Let’s recap tonight’s titanic west coast struggle….rntitanic-copy

Cincinnati 3
Oakland 7

W: P. Neshek (2-1)
L: B. Arroyo (6-6)

The Joey Isn’t Paid to Walk parrots have to shut up tonight—the smartest hitter in Baseball went yard for the 14th time. Chris Heisey walks and doubles. Welcome back, Chris. You’ve been missed. Jay Bruce has an epic Joey-like at bat in the 5th that results in a walk with the bases loaded. You gotta love not only the results lately from Bruce, but also the process, even as he did go 0-4 tonight. Cesar Izturis and Derrick Robinson had 7 of the Reds 10 hits. Really.

Curtis Partch gives a shakey bullpen a nice lift with 2 scoreless innings. Ditto for Manny Parra and J.J. Hoover. They each got a solid inning of work in.

Imagine if you will, you have a puppy named Bronson. Roll up yesterday’s newspaper and say it with me:  “Bad Bronson. Bad Bronson.” We know this is coming every so often. That still doesn’t make it any less painful.

Todd ignores his first base coach and makes a very bad decision, resulting in a rally-killing mistake in the 3rd inning. The Reds leave the bases loaded in the 5th, then do it again in the 6th.

Choo just doesn’t hit lefties. There’s no getting around it.

Batting Practice Bronson. Have to put him here, too. Here’s what Arroyo said to the Enquirer about coming back:

“… Cingrani’s probably going to make the minimum. If I stay healthy and keep doing what I’ve done, I’m probably going to make $13 million-plus.

“I think twice I’ve signed a bit under value – once in Boston and the last time here. The middle time – when I signed here – it was what I was worth. With my age and the numbers that I put up the last few years – for guy who is not a No.1 starter and isn’t thought about as one of the big dogs in the game – put my numbers against the best in the league and they’re pretty good.

“I think this could be my last chance to get a two- or three-year deal without having to go year to year to year. I definitely need to explore that opportunity. Whether it’s here or somewhere else.”

Tonight’s effort didn’t help with those goals.

That is one ugly ballpark they got there in Oakland. It looks like it could rival old Shea Stadium in NY.

The Jay Bruce slash line .282/.326/.538 is still not good enough for the clean up spot, even with Brandon Phillips gone on the MLB Paternity List.

Bob Melvin doesn’t fool around when it comes to making pitching changes. Doesn’t Bob know it’s not September?

Predictably, the Cardinals toyed with the hapless Astros, so the Reds lose ground tonight to them and the Pirates, who slapped the Mariners around 9-4. The Reds are now 3.5 out of first, and 2.5 games behind second-place Pittsburgh.


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  1. Was at the game tonight…and it sucked.

    Knew we would lose the instant I saw BP was not in the lineup (nor will he be tomorrow which should already be listed as a negative).

    I further knew we would lose when I saw both pitchers doing stretches before the game. Don’t ask how, but I got the feeling it was Bad Bronson when I saw the A’s pitcher stretching and focused and Arroyo doing the light jogging in the outfield, continually trying to look over and make a connection with the A’s guys. Felt too informal for my taste.

    Another negative: Votto led off an inning twice in this game (with bases empty of course). I wish someone kept stats on this because he may lead the league.

    Of course Votto did make it up to bat with the bases loaded and two outs. Fizzled.

    At least the A’s manager gets it – he LOADED the lineup with lefties to bat against Bronson, and it worked (as the stats say it should). Dusty kept to his R/L combination and was behind before he could even think about what to do next.

    While Choo sucks against lefties, he did hit the ball really well. Drove the first AB to the fence, and then lined his next AB HARD but right at the 2B. His average will drop against lefties but those two AB’s were smacked.

    Yay for Robinson! Love him leading off (and Choo second).

    NOT a fan of Frasier batting behind Votto. But, without BP, Dusty would never bat Bruce there. He, unlike Bob Melvin, is afraid to bat consecutive batters from the same side of the plate. Sigh.


