Let’s recap today’s titanic struggle….rntitanic-copy

Cincinnati 0
Texas 4

That was terrible. This team is playing terribly right now. I’m going to bed. I’m tired.

Jason has been a fan of the Reds since he was born. He really had no choice in the matter. He has been writing at Redleg Nation for a few years, and also writes and edits at The Hardball Times. His debut novel, When the Sparrow Sings, is available now and concerns baseball, among other things. You can find more information at jasonlinden.com.

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  1. Good call my friend.

  2. Jason! I was counting on you to talk me off the ledge!

  3. We will get them tomorrow. There are times when it looks like your favorite team couldn’t beat the Little Sisters of the Poor. This is that time and we will come out of it soon and all will be right with the world, again.

    Hate to see guys like Jason get down as they are the ones that keep some of the others up. Chin up Mr. Linden, tomorrow is a new day.

  4. Can’t argue with this post. The Redlegs are playing some of the worst baseball they have since the start of 2012. We are still 10 games over .500, which is reason to believe, but the offense has to get going. The pitching staff can only keep this team above water (.500) for so long before we need the offense to get going.

    On the bright side, as the Hall of Famer Marty said tonight, Mike “The Drip” Leake has been the Reds best starting pitcher thus far and he is on the mound tomorrow.

    Go Reds

  5. The big picture is being missed. This is one game. The problem is that Cueto is probably going to be out for longer this time. I have no knowledge, but that seems like the best guess.

    I am not a doctor but it seems ridiculous to me that this injury has happened over and over again. Is there no way to address this? There has to be, right?

    • @Hank Aarons Teammate: No real way to address it…constant stretching, visits to massage therapists, chiros, & ART practitioners. I’m sure they’re doing everything they can. Not a great situation to be in for sure.

      And after all that talk of depth in starting pitching…

    • @Hank Aarons Teammate: I’m guessing the Rx is total shutdown and staying some period of time after the discomfort is gone.

      Like you I am not a Doc but from what I’ve read when something is totally muscular like this with no structural damage and nothing torn from a bone, there is a limited amount they can discern from diagnostic tools. If they twist and poke it etc and the guy doesn’t show or admit to pain then they don’t have much of a way to figure out it still isn’t whole.

      Recall that two years ago when Dave Sappelt looked like a world beater and went down with an oblique. He hasn’t been the same player since. Take away his troubles sticking in the bigs, he can’t come close to hitting .300 in AAA anymore. That’s what an injury like this can do to a guy.

      • @OhioJim: I believe your Rx is the way they’ll go.
        In Cueto’s case, a total shutdown followed by a program to strengthen and stretch the whole area, then a very gradual return to pitching, seems the way to go.

        Same approach as with Marshall. In his case they discovered some looseness in his shoulder, and tightened things up with exercise before they’d let him throw.

        Sappelt only hit in one spring training. I don’t believe a strained muscle has ruined his career, I never heard that he kept aggravating it.

    • @Hank Aarons Teammate: I’m not a Doctor, either, but have had a number of chronic injuries over the years. My instinct tells me that there is no quick fix for Johnny. To the unknown degree that his injury resembles mine, physical therapy and long rest might be the solution, and that might not be a “solution” in the sense that a solution is the end of something. He may always need to be careful. Hope I’m wrong, because I don’t see much hope of anyone stepping in and filling his role.

  6. It’ll be okay. I’m glad I don’t host a talk radio show tonight.

  7. Alex Liddi DFA by the Mariners. Young, right handed, 1st, 3rd, LF, with power and lots of K’s in the minors. Probably would come cheap. Any interest?

  8. I’m not much of a pessimist when it comes to the Reds, but we’re really on a burning platform right now. Or, to use another metaphor, it’s like we’re on rollerskates going backwards and we can’t figure out how to stop. This is about the worst time in the schedule to have your regulars either down or going down. Meanwhile, the Pirates are gaining momentum, and the Nationals are beginning to look a lot better and closing in the wild card race.

