Do we need a reminder of what happened the last time these two teams played in Cincinnati?  Well, if you didn’t need a reminder, you are probably replaying games 3-5 of last year’s NLDS in your head right now so you can thank me later!  I don’t think anything could happen in this series to make up for what happened last year, but I know taking it to the Giants in this series would at least help ease some of that pain and be a good start to getting this team back on the right track.

Tonight’s game is on ESPN tonight and these games usually don’t bode well for the good guys, but let’s hope the Reds can Go tonight and get back to winning some ball games.  It’s a new month, time for a new team to show!  Go Reds!

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  1. Shchi Cossack

    Blast it Chris! Now you really got me worked up. I still contend that the Bruce AB in game 5 was pure baseball poetry and then the mighty Casey…blah,blah,blah…we know the rest.

    The Giants pitching staff is in complete shambles. A little, no a lot, of payback right now won’t even come close to balancing the scales, but 4 straight over the Giants would go a long way to getting the Reds Express bulldozing into the coming all star break.

    Last season, the Reds took on the world when Votto went down and showed real spirit and backbone. This season Cueto goes down. The time is now to put up again and start pounding some opponents. I’m tired of the Reds getting kicked around like the neighborhood stray and I’m sure the players are tired of the same.

    Go Reds!!!

  2. Shchi Cossack

    Hanigan is back behind the plate and Dusty has his standard LHP lineup posted.

    LF Robinson
    CF Choo
    1B Votto
    2B Phillips
    RF Bruce
    3B Frazier
    SS Cozart
    C Hanigan
    P Arroyo

  3. RedForever

    I hope we see a lot more hustle and energy out of the Reds. It is time to put up or shut up.

    I said the Reds would be 8+ games out at the break. I want to be dead wrong.

    It starts tonight.

  4. hydeman

    Love having the Hanni back behind the plate…Would love to see our defense back to being the best tonight.

  5. Shchi Cossack

    The Home Plate Umpire is calling a legitimate strike zone and Bronson is painting the black. I know, small sample size, but I’m felling good about Bronson tonight.

  6. ToddAlmighty

    Last two AB I have watched of Robinson’s, he struck out both times without ever swinging the bat once.

  7. Mwv

    Looked like he wasn’t seeing the ball at all coming out of that guy’s hand.

  8. Eric

    And here’s to you, Mr Robinson
    Jesus loves you more than you will know (Wo, wo, wo)
    God bless you please, Mr Robinson
    Heaven holds a place for those who SWING

  9. hydeman

    did Chooo just swing at ball 4? Grrrrrrr…..

    • Mwv

      @hydeman: No, he smashed ball four down the line. Giants just played him that way or it would have been a double.

  10. RedTitan19

    I would much rather them watch a borderline pitch than swing at one bouncing up there.

  11. Jason Linden

    It does look like good Bronson tonight. This bodes well.
    Now, if Bruce can just run into one here in a minute…

  12. Eric

    How dare BP swing at the first pitch. 😉

  13. Mwv

    BRUUUUCEEE!! He mashed that ball something fierce.

  14. ToddAlmighty

    Man.. that looked like Phillips could have scored there. He had full steam ahead. Was the hold up sign late or something?

  15. Eric

    I love seeing Bruce go to LF. He is making tremendous strides as an overall hitter.

  16. RedTitan19

    Speaking of swinging at one bouncing in there–Todd Frazier

  17. hydeman

    Has the Todd ever looked at a first pitch?

    • ToddAlmighty

      @hydeman: They talked about it yesterday. The Reds are far and away the leader in MLB at swinging at the first pitch.. yet Dusty continually says his team needs to be more aggressive on the first pitch.

      It’s coaching.

  18. Mwv

    Wow. Zack killed that ball. Giants got lucky with the location.

  19. Sergeant2

    Now that was a sight for sore eyes, more of that please. 2-0 Reds bot. 2 1 out. Go Reds!

