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Game Thread: Reds at A’s (6.25.13)

The most promising change in the Reds prospects lately has been the revelation that the Cardinals are not invincible. While the Reds dropped 2 of 3 to the Diamondbacks, they gained a game on the Cards who were busy getting swept by the Rangers. Hopefully, the Cardinal slide continues and the Reds pick up the pace.

The Reds march into Oakland tonight for the start of a tough two-game series. It’s a late game and won’t get going until 10:00, but once it does, feel free to discuss the Arroyo vs. Milone grudge match here.

Also, and this needs to be said, let’s keep it clean tonight, fellas. It got a bit out of hand in the recap the other night. All of the editors were out of town or in bed, so we didn’t notice for a while, but we do have a commenting policy (which I suggest you read) and if you violate it you can be banned with no notice or explanation. If you ever find yourself unable to post comments, there’s a reason. Disagreement is awesome as long as it’s respectful.

339 thoughts on “Game Thread: Reds at A’s (6.25.13)

  1. We are hitting the ball hard, real hard. Everybody. Even freaking Izturis. This is the best I’ve ever felt about a 6-1 deficit.

    • @dg44: Hitting the ball hard doesn’t really mean a lot when you don’t score. Nothing, actually.

      I’ll be very surprised if they manage to score twice more tonight.

    • @dg44: Agree. If Bronson can settle down, we have a chance as this is the best the Reds have hit in awhile. Line drives all over the park. Normally that should add up to scoring some runs. We’ll see.

  2. I’m having second thoughts about my ‘right to over react comment.’ I at least try to complain in an entertaining manner. I’m about ready to drink some bleach right now.

    • @preach: Now you understand the grumbling earlier. I will commend RF though for easing back a lot, he was almost this bad for quite a while himself but he’s trying to turn over a new leaf.

      • @Mwv: Yeah and you know that RF loves the Reds as much as the rest of us. There are some others that I’m not so sure of.

        • @CharlotteNCRedsFan: Eh, I won’t pretend to even attempt to divine people’s loyalties over the internet. That’s a sucker’s game both ways because you can’t prove anything. It only really becomes annoying when you stop and consider how this board was even a year ago this time. Completely different feel to it.

          • @Mwv: Well we are two different people and thus we have differing opinions. As far as the “feel” of the Blog, I’m not sure it is that much different. Little more personality now and fellowship. But this is only my third season. I have heard a few of the “Old-Timers” complain. Must of been really great in the Good Old Days because it ain’t bad right now.

          • @CharlotteNCRedsFan: Second year here for me. Up until say the last month or so of last year it was very different (I think at least). Much more positive, much more stat-driven and interesting. Could just be me though.

          • @Mwv: Reds have not played good fundamental ball in a couple of weeks and we have lifers on board that notice that stuff. As soon as the Reds start playing better fundamentally, it will quite back down.

    • @preach: Preach I know you must be a very disciplined man, given your profession. I recommend by-passing certain posts and life will be that much better.

  3. Hitting with 2 outs and RISP???? What is this??

    oh yeah, we’re actually playing a good team. Hope Dusty and Co are taking some notes.

  4. I say if we can score a few runs here in the 5th dusty should go to the pen because the day off thursday…if not…i say let bronson ride it out until 100 pitches or so and hope for the best

  5. Ring ring: Hello, yes I was just wondering if the editors are still out of town or still in bed.

  6. I wonder if I did a Facebook search on Josh Bresser, if someone wearing a Cardinals jersey would show up…

  7. Question- when was the last time the Reds won a series against a legitimate playoff contender?

    Can’t seem to recall it..the Pirates’ series maybe?

  8. Love hannigan behind the plate but .167 in the last week and .152 in away games this year….

  9. Man, it has been so long since we had a big inning. Is this going to be the one? Can’t even remember the last real rally.

  10. I tried to warn y’all when I saw the poster in question’s name pop up, even recommending a preemptive ban.

    • @CP: The question is: should one be banned for just bad taste and etiquette? I say no but I can avoid things I don’t care for very easily. As long as someone is not vulgar or personally attacking another poster, I can live with it. But it does seem like a pretty big waste of time, IMO.

      • @CharlotteNCRedsFan: I don’t see why not, especially when it’s so extreme.

        The website is for personal entertainment. I love discussing the Reds with other Reds fans, even if they have different/weird/contrarian view points. But ultimately, it’s about having fun. The guy is negative fun.

        In my opinion, another point of having a cool website like this is to get as many Reds fans together on your website as possible. The poster in question is more likely to detract from visitors than add to it.

        But hey, not our websites, not our decision.

  11. Why would Milone be foolish enough to give Votto a pitch to hit? They have Todd “Automatic Out” Frazier on deck.

  12. Josh, I don’t disagree with any individual argument you make. A lot of us are even aware of the points you make and the data you use to support it. But being CONSTANTLY reminded of the team’s weak spots SO persistently really does make it a less pleasant experience. There’s a difference between being a realist and being a fatalist.

  13. Well, best chance as any they’ll get here tonight.

    Or is this another Bruce slump incoming?

  14. Their 2nd baseman looks like he’s straight off a 1980’s baseball card. With the large glasses and all.

  15. Hey Bruce. You get one in, I’ll buy you a hot dog brother. All of em, and it’ll be two hot dogs. Whaddya say?

    • @rfay00: Better odds: Another Heisey double or another Heisey walk? Obviously the double…but I wonder what the odds are?

  16. Impressive patience by Bruce. At least someone on this team is doing well.

    Meanwhile, Heisey is up, so the inning is effectively over.

  17. COME ON HEISEY! Nice little single here thats all we need. If you do that, I will forget all your crapiness this season so far.

  18. 1.42 WHIP and a 2.19 ERA

    Those numbers don’t last long together…hopefully Heisey can exploit them.

  19. How does Melvin pull his starter 4 runs earlier than Dusty? Doesn’t he know they play again tomorrow and his bullpen may be needed in that game too??!

  20. Great at bat by Bruce. That Oakland pitcher was playing with fire with every pitch he was throwing to Bruce. Its probably a good thing that the only damage he allowed was one run. C’mon Reds lets go!!

  21. Still 4 at bats left. Sure, their bullpen is nasty, but 4 innings is a lot of bullpen innings. I feel like theres some decent momentum going for us too. A quick inning would be perfect.

  22. Well, chipping away. Unfortunately I’ll have to watch the rest tomorrow morning. Have a good night ladies, gents and monotone four-legged friends.

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