  24. bohdi

    Did others see the meltdown Paul Daugherty had on twitter last night over Homer’s interview with Jeff Piecoro? He even wrote this on his “Morning Line” which I prefer to call the “Morning Lie” – http://cincinnati.com/blogs/daugherty/2013/07/03/the-homer-line-73-time-to-apologize/

    Yea, Homer slipped up and shouldn’t have dropped the F-bomb, but who cares? He just threw his second no hitter. It somewhat reminds me of when people complained after the Reds clinched the division and smoked cigars. Some people just love to get offended so they can spout off on their soapbox. This just further cements Daugherty as a hack.

    • Hank Aarons Teammate

      @bohdi: It must have taken a lot of effort to write a whole column about one instance of an F-bomb. Sheesh.

    • Matt WI

      @bohdi: I sure hope he similarly took Votto and our Dear Leader, Dusty Basker to similar task. What a dumb, non-story thing to harp on. The local news is 10x scarier and less mentally healthy for most of us than a Homer Bailey post-game interview. We’ll all live.

    • Jason1972

      @bohdi: Daugherty is even more awful than the Brenamans and Hal McCoy, he is just seriously the worst in the city. Thank goodness we have alternative media to follow these days and aren’t stuck with these fossils for information anymore.

    • CP

      @bohdi: Please do not click that link. Reading P-Doc is tantamount to supporting P-Doc. And that’s just plain wrong.

  25. Sultan of Swaff

    After the outing in Oakland last week, Homer had a serious case of red-ass and you could tell he was gonna put up a good start last night. After that start he was lamenting his overuse of the curveball when his fastball was dominant. He didn’t make the same mistake twice.
    And before we deitize Hanigan’s pitch calling skills, let’s remember he’s the same guy who called for the curveballs that left the yard in Homer’s last start when Homer had similar stuff. It cuts both ways.

    • Hank Aarons Teammate

      @Sultan of Swaff: It was interesting…in the 7th and later, Hanigan basically called one pitch: fastball up (with the exception of maybe 3 sliders inside to lefties).

      • LWBlogger

        @Hank Aarons Teammate: Yeah, he threw a few hard cutters to the lefties. I was mostly a catcher but pitched a little bit. I threw a no-hitter (7-innings) against the Marine unit that was on Ft. Meade at the time. I don’t know what my fastball was clocked at that day but we played around with a radar gun a couple weeks prior and I was hitting 86-87. Homer’s cutter last night was 89-90 and his fastball was 96-97. Wow!

    • Eric the Red

      @Sultan of Swaff: Wasn’t it Mesoraco behind the plate for Homer’s last start? I could be wrong, but that’s my recollection. I don’t think it’s Mesoraco’s fault, and just looking at the numbers is a little misleading, but Homer doesn’t seem real comfortable throwing to Mes.

      • Hank Aarons Teammate

        @Eric the Red: I guess I’m the minority, but I’d tell Bailey “too bad” if I wanted to start Mesoraco. I don’t believe in that stuff, and if you did, how is the pitcher with the *best ERA on the staff* a guy that was the #5 starter and throws to Mesoraco every start?

      • LWBlogger

        @Hank Aarons Teammate: I don’t really put a lot of stock in cERA but I do feel that some guys just have a higher comfort level and perform better when working with some catchers as opposed to others. I think where defense really matters though is the few runs that are given up or saved by balls blocked in the dirt, runners thrown out, passed balls avoided, etc.

    • Big Ed

      @Sultan of Swaff: Mesoraco caught the previous start. While the pitcher is ultimately the guy who decides what to throw, there is a definite rhythm and comfort level to being on the same page with the catcher. Bailey has that with Hanigan, who is an elite defensive catcher.

      Hanigan is a very bright guy (a philosophy major in college), and I think he’d be a great manager. He also touched the Mendoza line last night, before falling back to .199. He should have an excellent second half.