    The problem is that I don’t really know the answer. At some point, guys just have to step up like they did last year when Votto went down. But we also need some creativity. I just don’t think the front office has much flexibility to get creative, and we all know Dusty is more of a 162-game guy than a “let’s get creative because this is a critical stretch” type.

    I wonder if we could trade for Stanton who we’d have to give up. And furthermore, if we could move Bruce to center next year and let Stanton play in right field. That’s the only big move that I can see helping us win now, while still being a good investment and fitting with the pieces we’ll have and won’t have next year. Maybe we resign Arroyo with Choo’s money and give up Cingrani if need be?

  9. No reason to panic. The Reds have been playing first and second place teams on the trip. It would be more of a disaster if the Cardinals had been winning five of six instead of losing five of six.

    I’m on a trip and haven’t seen a game in the past week, but I have listened a bit on XM Radio. Cueto’s injury is a serious blow, but one the Reds are pretty well positioned to absorb — as long as Marshall can get back soon.

    The hitting is streaky. Newsflash. The quality of pitchers they are facing has something to do with that. But hitting will come back as long as the players are healthy.

    I’m not saying there are no reasons to worry, but the bottom line is how the Reds are doing in relation to the Cardinals. The Reds have two more in Texas then come home for the Giants and Mariners, then on the road to Milwaukee and Atlanta. Thanks to the Cardinals slide, the upcoming stretch is what’s important, not the past week.

    Thank goodness.

    • @Steve Mancuso: Right about the Cardinals. I’m surprised that no one is mentioning that the Reds and Cardinals are getting beaten up by the same two teams. The Cards are now 0-4 against Texas and Oakland, including the sweep by Texas at home, and the Reds are now 0-3 vs. Texas and Oakland.

      Rather be falling further behind the Pirates than the Cardinals. The Pirates are obviously better this year, but how much better remains to be seen.

    • @Steve Mancuso: You are totally right. Pirates have had a cake schedule lately and the Reds (and the Cards somewhat) have played really good teams. The injuries are hurting the Reds big time but there is no way this team stays in the offensive slump the rest of the year. They just need a few balls to find some holes and a couple timely hits with RISP. Hopefully, the bats come out today…

    • @Steve Mancuso: You’re right: there is no reason to panic because this is, after all, only baseball. The Reds aren’t hitting, though, at all, and they just lost Cueto for an unknown amount of time and, also distressingly, they are playing some careless defense. I guess defense can be in a slump after all. No panic, but concern that no matter how the chaise lounges are arranged, there’s a gaping hole below the water line.

    • @Steve Mancuso: Why does everyone keep saying “The Reds are playing tough teams so this is what is expected”. If the Reds are going to be a championship team, they need to beat the good teams as well. no, i don’t expect them to sweep series against teams over .500 but they should at least be competitive and win a series or 2. The only series the Reds have won over a + .500 team is the one series against the Pirates.

      That is totally unacceptable. These should all be close, down to the wire type games. but they are not. The Reds are flat getting blown out against good teams.

      2 straight shutouts and 22 consecutive scoreless innings? This hasn’t come against the best pitchers in baseball either.

      Anything can happen in the 2nd half. But to think that just because the schedule gets a little tougher that the Reds should just mail it in and wait for the Cubs, Mets, etc to get wins is just wrong.

      The Pirates are legit. They are young and hungry. They have great pitching and even though their hitting isn’t great, it’s better than the Reds and they have much more team speed. I don’t think they are going anywhere.

  10. Cheer up Jason, eat some of those ribs I was talking about yesterday :). On another note, I need to quit going to Braves games on the night that Cueto pitches (I only live a couple hours from ATL). Last time, it was the night he went 8 vs Pittsburgh. He went on the DL a few days later. I went to the game tonight (Chippers number retirement ceremony was awesome, BTW) and Cueto leaves in the 2nd inning.

