2013 Reds / Game Thread

Game Thread: Pirates at Reds (2013.06.19)

Since I clearly jinxed the Reds yesterday by mentioning Latos’ undefeated streak, I will keep today’s game thread short and sweet by using two little words….


337 thoughts on “Game Thread: Pirates at Reds (2013.06.19)

  1. Its never good to give a team four outs. Ya gotta tip your cap to Parra, he did an excellent job to stay focused. Could a lot of us have misjudged Parra?

  2. That’s what I’m talking about. Just have to win here. Just have to.

  3. And the only guy, but Leake, taht has any speed is at third.

  4. Can they quickly bring up Billy Hamilton to run from 3rd? He’d score on anything.

  5. And this one belongs to the Reds. Good to see BP get a hit to end the game, hopefully that’ll be a good confidence boost for him and we’ll see him return to form.

  6. Manny Parra is your winner, ladies and gentleman. And that’s ok by me tonight.

  7. Roll out the barrels, we’ll have a barrel of fun! Reds win Reds win Reds win thhhhhhheeeee Reds win.

  8. Pitching was out-of-sight tonight. Big time moments for Choo & BP too.

  9. Manny Parra jerseys will be flying off the shelf now, and rightly so. (Of course the euphoria is subject change)

    • @Sergeant2: Hey Sarge, we have to give him his due. Manny has been dealing his last couple of outings. It’s baseball: yaneverknow.

  10. 1) If you ask me, if the Pirates hit that ground ball against the Reds’ infield playing in that position, that would have been a double play, and

    b) Got home a little late, put on the Reds game, they load ’em up and BP brings home the win. Then I switch quickly to the Bruins-Blackhawks game, and within a second or two, the Hawks win in OT. Clearly, it’s me.

  11. Thought BP’s hit was an inning-ending double play, I’ll take the W instead! I’ll be at the game tomorrow cheering for W #3 against the Buccos!

    • @NastyBoys3: The long high hop made the difference. The ball was wide enough of 2nd that the SS wasn’t going to be able to grab it, step and throw. That was the only way they were going to get the DP. With Robinson running from 3rd; they also had no play at the plate. With the play right in front of him, I thought it looked like the SS actually quit on the ball once he saw he couldn’t get the DP or the man at the plate even if he fielded it. I’m not sure why the 2B even chased after it once it passed the SS, instinct I suppose.

  12. On a side note, everyone notice how Russell Martin batted second tonight?! A catcher batting second?! That’s sacrilege! #dustyball

  13. Props to the Reds fans who turned out in large numbers tonight, and most all stayed through 9 1/2 innings. Even diehard realize there’s a limit to how late they can stay. That alarm clocks seems to go off only minutes after you fall asleep. Go Reds! Adios Amigos.

  14. I keep telling you guys that Parra gets ragged on too much. He’s not good, of course, but he can get a lefty out a reasonable amount of the time.

  15. Great win today, just superb. The team didn’t play that badly hitting wise, just some bad luck in the early innings and even into the 7th.

  16. There is no way that fresh meat vs Bailey should be anything other than a series win tomorrow.

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