Tonight, the Reds begin a three game series with the Diamondbacks. Coming off a split with Pittsburgh, I feel like the Reds need to take two of three from the Diamondbacks. Need is not really a good word to use in June, but as we’ve discussed here on RN, this is a very difficult stretch for our beloved Redlegs and they can’t lose or split every series. They need some wins.

Tonight’s game is an opportunity to start off on the right foot as Reds’ ace Johnny Cueto (4-0, 2.08) goes up against a Wade Miley (4-6, 4.64) who hasn’t been nearly as good this year as he was last year. The lineup is below. Use this thread to cheer on the Reds. Though, like me, I’m sure many of you will be in bed before this one wraps up (hooray for small children!).

Go Reds.

1. Derrick Robinson LF
2. Shin-Soo Choo CF
3. Joey Votto 1B
4. Brandon Phillips 2B
5. Jay Bruce RF
6. Todd Frazier 3B
7. Zack Cozart SS
8. Ryan Hanigan C
9. Johnny Cueto RHP

Jason has been a fan of the Reds since he was born. He really had no choice in the matter. He has been writing at Redleg Nation for a few years, and also writes and edits at The Hardball Times. His debut novel, When the Sparrow Sings, is available now and concerns baseball, among other things. You can find more information at

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  1. Unfortunately, I think I’ll be DVR’ing this one and watching first thing in the morning. Especially since I won’t have a game to watch on Saturday as the local Fox station here is showing the Rangers/Cardinals game.

  2. Where do all these friggin LH starting pitchers come from that everyone keeps throwing at the Reds ❗ ❓

  3. The sophomore slump hit Miley a lot harder than it hit Frazier.

  4. Something is just not right in Redland this season. These are suppose to be the defensive stalwarts on the team…

    8 errors => Votto
    6 errors => Cozart
    5 errors => Phillips

    This is decidedly not Reds baseball, the way Reds fans have come to expect baseball on the banks of the Ohio River to be played.

    • @Shchi Cossack: Errors aren’t a great way to judge fielding. All of those guys are fine in the more advanced metrics.

      • @Jason Linden: But the Reds need to tighten up in fielding & base running. If we can call what the Reds do “base running”. Outside of DRob, this is a station-to-station team. Hopefully the Reds are accepting of this fact and don’t run themselves out of opportunities. Dusty needs to be on his game tonight so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

  5. Where is the series preview?

  6. Yankees signed OF Corey Patterson to a minor league contract; assigned him to Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre.
    Patterson, 33, was released by the Mariners earlier this month after batting just .175/.224/.270 over 19 games at the Triple-A level. He hasn’t appeared in the majors since 2011 and will continue to provide organizational depth.

  7. At least I have something to do tonight at work

  8. Love having Choo & Votto back to back. Should be at least a couple opportunities for BP, Jay & Frazier to drive in some runs. I don’t know about 2 out 3, 3 out of 3, etc. but a win tonight would be great. Should be battle and I hope the Reds are ready to fight the good fight. They will need to. Good Reds!!!

  9. Paul Janish called up to Atlanta… they certainly are scratching the bottom off the barrel for shortstops these days.

  10. Speaking of former Reds SS’s, I’m interested to see how Mr. Gregorius looks this series…..if I can stay awake long enough to watch, that is.

  11. Heisey has whiffed five of last 8 ABs in rehab.

  12. I really, really like the order of this lineup. I also hope that Frazier isn’t letting getting pulled from games mess with his head. (psyche) Go Reds!! Hopefully the Reds have Turtle Man on standby in case these Diamondbacks get out of hand. Go Reds!!

  13. Hard hit, bad luck, ouch

  14. geez …

  15. As has been the case lately, the Reds miss a golden opportunity, then fall behind.

    It be nice to see the Reds pound someone and get out to a nice lead.

    • @RedForever: With the Choo/Votto combo, I would expect they get another opportunity, at least. Have to figure a way to capitalize. Definitely a bad break for BP but we have seen similar movies. Time for a change.

  16. Cueto not fooling them, at all.

  17. I”ve got the Rangers/Cards on MLB Network, the Reds/D-Backs on MLB.TV, and, shortly, I’ll have Pirates/Angels on Fox Sports West. What game will be the most competitive?