    • greenmtred

      @Sultan of Swaff: Hanigan likely takes into consideration which pitches are working on a given night. Homer’s fastball has, lately, been reliably fast, but when he’s not hitting his spots, it’s hittable (but so is everybody’s). I do think, though, that when Homer is really on, there are few if any more formidable starters.

  26. seat101

    Look, HB did two TV interviews. During the SF TV interview he praised Reds fans. The FSO interview was with Jim Day. Let’s put it kindly, he is no deeper than a penny is wide, his ‘yes or no’ questions are longer than a hearse, and often he p***es in the well, as when his 2nd question was about the walk.

    Why go through a third live interview when made grouchy by JDay?

    More power to him.

  27. seat101

    Read Jeff Picorro for Jim Day. My bad. Jim Day is marginally better.

  28. Eric the Red

    Regarding the Fielder’s Choice, and whether it could have been ruled a hit if Votto had no chance to get the runner at first base: have you ever seen a play where the shortstop smothers a ball, has no chance at first so he goes to second to get the lead runner, but they award the batter a hit? Yeah, me neither. It was a brilliant defensive play by Votto (and some dumb base running in GABP down by 3). He’s had some issues this year, but I still think he’s a very very good defender.

  29. Lost and Found

    Love the re-naming of the site. Didn’t you guys do that last year too?

  30. Eric the Red

    That Daugherty rant is ridiculous. “I had to rewind it because I couldn’t quite hear it the first time. If I listen real close I can just make out an offensive word. (If I play it backwards it says ‘Paul is really dead.’ OG reference; look it up youngsters.) That word, which I can only hear if I try very hard but I’m pretty sure I know what it is because I and 75% of the population say it 10 times a day , offends me in some way. Oh, by the way, Homer Bailey pitched himself into the Reds history books. But it’s all spoiled by a word that I think I heard if I rewind and put my head next to the speaker. I’m shocked. Shocked! Think of the children! This night is ruined for them. Maybe their whole lives. How could this happen? Oh, the humanity.”

    • LWBlogger

      @Eric the Red: Actually, when I heard it while watching, I heard it as “up and walked” … Figured he was just speaking Texan. It is only an issue because the media has sort of made it an issue. Should he have said it? No. It was a heat of the moment thing though and I think he can be forgiven.

      • prjeter

        @LWBlogger: Agreed. Live media has the possibility that something like this might happen. If people are so worried about it, don’t let your kids watch live programming. You can’t have it both ways, folks! Either accept the risk, which you inherrently accept by wathching live programming, or get over it!

      • vegastypo

        @prjeter: That’s a fair point, although I think many people assume that networks often preserve a 5-second or 10-second delay so they can block out stuff that should be censored. More and more, however, it’s as you said: You can’t be sure what might sneak through, so listener beware!

  31. pinson343

    On both espn and mlbnetwork I saw the Homer interview with a female reporter. He was totally humble and classy, didn’t say anything at all controversial. Was it only in other interviews that the controversial stuff happened, or did I see a sanitized version ?

    • pinson343

      @pinson343: TraviXDM quoted Homer above: “Definitely, to be here in front of this crowd really meant a lot,” Bailey said. “The ball went to Frazier, and any time it’s put in play in those situations, you get a little bit nervous. But once Joey squezed(sic) it, it was all over.”

      That’s the interview I saw. He was totally gracious.

  32. pinson343

    Sultan: “After the outing in Oakland last week, Homer had a serious case of red-ass and you could tell he was gonna put up a good start last night. After that start he was lamenting his overuse of the curveball when his fastball was dominant. He didn’t make the same mistake twice.”

    Every hit that Homer gave up against Oakland was on a breaking pitch, and they couldn’t do anything with his fastball. Jeff Brantley mentioned this early and often in that game, but in a “constructive criticism” kind of way. And last nite Brantley, right from the start of the game, was calling for Homer to go with his fastball, and use it to set up occasional and effective use of his secondary pitches. He was thrilled when Homer did that and shouted with excitement numerous times.

    The Homer/WLW “feud” is a non-story, but Brantley should not be lumped in with Marty, as far as criticizing the players. He knows a whole lot about pitching.

