Well that was a fun one last night.  I would like to think the Reds were taking out some frustration last night and are going to continue that feeling with tonight’s game.  Perhaps frustration over last season, or just frustration over how the recent road trip went.  Either way, it was nice to see the good guys get an easy win.

Speaking of frustration, the Reds face the guy that got more publicity than anyone in last year’s NLDS loss to the Giants in the form of Tim Lincecum.  Lincecum has returned to the form he was during last year’s REGULAR SEASON and the Reds need to treat him as the pitcher he is now and was last season.  Not the guy that was brilliant in last year’s NLDS.

Yes, I keep mentioning last year’s NLDS in the hope that it sparks some sort of interwebs force that spurs this Reds team to GO!  I want revenge for last season.  No, mentioning it here on this little website won’t make the Reds play any better or harder, but dangit, I want REVENGE!!!  Shut ’em down Homer!!! GO REDS!!!!!!!!!! (Yes, that’s more exclamation points than normal)

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  1. Steve Mancuso

    Walking to the stadium tonight brought back all the memories of last year’s post season games (didn’t come last night). Regular season wins won’t remedy that. But every victory brings the Reds closer to winning the division

    Go Homer! Go Reds!

    • pinson343

      @Steve Mancuso: I remember the Game 5 report that you posted as a comment. Made me feel a little better.

    • Shchi Cossack

      @Steve Mancuso:

      Regular season wins won’t remedy that. But every victory brings the Reds closer to winning the division.

      I’m with you on that note, Steve. You know what would really be a good elixir to put last season completely in the rear view mirror.

      Maybe the Bucos don’t actually fall off the cliff into oblivion this season. Their bullpen is going to suffer from grossly extensive use during the 1st half , but maybe they get some additional bullpen assistance before the trade deadline and manage to hang on for a wildcard playin game.

      Maybe the Nats or Dodgers or Rox or even Padres go on a 2nd half run and grab the other wildcard playin game.

      Maybe the Reds step up to the plate and totally dominate the Birds, Bucos, Brew Crew & Cubbies during the 2nd half to run away with the NLCD title again.

      The Birds and the Giants are left on the outside looking in when the playoffs start on September 30th and the Reds coast into the playoffs with the memory of last seasons demise motivating them as the playoffs begin. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

      The road to the promised land continues tonight against the blasted Giants and their totally collapsed pitching staff. Let’s make some more hay tonight and this time make them suffer for a full 8 1/2 innings.

      Go Redss!!! :mrgreen:

  2. pinson343

    I want very much to see a sweep but that wouldn’t be a satisfying revenge. A satisfying revenge would be defeating them in a playoff series.

    Doesn’t look like the Giants will get to the postseason in 2013 but it would just as nice to make it to the WS, beating whoever is in the way.

  3. RedForever

    Saw where locke is not pitching for the Pirates tonight. i expect the Pirates pitching to start faltering real soon.

    • pinson343

      @RedForever: The media was going crazy over the Pirate bullpen pitching 12 scoreless innings in their 14 inning win over the Brewers, but wasn’t that their problem in 2010 and 2011 ? Too many bullpen innings in the first half, a tired bullpen in the second half.

  4. pinson343

    Brantley saying that Homer should mainly go with the fastball tonite. I agree.

  5. Mwv

    Crushed. Double or HR, that ball was killed. Oppage for Choo!

  6. ToddAlmighty

    Double for Choo with an assist from that Reds fan. If he doesn’t flip up his glove like that and knock the ball out, that’s a stolen HR catch for Pence and an out for Choo.

    THAT is how you’re supposed to fan interfere. For your team, and against the opponents.

  7. Sergeant2

    Look to me like the ball hit off the heel of Hunter’s glove. It was to hard to tell conclusively if the fans glove actually touched Hunter’s glove. Go Reds!

  8. ToddAlmighty

    I don’t care that he reached by a defensive error (though replay showed he still probably didn’t), sac bunting in the first inning makes me enraged. Let alone against a 4-8, 4.64 ERA starting pitcher.


  9. Gusandwally

    I liked the bunt. Seems as if we got a run that we would not have gotten. But then I am not a Sabre Geek.