  20. RedTitan19

    He probably does look a little like Randy Johnson (pitching in the “Old Folks” Game)

  21. RedTitan19

    First career infield hit for Hani

  22. ToddAlmighty

    I’d like to think Frazier would have made that play. It’s not like Hanigan was blazing down the line.

  23. NastyBoys3

    56% First pitch swings first time through the lineup. 4-5-6-7-9 hitters swung at the first pitch. Leadoff hitter, Choo, Votto and Hanigan laid off. Is anyone surprised?

    • ToddAlmighty

      @NastyBoys3: That’s because Robinson didn’t swing at the last 16 pitches he saw, Choo is a veteran and thus isn’t steeped in the ways of Dusty, and Votto just shows Dusty his MVP trophy every time he tells him to change his approach and be more aggressive.

      The rest of the lineup don’t have such reasons.

  24. George Culver

    Panda forgot who was running. He could have glove fielded that ball and rolled to 1B to get Hannigan.

  25. ToddAlmighty

    Wow, if they played at normal depth, that’s an EASY out. Instead it becomes a two run double. Crazy.

  26. Mwv

    Chopper double for 2 runs.. isn’t baseball a crazy game? Everything was just not going our way on the road and now all the cards are falling our way at home.

  27. ToddAlmighty

    First pitch swung at in 17 pitches? That’s absurd.

  28. George Culver

    Everything that could go right has gone right. Home sweet home.

  29. jas_428

    I am surprised Dusty would not bench DRob for watching so many pitches without swinging.

  30. Sergeant2

    Hard to play 3rd base when you can’t even reach down and touch your toes. Looks like the Panda has been spending a lot of time foraging.

  31. ToddAlmighty

    Remember when people said Choo would have like 20 errors out there in CF, and how fly balls would end up being doubles because he didn’t have enough range?

    Sure glad that didn’t end up being so.

    • vegastypo

      @ToddAlmighty: That was all a pile of hooey. Obviously he won’t get to every ball that Stubbs or others might reach, but some of the predictions were, as I said at the time, absurd.

      Giants kid hits better than he pitches.

    • cincyreds14

      @ToddAlmighty: Choo is horrible in CF, many, many balls a CF with any degree of speed (Robinson) would get to, Choo simply lets drop in for BH. And considering how difficult a time Choo has hitting lefties, a platoon in CF should soon be in order (if Dusty knew what he was doing – which as everyone already knows – he does not).

  32. Jason Linden

    So, when was the last time the Reds had a four run lead? I’m going to have to look that up.

  33. ToddAlmighty

    Cozart just saved Arroryo a run right there. Impressive leap.

      • Mwv

        @Jason Linden: Honestly I think a lot of the heat he does get due to his bat is because of Dusty putting him up in the order. Had he started down in the 7 or 8 hole folks would be fine with it. That’s my impression at least.

  34. Sergeant2

    I really like the combo of Chris Welsh and Marty. Chris Welsh has the skillz to fly solo.

    • Steve Mancuso

      @Sergeant2: I like Brantley better on the radio because of his three innings of doing play by play – I really enjoy the way he describes the pitching strategy.

      • Steve Mancuso

        @Jason Linden: I’d sign off on that in a heartbeat. If I never heard Marty say the words “runners in scoring position” again it’d be fine with me.

      • beavertucky

        @Steve Mancuso: Satisfy my curiosity please. How old are you fellas and did you grow up listening to the reds on radio?

      • Steve Mancuso

        @beavertucky: Old enough to prefer Al Michaels to Marty. Grew up with a transistor radio under my pillow listening to Al, Marty and Joe calling those west coast games. Marty is nowhere near the announcer he used to be. He’s judgmental, overly-negative and hopelessly out of date when it comes to understanding baseball.

        He’s fine at play-by-play, but when he ventures into analyzing, it’s brutal to listen to him.

        Don’t get me wrong. With his longevity, he’s earned the right to present his viewpoint. But so has Vin Scully (even more so) and the contrast couldn’t be greater.