    That said, I hope they snap out of this in the next few days and roll into Atlanta hot. The Reds are 6-0 when I am in attendance in my lifetime (first Reds game was in 2000 in St. Louis). I don’t want that streak to end.

  11. This team needs a shakeup. We have no production from C, SS, 3B, LF and CF. Not good, plus injuries are piling up. I would honestly call Detroit and offer Chapman and Corcino for Castellanos, Rondon and Smyly. We need to restock our farm system, our depth is very thin. Soto, Hamilton, HRod and F Perez is all we have, wow.

  12. In other news: Tony Cingrani has pitched 43 innings for the Reds this year, while Aroldis Chapman has pitched 33.

    Think about that for a second.

    • @Steve Mancuso: One way of looking at it is that they got it right; and, Cingrani is actually the better MLB level pitcher at this point even though Friday night in his first inning of work, he looked like the thrower Chapman has demonstrated himself to be in his 33 innings..

      • @OhioJim: You may be right. It has occurred to me that Cingrani and Chapman are almost the same pitcher: Fastballs almost exclusively, shaky control at times, breaking stuff they don’t trust. Chapman throws harder, but seems to rattle more easily when adversity strikes. Cingrani has more innings than Chapman because Cingrani was used as a starter. I know that that was Steve’s point, but I’ve seen nothing from Chapman that makes me think that he could be a dominant or even successful starter.

      • @OhioJim: Meh, Cingrani hasn’t been close to that wild before. Last night was a prime example of a rookie coming in to pitch in the 2nd inning of a game that he wasn’t expecting to pitch in until late, if ever. He seemed to settle down after that and definitely wasn’t near as wild. I’m not concerned by that performance last night.

  13. In the immaculate words of Charles Barkley: “Man, that was turrible.”

    In all seriousness, people keep saying no need to panic. I don’t think it’s so much people are panicking as they are just yawning now because it’s becoming a nightly thing to watch this team go out and underperform horribly. After a while, you just lose interest because it’s like tonight: The Reds ace is down for knows how long, again. Cingrani still has yet to get his breaking pitches under control (though there was some glimmers of hope, his slider was particularly nasty a few times) and he was rather wild tonight with the six walks.

    If Cueto goes back on the DL, Cingrani will obviously move back into the rotation – but the question then is: Who gets the call from Louisville to take the bullpen spot? Ondrusek still hasn’t worked out his issues yet, Arrendondo has been very hittable this year, and it doesn’t seem like there is any kind of help in the field itself.

    At this rate, the All Star break cannot get here soon enough to give these guys a few days off (sans Votto and Phillips should they hold onto their leads in the All Star voting). I was glad to actually hear Marty and Jeff take a pseudo-subtle jab at Dusty’s unwillingness to change the lineup to get the team going when they were referring to how Joe Madden down in Tampa Bay moved Longoria to the leadoff spot a year or three ago and got the Rays moving again.

    I realize that Dusty’s options are limited on the bench, but seriously – anytime there is a LHP pitcher on the mound, Choo has no business being in the lineup. I like the guy, he plays hard and is a competitor, but LHP just eats him alive. Even Robinson, in limited playing time, has hit better against LH because he’ll hit from the right side against them. The real problem is the lack of options against LHP. The best options for the outfield against a LH is Bruce (.284), Heisey (.235), and Robinson (.305) – compared to Choo (.140) and XP (.143). In the infield, Izturis kills LHP (.333, very tongue-in-cheek)

    I think the ball is WJ’s court now, given this team is really struggling. He knows that Dusty will not change his ancient ways, so its up to him to give this team a shot in the arm.

    Anyhow, /end wall of text of random thoughts and ramblings from a tired mind. Goodnight everyone.

    • @TraviXDM: The real problem is the lack of options against LHP.” Yep. WJ needs to pick up a RHed bat, or at least someone who can hit lefties. I don’t even mean a big basher to replace Ludwick, which is the biggest need, but seems unlikely to happen.

