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Game Thread: Reds at Rangers (2013.06.28)

The Reds have lost 6 of their last 10 games and will look to get back to winning by taking on the team with the 2nd best record in the American League in the form of the Texas Rangers.  Despite how bad things have seemed lately, the Reds are still the 3rd best team in the NL and are just 3.5 games behind 1st in the division.  I am not panicking yet, and neither should you.

Who better for the Reds to send to the mound tonight and get back on the winning track than Johnny Cueto.  Cueto had his worst start of the season in his last outing against Arizona, which means he is due for a bounce back game tonight.  That’s right, I’m calling it.  Johnny Cueto pitches well tonight and the Reds win!

Before the Reds get that win tonight, we must discuss how the game plays out here! Oh, and the Reds must GO!

465 thoughts on “Game Thread: Reds at Rangers (2013.06.28)

  1. Come on, Mes. Bases loaded, the guy has got to throw strikes. Be patient, wait for a good one to hit.

  2. I bet that this slump is absolutely killing the sales of Dusty’s instructional video on hitting. Which in itself maybe the problem. Too many hitting coaches. You got Jacoby preaching one philosophy and Baker with another. It’s no wonder this team can’t hit.

  3. Just wait till after the All Star break, the Reds are gonna teach the rest of those NL teams a lesson they won’t soon forget.

  4. You know what, I am as big of a Reds fan as anyone on here but, part of me wants to see how far this scoreless streak would go on before someone from management would make a move. Just top see how long Nero would fiddle and watch Rome burn.

  5. We need to recognize the Red’s pitching and understand that it covers up offensive flaws that other teams are jealous of. Look at tonight: we were embarrassed but one swing by Mez could have changed it all

  6. I just don’t see this team making a run in the playoffs this year. I think I would rather punt this year for future success if it meant no Dusty and some moves in the offseason to improve the roster.

  7. cant blame this one on the cueto situation…. 4 runs, especially given the cueto situation is not bad…of course if you don’t get one……

  8. Is there a reason XP doesn’t hit for Mes in that bases loaded RH pitcher situation? Aside from Dusty not being very smart, I mean?

  9. I said it earlier but we are closer to the division championship than we are from getting dethroned from the second wildcard

    • @RedTitan19: For how long though? This team has too many holes and a pathetic manager even if they get in the one game crapshoot playoff somehow.

  10. Simon was the best pickup ever, even if it means Frazier got a late start to the majors

  11. Come on Reds – let’s gets some runs. Base hits can score runs. Honestly.

  12. The old adage is that: a team is never as good as when they are hot and never as bad as when they are in a slump. But this is just painful to watch.

    Surprising to say that tonight, it’s not been Cozart’s fault.

  13. As long as the Reds don’t fall hopelessly to many games out of first place in the division, I’m not gonna take a long walk on a short pier.

  14. Why anyone would ever throw a strike to a Red is beyond me. Sure, Votto would walk most ABs, and occasionally Choo, but so what? Everyone else would get themselves out.

  15. D Rob needs to shave that Wilson Valdez looking beard. He’s starting to hit like Valdez.

  16. The Choo train has definitely left the station. I’m glad the Reds haven’t signed him long term. I’d rather watch Billy hamilton.

  17. Put Hanigan on paternity leave and call up a catcher who can pinch hit.

  18. If the Cards lose tonight the Pirates will be alone in 1st place in the division. Are the Pirates really that good, or are the way things stand now only a temporary situation. By seasons end will the Reds and Cardinals be fighting it out as to who wins the division. Stay tuned.

    • @RedTitan19: Really? That’s what you want to take from this game? That last year’s .337/.474/.567 hitting and this year’s .322/.437/.519 hitting Joey Votto is an egotistical waste of cash?

      Stop it. Just stop it.

      • @ToddAlmighty: What have you got? I’m dying to get a positive take on this team, right now. You really think in his heart that Titan means that? Look at his moniker. We are frustrated dude.

  19. Votto, Choo, it’s like another person has taken over their bodies. Someone with much less talent. Choo’s free agent value is just tanking with every AB. He may have to beg the Reds to sign him for the minimum next year.

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