    • al

      @RedForever: according to Pitch F/x data the Reds are 6th in MLB at hitting sliders and 13th in MLB at hitting curveballs.

      According to the data the Reds have the hardest time with cutter, splitters and change ups.

  10. nvilleredsfan

    I think the league has figured out that Paul can’t hit anything but a fastball… The Freak is dealing right now.

  11. jas_428

    XP struggling past 10 games even with Dusty mixing and matching.

  12. nvilleredsfan

    Wow, that strike 2 call to Choo was not even close… I hope Homer gets those kind of calls.

  13. prjeter

    Why is Lincecum terrible against everyone except Reds?

    • RedForever

      Why is Lincecum terrible against everyone except Reds?

      Because the Reds don’t have anyone that can hit a breaking ball.

  14. Gusandwally

    Sandoval and I have similar profiles. Hmmm, I wonder about a comeback. Of course I have no place to come back from.

  15. Mwv

    As good as Timmy is pitching against us, Homer is pitching even better.

  16. Mwv

    Can someone explain to me why we bunt?

  17. Sergeant2

    “throw down to second and they almost picked him off” said Marty. Its a good thing Choo was 1st base.

  18. Mwv

    @315redsfan: They already know that, the problem is they are having a hard time seeing if it’s a curve or a changeup in time.

    • 315redsfan

      @Mwv: Either way they aren’t coming in as strikes and they aren’t fastballs

  19. tgarretson82

    We made a mistake giving away Didi. Cozart is not the answer at short. I guess atleast he is serviceable defensively.

    • ToddAlmighty

      @tgarretson82: I say this every time someone brings up Didi. If they didn’t trade him, then they wouldn’t have gotten Choo, and Stubbs would have been the leadoff hitter once again for the Reds. Can you imagine the Reds record if for those first two months when Choo was beasting and carrying the team offensively, they had Drew Stubbs instead? Didi has a .760 OPS, Stubbs has a .676.. meanwhile Choo has an .865 OPS and Cozart has a .661 OPS.

      Their record would be hideous, and I would have jumped off a cliff or a high building if I had to watch another season of Stubbs leading off.

  20. nvilleredsfan

    Homer perfect thru 6… why does it feel like Lincecum is owning this game?

  21. pinson343

    XPaul could have caught that foul ball. Was afraid it would result in a walk.

  22. Shchi Cossack

    Anyone remember Pittsburgh? 😯 Bailey is ON tonight. 69 pitches through 6 innings. Time to provide a little cushion in the score. Let’s go boys.

  23. Redgoggles

    I didn’t even recognize Lincecum without the hair. What a PERFECT time to start watching. BP!!!!!

  24. pinson343

    I knew BP would hit better after his 4 days off.

    • Mwv

      @pinson343: I think he’s just finally over that damage to his arm, he just didn’t look the same for a while after those hbp’s.

      • pinson343

        @Mwv: That’s what I was thinking, that the 4 days off were good for his injured forearm. BP himself said so.

  25. Mwv

    Just missed that one for Bruce. He has been terrific this year so far.

  26. Shchi Cossack

    Time to provide a little cushion in the score. Let’s go boys.

    Ask and Ye shall receive…Votto & BP…money in the bank!

  27. Sergeant2

    Brandon Phillips aka BP aka the Big Bopper hits a 441 ft 2 run HR. 3-0 Reds. Go Reds!

  28. Shchi Cossack

    Lincecum is done. Time to start working over the Giants bullpen.

  29. nvilleredsfan

    Wow, the wheels came off of Lincecum fast that inning. Breaking ball wasn’t as sharp and the Reds adjusted well. Now let’s root Homer on to a no no, or dare we even thing it, a perfect game.

  30. Shchi Cossack

    There are 2 more games in the series after tonight. Make ’em go deep into the bullpen tonight after sending 3 relivers to the mound last night. Pound ’em and then pound ’em some more.

  31. Mwv

    Frazier with the steal? What madness is this?

  32. Sergeant2

    What ever happened to the Giants bearded closer that thought he was all that, AND a bag of chips.

  33. jas_428

    Perfect opportunity to bring in Heisey or Robinson and improve chances against LHP and defense.