  2. Bronson’s one of my favorites, but against a lineup stacked with lefties and a DH, there’s a good chance for a Bad Bronson game. Did not have a good feeling about this one.

    Milone was unimpressive and the Reds had opportunities to get back in it, but we know what happened there.

    • @pinson343: Bad Bronson (Or as Doc Rogers calls him, “Bronsoff”) was due. It’s been a while.

      • @TC: Right. Bronson was getting the ball up. Dusty kept showing the level of his pitches in the dugout, it was funny.

  3. The “mop up” guys in the bullpen pitched really well, obviously. Gives me hope that Homer can shut down the A’s tomorrow.

    Don’t look now, but Manny Parra has not allowed a run in his last 8 outings and, on the season, his Ks (23) have almost caught up with his hits allowed (25).

    • @pinson343: Parra: 17 IP, 23 Ks. And 6 BB. For some reason, people that think BABIP is mostly luck completely ignore it. Parra is at a 5.5 ERA or so, but his xFIP is 3.31.

      I don’t even like the guy. But he is throwing the ball well.

  4. It’s almost gotten to the point of utter ridiculousness with people jumping off the ledge from at bat to at bat.

    Lots of good at bats today, with a few not good ones. They (Reds) hit the ball very hard. Arroyo didn’t have it. Also, there was not the same opportunity to get Arroyo out without major damage that there was for Milone. Baker could have yanked Arroyo after 3, and saved one run (at the cost of another bullpen inning). Melvin is aggressive with pitching changes, I was impressed; however, he had it much easier as he had a 6 run lead, plus he had a pitcher that took a long time to get into trouble.

    How in the world did Izturis get 3 hits, one of them even for extra bases?

    Frazier’s baserunning error…just typical, this team runs into too dang many outs. That single play might have cost the Reds 2 runs, but then again, if it had been 6-3, then Milone would have been given less rope in the inning the Reds did score 2 runs, and so who knows?

    • @Hank Aarons Teammate: Right about people jumping off the ledge. At sites like the Reds mlb.com site, you expect people to get too excited about a win and too down about a loss. It isn’t as bad here of course, but it’s getting to be that way.

      I saw the whole game and there were a lot of good Reds at bats. The A’s broadcasters and the A’s players also thought so.

      Iztruris’ hits were all ripped, none was lucky. (Not that you said they were.) He got some pitches to hit and was taking a compact swing.

    • Hank’s Teammate: Frazier’s baserunning error…just typical, this team runs into too dang many outs.That single play might have cost the Reds 2 runs, but then again, if it had been 6-3, then Milone would have been given less rope in the inning the Reds did score 2 runs, and so who knows?

      Yes that play MAY have cost the Reds 2 runs. The Oakland broadcasters kept talking about it. They mentioned that the ball that Bruce hit to first may have been past the 1st baseman Moss if Moss was holding Frazier on. But of course we’ll never know, you can’t assume the same result in a different “time line”.

  5. I did think Baker made one mistake. Against that sidewinder guy whose name escapes me, a guy who is murder on righties, I pinch hit Paul for Heisey in that crucial situation.

    • @Hank Aarons Teammate: Agreed, I mentioned that in the game thread. Will add that I’ve had almost nothing to complain about with Dusty lately. Have liked his handling of the bullpen after Broxton went on the DL.

  6. Heisey hasn’t been missed, actually, as a starter. (Bench player, sure, he strengthens the team a good bit.) I hope he does not take time away from Paul.

    The Choo comment is a bit off to me. It’s true he’s not hitting lefties, but today, he had two
    excellent ABs against Milone.

    So Arroyo says a “two or three year deal”, which means it could be two, or it could be three. I am guessing he’ll end up accepting two years, and probably not here. Still think it could be here. Heck, a few more games like tonight, he might sign a one year contract here. (Just a joke.)

