Tonight, the Reds begin a three game series with the Diamondbacks. Coming off a split with Pittsburgh, I feel like the Reds need to take two of three from the Diamondbacks. Need is not really a good word to use in June, but as we’ve discussed here on RN, this is a very difficult stretch for our beloved Redlegs and they can’t lose or split every series. They need some wins.

Tonight’s game is an opportunity to start off on the right foot as Reds’ ace Johnny Cueto (4-0, 2.08) goes up against a Wade Miley (4-6, 4.64) who hasn’t been nearly as good this year as he was last year. The lineup is below. Use this thread to cheer on the Reds. Though, like me, I’m sure many of you will be in bed before this one wraps up (hooray for small children!).

Go Reds.

1. Derrick Robinson LF
2. Shin-Soo Choo CF
3. Joey Votto 1B
4. Brandon Phillips 2B
5. Jay Bruce RF
6. Todd Frazier 3B
7. Zack Cozart SS
8. Ryan Hanigan C
9. Johnny Cueto RHP

Jason has been a fan of the Reds since he was born. He really had no choice in the matter. He has been writing at Redleg Nation for a few years, and also writes and edits at The Hardball Times. His debut novel, When the Sparrow Sings, is available now and concerns baseball, among other things. You can find more information at

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  1. Can someone remind me why Lutz is in the bigs? I don’t think I’ve seen a player with less plate discipline. There was no doubt in my mind he was swinging at everything. And that was against a double-A call up named Zeke. Can’t believe I’m saying it, but I can’t wait for Heisey to be back.

  2. Seriously I would not waste another arm in the pen that has the name of Lecure, Chapman, Cingrani or Simon. The odds are just too long to win this game. Only Parra & Partch should see action tonight.

    Sometimes you get the bear and sometimes the bear gets you. Unless you’re the Turtle Man, that is.

  3. Sometimes you have to wonder if the Reds players are left to their own devices to figure things out. (making adjustments and whatnot).

  4. Love that guy.

  5. It’s amazing how often the Reds’ mistake pitches get mashed out of the park. Not many foul balls off Mr. Goldschmidt’s bat.

  6. Wow. Goldschmidt is impressive.

  7. I haven’t seen Robinson drive the ball in a while. He’s slapping everything or bunting and now the corner infielders are playing tight and the outfielders shallow. I fear he will hit .230 now. And Lutz can’t hit a curve ball. C’mon XP!

  8. Going with my post earlier about only having access to gameday on my phone, did Cueto revert a bit to his old form with runners on base? I remember back a few years ago that when he was pitching from the stretch, he would fall off the mound toward the 1st base side, usually leading to being very wild and unable to pitch with consistency. Was he doing that a lot tonight?

  9. I’m off to bed. no sense in watching anymore of this.

  10. Like I said, valuable experience. Didn’t say it was going to be good though.

  11. Wow. Anybody gonna finish watching?

  12. Wow, I think Choo caught that in another County.

  13. Nice catch by Choo.

  14. If we hold them to under 20 runs, it will be a small victory.

  15. Whats the story on the Diamondbacks, are they a contender to win their division? Were they expected to be a really good team this year. I have to admit I know practically nothing about the D-Backs. (Says Capt. Obvious)

    • @Sergeant2: I think the Dodgers were early season favorites due to all the payroll they picked up with their superstar lineup that has underachieved this year. But I believe the Snakes were picked to contend with the Dodgers pretty well, and at least be in the Wild Card hunt, if not challenge them for the division.

      • @TraviXDM: Thanks for the info. The Dodgers have really been a disappointment for their fans, no doubt about that. Judging from tonight’s game the D-Backs look like a pretty good team.

        • @Sergeant2: No worries. In my opinion, it all starts at the top. The Diamondbacks organization has their collective mindset going in the right direction down to their bench players. Steady starting pitching, their bullpen I believe is not too shabby, an excellent lineup with wily veterans who are more than just there for their veteran-ness (ala Willie Bloomquist, wish the Reds had held onto him), and a manager who doesn’t make boneheaded decisions on a nightly basis.

          I think someone mentioned earlier that Gibson doesn’t bunt much. To me, that is wonderful. The only time you should bunt is if you have a player quick enough to potentially make it a play, or leg it out. Just giving up an out for the sake of advancing a runner is just asinine to me. I was taught throughout my playing career in my youth and teenage years is that you play hard, have fun, and never settle for less than what you know you and your teammates can do. I have never understood the concept of giving up an out for the sake of a POTENTIAL run, or playing for one run period.

          Sorry for the rambling rant, just got off a very volatile phone call with a family member and am rather fired up at the moment. 😐

        • @Sergeant2: Goldschmidt is having an MVP-type season, and Parra and Gregorius are each playing well. The pitching has been spotty, except their rookie Corbin who has been pretty outstanding.

  16. I’m out. Going to drive the family to Disneyland, tomorrow. At least I can expect an attitude of professionalism.

  17. Um. Christ Almighty.

  18. Partch reminds me of Todd Coffey lite.

  19. Time to put on our rally caps. Hiccup!

  20. Looks like its Meatloaf time, meaning two out of three won’t be bad. (fingers crossed) We’ll get em tomorrow, no doubt about it. Go Reds! Adios Amigos.

  21. I want to apologize to everyone for my negative comments about this team.
    I didn’t think they could score 4 runs and play exciting baseball. Well, one out of two so far ain’t bad.

    What a shame Dusty packed it in at the Phoenix airport.

  22. I wish the Reds had traded for Eric Young, Jr. when he was DFA’d by the Rockies. I don’t know what it would have taken to outbid the Mets, but their bench is miserable (again). BP hasn’t been the same since getting hit in the wrist, and they really could have used a speedy RH OF/2B guy. He really could have replaced Izturis, DRob, or Lutz (preferably Lutz/Izturis until Heisey gets back).

    Anyone that says Izturis is needed to back up Cozart at SS…lol really? He shouldn’t be in the majors. It’s pretty absurd at this point.

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Jason has been a fan of the Reds since he was born. He really had no choice in the matter. He has been writing at Redleg Nation for a few years, and also writes and edits at The Hardball Times. His debut novel, When the Sparrow Sings, is available now and concerns baseball, among other things. You can find more information at


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