  34. Sergeant2

    Impressive. The Panda can play 3rd base and relieve out of the pen.

  35. Gusandwally

    That bearded RP was Brian Wilson. he had a couple of surgeries. Doubtful if he ever makes it back.

  36. Hank Aarons Teammate

    I don’t understand why Baker didn’t pinch hit for Paul. Aside from the fact that Paul is bad versus lefties, he’s the weakest of the 3 LFs defensively. Let’s just say I’d have thought Baker would want his best defensive LF in in this particular situation.

  37. tgarretson82

    If Carpenter gets to start in the ASG over BP, Im going to protest the ASG.

    • Hank Aarons Teammate

      @tgarretson82: If it’s solely based on 2013, Carpenter is the better overall player.

  38. Hank Aarons Teammate

    NOW Robinson is playing LF? I honestly do not understand Baker. Did he forget to pinch hit?

  39. Hank Aarons Teammate

    Really heads up play by Votto. Bailey just forgot to cover, and well, that would have been a cheap hit.

  40. NoPOP4u

    wow.. hell of a play there by Votto.

  41. pinson343

    Votto saves the no hitter, for now.

  42. Hank Aarons Teammate

    Good God there is a lot of life on Bailey’s fastball.

  43. NoPOP4u

    Sandoval looks like he could do some work at a All you can eat Chicken wing restaurant..

  44. Mwv

    If he throws a breaking pitch here the panda might fall down.

  45. Hank Aarons Teammate

    Come to think of it, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a play like the one Votto pulled off….ever.

  46. NoPOP4u

    Homer is my hero.. Thru 7 innings that is

  47. Hank Aarons Teammate

    Panda cracks me up, he takes two pitches just a bit outside, tough take, then swings at a pitch over his head.

  48. pinson343

    Nice K, but why did Hanigan set his target outside on 2-2 ? I know Sandoval is a free swinger, but he’d just taken the exact same pitch on 1-2.

    • Mwv

      @pinson343: Was hoping for the ump to give him a make-up call, both those were right on the black.

      • pinson343

        @Mwv: K zone (and Thom and Jeff) said they were a bit outside.

  49. Mwv

    Choo has looked more comfortable against lefties the last few games.

    • pinson343

      @Mwv: I’ve noticed that too. He’s much better vs. lefties than he’s shown in 2013.

  50. George Culver

    WP better than a sac bunt anytime.

  51. Sergeant2

    That pitch wasn’t close to a strike that Cozart swung at.

  52. Mwv

    Anyone else wonder if the next time we play the Pirates what will happen if they hit Brandon again? I almost think that might clear the benches.

  53. George Culver

    Dumb play by Votto, they’re trying to pitch around him and he won’t take it.

  54. George Culver

    Never throw a fastball to Pence in the strike zone.

  55. pinson343

    Wow. I’m not worried about the win any more, but have gotten more nervous.

  56. Matt WI

    Oooh. La. La. Good thing the season is worthless and all that. Nothing to see here. Nothing at all.

  57. Mwv

    He has come so far in just a couple years even. Amazing to watch.

  58. Sergeant2

    C’mon Reds lets score a run or two in the 9th. Go Reds!

    • Mwv

      @Sergeant2: I hope we don’t have to score any runs in the 9th. That would be really disappointing.

  59. George Culver

    What do the reds hitters do now? Score a bunch and Homer might get stiff. Retired too soon and Homer doesn’t get a break. Probably too amped to matter.

  60. ToddAlmighty

    Meanwhile Dusty is dying a little inside on if he should use his Precious in a 3 run lead save (his favorite time), or let Homer try for it.

    • tgarretson82

      @ToddAlmighty: Haha, that would be hilarious if he brought in Chapman because ‘he’s our closer’ and he pitches in save situations.

  61. NoPOP4u

    i dont even know what superstitious action i need to do to help homer.. cross my fingers.. wear upside down baseball cap.. i decided to just drink beer.. like homer simpson would do

    • pinson343

      @jas_428: According to K zone, the 1st pitch this home plate ump has blown all nite.

  62. George Culver

    3 up 3 down now, Homer doesn’t need to bat.

  63. Sergeant2

    Hope the ump maintains the liberal strike zone. Won’t hear me complain.