    • @Hank Aarons Teammate: Let’s really hope that the Reds can make a trade and neither Heisey nor Paul have to play much. Paul has a bWAR of -0.9. According to them he is the 2nd least valuable (i.e. the second most harmful) defender in the whole league. And here the eyes match the stats. I just don’t think we should settle for Paul just because we’re happy that his OBP is higher than Cozart’s. That is a pretty low bar to clear.

      • @down with dusty: I can understand a trade for a LF. I just don’t think it will happen. Mostly because, what would we do with Ludwick once he comes back? Would we have $7 million in one player sitting on the bench? If we make a trade for a LF, it will come with some kind of plans of how to “take care of” Ludwick once he comes back.

        • @steveschoen: My guess is that that is their mindset. And I’m afraid that we will get to September and Ludwick still isn’t able to play and the reds will have endured replacement level play in LF all season.

  7. I’m on vacation and did not see any part of the game (nor any of the ARI series). Just old fashion, box score observation here: BP/no-BP in the lineup, doesn’t matter. Leave the bases loaded twice in a game where your team is down a crooked number (I don’t care how crooked), you deserve to lose that game. Bad Bronson aside, you have to score those runs. It’s not complicated. Not Dusty’s fault, either.

  8. I have no idea if Broxton could have come off the DL this early, but if Dusty Baker hadn’t used him in the 14th inning on June 13, the Reds could have backdated his DL assignment to June 10 instead of June 14. That would mean Broxton would have been eligible to come off the DL tomorrow instead of missing the entire Oakland and Texas series.

    June 13 was a game that Dusty Baker had a pitcher he *knew* to be injured pitch instead of using Aroldis Chapman in a non-save situation. Oh, and to compound the travesty, the Reds lost when Broxton (who was hurt) came in to pitch.

    • @Steve Mancuso: Steve: A good deal has been made of the Broxton situation, that Dusty used him when he knew him to be “injured.” I wonder whether that really is the case, though. He may well have known him to be feeling discomfort, and before you accuse me of relying on pure semantics, I’ll ask how many pitchers are feeling no discomfort or pain at the mid-point of a season? The truth is that we have no idea what Dusty knew about Broxton’s condition, nor whether that condition should have precluded his appearing. Players get hurt sometimes when they play. Besides, it’s a little amusing to hear the roar of Broxton defenders–we’d be in first place now if Dusty hadn’t ruined him–since the drumbeat here before his going on the DL was that Broxton is a terrible pitcher. If he were, of course, we wouldn’t miss him.

      • @greenmtred: While that could be true, I wouldn’t put it past Bakerman. I remember in, like, the first 7 games, of all the relievers to make appearances (something like 15 total), Hoover and Chapman made something like 12 of those appearances. It was entirely outlandish and showed Bakerman has little idea how to handle a pen, much less one that could be tiring.

        • @steveschoen: The thing is, few teams talk much about dinged-up players, not wanting to give opponents an advantage. Considering the injuries to Marshall, Lecure (might have been fatigue, but he wasn’t available)and Broxton–all of which we knew about–I doubt that we, as fans, have enough information about the rest of the pen to jump to conclusions.

    • @Steve Mancuso: Any time a pitcher first tells you he can’t pitch and then says he can, you shouldn’t use him. One game during the season isn’t worth losing a pitcher for a few weeks!!

  9. Well, we knew this stretch was going to be tough…

    But so far, the Reds haven’t actually lost any ground since it started, relatively speaking. 3.5 out is about where they’ve been hovering for the last month.

    But yeah, they better win a few more of these games or they are going to start tumbling in a hurry.

  10. What kind of bizzaro world is this? Robinson and Izturis combine for 7-9, 2 2B.

  11. “That is one ugly ballpark they got there in Oakland.”

    You ain’t kidding. And it’s even worse from the outside. Three or four years ago I was driving through Oakland. It does not look like a major league stadium from the outside. It look like a NCAA – Division 2 football stadium. Nothing but concrete with no character.

    It’s an eyesore.