    • vegastypo

      @pinson343: AMEN.

      The guy just threw his second no-hitter within, what, 17 starts?, and we have to deal with feuds? I’m not saying Homer does or doesn’t have a reason to feel slighted, but geez, this doesn’t strike me as the time to air your grievances over it.

      But anyway, a side note to Mr. Cingrani: You have a tough act to follow !!!

      • rightsaidred

        @LWBlogger: Besides his affability, Brantley’s knowledge of pitching is his primary redeeming quality as a broadcaster

  33. pinson343

    Of course, MLB’s previous no hitter was also pitched by Homer. I wondered how many times a pitcher had pitched “consecutive no hitters” in that sense. Obviously Johnny Vander Meer, who literally pitched consecutive no hitters.

    ESPN eventually posted the number: Homer is the 7th pitcher to do it. The most recent was Nolan Ryan in 1974-75.

  34. pinson343

    Does it bother anyone else that the game story on the Reds mlb.com site spent two paragraphs on the Domino’s special ? Advertising is almost everywhere, but in the middle of an article covering a no hitter ?

    If mlb.com has some sort of contractual obligation, one sentence with a link should have sufficed.

    • Eric the Red

      @pinson343: Yes. I thought that was offensive and undermined any claims MLB.com has that what they’re doing is news reporting.

  35. Redsfanx

    When Homer is on, he’s as tough as there is. Congratulations. It would be nice if Marty, now that he’s in his seventies, could be a little more laid back, i.e. Vin Scully of the Dodgers. And it’s too bad we lost Tim Sullivan, a real good sports writer, to San Diego a number of years ago and have to settle for P-Doc.

    • LWBlogger

      @Redsfanx: John Fay is the guy who replaced Sullivan but yes, I liked Sullivan. As for Vin Scully, the man is a national treasure.

  36. al

    Can anyone actually post what Homer said or did to the radio or TV broadcasters last night? I watched the interviews they have on mlb.com and at one point he says something like “those guys up there make it seem pretty easy,” which I could see as a small shot across the bow to the broadcasters, but hardly a roundhouse kick.

    This thread makes it seem like there was some controversy. Was there?

    As for the “bad word,” aren’t all these guys like Daugherty the same ones who are always complaining about PCness? It’s not like he gave the interview on Nickelodeon, and it was pretty late at night.

    You’re talking to a jock who just slammed a bunch of redbull (empty cans authenticated by the Reds, really) and is pretty excited to have just pitched one of the best games of his career. I thought the interview was great, and I was pretty sure the sun would come up the next day right on schedule, even if a few old people’s brains exploded.

    • bohdi

      @al: In his second post game interview with Jeff Piecoro, Homer was asked if the length of the Reds being at bat in the previous bottom half contributed to Homer giving up the walk. Homer responded, “Nah man, I mean I just ______ing walked a guy.” It was an innocent slip up from an extremely excited Homer.

      It was a non story (and still should be) but P-dope keeps writing about it and demanding an apology.

      • al

        @bohdi: Yeah, I actually saw that part. Above people were talking about a controversy with Homer going off on the Reds broadcasters and snubbing WLW. I couldn’t find anything about it on the internet so I wondered if people were just getting carried away, or I had missed something.

      • Steve Mancuso

        @al: You didn’t miss anything. The inference that Homer said something about the broadcast team was from when he mentioned how the “guys up there” seem to think it’s easy. That’s all there was.

        Last night, Marty twice said, like a spoiled brat: “We reserve the right to be disappointed with Homer Bailey tonight.”

        The ego-involvement to shift the focus to your own feelings at that exact time is pretty incredible. I turned the radio off.

      • al

        @Steve Mancuso: In what way could anyone be disappointed with Homer last night? That seems incredible to me.

  37. al

    I also wanted to chime in on the Brennamen. I live in the Bay Area and here, for both the A’s and the Giants, there is a very clear line between the guys who do the game, and the sports talk guys. The idea of Jon Miller ever saying the kinds of things that Marty does about Giants players, or even taking the tone that Marty does, it’s unimaginable.

