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Game Thread: Reds at Rangers (2013.06.30)

The month of June and this first west trip comes to a close with today’s game in Texas for the Reds.  With the way the team has played lately, you would think both could not end fast enough.  While the month and this trip have not been great, a win today would give the Reds  a 13-14 month and a 3-5 road trip.  Now, I am not going to pretend to say that those are successful by any means and are definitely not records teams want to put up if they are trying to win a division, but they’re not as bad as it seems they could have been.

Of course, to accomplish those two marks the Reds and Mat Latos must get the win today.  It should be a good game with Latos taking his 7-1 record and putting it against Yu Darvish and his 7-3 mark. Let’s close this month out with a win, sound good Reds?

Go Reds!

183 thoughts on “Game Thread: Reds at Rangers (2013.06.30)

  1. With as many blown saves that Latos has suffered he deserves an off then hook rally.

  2. Frazier just hitting into bad luck today. He’s had a couple that could have fallen in.

  3. A timely hit for McCutchen ties the game 1-1 for PIT, the hottest team in baseball, in the bottom of the 8th.

  4. Frazier tried his classic bloop on a curve ball. He just blooped it a little too hard.

  5. Frazier gets himself out by swing at crap. That pitcher never threw one pitch in the zone. Not one strike. Trying to walk him and Frazier refused the gift. I am beginning to think he is not major league material.

    • @AnnapolisHoosier: @George Culver: Looking at what the umpire called strike one on the low curve ball to Choo, I both strikes 1 and 3 on Frazier might have been called strikes, especially strike one. My issue with Frazier on that AB was his swinging for a HR until there were 2 strikes. A little single ties the game.

  6. Mesoraco has swung and missed 4times now today beginning and at-bat. Dusty has polluted his mind.

  7. Well, at least they weren’t shut out. Again. But, this screams for some change.

  8. It was a good baseball game…always interesting to see 2 of the worst baseball managers in the game square off head-to-head.

  9. Tough loss, game the Reds could have won. Too bad Latos hit the runner on the head on the squeeze play.

    Overall it was a well played game by both teams, I can’t see dumping on the Reds for that loss.

  10. Not sure why since Heisy is healthy now, he is not the DH for this game. Especially since X Paul is struggling. In that inning with runner on first and third and one out…chance could be if Heisy is playing instead of X Paul, Heisy gets the run in from 3rd? Then, the game would be tied now. This is becoming the same theme over and over again as last year. Runners on base, and Reds cannot get the big hit to drive them in, thus coming up short. Nothing is improving. So either the manager and/or hitting coach have to go, and the same players stay. Or, Reds need to make a trade for a RBI bat. Otherwise, its same old same old, and Reds will never ever beat the good teams and compete with the Cardinals, Braves, Pirates, ect……Their Good pitching can only go so far!

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