    • @TC: Yeah, approaching 50 years old plus the fact that it’s multi-purpose, that place has been used fast and often. The A’s existence in the Oakland is actually a few years younger than the stadium, itself. I suppose it’s inception is a factor that brought the team there in the first place?

      • @RedManifesto: There is talk of the A’s moving, I believe a bit South, if they don’t get a new stadium. Not sure if it is another blackmail the public type of program going on or not. But, that was the talk.

  12. I actually think that Joey IS paid to drive in runs, but that he may be mis-cast: he looks like the best lead off hitter since Ricky Henderson, to me. Okay, bring it on.

  13. “The Jay Bruce slash line .282/.326/.538 is still not good enough for the clean up spot”

    I am a Bruce fan. With that said, Bruce’s numbers are inline with his past numbers, if not better. Bruce is a MLB player and would be starting on almost every team in MLB. Bruce isn’t a clean up hitter no matter how much people want him to be.

    The next thing we know people will be saying Jay Bruce’s ERA isn’t good enough to be a starting pitcher. BTW, Bruce isn’t a pitcher either! 😛

    Jay Bruce is exactly what his numbers say and I am proud to have him on ANY team I would pull for. An added bonus is that Jay is very fan friendly and he wants to be a Red.

    Say what you want, but Jay Bruce is NOT the problem with this team.

    Go Reds!!

    • @laus Deo:

      *any team in MLB.

      Go Reds!

    • @laus Deo: I believe Mr. Fitch was being “fitch”etious.

      • @laus Deo: I believe Mr. Fitch was being “fitch”etious.

        Most likely. For, if not Bruce, then who? Frazier sure isn’t a cleanup hitter. Heisey? Not there. Devin? If he had been used more, he would probably be up to the task.

        Easy to say “Bruce isn’t a cleanup hitter”. More difficult to say who would replace BP, then.

        • @steveschoen: It doesn’t seem to me that the Reds have a cleanup hitter–BP is willing, and has largely been doing a good, if unconventional, job of it–but he is probably better suited to be batting 2nd. Bruce looks like a dandy cleanup hitter when he’s streaking (as he has been lately), but he wouldn’t when he was enduring one of his stretches of profound futility. Maybe he’s learning to put those stretches behind him, but it’s too soon to tell. I am glad he plays for us, however.

          • @greenmtred: Can you explain why you think Bruce isn’t a cleanup hitter? I’ve seen people post this before and I just don’t really understand.

            He’s 10th in HRs in MLB.
            He’s 3rd in 2B in MLB.
            His .532 SLG would be 4th among cleanup hitters in baseball behind Tulo, Ortiz and Longoria.

            If the cleanup hitter is supposed to hit for power to drive in runs, isn’t he doing that?

          • @al: Al, I just watched Jay strike out 3 times, futility personified. He has been going great recently and his numbers show it, but he seems unusually streaky. He’d be a fine cleanup hitter when he’s in his manic phase, but he was in the depressive phase today, WAS batting cleanup, and didn’t deliver. A lot of guys go 0fer–everybody, from time to time, including excellent cleanup hitters. Maybe he should bat cleanup when he’s hitting well, and somewhere else (for the other team, if possible)when he’s circling aimlessly in the doldrums. I like him, and certainly hope he evens it out, but the Reds need regular production from the middle of the order.

  14. Ok, guys. I’m gonna post some thoughts here. Some of this will be negative. I’m not gonna sugarcoat.
    I am going to try to be objective.
    This isn’t about 1 game. The Reds lost. This is about what has transpired up to this point and some trends that I am seeing.
    In no way am I conceding the season. We still have half a season to go and anything can happen.

    A lot of people have talked about how tough this stretch of games is. That the Reds are playing a lot of teams that are over .500. But think of it this way, these teams are having to play the Reds. They probably think they have tough games to play. I think some of these teams are raising their level of play when they play the Reds. I don’t think the Reds are raising theirs. I think the Reds players believe they can just play the same as they do against the sub .500 teams and still beat the good teams. I think the good teams realize they have to raise their level of play to beat the Reds. That is exactly what we are seeing. The Reds are being exposed by the good teams because they aren’t able to raise their level of play.
    Stat that goes along with this – The Reds haven’t won a series against a team over .500 since the last week in April, nearly 2 months ago. Reds are 11-12 in June. 5 of the 11 wins came against the Cubs and Brewers.