  64. josephneely25

    I remember being at Baileys very first major league start, so this is very awesome to watch right now.

  65. ToledoRedsFan

    Come on Homer….you can do this. #fingerscrossed

  66. George Culver

    Homer sitting on 96 pitches to begin the inning. Should have gas left in the tank. I would have Chappy up stretching anyway.

  67. George Culver

    Keep the heater at the knees.

  68. HOF-13

    I’m listening and watching. This is where Marty can be at his best.

  69. NoPOP4u

    going with the looking thru webbed fingers approach

  70. George Culver

    Homer gets the pink jersey. Too cool.

  71. pinson343

    WOWWWWWWW !!!!!

    I was afraid Crawford or Blanco would punch a cheap single.

  72. Mwv

    Wow. What a game, that was so fun to watch.

  73. Matt WI

    Yeah, buddy. Enjoy it all folks. Congrats Homer!

  74. tgarretson82

    Congrats Homer!!! He surely has come a long way. Great stuff.

  75. vegastypo

    Wasn’t it less than a full season ago when Homer was saying he couldn’t pitch in GABP??? Congrat, HOMER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. George Culver

    The last thing I would want to see is for Broxton to jump on the pile and hurt someone.

  77. tgarretson82

    Lets take this momentum and real off 9 or 10 straight wins.

  78. Mwv

    Couldn’t happen against a better team too. What a night.

    • pinson343

      @Mwv: It’s coming against the Giants does make it feel even a little better.

  79. GRF

    Congratulations Homer! Look forward to seeing you pitching in a Reds uniformm for many years to come.

  80. ToledoRedsFan

    Anyone else catch Homer’s fleeting expletive? Hee hee.

    • magi210

      Anyone else catch Homer’s fleeting expletive?Hee hee.

      Yep. Probably still has a ton of adrenaline running through him. We’ll cut him some slack.

      • ToledoRedsFan

        @magi210: Of course–if David Ortiz can say in on national television in an emotional moment, so can Homer after throwing a no-hitter.

    • steveschoen

      @ToledoRedsFan: I just missed it. What went on?

      As far as I am concerned, in situations like this, so freakin’ what. There are times when people simply get emotional, and this is certainly a time to do that. If whining parents want to complain, use the time to teach your kids about what is right and wrong rather than complaining about Homer, the Reds, and MLB.

      • ToledoRedsFan


        Jeff P. from Fox Sports was interviewing him and asked something about the one baserunner. He said “Nah man, I just f**king walked a guy, it happens.” That was all. I wasn’t complaining about it–it was just strange to hear.

        I completely agree with you–I don’t care if he says it, particularly under the circumstances, where it’s emotional and he’s just accomplished something huge. Anyone who complains about something like that has their priorities outta whack.

  81. hoodlum

    congrats, homer, and let’s go reds. I loved seeing that dugout go nuts with the last out running out to mob him. let’s take some momentum from this.

  82. Sergeant2

    Oh man just as Latos was about to give Homer the traditional pie in the face while being interviewed mlb.com cut the picture. Homer can thank me later, I didn’t do anything to jinx him. I hardly moved a muscle from the 8th inning on. Wow just Wow. What a great night of Reds baseball. Go Reds! Adios Amigos.

  83. George Culver

    What a treat tonight’s game was. A perfecto would have been really sweet but…Sleep well nation.

  84. Sergeant2

    There’s a time to whine and a time not to whine. I’m a little disappointed in Marty ending the broadcast by whining that Homer was not made available to them to be interviewed. Go Reds!

    • petejohnson


      I was kinda disappointed in Marty at first too, but after thinking about it…who the hell is Homer Bailey to turn down an interview? I’ve never been the biggest Homer fan, but I can recognize when he is great, which he has been several times. However, he has been an average to perhaps slightly above average pitcher over the course of his career, this season included, and he should have done the interview. Nonetheless, a great game by him.

  85. concepcion13

    Unbelievable – on a night that Homer pitches a no-no, Marty is griping about Homer not coning out to be interviewed on the radio. Marty, maybe it’s time to ride off into the sunset soon. You’ve officially turned into a Grumpy Old Man.

