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Game Thread: Reds at Diamondbacks (6.22.13)

Last night really wasn’t any fun, was it. Certainly, none of us expected Cueto to be like that. Tonight’s game features the pitcher we all expected to have nights like Cueto had last night. I wrote at the beginning of the season that many of you were being too hard on Mike Leake (7-3, 2.64), and I suppose now is as good a time as ever to say I told you so. I’m not insane, however, and I know Leake’s peripherals aren’t as good as his ERA. He’ll probably come back to earth – at least a little bit – eventually. Let’s hope it’s not tonight as Leake will be facing Patrick Corbin (9-0, 2.28) who has had numbers even better than Leake, but whose peripherals also give cause for a bit of an eyebrow raise.

The game is on FOX today in prime time. Let’s all hope the Reds can show off on the national stage and pull even with the Diamondbacks.

Here’s your lineup:

1. Robinson LF
2. Choo CF
3. Votto 1B
4. Phillips 2B
5. Bruce RF
6. Frazier 3B
7. Mesoraco C
8. Cozart SS
9. Leake RHP

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  1. Please remember today the next time Bruce has a slump.

  2. Another great thing is that Mr. Leake may get rewarded with the “W.”

  3. Don’t want to get ahead of things, still need three more outs- a game like this makes the guys walk taller.

  4. Why are we bunting or stealing? The new reliever just walked Frazier on 4 straight! And didn’t throw a strike to Mes!

  5. I hate asking Mes to bunt there. The guy is a nasty sidearm thrower and I doubt Mes has been asked to bunt very often.

  6. Bunting Mesoraco for Cozart is just lame.

    And what’s Frazier doing there? It “worked”, but that’s not smart.

  7. Bunting Mesoraco to get a runner from second to third is terrible strategy. Run scores from second with a hit by either batter. Another example of Baker paralyzing the team with his extremely conservative managing philosophy.

  8. Man, Marty is broadcasting ANGRY tonight! He’s REALLY hung up on that Mes botched bunt.

  9. He has suddenly lost 4 mph of his fastball according to mlb (for better or worse)

  10. This is the high leverage situation everyone wants Chapman pitching in…How we doin’?

  11. Let’s see Chapman do his Rob Dibble impression. Walk the bases loaded, then strike out the side.

  12. Wow, without getting 1 out either. This is the low point of the season, so far. Hopefully it doesn’t go lower.

  13. This bullpen is absolute crap right now. Pretty sad when the starter has to pitch a complete game every game. Wow.

    • @Truman48: Another problem: Baker doesn’t allow complete games. I see high school/American Legion pitchers throw more pitches than Reds starters every week.

  14. I just frightened the dog again. The wife had the good sense to go off to read in the bedroom a while ago.

  15. Poor Mike Leake… Is there a leader is this locker room who can light a fire under their collective rear ends? They need it badly.

  16. Sorry results, but sure Dusty will have some lame excuse and the reporters will lap it up…

  17. Other than Jay Bruce and the starting pitching, this team really stinks right now. And we’re wasting Chapman how?

    • @kywhi: Wasted Chapman by jerking him around from the get go. By not giving him a defined role from the beginning. A young man like him needs to be told what to do. I believe had they committed to making him a starter, or a closer, from the time he walked into camp, it would be different. Go back to spring training this year, do you really believe he changed course all of a sudden on his own and said ‘I want to be a closer’? I don’t. He had success starting games and said he enjoyed being a starter just a few months prior.

  18. I sure hope this isn’t going to be one those legendary disastrous west coast road trips from bygone days. Take a deep breath, relax and regroup fellas. Back at em tomorrow. Go Reds! Adios Amigos.

  19. No excusing Chappy tonight, obviously, but the offense is the biggest problem here. It is not reasonable for the pitching staff to be damn near perfect every night in order to win! How many run-scoring non-homerun hits do we have the last two weeks? It’s getting pathetic. Like time-to-discuss-being-active-buyers-at-the-trade-deadline pathetic.

  20. Should have gotten one out. Wasn’t there an error to start off the inning?

    • @jas_428: Not excusing Chapman, but you never know how the inning would have gone if Votto had made the play he should have made to start the inning.

      • @kywhi: Or how it would have gone if Chapman had command of both pitches. Goldschmidt hitting that ball hard is almost superhuman, it was out of the zone and up a bit. But he knows it’s dead red.

        It’s true, though, Votto should have had it, and I bet the Reds win if he gets it.

    • @jas_428: Goldschmidt smoked that ball. But when things are going your way, Votto fields that ball cleanly, and things may have turned out very different. Horrible loss. We’ll get ’em tomorrow. Latos needs to step up.

  21. The lack of control of the slider hurts. The first one goes in the dirt and then he has no confidence to throw another with runners on for fear that it’ll go to the backstop.

    Well, that game stunk, but it is what it is. Definitely agree w/ Charlotte, low point of the season today.

  22. We’ve gotta be below league-average at C, SS, LF and damn close at 3B – to say nothing of another punch-less bench. I’m just not sure we have that many trade chips to leverage upgrades anywhere.

    • @caps: And in the pen. Chapman was just off tonight, but most of the rest of the group is about a C-.

    • @caps: You know we don’t have a lot of spare parts to deal. How about a big Joe Morgan-type trade? My available guys are: Choo (gone after 2013), Homer (will be getting expensive), and Chapman (under utilized). Don’t get me wrong, I like all three guys and understand their value. I’m leery on moving Homer as I’m not sure Cueto is okay but if he is, we have a little depth at Starting Pitching. I’m not ready for the team to move yet but I’m getting there. The Reds have been consistent: beat up the weaklings and really can’t compete with the Big Boys.

  23. What is maddening is seeing that Chapman was wild & clearly didn’t have it – heck, even the network announcers knew he threw a wild one in the bullpen that put a hole in the wall – and all the while, Baker just twiddles his thumbs and has no one else getting ready at all. Thanks for caring, Dusty.

    • @concepcion13: Dusty makes a ton of curious decisions pretty much daily, but I don’t think you can really put this one on him. If he had left Leake in to try to finish it and it didn’t work out, we’d be all over him for wasting Chappy. And with the bases loaded and Chappy on the ropes, I really don’t see what options were gonna be better. Not like he has the Nasty Boys down there in the pen to pick from…

  24. This stings. Not a good way to start a road trip against good opponents. Just pray for the WLBs to lose, since the Reds aren’t going to be winning anything playing the way they’ve played the last two nights (Bruce and Leake excluded, of course).

    Any why in the world didn’t Dusty get Chapman out of the game when he walked the bases loaded? Has he not seen Chapman pitch? If he doesn’t have it, he doesn’t have it. His command was clearly not there. Did Gibson leave Bell in after it became clear he couldnt get anyone out? Nope. He gave him the hook. Honestly, Baker… get a clue. No fault of Dusty’s for leaving him in for the first three, but was ANYONE IN THE WORLD convinced Chapman was going to get anyone out after the first three batters? Simply sad.

    • @prjeter: I would have left Chapman in there. You need a couple K’s, and he’s the best bet to get K’s.

    • @prjeter: “Did Gibson leave Bell in after it became clear he couldnt get anyone out? Nope. He gave him the hook. Honestly, Baker… get a clue.”

      You make it sound like Gibson is some kind of seer. He only took Bell out after he blew the save and gave up the lead.

      • @kywhi: Sorry – Kirk Gibson is twice the manager that DB is, IMO. He cares about only one thing – winning. Just like Clint Hurdle, incidentally.

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