    Reds pitching is not as good as we thought. We’ve seen the starting pitching get shelled twice in the last 4 games. The Reds have given up 6 or more runs in 7 of the 23 games this month, including 12 to the Rockies, 11 and 9 to the Cardinals, 6 to the Cubs, 6 to the Brewers, 11 to the D-backs and 7 to the A’s. In games where the opponent has scored 4 or more runs in June, the Reds are 0-12.

    The bullpen has been a complete disaster. After having the best bullpen in the NL last year, it has been completely the opposite this year. Yes, the mop up guys were fine last night but who here actually feels like the game is in hand when the Reds go to the bullpen. Injuries have played a part in this and getting Marshall, and to some degree Broxton, back will help. I’m sure the Reds are actively seeking bullpen help but so are a lot of other teams. The Reds problem is they don’t really have any chips to trade. The minors is void of any real prospects. The only chip might be Hamilton but his stock has dropped significantly this year.

    Clutch hitting has been non-existent this year. Votto is 3-22 with 2 outs and RISP. The Reds are 28th in MLB, hitting with 2 outs and RISP (.186/.332/.309). The only teams worse, the Braves and the Brewers.
    The Reds are 29th in hitting with runners on and 2 outs (.201/.322/.314). Reds need another bat in a big way. Getting Heisey back is not the answer either.

    Right now, the Reds have the 4th best record in the NL. That is not bad. But they are 3 games below .500 in the last 3 weeks.

    • @RedForever: Agree with a lot. And, that can be on Bakerman. He’s one to try for his players to “keep an even keel”, that “it’s a long season” type of stuff, go through the motions, etc. And, thus, we get what we get, beat up on the ones we should beat, lose to the better teams. This team is lacking someone to fire them up when they need it, a cheerleader, a rah rah. Baker just isn’t a fiery guy.

    • @RedForever: I agree with a lot of this, too, but with the caveat that I’m doubtful that the Reds have the horses to significantly raise their level of play, particularly with injuries/ineffectiveness of the pitching staff. If we are realistic about the offense, we see that we have a pair of good obp guys who get on base frequently, followed by BP and Jay, who often are decent, but streaky, and otherwise a bunch of .240 hitters–competent all-round players, but not significantly under-achieving and, therefore, unlikely to do much better than they are doing now. I don’t believe that they are mailing it in, and I don’t believe that it’s reasonable to blame it all on Dusty: they simply don’t execute sometimes.

    • @RedForever: I disagree that the starting pitching has been worse than expected. I think it’s actually been better than expected. Every single one of our starters has an ERA better than league average. There aren’t many clubs that can say that.

      I agree that the bullpen has been much worse than expected. We’re 3.5 games back right now, but could easily be tied or leading if the pen had converted some of the 10 blown saves we have.

      I’ve never really believed that clutch hitting is anything more than a small sample size anomaly, and I think the evidence supports that conclusion. I don’t think Votto is folding under the pressure of 2 out situations.

      What I do think, is that the Reds offense is scuffling right now generally, and that that creates some failure in clutch situations.

      I don’t think it has to be any more complicated than this:

      Month – Runs – Team OPS

      April – 126 – .703
      May – 136 – .781
      June – 85 – .695

      With 4 games left in June, we can probably expect 15-20 more runs, but that’s still only going to put us right around 100.

      Point being, yes, some timely hits would help, they always do. But really, the Reds just need to hit better in general. Saying we need better clutch hitting only is saying that we need to sneak a bad offense into some wins. What we really need is for our offense to be better, and clearly they are capable of it.

      • @al: Better than I could have said it.