    • @wildwestLV: I got the Rangers-Cards on T.V. and the Cincinnati Redlegs @ Arizona Rattlesnakes on t.v. subscription. Awesome! Go Reds!

  18. Rangers and Cards tied at 4 through 5.

  19. Nice to see a hit right through the middle on the diamond. Be great to see a lot more of that in the future.

  20. Reds offensive woes continue. Beating the ball into the ground. And miley is a fly ball pitcher.

  21. That should have been ball 4 to Hanigan.

  22. Wow. Johnny is getting hit hard. Glad Choo was able run that down.

  23. Hanigan has been sufficiently bad at the plate this year that everyone’s forgotten that Mesoraco is a disappointment at the plate himself.

  24. Diamondbacks are definitely hitting the ball hard against Cueto, but sometimes it takes Cueto a couple innings to get in a groove, but when he does, he’s a joy to watch.

  25. Gibson is not real big on bunting.

  26. JC basically pitching around Para. Not a bad idea.

  27. Well, that will about do it with the Reds anemic offense.

    • @RedForever: 4 runs is doable. Much more than that, I tend to agree with you.

    • @RedForever: Your just speaking out of frustration, right? You don’t really think the game is over and the Reds lost after 2 innings do you.

      • @Sergeant2: Judge thee by their actions. Red will be here in the 8th even if we are down by 5 or 6 runs. He loves the gloom & doom routine.

  28. Johnny has only given up 3 runs twice this season before tonight. This is scary. Hope he is okay physically.

  29. The Reds really need to get their bats going now.

  30. I could easily see the Reds being 8-10 games out by the all-star break.

  31. Only have access to Game day on my phone, but looks like Johnny is all over the place on the pitch-by-pitch. Hopefully he’ll settle down and the Reds can get him some run support.

  32. Based on the first two innings today, I project a .450 clip the rest of the season.

  33. Why is it every time the Reds get a man on I feel a double play coming?

  34. Am I nuts or is the home plate ump’s strike zone vanishingly small? I’m not really complaining, as it seems to be applied equally, but still….

  35. Glad to see the Reds sacrificed losing the winning game in the Pittsburgh series with preparing for the West Coast trip. Pittsburgh did not. 3-0 Bucs/Angels.

  36. That was pitch number 45 for Wade Miley; his effectiveness may start slipping, as he holds opposing hitters to a .186 average in the first 45 pitches but they hit .408 off him after that.

  37. Shin Soo Choo – Rally killer!

  38. Votto pulling off. This guys have to get it together.

  39. Crapsandwich AB Joey. That was pathetic.

  40. Wow, this offense really stinks. i think they are averaging 2 runs a game over the last week.

  41. We want Milton!
    We want Milton!
    We want Milton!

  42. Watching the Cards & Rangers: Matheny doesn’t screw around. He yanked Lyons in the 2nd when the Rangers tied it up @ 3 (in the SECOND!) and then yanked Joe Kelly the second it went to 4-4. All business.

  43. There is no light at the end of the tunnel for Joey Votto.

  44. I feel myself getting sleepy…time for bed, maybe.

  45. I could be wrong, but I think we have Cardinals fan on the thread posing as a Reds fan. Even if they’re not a Cardinals fan, they’re certainly not a Reds fan. Can I get an Amen.

    • @Sergeant2: 95% of my doom and gloom is sarcasm… I can’t speak for others.

    • @Sergeant2: Don’t know if this is aimed at me, but (and I’ve NEVER had a problem w/ Sarge) I can appreciate the sense of urgency Matheny has, even before the mythical All-Star Break, vs. our own skipper. That’s all. NEVER a Cardinal fan. Just frustrated. And NO disrespect.

  46. I like how Joey talks to other teams’ base runners. Asks them how to get hits. Wished the rest of the lineup did that.

  47. Time to put up a crooked number. Is it me or does JC’s pitches appear to have little if any movement tonight?

  48. BRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. That God for Jay Bruce. There is 1.

  50. First fly ball of the night by the Reds. All the other outs had been on the infield or by the K. All this from a fly ball pitcher…and Bruce blows that one away! Wow!