    • sp1985

      @concepcion13: No joke. This was a point of contention between my wife and me. She said it should be a rule you have to talk to Marty, whereas I stated it made him look like an idiot complaining about it.

    • Eric


      Did Homer do a Fox Sports Ohio interview? I was in the car on my way home. I heard Marty. Unless he said something nasty later, he didn’t seem to overly complain about it. Acknowledged a lot of people want to talk to Homer and Homer was headed into the clubhouse, so Sag couldn’t interview. Sag did interview Hanigan though.

      • Steve Mancuso

        @Eric: Marty said that because Homer didn’t do a radio interview “we reserve the right to be disappointed in Homer Bailey tonight.” Said it twice, in fact.

      • vegastypo

        @Steve Mancuso: I thought I heard Marty pointing his disappointment toward the Reds’ media relations staff for not making Homer available, but I was only hearing bits and pieces of the broadcast at that point.

      • concepcion13

        @Steve Mancuso:
        Tell you what, Marty: We reserve the right to be disappointed in you for your statements.

  86. cincyreds14

    How long do we have control over Homer?

    Like so many other greats, he may have his won plans (and with 2 NO-NOs under his belt in less than a year – he is beginning to qualify as great)!

  87. Mwv

    Not sure anyone on the staff will see this.. but if you guys could get links to any transcripts of interviews or other commentary by folks on the team it would be appreciated. He deserves more than just the usual recap posting.. second no-hitter! I still can’t believe it.

  88. steveschoen

    I tell you, I am so impressed with this guy and how much he has learned to pitch this past year and a half. Last year was a good year, yes. But, then, the difficult part is to repeat it. And, it doesn’t look like he’s lost a step. A couple of bad outings each year, yes. But, it wasn’t that long ago with Homer that we were talking he would have a couple of good outings in an entire season. He doesn’t seem to overthrow anymore, trying to strike everyone out. But, he still has the gas to do that if needed. He doesn’t get injured as much anymore. It seemed like he was going on the DL a couple times a season for his first several seasons. He seems to be becoming a real major league pitcher. I tell you, I have read some posts that were calling for us to trade Homer as a good trade piece. Part of me just that think of that anymore. I can’t help thinking about locking Homer and Latos up, possibly Leake also if Cueto doesn’t get fixed up.

    As well as, what you see from Cueto and Homer is why many don’t think Chapman would make a good starter. Homer and Cueto can hit locations, top or bottom, left or right, fairly effectively. Chapman doesn’t seem to have that ability imo. And, you hear Chris Welsh say it before, “No pitch better than a well-located fastball.” Pete Rose has said, “Major league hitters will be able to catch up to any fastball when thrown right down the middle of the plate.”

  89. Eric

    Funny. I picked tonight to go see an early showing of The Lone Ranger, which was excellent by the way. But I was getting notifications during the game on my I-Phone. Listened to the 8th and 9th innings on my ride home. Congrats Homer!

  90. concepcion13

    Here’s something to chew on: Homer’s no-hitter last year was in his next-to-last regular season start. This one was in his 17th of the year (if my math is right.)

    That’s 2 no-hitters in less than 20 starts. Nice!

    • pinson343

      @concepcion13: Yeh, mlbnetwork tv showed the number of guys who have pitched 2 no hitters within 20 starts. Only about 5 guys, Nolan Ryan did it twice.

  91. jbmitt

    Listening to the post game report.. I thought Dusty was lying about the number of no-hitters that he was involved in. Looking at the stats it appears over his playing and managing career he has been in and around about 7 of them.

  92. vegastypo

    Angels giving the Cardinals a bad time early in their game, 5 runs in the second inning out West.

  93. Gonzo Reds

    Groan… went to the Wahoos game in Jax last night to support the Reds AA team and thus missed watching the no-hitter live on MLB network. To top it off after a great start from Renkin and up 5-2 after 7, the bullpen choked it away with 2 in the 8th and a walk-off HR in the 9th for a 6-5 loss. Can’t blame Delino DeShields (the next manager of the expansion Montreal Expos – you heard it here first) as he just doesn’t have anything to work with, especially with RP in the system playing a level too high thanks to the Reds bullpen injuries.