  14. What does concern me is we’re are basically punting on three (arguably four) positions right now. We’re below league average at shortstop, catcher, third base and right at league average in LF. Also, and not that I think this will be the case all season, but Brandon has an ops+ that is below league average for second basemen. That’a a problem. Now I think, let me emphasize think, Todd Frazier will get better, but after that what can we realistically expect from the other positions. Xavier Paul and Derrick Robinson are good bench players, fourth outfielders, but they’re not every day players. Zach Cozart more or less is what he is and his defense makes up for his offense. Hanigan I imagine will get marginally better, but I don’t envision a drastic improvement. Mesoraco is harder to predict. So where does that leave us? With four, maybe five above average regulars.

    I think this team can bounce back. I’m not panicking, but I do think there is cause for concern simply because we have so many weaknesses offensively. Our starters are fine, even without Cueto, and I have to believe our bullpen will get better when Broxton and Marshall get back, but our offense seems to me to be the long term issue.

    Do the Reds address this? I don’t know. My gut tells me not likely. I’d like to think they would, but I’m not sure we have enough to give up in our minor league system to acquire a difference making bat and even if they did I don’t get the sense that Jocketty would pull the trigger.

    Now it’s quite possible I’m wrong. Maybe our offense will improve, Frazier will take a step forward, Mesoraco will grab the reigns at catcher and we’ll be able to make do at the other spots. Maybe all this will happen. But the question remains, what if it doesn’t?

    • @aweis09: I think people here overrate Frazier somewhat, but he’s not below average for starting 3B. The other guys are. And Phillips is too, though no one here will ever believe it. (However, at year’s end, I still expect Phillips to be a little above average hitting-wise for 2B.)

      But of course, the primary problem on this team is Joey “Wally Joyner” Votto.

    • @aweis09: Good statement. The Reds need to pick up a bat with some pop who can hit LHed pitching. You point out that LF is at league average, but that’s an easier position to address than the others, and the Reds don’t have a regular starter there in whom they’re invested for the future.

      Of course I wouldn’t mind a hitter like that who can play CF and platoon with Choo. Just seems like that would be harder to find.

    • @aweis09: Good points. Help via trades is unlikely, since we’d have to give up somebody (somebodies) good to get somebody who would help. Then we’d be weaker at the positions we traded away. The farm system needs to be the answer, but it won’t be this year.

  15. The Reds are sucking pretzel sticks!

    Let’s see what positions have been grossly under-performing

    C, 1B, 2B (his hand has been hurt – that I agree), SS, 3B, LF and CF (did the Reds have any idea just how bad Choo sucks at LHP)

    what’s that leave?

    RF – Jay Bruce

  16. Johnny Cueto. As a Titans fan, the guy reminds me of Vince Young. One good year and when the going gets rough, a phantom injury appears.

  17. Interesting comment by Thom: After Nolan Ryan took over as CEO/president of the Rangers, he issued an order to “stop babying” the pitchers at all levels in the organization. A chart was then displayed to show increased winning percentages for the Rangers over the last five or so years since Nolan’s decree. Didn’t catch what all “stop babying” entailed, but Chris agreed. There was no mention of any changes in offense. Not sure how this relates to the Reds or other MLB teams; just throwing it out there.

    • @RedInIN: Nolan Ryan talked about the “stop babying” the pitchers thing even before he took over as CEO. His main point was that major league pitchers can’t go more than 100 pitches because their arm strength isn’t being developed properly in the minor leagues. His most obvious remedy was to have starters throwing more pitches per start in the minors.

    • @RedInIN: Pinson just said what I was going to say.

  18. Some of you guys say no reason to panic. Fine. Maybe it is time to face reality though. The Reds can’t compete consistently with good teams. Pretty obvious. Now, the past few World Series winners are the ones that got hot as the playoffs began and rode that wave the rest of the way – not the best teams during the regular season. Maybe the Reds can pull off something like that. But the body of evidence is pretty strong now that the better teams are kicking the Reds’ butt. Can’t change the team, but if I were WJ I would at a minimum shake up the coaching staff. How about someone with a fresh approach to hitting?