    The sports talk guys, sure, they say everyone stinks. That’s sort of their job. But Marty and son are the only play-by-play guys that I’ve heard who really cross that line.

    I really don’t like it, and I’m glad to read that so many other Reds fans aren’t into it either. I was starting to feel like a town gets the announcers that it wants in the end, which would mean that Cincy has turned into a pretty crabby, uninformed town.

    • TC

      I also wanted to chime in on the Brennamen. I live in the Bay Area and here, for both the A’s and the Giants, there is a very clear line between the guys who do the game, and the sports talk guys. The idea of Jon Miller ever saying the kinds of things that Marty does about Giants players, or even taking the tone that Marty does, it’s unimaginable.

      The sports talk guys, sure, they say everyone stinks. That’s sort of their job. But Marty and son are the only play-by-play guys that I’ve heard who really cross that line.

      I really don’t like it, and I’m glad to read that so many other Reds fans aren’t into it either. I was starting to feel like a town gets the announcers that it wants in the end, which would mean that Cincy has turned into a pretty crabby, uninformed town.

      Just thought it was worth saying twice. We are of the same mind on this topic.

  38. Mwv

    I would dismiss the entire WLW thing as unimportant nonsense except for the fact that we are going to be negotiating with Bailey this off-season or whenever for a contract. What they are doing now is offensive and can only make Homer wonder if he should pursue his career in another town. Not to mention it’s repugnant to hear them use other player’s good deeds (in the brief minutes I was listening they used Frazier, Arroyo and Phillips) to imply that Homer is somehow in the wrong and a terrible person. That as a player would tick me off more than anything else because I really believe the charity and community efforts of players are acts of humility, not obligations to be used as whips against their teammates.

      • Mwv

        @al: You’d have to tune in. They were portraying Homer as some snotty arrogant brat who hates Cincy.

  39. LWBlogger

    Well if I’m correct in understanding, if Castellini is angry about it, he can do something about it. I believe that announcers are employed by the team and not the station.

  40. TC

    Maybe this is the catalyst for a come the Jesus meeting between Marty and Mr Castellini.

  41. WedgieSanders

    It’s such a same that these cry babies on WLW are taking so much attention away from Homer’s historic night. There could have been a million reasons why Homer turned down the interview. Maybe he really had to use the John? Maybe he had friends and family waiting in the clubhouse? Maybe he was worried about just dropping the F-bomb by mistake. Maybe he didn’t want to be asked the same negative question he was just asked that caused him to use the F-bomb in the first place? Maybe someone had told him there was a press conference waiting that he needed to get to? Maybe it was because the thought of talking to Marty would ruin such a great night? It could be a million different reasons. And quite frankly, it’s none of our business. The station shouldn’t have announced that they were gonna have him on the air without being sure he was gonna come on. These guys on WLW are just butthurt and need something to be negative about to get through their day.

  42. rightsaidred

    I have a negative, Zach Cozart in the 2 spot. It’s a long since expired equine but I am a glutton for exercises in futility.

    The top 2/3 of this lineup could be improved under any almost reconfiguration that moved him to #6 or out of it altogether.

    Of all the starters and platoon players (excluding Hanigan) he has the lowest OPS on the team. He has is basically #3 in total ABs on the team in a kind of three-way tie between him, Phillips, and Choo.

    That is so much wasted offensive opportunity.

    Allow me to conclude by attempting a paradigm shift in the Cozart matter: the Reds need to stop considering who can be the ideal number 2 hitter in place of Cozart and simply decide that Cozart will no longer bat north of the sixth spot in the lineup because literally ANY other option at 2, including Mesoraco, is statistically better.

  43. WVRedlegs

    Oh what a night. Great night. Watched Homer drop an A-bomb and nuke the Giants lineup and then watched as he dropped the F-bomb on Pecurro(sp?) after the game. It was a glorious night. Way to go Homer.