  35. ToddAlmighty

    Apparently Pandas can’t grip balls with their paws.

  36. Mwv

    Bruce has been fun to watch this year. He has stepped up against lefties more than I ever imagined he would.

  37. ToddAlmighty

    I have to say.. this is the most optimistic I have ever been that Bruce has finally grown into a full time great hitter. He still has crazy HR power, but now he’s going opposite field, and up the middle. It’s great to see.

    • cincyreds14

      @ToddAlmighty: If you read the Cincinnati Enquirer (which any intelligent Reds fan should seriously consider not doing), they wrote about 6-7 weeks ago that as Reds fans we were stuck with the 25 year old Jay Bruce for his entire career. But just check what Bronson was doing at 25. And everyone loves him now. Point made – be patient Reds nation – some players improve as they adjust to the ML and that includes Robinson.

  38. vegastypo


  39. ToddAlmighty

    Frazier says: “Keep throwing to the same spot, will you? SECOND DECK!”

  40. Bruuuuuce

    I Like to Hit the Ball Really Far

    A Novel by Super Todd Frazier

  41. Sergeant2

    Three run HR by Todd Frazier. 441 ft. second decker. 7-0 Reds bot 3rd. 2 outs.

    • Sergeant2

      @Sergeant2: FYI- I like to mention the score and inning occasionally because there are some Reds fans who only have the game thread to follow the game with.

      • RedForever

        @Sergeant2: I’ve never understood how you could be on the internet but only have access to the game thread. Unless your mother blocked you from MLB, ESPN, Fox Sports, etc.

      • Sergeant2

        @RedForever: I could explain how a person could be that situation, but like you say, you probably wouldn’t understand.

  42. Mwv

    I’m way too greedy a fan. Now I want Hanigan to get on so the lineup will turn over.

    • YorktownRed

      @RedForever: Amazing that he made it to second. I told the wife that Robinson may have had an inside the parker.

  43. NastyBoys3

    Question is, would Dusty pull his SP with 2 outs and the pitcher coming up?

  44. Eric

    Frazier’s home runs are always no doubters. Even his singles are hard hit balls. Dude swings hard.

  45. NastyBoys3

    2nd time through the lineup, only 1 and 9 hitters swung first pitch. 7/18 so far. But Kickman was terrible with his first pitches. I think a lot depends on the pitcher and game-situation.

  46. Eric

    Sandoval asked Votto if he had any Ho-Ho’s on him.

  47. Kyle

    That was a really nice play by Cozart. Nice game defensively tonight already.

  48. ToddAlmighty

    Cozart made a play both on the first base side of second base, and behind the third baseman that inning. Range.

  49. Eric

    I have no problem with Cozart at SS. I have a problem with Cozart batting second most of the time. Dude is one of the best defensively.

    • cincyreds14

      @Eric: Definitely agree, .270+ BA, 15 HR and superb defense. Will never threaten what Larkin did for the Reds – but he’s a HOF – Cozart could be a Don Kessinger type – solid without being outstanding.

  50. Jason Linden

    So, the Giants are going to need 5+ from the bullpen tonight. I bet the Reds would like to see Arroyo go 7 or 8. I sure would.

  51. RedForever

    If Votto could pull one down the line, he could run around the bases twice. They are pulled way around toward left.

  52. Steve Mancuso

    Brantley said before the game the batter he thought Arroyo would have the most trouble with was Brandon Belt.

  53. vegastypo

    I’m not sure who needs a laugher of a game more: the Reds or the Nation

  54. ToddAlmighty

    Watch that Bruce and then Frazier AB and I can’t help but wonder if Dusty said “Guys, we have a 7-1 lead, just get another inning in as quickly as possible before lightning comes in.”

  55. Sergeant2

    This game is doing wonders for my Rolaids budget. Reds 8 Giants 1 after 5 innings.

  56. NastyBoys3

    Weather looks like the center of that storm cell is going to hit downtown any minute. Good and interesting strategy by SF if the game gets cancelled early…only using 1 reliever in a blowout.