  19. Right it is the hot team that makes a run in October, not the best team.

    When you say “can’t change the team”, you can. Sean Marshall can return. A number of losses have been due to the lack of a reliable lefty out of the pen. And something needs to be done about LF offensive productivity. This is the troubling thing.
    People point out that Robinson/Paul have done OK, but the Reds batting order is not deep enough. Even if Votto/BP/Bruce are hitting, there’s a steep drop off in the number 6 spot. LF is the position where a power bat can be plugged in.

    Looks like they’ll hope that Ludwick makes a strong return. That’s hopeful thinking, at best.

  20. At least the offense is consistent.

  21. Frazier can’t keep just throwing his bat at breaking pitches. He’s gotten some hits that way, but not a sustainable approach.

  22. Last nite I could see why, going into last nite, Texas had scored fewer runs than the Reds this season. Considering they have a DH, that’s really not good.

    Their offense did very little. A run in the first on an IF single, a stolen base, and a broken bat bloop. No runs in the 2nd inning if BP doesn’t drop the ball when applying a tag to a guy that Mes had caught stealing. Then Cingrani walks home 2 runs. The 4th run scores on Bruce’s throwing the ball to the wrong guy.

    Simon and Leake make it look easy, and they did little against Cingrani when he was throwing strikes.

    Could be misleading, but gives me hope that Leake and Latos can shut them down.

    • Last nite I could see why, going into last nite, Texas had scored fewer runs than the Reds this season. Considering they have a DH, that’s really not good.

      Their offense did very little. A run in the first on an IF single, a stolen base, and a broken bat bloop. No runs in the 2nd inning if BP doesn’t drop the ball when applying a tag to a guy that Mes had caught stealing. Then Cingrani walks home 2 runs. The 4th run scores on Bruce’s throwing the ball to the wrong guy.

      Simon and Leake make it look easy, and they did little against Cingrani when he was throwing strikes.

      Could be misleading, but gives me hope that Leake and Latos can shut them down.

      I noticed that texas refused to swing at borderline pitches when a pitcher was struggling with control. We would have grounded those ball 3s or 4s for easy outs. Frustrating.

      Simon and Sam were solid, though, for the record.

  23. I expected a HR Derby last nite, a hot nite at that stadium. Instead the Rangers won with defense, speed, and pitching. Seems like that’s mainly how they win now. I know they’re still hitting HRs, but not a lineup like in past years.

  24. You can rest Cueto till the cows come home and strenghten this or that and until you address what is causing the strain it won’t matter. Luke it or not his body can’t take the motion he is using to deliver a pitch. That has to change.

  25. The talk of “this is just one game” is getting old. They all are just one game and mean just as much as any of them. We don’t get double credit for a win in September. A loss now is just as tough as in September.

    The Reds are slumping, yes. But, panic time? No way. Time to be perturbed or slightly irritated? Sure. All teams slump. But, it seems like we’re the first this season between us, the Pirates, and the Cards. How long will ours last? When will the Pirates and Cards start their’s? How long will their’s last?

    Not to mention, we are doing horrible against the winning teams. We just aren’t beating them, we are losing to them. Our record against winning teams this season is nowhere near 50%. Several rules of thumb people have talked about here, like “Go 50% on the road, win most of the games at home”. Also, “Win 50% against the winning teams, beat up on the teams you are suppose to beat”. We are doing one but not the other. Even if we made the playoffs, with people talking about regular season records and playoff success, I still haven’t seen something like this, what is the playoff record of teams who have losing regular season records against winning teams. Jason showed the record against winning teams of WS champions of the last 5 seasons, not the same but close. All were pretty much around 50% except one well below 50%. One out of 5 chance for us?

