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Game Thread: Reds at Rangers (2013.06.29)

I suppose the Reds have to play again tonight, don’t they?  The past few days have not been fun to watch if you are a Reds fan.  The Reds have not seemed to have much fight nor a shot at winning these games of late.  Maybe that changes today.

I am not making any guarantees today.  Well, I’ll make one.  The Reds will win again at some point this season.  Today is just as good a day as any, right!?  Discuss the game here.  And Reds, please GO!

419 thoughts on “Game Thread: Reds at Rangers (2013.06.29)

  1. Finally! Got some good luck there with the DP as Chapman was slowing down his pitches to throw strikes (94 MPH “changeup”, according to gameday).

    A needed win, a needed hit for Mesoraco, and Chapman should be traded. When I’m hoping that Baker gets up either Partch or Ondrusek, there’s something wrong.

  2. Preach, I’d say your sermon should be, “whenever you’re down, keep your head up—Mesoraco might jack one”.

  3. Chapman now with 17 BB in 34 IP this year. Too many. Still K’ing people at ridiculous rates.

  4. Wonder if MEZ swung away to shoe Dusty the idiocy of asking him to bunt.

    If so despite the positive outcome, you can expect MEZ to be back in the doghouse. Doubt Dusty likes being shown up.

    If that was the case, that is….

    • @CI3J: Yeah, if he swung at that pitch and didn’t get that bunt down, Dusty will bench him for about the rest of the season. That’ll show him! /sarcasm off

  5. And this one belongs to the Reds. One things for sure, your not going to grow long finger nails if your a Reds fan. But all’s well that ends well. A really good win for the Reds against a good team. If the Reds can take 2 out of 3 from Texas it could be a sign of good things to come. Go Reds! Adios Amigos.

  6. Stupid homerun.. trying to discredit the ultimate power that is the sac bunt.

  7. I can hear the postgame interview now:
    Reporter: What about Mesoraco’s homerun?
    Dusty: (angry) I told him to bunt! I plan to have a long talk with him about disobeying that sign. We play for one run, not two. He had no right swinging for the fences there!

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