        As for Baker’s teams and the Reds not being able to elevate their play against the good teams, I think the only support of that theory is the record this year. I think I’ll do some quick research and see how the Reds did in 2010, 2011, and last year against > .500 teams.

        • @LWBlogger: The Reds had a good record against winning teams last year. They were well under .500 against winning teams in 2010.
          It would be good to see the exact numbers.

    • @RedForever: This is the best starting pitching we’ve had in at least 40 years, maybe longer. Every one of them has an ERA below 4.00. I don’t recall that ever happening.

  15. Heisey on his time rehabbing in AAA: “I saw a lot of pitches, forced a lot of deep counts, which is something I want to get better at doing up here.”

    Yeah, he walked once, but his high leverage 5th inning at-bat that could’ve gotten us back in the game, he went down on 3 pitches. Over aggressive, spazzy, just like when he pinch hits. Problem is, the whole league knows his tendancies in those situations and exploits him, yet he’s shown no inclination to adjust. It’s why I think his best days are behind him.

    • @Sultan of Swaff: Not smart to make assumptions based on one AB. Working on something takes more than one AB. What did you want in the 5th, a dog that would perform on command? They do still have to play the game. 3 straight pitches or 10, Heisey still could have gotten an out. Myself, getting a double and a walk in 4 plate appearances, I can take that from him. Sure, better “timely” hitting would be great. But, we aren’t getting that from the rest of the team. No need to just beat on Heisey for that.

  16. I just read last night’s game thread. I’m not a big fan of banning people, but we seem to have a prolific new(?) commenter who is just relentlessly negative and seems to add nothing to the discussion analytically or as a pleasant place to “hang out.”. It degrades the experience, and I suggest he either be banned, put on permanent moderation-before-posting, or that the rest of us try to adhere to a “don’t feed the trolls” approach. Just my two cents.

    • @Eric the Red: I agree and so would everyone else.

      Or they could grant my request of a mute button.

    • @Eric the Red: Wow… you intrigued me to go look. Yikes.

    • @Eric the Red: Wow! After reading this comment I went back to see if I could find out who you’re referring to. Wasn’t too hard. I’m not sure that level of pessimism is possible from a Reds fan. Might be a pirates or cards fan tunneling in. Who showed them how to use the internet?

  17. 1) Bronson was squeezed unmercifully by the umpire. Just go back and watch Crisp’s at bat to lead off the 4-run third. Tough to be “Good Bronson” when you’re forced to throw balls down the middle of the plate.

    2) We’re really only competing against NL teams for Bronson’s next contract. In the AL, the extra batter instead of a pitcher makes it that much tougher for Bronson to navigate through the lineup and makes it easier to stack lefties against him.

    3) Dusty once again didn’t manage with a sense of urgency. Why not pinch hit Paul for Heisey given that he was DHing, not playing in that huge outfield? Why not PH for Choo in the 8th with runners on 2nd and 3rd? If Melvin pulls his LHP, he won’t have one to face Votto if he comes up. (With Choo, he’d then be forced to put Heisey in the field and give up the DH or put Paul in and move Robinson to center. Neither would be ideal or something I’d do in the 6th, but down four in the 8th with two RISP and Votto up next? Go for it. Choo’s just not hitting LHP this season, especially lately.)

    • @Eric the Red: Agreed. That’s the problem with Baker. He doesn’t manage with a sense of urgency, EVER. I don’t think he would even understand the concept of, “If you lose this game, you are out of the playoffs.” Probably one of the reasons for his poor record in the playoffs.

      I am still hoping someone would go back and check out Baker’s in-season record against the winning teams during those years. Like, how we have been beating up against the bad teams and losing to the good teams, in general. I wonder if that trend has followed Bakerman all along. I know I checked 2 of his previous years, with the Giants, I believe. One of those years checked out to what we are getting now. The other I believe the Giants played 0.500 ball against the winning teams.

      Or, was I comparing the Giants to only the playoff teams that year? It was something like that, I do remember that.