    Players need to step up, most definitely, exactly like what happened last season when Votto went down. Or, could last season have been a bunch of “firsts” that just aren’t happening this season? Consider, I can’t remember the entire pitching staff being as good as last season. We had Todd going, Ludwick coming back in a hitting park (aka a new first). There’s an old saying, “It’s always harder to do it the second time in a row.” This season, the pitching staff and Todd isn’t performing, and Ludwick has been absent. And, after last season, the other teams were doing nothing but studying the video tape to see how they could stop each of our parts, making their adjustments. And, we haven’t made our adjustments.

    Something I was wondering myself. Back in 2011, Price’s second season here, with all the pitching injuries, let’s see. So many injuries in Price’s second season, followed by a great season. With Marshall and Broxton’s second season with Price, injuries. I have to wonder.

    I also still can’t help wondering about Bakerman and Joke-oby. Joke-oby hasn’t improved any hitting here. In fact, the number of team K’s has only increased with him and Bakerman. And, Bakerman being a players’ manager, how they always enjoy playing for him. They really enjoy playing for him, with these kind of results? What are Bakerman’s strengths? Is he a good in-game strategy guy? Nope. Is he a lineup specialist? Nope. Does he have a rep of working well with young talent and developing talent? Nope. He shows confidence in his players? Everytime he shows confidence in one player, he is automatically showing no confidence in another player that they can get the job done, so I can’t take that. Does he use his pitching staff wisely? Not there, either. The only things I see that would be his strength, why players like to play for him, is how he will pay for their dinner when they go out for a meal on the road and how he will tell bench players 2-3 days in advance when they are starting. And, those are qualities I look for in a major league manager?

    How would he have won so many games? First, the Giants aren’t going to fire the best friend and godfather of two of their franchise heroes. So, being a big market team, they are going to look to build around him, giving him the players to win a lot of games. That’s probably why they kept him around with such little success. Bakerman is nothing more than the ultimate “utility fielder” of baseball managers. Every team wants one and will go out actively to sign one, so Baker will always be able to find a job and, thus, manage in enough games to obtain wins. But, being a “utility fielder”, they are never good enough to start (lack of skills I described), and when it comes to the ultimate success of the team, they rarely if ever contribute to it. It is fact, this team wins “in spite of” Bakerman, not “because of” Bakerman.

  26. Wait, what? Cueto out again? No. I’m going to reboot this computer and wait until it tells me the truth. Must be stuck reading some cached pages.

  27. If the reds do tank (I don’t think they will, but they could obviously) the FO will do absolutely nothing (see 2011) as someone said in the game thread “nero will watch Rome burn”. The FO will still pump out advertisements and promotions in order to sell tickets. The only difference is no mention of the playoffs. If the Reds turn it around and are in contention by end of July I think the FO will get a bench guy and a bullpen guy possibly one or the other. I would stll like to see manny in LF btw

    • @zab1983: I don’t think the Reds will do anything at the deadline. The line from Jocketty will be “We like our team!” When was the last time the Reds really went out and went “all in” at the deadline? Maybe acquiring Tom Seaver from the Mets in the 80s? I think they got David Wells one year at the deadline. But nothing recently.

      Won’t happen under Jocketty’s watch. Besides, what do the Reds have in the minors that anyone would want?

    • @zab1983: That would be me that made the Nero comment.

  28. I remember someone last night said that Mesoraco needs to have a position change because he’s not a good catcher.

    Aside from how poorly this entire team has decided to play which has permeated throughout the whole club, it seems. Keep in mind Mesoraco was catching Cueto *for the first game ever*. Then when Cingrani came in, you remember who his catcher was when he started? That’s right, Corky Miller. This is the inherent problem with this “personal catcher” business where each catcher has their own specific pitchers they play with. Then one of them gets hurt and suddenly you’re asking your catcher to catch for guys he’s literally never caught for before.

    So I am willing to overlook any bad form he displayed last night. You can’t keep pitchers/catches apart from each other, and then suddenly demand they mesh and look like a well oiled machine.