  51. Just what the doctor ordered baby. Jay is knocking the cover off the ball.

  52. We have a rally going, gentlemen.

  53. Not all a loss there: Miley looked shaken up, at least.

  54. NL Rank batters 6-7-8

    6th – 14th (.230)
    7th – 13th (.214)
    8th – 13th (.209)

    Cards are 1st, 6th, 4th respectively.

  55. Johnny’s ball is moving this inning.

  56. Watching Robinson call off Choo makes me wonder if they should be switched? (Having said that, I’ve been pleasantly surprised with Choo’s D in CF so far.)

  57. Terrible at bat by Hanigan, and to add insult to injury he didn’t even attempt to hustle down the line. Would slow as molasses beat out the throw, probably not. But it would have been close enough to make the catcher hurry his throw and perhaps throw it away. Its the little things that matter.

  58. JC is grinding. Glad he is a Red.

    Let’s get another crooked number this inning.

  59. Texas with runners on 2nd and 3rd with 0 outs in the top of the 9th. Tied at 4.

  60. Nice DP! Hey, Sarge, my bad. Same here. Keep positive, boys, GO REDS!

  61. Nelson Cruz with a 2 run single. Texas up 6-4.

  62. Cueto can fly, wow!

  63. JC is a ballplayer. Say it every time he pitches. Look up “heart” in the dictionary and there’s Johnny’s mug.

  64. Great AB by Choo.

    Joey, the team needs you.

  65. MVP!!!!

  66. Chipping away, Very nice.

  67. Just what the doctor ordered. Nice hit Votto!

  68. BP has to get a run in, one way or the other.

  69. Gibson walks like he has something stuck.

  70. Thank you Didi.

  71. Now time for JB’s 17th or a single would do too.

  72. Cards lose, 6-4.

  73. For the guys that fell asleep, you’re missing a pretty good game.

    Todd’s turn. Have a feeling about this and it’s good.

  74. Its nice to see the Reds offense showing some signs of life. The Reds have a history of winning games by chip, chip chipping away. Go Reds!!

  75. I would stop pitching to that rattlesnake.

  76. I hate it but it might be time for Johnny to hit the showers. Just hope he is okay. I can’t remember him having a start this bad in forver.

  77. Goldschmidt reminds me of 2010 Votto. All those clutch dingers and RBIs. Remember when Joey was unstoppable in the 7th or later in close games.

  78. Gibson had the BP warming with a 3-1 lead in the 5th inning. I didn’t think that was allowed.

  79. 10 hits, 5 runs. It’s been a while since we’ve seen this from JC. Keep it at 2, and lets keep chipping.

  80. Some nights even the best just don’t have it. Sparky was the best at recognizing that fact, and acting upon it.

  81. Is it strange to think, as a Reds fan, that I cannot wait until Mike Leake starts?

  82. Nice scenery in the swimming pool.

  83. Well, the problem right now is the offense. They really aren’t doing much of anything. now they have to try and get 3 more runs. This from a team that can’t string together multiple hits.

  84. I love the smell of Napalm in the morning…much more than the sight of J.J. Hoover in the bottom of the 5th.

  85. Let’s hope the bullpen can hold it where it is. They’ve been pretty awful lately.

    • @RedForever: At this point, I would put in Partch and let him go as long as he can. Gain valuable MLB experience that may pay-off later in the season.

  86. 27,219 turned out for tonight’s titanic struggle, 27,219.

  87. This is an amazing display of how the Reds are never prepared for an opponent. Just pitch them all the same and never make an adjustmeant

    • @RedTitan19: I seriously do not think Dusty could name you all 30. He probably thinks we’re playing aliens, at this point.

  88. Wow. Just terrible.

  89. frustrating…..but good teams answer….we’ll see what the Reds can do

  90. Bullpen is just horrible. When is Jocketty going to go out and get some help?

  91. Circus is in town.

  92. I don’t like it when the Reds play bad.

  93. The Reds have not come back from a 4 run deficit or greater after 5 innings this year.

  94. There’s a start.

  95. The Reds offense showed enough signs of life to score three runs to come back and tie the game. Can they do it again, come back and tie the game again. Absolutely they can. Go Reds!!!!

  96. Its a miracle…we got a hit from #7. But Mr. Automatic Out is now up.

  97. Hanigan’s got some pop, bout time he showed it.

  98. Lutz will swing at anything.

  99. Wow, we have a really weak hitting lineup.

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