    • @Eric the Red: Broson did get squeezed big time, but he also didn’t have a curve ball tonight. He kept leaving everything up and one tater after another kept getting hit. Tough night to lose with the Cards and Pirates playing lesser teams right now.

  18. I got to say it was an interesting game as it is so rare for me to watch much AL baseball, let alone the far west A’s. Clubs like this I really only know from box scores.

    A’s relievers were pretty impressive. They pounded the strike zone.

    I dug the “nurd power” guy too.

  19. I’ve got a trivia question I don’t know the answer to. Would this have been the first time the Reds played the A’s since the 1972 WS? We are talking over 40 years ago.

    • @steveschoen: Well, we swept them in the 1990 WS 🙂 And we swept them in inter league play in 2010, I think in Oakland. Not sure about other meetings.

  20. Lets not make a habit of this Reds. Get over this and come out strong today. They really need to hit in the clutch and drive in some runs. They were awful in that category last night. Go Reds!!!!!

  21. If we are down by 6 or 7 games by the All-Star break, will Baker finally put importance on games and actually use the bullpen the way he should, instead of saving them for the next big series (for which they never get used). Im tired of seeing every manager we face place importance on games against us and completely out-manage Baker. Like Melvin last night. He sees his starter getting into trouble and takes him out early to save atleast a run.

  22. I’m just going to put this out there because i don’t think the timing could be any better: Manny Ramirez batting 4th in LF for the Reds. What do u guys think?

    • @zab1983: Best case scenario: Man-Ram comes back to MLB hungry, reds roll to playoffs and Ludwick comes back to give us another power bat off the bench

      • @zab1983: He is in playing shape and they might be able to get him the rest of the season for something absurd, like a million. Do it.

        Even if it doesn’t pan out – it sends a message to the players – that the front office is urgent even if the manager isn’t!

    • @zab1983:

      Whew. Manny being Manny in the Reds LF. Now if that doesn’t smack of desparation, then nothing does. I’d rather see the Reds dig up Kevin Mitchell and have him patrol LF than see Manny in a Reds uni. The day I see Manny in a Reds uni is the day I throw away 47 years of being a Reds fan.

      • @WVRedlegs: Manny’s clubhouse issues would make him unattractive to the Reds and Jocketty. The Reds’ GM puts a high emphasis on clubhouse chemistry. I’m also just not really sure anyone is convinced about how much Ramirez could contribute, especially for an NL team.

      • @WVRedlegs: Oh and LOVE the Mitchell reference

    • @zab1983: He is, by many accounts, a clubhouse cancer. And I, for one, would quickly tire of watching him ignoring defense (I almost said “try to play defense,” but that he doesn’t try is the point).

    • @zab1983: I like it. he would probably be a better bat off the bench than the guys we have, and maybe the Reds catch lightning in a bottle for 2 months and he hits 15 HRs.

  23. I guess Dusty’s crossing streams only apply sometimes. Apparently Dusty hasn’t noticed how Bruce has handled LHP this season.

    Today’s Lineup:

    CF Choo
    LF Robinson
    1B Votto
    RF Bruce
    3B Frazier
    DH Paul
    SS Cozart
    C Mesoraco
    2B Izturis

    P Bailey

    • I guess Dusty’s crossing streams only apply sometimes. Apparently Dusty hasn’t noticed how Bruce has handled LHP this season

      I think he is opening up on this a bit, as he has started to bat Choo/Votto back to back against LH SP, and now we see Votto/Bruce back to back against a RH SP. The real test will be if he will put BP in #2 against RH SP to move JB to #4. Likely wouldn’t make a huge difference with run production, but it would give us more to discuss. 🙂

    • @Shchi Cossack: Mes catching Homer? That’s big news. It hasn’t worked well in the past, but hopefully they can get it together and this can help balance the catching situation.

  24. Choo may not hit lefties, but lefties can sure hit him.

    How many runners did we leave on base? Dunno if anyone noticed but we missed 2 big, big opportunities in the 5th and 6th.

  25. Is it just me or is that the lineup we should have run last night?

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