    • @ToddAlmighty: Also continuing on the topic of catchers. I am becoming more and more convinced that Hanigan simply can’t handle the majority of the workload. I

      n 2010 when he only played in 70 games (Ramon Hernandez caught 90-something) he had his best season. In that season he hit .300/.405/.429 in those 70 games. Since then he’s progressively played more and more games and gotten worse.

      In 2011, he became the majority catcher and hit .267/.356/.357 in 91 games.

      Then in 2012 he got even more playing time as he hit .274/.365/.338 in 112 games.

      Now in 2013, he started off playing 4 of every 5 games until he got hurt. Then he came back and continued to be the majority catcher until he’s hurt once more. He’s batting .183/.270/.260 in 40 games despite having missed ~24 days with injury.

      2010: 70 games, 124 OPS+
      2011: 91 games, 95 OPS+
      2012: 112 games, 89 OPS+
      2013: 4/5 games until injured, 44 OPS+

  29. My lineup against lefties would be (not that it really matters when no one is hitting) –

    i’d move Frazier up hoping he would see more fastballs in front of Votto.

  30. My concern with JC is the same thing (mental toughness and competitiveness) that make him a REALLY good pitcher with good stuff will ultimately bring him down. He’s gonna get frustrated with this injury and try to pitch through it and do some real damage to his arm.
    This whole team seems to have lost a bit of focus, you see it in the batters box but really see it in the silly defensive mistakes. From dropping the ball to throwing to the wrong base, and they all are doing it, I love how steady the REDS defense has been these last few years and all of the sudden the concentration level has seemed to dip. The ole toothpick needs to wake’em up a bit, regardless of all that, its really hard to win when you get shut-out…..I don’t believe anyone has ever done it. Go Reds!

  31. What to do? What to do? Have you ever looked at the 40 man roster and seen how much dead weight is there?

    Cueto’s gone for a long time this DL stint so time to move. DFA Pedro Villarreal and purchase the contract of Greg Reynolds from Louisville. He’s earned a shot after killing it at AAA. Cingrani stays in the pen in short relief due to lack of pitch variety.

    This roster is too expensive to fail this badly and this team will need to shed some payroll soon to pay the producers.

    Finding a trade partner right now for a RH stick will be expensive because opponents are asking for a lot since the Reds are in a weak position. If there is not a deal to be had now at a reasonable price and this next month goes bad then sell at he deadline. Get what you can for anyone interested in Choo, Bailey, Chapman or anyone else deemed expendable or soon to be expensive and over budget.

    What else is there to do?

  32. I don’t know if it’s coaching or freelancing or what, but our hitters, fielders, and pitchers sure do boneheaded things at times. Always seems like the other team plays things smarter than we do.

  33. For Cueto to recover, he’ll probably be out for the next couple months. Without a jolt to the Reds offense in the cleanup position, be it Ludwick or someone else, the Reds are going to be a third place team this year.

  34. I am very concerned and have been for quite some time. In years past we have heard players on really good teams that failed say “It just was not our year with the injuries and everything.” I hate to say this but things are really stacking up. Ludwick down in Game 1, two stints on the DL for Cueto and now probably yet another one. Phillips has been banged up. Hanigan has been injured off and on. We just cannot hit with RISP. It haunted us last year in the NLDS and it has reared its ugly head again this year. Until we can turn the corner on that, we are never going far in the playoffs. This season it is so horrid that we could miss the playoffs. We are getting ZERO production from the bottom of the lineup. Yes, we are twelve over but we cannot turn out backs to the obvious issues that we have been experiencing. I have faith in Walt Jocketty but little faith in Dusty.

  35. This is absolutely comedic. Three erros in one inning? Crank up the clown music.

  36. Waxing somewhat positive, or at least complimentary, Leake is doing a heckuva job. Obviously should have a shutout going. He really might be the real deal.

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