    • Eric


      Strangely the weather is dissipating as it heads north around Mason/Lebanon.

  57. Eric

    The third Fox Sports girl had a fling with Dusty’s son, so they fired her.


  58. NastyBoys3

    3rd time through the lineup. Only Cozart swung at the first pitch. That makes 8/27 first pitch swings. I think we all know Choo, Votto and the leadoff hitter will take the count deep. That leaves 6 batters, or we’ve swung 8/18 times. First time through they swung a bunch, then kind of laid off once they knew the pitcher couldn’t throw strikes. It’d be interesting to see if their percentages swung will change after Dusty has his “epiphany”

  59. Jason Linden

    Weather or no weather, I want this to go nine and I want the Reds to pile on so that the Giants bullpen is totally empty for the rest of the series.

    • Mwv

      @Jason Linden: Considering how bad their starters have been that could make for some really lopsided scores.

  60. prjeter

    Votto looked lost at the plate tonight, eh? Glad we piled ’em on early! Bring on the rain!

  61. vegastypo

    I see a perfect opportunity to let Partch get a three-inning save when play resumes.

  62. Sergeant2

    What say ye those that dwell in the land of the 7 Hills, do you think the game will resume at some point?

    • Mwv

      @Sergeant2: I too would like to know, otherwise I’m gonna head off to la la land.

      • NastyBoys3

        @Mwv: I think it’ll resume in about an hour. Maybe light rain off and on around 8th or 9th.

  63. vegastypo

    Marty said at the top of the radio broadcast that they knew an interruption was possible but that they thought it wouldn’t stop them from resuming play if a stoppage was needed.

  64. Mwv

    Oi. I just looked at the schedule for this month.. we go right back out west after the all star break? No mercy.

  65. Sergeant2

    Just saw a commercial for the movie “The Lone Ranger” I can hardly wait to see it. Wish I still had my Lone Ranger lunch box. (Hey! Whats wrong with Redleg Nation having a game thread version of the “Banana Phone”

  66. vegastypo

    ESPN’s Kurkjian just said radar is showing the weather pattern isn’t moving out quickly at all, that he wouldn’t be surprised if they called the game.

  67. pinson343

    On espn Larkin and Curt Schilling were saying that the players on both teams want to go home at this point. End it, for crap’s sake.

  68. joelie1274

    Since it started raining, I started thinking about trades. Anyone know if Nate Shierholtz for the Cubs can play LF?

      • joelie1274

        @Jason Linden: career slash line of 272/321/428 wouldn’t be a horrible addition to the bottom half of the lineup until we have a healthy and hitting Ludwick back. Cuba are obvious sellers so this shouldn’t be such a difficult pick up. No blockbuster or anything.

  69. pinson343

    Espn showed part of the Brewers-Nats game. The Brewers are painful to watch right now, they’re significantly worse than the Cubs.

    • OhioJim

      @pinson343: And let us hope the Crew stays that way or get even worse seeing as how the Reds have 13 games left with them. That’s around 16.5% of the Reds remaining schedule after tonight.

  70. ToledoRedsFan


  71. pinson343

    Kind of anticlimatic, but this one belongs to the Reds.

  72. Sergeant2

    Well, it was fun while it lasted, that’s for sure. I will be sooo happy if the Reds continue the hit parade in tomorrows game. Ya gotta love Bronson, its a joy to watch a smart veteran like Arroyo when he’s on his game. Good win for the Reds and Reds Fans, both needed it. Lets get em again tomorrow (right Homer) Go Reds! Adios Amigos.

  73. cincyreds14

    I don’t know about anyone else but Robinson would sure look good in a CF platoon with Choo when and if Ludwick comes back. And Robinson would be a whole lot cheaper than Choo as his agent is filling his head with how great he is, and from his performance the last 2 months to 10 weeks, he clearly is not.

  74. cincyreds14

    By the way, Robinson is the better defensive CF by a mile.